• Title: Beneath the Surface
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: 9781301839728
  • Page: 317
  • Format: ebook
  • Beneath the Surface All Sergeant Evrial Yara wanted was to protect the young emperor from those plotting to kill him Joining forces with a group of notorious outlaws wasn t part of the plan especially not when one of th
    All Sergeant Evrial Yara wanted was to protect the young emperor from those plotting to kill him Joining forces with a group of notorious outlaws wasn t part of the plan, especially not when one of them is determined to charm her out of her uniform at every turn Working with the criminals might have been worth it if their efforts had saved the emperor, but it seems he sAll Sergeant Evrial Yara wanted was to protect the young emperor from those plotting to kill him Joining forces with a group of notorious outlaws wasn t part of the plan, especially not when one of them is determined to charm her out of her uniform at every turn Working with the criminals might have been worth it if their efforts had saved the emperor, but it seems he s not the rightful heir to the throne Evrial may have thrown away her career for nothing To make matters worse, fate isn t going to give her time to calmly decide what to do next While she s traveling back to the capital with Amaranthe Lokdon and the rest of the outlaws, Evrial uncovers artifacts that have been smuggled aboard their steamboat They re deadly enough to threaten the entire city, perhaps the entire empire Oh, and they could kill everybody on board the boat too These scenarios just weren t discussed in the Enforcer Academy This 56,000 word novella takes place between Books 5 and 6 in the Emperor s Edge series.

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    1. Don't skip this novella. It's true that whenever I see that point-five after a series book number, I tend to picture the author as one of those cartoon characters with two dollar signs in place of their eyes. Regardless of whether it's true or not, I kinda always feel like these extra novellas are just their way of trying to milk as much money as they can out of an existing series with a fan base. And often times, they're completely worthless and totally skipable. But don't skip THIS one. For re [...]

    2. I really wonder how people feel about book six if they didn't read this novella(view spoiler)[At then end of book five, Maldynado and Yara were like this:And then you get to book six and they're like:(Flynn Rider is Maldonado and no one can deny it. Seriously, Maldynado and Captain Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles would be the best of friends. The bromance feels are real).And then Amaranthe and Sicarius are just getting sexy in the furnace likeAnd then Books and Basilard are just chill af becaus [...]

    3. I keep expecting every new instalment in this series to be a disappointment but somehow Buroker manages to keep it up! Beneath the Surface is yet another very exciting and very entertaining read. I don’t usually enjoy reading short stories and novellas but this one was great. It is much more relevant to the series as a whole than the other EE short stories, which are mostly stand-alones. This time the focus is Sergeant Yara, one of the new team members. A great idea on Buroker’s part as it g [...]

    4. INDISPENSABLE. I started FORGED IN BLOOD having forgotten the existence of this novella but at the 1% mark there was a sentence that puzzled me until I remember Mich's recommendation of not skipping this novella.This adventure is essencial.There's no way you are reading FORGED IN BLOOD if you haven't read this novella before. You won't want to miss what is going on with our dear characters, specially Evrial, Maldonado, Amaranthe and Sicarious, in their most epic adventure to the date. Got it?Bon [...]

    5. I was initially debating if I should buy this book now or wait until EE6 came out And then I looked around on the EE forum, found out some wonderful spoilers and I just HAD to purchase it! (view spoiler)[I mean, the kiss in the smokestack! Ah, to die for!!! (hide spoiler)]I loved this book. I love Yara and her POV, and understanding more about her because of her background. I find her very fascinating and as she softened up, I wanted to give her welcoming hugs into the EE gang!I will say that I [...]

    6. This short story seemed pretty important to me in moving along in the series so I would def recommend not skipping this while reading the series (read this before #6). It's the segway between them leaving the underwater secret meeting of the Forge to the next step in their journey, but I think it's an important book because get a lot of character developments emotions-wise. We finally get some Yara/Maldynado time from Yara's point of view. We get to see her testing things out and it's a hoot see [...]

    7. I received the alert last week and was surprised there will be a novella before the EE6. What a treat! I don't care that the novella cost 2.99, I just know i need to get my hands on it. Another surprised was to find out the novella was pretty long and not an usual short story. Therefore, I don't think 2.99 is overpriced. This time the alternate POV is Yara. To be honest, everytime we had an alternate POV apart from Amaranthe, I tends to rush through it pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, I love [...]

    8. This is a novella that features the entire gang, but is mostly focused on Sergeant Yara. This is definitely meant to be read in it's designated order because group dynamics are starting to shift, and some important moments definitely take place.For me, this will forever be known as the time when (view spoiler)[Sicarius and Amaranthe hugged in public!! (hide spoiler)]There may have been squeals involved.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    9. I just can't seem to get enough of the books in this series and I couldn't wait until this novella was released. There is something that is so likable about the characters in the books, even the so stealthy and stiff and nearly impossible to be real Sicarius. They aren't the caricatures that seem to populate so many novels, protagonists and supporting characters that are so righeous and perfect although the antagonists are pretty much Really.Bad. It is refreshing to have a heroine that doubts he [...]

    10. A great story, much more central than the other short story asides, as it features the whole crew and includes some important character development moments. (view spoiler)[ I am a bit worried though about the inclusion of Yara into the group - I kind of liked it with just Amaranthe and the boys. Yara's backstory is too similar to Amaranthe's as well, I'm worried she won't stand on her own as a character. Also, I hope her involvement with Maldynado doesn't cure of him of his (highly amusing) phil [...]

    11. Huh. That's a first. Never thought I would ever be bored with any book in The Emperor's Edge series. While trying to keep alien WMD from falling into the wrong hands, Amaranthe and the (A)team fight, escape and hide from the authorities. Over, and over and over again. Painstaking descriptions of close calls, narrow escapes, along with repetitive arguments and bickering get very tedious after awhile. Meanwhile, I wonder if Amarenthe is repressing a world of pain under all that good humor. Nobody [...]

    12. A short story which mostly is told by Yara, the enforcer is having a difficult time reconciling her previous job with her current activities. There's also her feelings about a certain pretty, disowned warrior caste lordling.

    13. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! This entire series has never disappointed. I am more crazy about Sicarius than ever :D

    14. I like Sgt. Yara, the ambivalent new addition to the team, and her PoV. This story is partly from Amaranthe's PoV, as the group gets tangled up in trying to stop weapons of mass destruction from reaching the capitol in Forge's hands. She also determinedly takes a few more little steps forward with Sicarius, in their relationship, and in Sespian's still-cold attitude toward his recently revealed biological father. However, we begin with, and frequently return to, the PoV of Enforcer Sergeant Evri [...]

    15. This is part of the Emperor’s Edge series, a novella that fits squarely between part 5, ‘Blood and Betrayal’, and the two-part finale, ‘Forged in Blood’. Those who’ve read any of the series will know exactly what to expect: seemingly small events rapidly escalate into madcap chaos, increasingly impossible-to-get-out-of situations and an implausible number of fights, explosions, wrecked vehicles and other general mayhem. Given the inventive steampunk setting, mixed with some more adva [...]

    16. In Beneath the Surface, we see the gang kicking their heels back in stowaway fashion on a steamboat leisurely making its way back to the capital. As expected, when they don't go looking for trouble, trouble finds them. They discover a cache of deadly weapons hidden away on the boat and make it their mission to take them out of the equation.Yara takes the co-pilot's seat in this story, and it's a little bit of a shame that she only gets a novella (granted, it is a pretty long novella, and complet [...]

    17. Okay, it may be an average day in the life of the EE team.This is a novella intended to be read between books 5 & 6 of the Emperor's Edge series. Without that background it will still be a funny, enjoyable read, but won't make a whole lot of sense. If you're looking to sample the Emperor's Edge, may I suggest Shadows Over Innocence or the first book, The Emperor's Edge, both of which are free. :)If $2.99 seems a little high for something listed as a "novella" let me assure you that it is jus [...]

    18. 4.5 stars. Beneath the Surface is really the interlude between the momentous build-up in Blood and Betrayal and the ultimate climax in Forged in Blood, so the plot-related action is relatively small-scale compared to those of the full-length novels, but the advantage of this is that the characters get a brief reprieve to turn their focus to relationship matters. It’s rather a nice change for the team to have enough breathing space to reaffirm their bonds and thrash out some interpersonal probl [...]

    19. At this point, I am yet to be disappointed by Lindsay's work. I've read 11 of her books and if she keeps writing I'll happily read the next 11.Beneath the Surface saw us catch up with Amaranthe and the gang on their way back from their adventures of book #5 Blood and Betrayal in the Emperor's Edge series. Hardcore fans will know that Lindsay tends to write a story about the group, but with the bulk of the backstory focusing on one character in the group. This one is Sergeant Evrial Yara's book. [...]

    20. A little breather after the intensity of Book 5. And by 'breather' I mean adventures that are life-threatening but nobody gets tortured. Below is what I loved.(view spoiler)[* Yara/Maldynado = total love. They are so adorable and cute and EEEE! Fangirl max.* Sespian getting advice on wooing the ladies from Maldynado (though I think that was in Book 5) was hilarious but in general seeing Sespian fleshed out as a real character was pretty cool. I think that Sespian is who Sicarius would have been [...]

    21. Okay, so I made a mistake and read EE6 I and II before reading this. *head desk* By the time I realized my mistake I was already halfway into EE6 I and then THAT ending happened and I moved on to part II. Beneath the Surface is a meaty little novella and was a great read. It has the classic humor and funny banter between characters I've come to anticipate in the Emperor's Edge books. Of course, the gang made things explode and generally caused a ruckus as always. I'm very glad Sargent Yara, or b [...]

    22. In this novella, which I'm calling EE 5.5, Amaranthe and her motley crew are lying low on a steamboat bound for the capital, in hopes of stopping Forge's master plot (if that didn't make sense, download The Emperor's Edge. It's free and it will get you started--you won't be sorry!). Of course, for this team, nothing ever goes as planned and while on board the ship they discover a nefarious plot that could bring great harm to the city.Narrated in dual POV by Amaranthe and Sergeant Yara (the team' [...]

    23. "Novella" is a modest category for this gem so don't let the price tag concern you. In this adventure between books 5 and 6 we get inside the snarky and slow-to-warm head of one St. Yara. It's interesting to get her perspective on our blended and some times functional family of out law do-gooders. This book was a lot of fun. Buroker's humor shines in this installment. I smirked, snorted, chortled, and outright laughed. Not to mention the epic squees. So many brilliant interactions between Sicari [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. I am so close to giving it 4 stars just because I love Lindsays work, but I just didn't enjoy this one as much as the others in the series.My problem with this book was the sections in Amaranthe's point of view. Usually Buroker writes this character flawlessly, but this novella seemed rushed maybe? A few times I felt that the point of view was more omniscient than Amaranthe's and I don't think it was meant to be that way.Sicarious also didn't quite fulfill expectations for me. He seem [...]

    25. I will never understand how Lindsay Buroker does this. She just writes something and my kindle refuses to leave my hands until I've read it. And man, does that woman gets mixed up in some crazy shenanigangs and by "gets mixed up" I mean she starts a lot of trouble, all while grinning the whole way through. Oh, I shall truly miss her when the series reaches it's end.I was more than satisfied about how everything is moving forward in the overall plot. And like, there was some serious inter-charact [...]

    26. Once again had a great time reading this wild ride. Characters having more personality come through, more explosions, the insane and impossible situations, and the ever enticing Amaranthe/Sicarius relationship getting depth. It's almost like trying to remove a BandAid, do you want them to just get it together already or keep slowly and painfully teasing it while waiting for the (hopefully) inevitable. Seeing Yara learn how quick one goes from noble and employed to an outlaw was pleasant. And onc [...]

    27. Review for entire EE series. No spoilers. Despite starting out slightly dubious, I loved these books. The combination of action/adventure mixed with a pure improbability reminded me slightly of Tin Tin, except with a lot more laughs. I laughed a lot during these books! The characters are fun and interesting, the story is always unlikely and full of 'do you really think that is a good idea' moments. Just go with it and have a great time. In each book the author has two perspectives, the protagoni [...]

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