• Title: From Norvelt to Nowhere
  • Author: Jack Gantos
  • ISBN: 9780374379940
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Norvelt s History Norvelt is located in the central part of Westland County at the foot of the Laurel Highlands in the western part of Pennsylvania From the initial homes, Norvelt Welcome norvelt Mission Statement The Westland Homesteads Norvelt Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history and artifacts of the Westland Homesteads Norvelt explorepahistory Although the project faced few political hurdles, the design of the houses for Norvelt and other subsistence farmstead communities set off a debate that revealed top government officials contrasting ambitions for the program. Dead End in Norvelt Dead End in Norvelt is an autobiographical novel by the American author Jack Gantos, published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux in .It features a boy named Jack Gantos and is based in the author s hometown, Norvelt, Pennsylvania.According to one reviewer, the real hero is his home town and its values, a defiantly political message. Norvelt Roosevelt Hall Area s Largest Wooden Dance Floor Originally called Westland Homesteads, Norvelt was established April , by the Federal government as part of a New Deal Homestead Project. Serving western Pennsylvania West Virginia PALCO PALCO Generators has locations in Norvelt, PA and Winfield, WV and is an authorized KOHLER generators distributor in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Course United States Norvelt Golf Club Welcome to Norvelt Golf Club Norvelt is one of the premier golf courses in Western Pennsylvania that the public can access With beautiful mountain views, rustic clubhouse and enjoyable course, it s a must play for area golfers. Norvelt, PA Real Estate Norvelt Homes for Sale realtor Find homes for sale and real estate in Norvelt, PA at realtor Search and filter Norvelt homes by price, beds, baths and property type. Home Jay A Hoffer Funeral Home serving Norvelt Welcome to Jay A Hoffer Funeral Home For over years Jay A Hoffer Funeral home in Norvelt, PA has served Norvelt, Mt Pleasant and its surrounding areas including Donegal, Unity Township, Hempfield Township, and other nearby communities with the highest care of Laurel Valley Project Preliminary Engineering PE is underway on Laurel Valley Transportation Improvement Project LVTIP Section Route to Norvelt SR , Section Q.

    From Norvelt to Nowhere This town is haunted by than just ghosts When Jack dresses up as a notorious local murderer for Halloween he thinks he s found the perfect costume to scare away evil spirits But when the real murder
    This town is haunted by than just ghosts .When Jack dresses up as a notorious local murderer for Halloween, he thinks he s found the perfect costume to scare away evil spirits But when the real murderer returns and another old lady dies, he starts to worry that he might not be showing the best judgment.Together with Miss Volker, the last remaining original NorvelThis town is haunted by than just ghosts .When Jack dresses up as a notorious local murderer for Halloween, he thinks he s found the perfect costume to scare away evil spirits But when the real murderer returns and another old lady dies, he starts to worry that he might not be showing the best judgment.Together with Miss Volker, the last remaining original Norvelter, Jack sets out on a road trip through the dark side of America s history to track down the killer once and for all.Will they save Norvelt Or are they going nowhere From Norvelt to Nowhere is is Jack Gantos s hilarious follow up to Dead End in Norvelt, winner of the Newbery Medal and shortlisted for the 2012 Guardian Children s Prize.

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    1. I enjoyed the sequal to Dead End in Norvelt, but not quite as much as the original. Some aspects of the book seemed just a little too far-fetched for me. I still love Jack's character and many of the supporting characters too. If you liked Dead End in Norvelt, you'll enjoy this follow-up; just maybe not as much. :)

    2. Ehr me, this book fell a little flat compared to the first one, which I loved. There were a few too many similes, and didn't make me laugh as much.Favorite quotes:Miss Volker had treated me like her best friend. I think she was sixty-five years older than me, but it sort of evened out because I was her youngest friend and she was my oldest friend. I made her feel younger and she made me feel older. I asked questions and she gave answers. I made her feel smart and she made me feel clueless. She w [...]

    3. I enjoyed the continuing adventures of Jack and Mrs. V as they travel to Florida for a funeral. Listening to Jack Gantos narrate the audiobook almost convinced me that the author was recounting a true family story.

    4. Personal Response:This sequel to Dead End In Norvelt was much more interesting for me. The plot took me all over the place, sometimes confusing me, but always finding a way to explain what happened. I really liked the change in action from the first book to this one, and also loved the humor contained in both of them. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely read it again.Plot:This book started off where the last one left off. Mr. Spizz went off to an unknown location and Miss Vo [...]

    5. If you have read the first book of this short series, then you have already met Jack Gantos, the author and the main character. Jack is well-meaning and clever, but most of the time he is fairly clueless and lovable. However, he isn't a very convincing character as I believe that very few twelve-year-olds possess that level of innocence and earnesty usually trademark of a much younger child. The actual plot is twisting and elaborate. Every chapter contains an alarming development or cringe-worth [...]

    6. From Norvelt to Nowhere by Jack Gantos – 4th grade and up – Mystery/Historical Fiction - It was so fun to jump back into Jack Gantos’s Norvelt community! There are such wise, knowledgeable characters that Jack is surrounded by yet still he goes through incredibly crazy twists and turns. I love that this book is a murder mystery where there are surprising answers to questions and odd situations that pop up through the entire book. Terrific story. I did weary a little from Miss Volker during [...]

    7. I cannot say that I enjoyed this book, and I debated whether or not I should give it a one star rating. I bumped it up to two for the unique and bizarre plot, and because it becomes a tangled up mystery near the end, and I had to solve it! The answer really wasn't that great though.The first half of the book is written with a large and unnecessary amount of adjectives and similes, which made it feel very juvenile and poorly written. The situation Jack finds himself in is so unrealistic for a twe [...]

    8. Reviewed for the Emmet O'Neal Library Children's Department. Click here to access the children's portion of the review.Grown-up portion of review:Gantos (the author) attempts to parallel the story to Moby-Dick and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but it creates a little bit of narrative chaos and pulls Miss Volker out of character. Also, I didn't really feel like the characters developed very soundly. Seems like the plot tightness of the first book was this time sacrificed for additional humor. But shoo [...]

    9. what if you had people blamed you for something you didn't do? I thought this book was actually good. I loved how Jack Gantos says that jack and Mrs.volker was the killer but actually wasn't it was Mr.Huffer. I love how Jack Gantos makes such a strong relationship between Jack and Mr.Volker.I recommend this book to middle scholars who like chapter books.

    10. I loved this book even more than its prequel. Gantos is the king of hilarity and I laughed so hard listening to the audiobook, which is narrated by Gantos. The relationship between the young boy and Miss Volker is wonderfully touching and hilarious. Set against the backdrop of the cold war and the death of Eleanor Roosevelt make this a great historical novel. Kudos to Gantos!

    11. This is a great book! It is the 2nd book in the Norvelt series and if you want to read this book I would recommend you read the 1st book before the 2nd so it makes sense.

    12. Fun book. but make sure you read the first book in the series,Dead End in Norvelt, or else it won't make sense at all.

    13. Jack Gantos. Quirky and hilarious. Thoughtful and poignant. Eleanor Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Intergenerational friendships. Need I say more?

    14. This one was a bit off.Jack somehow gets swept along on a crazy road trip, with his old-lady neighbor Ms. Volker. She's after a murderer, or so she says, and apparently there's a few people after her too. Also, Ms. Volker has a gun. Jack isn't sure what to think, except that he should stop anybody from killing anybody else. If he can.* * * * *I really liked Dead End in Norvelt, and my oldest son liked it too, when he read it a couple of months ago. This one.I steered him away from it. Not that t [...]

    15. 3. From Norvelt to Nowhere by Jack Gantos is an outstanding book, full of mysterious problems that need to be solved. Jack is a teenage boy living in a small town named Norvelt. Not many people live there his elderly mentor Miss Volker is the only living elderly currently in the town. It’s Halloween night and the town’s killer shows up. That leads Miss Volker and Jack on a road trip to find out who this killer really is. This book makes me feel very intrigued and leaves me wanted to know mor [...]

    16. Jack Gantos is a terrific storyteller, entertainer, and teacher. He came to our school captivating students from ages 5-18 years old adjusting his lessons and zany stories for each age. Some stories were doozers that left us with side stitches and tears of laughter such as dropping a cockroach into the sleeping mouth of his sister who got him back by locking him naked out of the house. Or skateboarding off a roof into a pool. Or maybe it was a toboggan. Or bike. After meeting Mr. Gantos it is ea [...]

    17. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous, Dead End in Norvelt, but to be fair, that was probably in part because we read it at a much slower pace with gaps between Anyway, still love Mrs. Volker and Jack and their wacky adventures -- this time in the form of a rambling, over-the-top road trip to catch a bad guy. There were fun references to Moby Dick and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

    18. I really loved the first book, Dead End in Norvelt, (gave it four stars). This sequel seemed a little too far-fetched for me. It didn't capture me in the heart-warming, witty way the first book did. It seemed a bit flat.However, I still enjoyed the relationship between Jack and Mrs. Volker. The "who dunnit" aspect was fun as well.I also love her interspersed history lessons to Jack.

    19. Fun and quirky! Kind of creepy! The sequel to the Newbery Award Dead End in Norvelt. Didn't like it as much as the first one. Good books for boys-lots of gross things happen. The historic info is great.

    20. I didn't enjoy this one quite as well (in fact I drifted off a bit in the middle) and it seemed too heavy-handed with the American history aspects, but the husband and 13yo son hung on every word, so that's pretty impressive!

    21. A road story plus a boy grows up plus his elderly neighbor questions her life and everyone else's. Plus it's just as funny as the first book. The author reads these. Treat yourself.

    22. This one is beyond my ability to suspend my disbelief, and it's just a little too middle-grade for my tastes. I don't think I'll be picking up any Jack Gantos again any time soon.

    23. I was a fan of the first Norvelt book, but felt like the sequel fell short--mostly because irascible Mrs. Volker didn't seem in character for most of it as she threatens to kill Mr. Spizz with a harpoon. But oh well…it resolves itself at the end.Annotation with spoilers: As the book opens, Mr. Spizz is still on the lam for killing all the old ladies in "Dead End at Norvetl". Mrs. Volker is briefly not the only original old lady left in Norvelt because Mrs. Custard has moved back from Utah--but [...]

    24. I laughed my way through Dead End in Norvelt multiple times, so I had expectations of some humor. They were certainly satisfied. Once again, Jack Gantos manages to pull together bizarre and amazingly funny situations throughout the novel. I would recommend that people read Dead End in Norvelt first, but Gantos does provide a bit of review in the beginning in case readers have forgotten some of the first book or haven't read it.I was disappointed that Jack's best friend dresses up as an Indian fo [...]

    25. From Norvelt to Nowhere is the sequel to the 2012 Newbury winner, Dead End in Norvelt. If you are expecting more interesting history tidbits again, you won't be disappointed. Once again Jack is teamed up with the elderly Miss Volker, who continues to suffer with severe arthritis in her hands, which means Jack has to do everything for her.But this time, more is asked of Jack. Although he helps to write a few obituaries, he has a far greater task ahead of him - to keep Miss Volker from killing her [...]

    26. Here's a funny (probably only to me) story about this book. I thought I'd listen to it on audiobook, since everyone says that Jack Gantos is so hilarious and charming in person. Since I was going to be at the Central Library for a meeting, I meandered to the Children's Literature department during a break, grabbed the CD, and checked it out at a self-check out machine. Over the next few days I made it through the first two CDs, but it sounded really familiar. I thought to myself, "Gosh, this sto [...]

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