• Title: Silk & Scars
  • Author: Cassandra Dean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: None
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    1. A sweet and romantic story.The novel starts with Gwen and Edward sending letters to one another, until he summons her to his house in order to do some paperwork. This socks Gwen, as their first encounter isn't what she expected.This was a very pleasurable read, I really enjoyed being inside Gwen's mind and the author's voice. It was just the right pace for such a short story, taking it slow at times to savor the characters. We get to read some Edward POV and I didn't think it was necessary, but [...]

    2. This story surprised me -- for one, I didn't know it had been released until I read about it at Buried Under Romance, then, it surprised me by how charming and concise it is.The first 11% of the novella is epistolary -- and the letters between Gwendolyn and Edward start off by accident, and, despite Gwendolyn's protestations, the letters between the legal scribe and the duke grow with an intimate progression that, I think, surprises both of them. (Yes, I used the word "surprise" three times alre [...]

    3. Oh My Gosh! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this series! This novella has two of my absolute favorite tropes, Epistolary romance and a Beta hero, all wrapped up in a delightful love story. I was charmed by the unfolding friendship between Gwen Parkes and Edward, Lord Sowrith through their letters back and forth. It was very easy to see how the correspondence gave them both an outlet to be themselves rather than behaving as their social classes would dictate.Gwen was truly a strong character fo [...]

    4. **Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review**A beautiful story.Because of a misunderstanding, the Duke of Sowrith gets a letter from Gwen, one that was supposed to be for her friend Etta. He reads it and actually finds it very amusing, so he writes back to her to tell her what happened. Gwen is embarrassed and apologizes for the mix-up, especially because her employer would kill her if he found out what happened, since the duke is one of his clients.Edward, the duke [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this story and I would recommend it to anyone out there. However, I had to deduct a star for its shortness. It would have elevated the book if it had had more in-depth development of the characters and the love story had worked out over a longer period of time than one year of a few short letters and one week in each other's company (with barely any mention of his grace's servants). I also had to deduct a whole star for the authors use of "criminy". This was seriously annoying. [...]

    6. A gem!SILK AND SCARS is a very enjoyable historical romance, complete with the heightened angst and delicious tension that I love. I see shades of Beauty and the Beast in this story, but definitely better than the fairy tale. For one, I didn't feel so strongly for the Beast. And, devoid of talking candlesticks and dancing cutlery, I was able to concentrate on the developing romance between Edward and Gwen.Due to a mistake, Gwen and Edward started corresponding with each other, and I have to say [...]

    7. 4.5 out of 5 silky starsThe book opens with several letters sent from the chambers of Beecham & Co. and His Grace, the Duke of Sowrith. Amid the legal correspondence is a personal letter to someone named Etta that was mistakenly sent to the Duke. At first the Duke simply returns the letter to the legal scribe, Miss Parkes, but after her apology he inquires after Miss Etta. This begins an exchange between the Duke and Miss Gwen Parkes. The author is patient and steady in her development of th [...]

    8. Fans of the historical genre will be charmed by this sweet tale of societal opposites attracting by looking more than skin deep. It's a quick read with a bit of angst and issues of a woman in a man's world that kept me turning the pages watching this unlikely romance progress and cheering every step of the way.Gwen's a devoted daughter and friend who's always skirted the laws of propriety. Working in a law office may be fulfilling but at times leaves her questioning a woman's role in the world. [...]

    9. Great Regency RomanceThis story begins in London and Devon in 1845. Gwen was employed by Lord Beecham in the London law firm that handles legal matter for the Edward, Duke of Sowrith. She mistakenly mixes a personal letter in with correspondence to Edward. Thus begins the writing friendship of Gwen and Edward. The letters flow back and forth for over a year. In these letters each show their fears. Edward reveals he is physically scarred and for this reason he rarely leaves Devon , where is he ac [...]

    10. Miss Gwendolyn Parkes is a scribe working at the law offices of Lord Beecham. She corresponds with many aristocrats, but when she accidentally mails personal correspondence to Edward, Duke of Sowrith, that happy accident sparks a year-long pen-pal exchange between the two. Gwen writes of her family and hopes of the future while Edward tells her of his terrible disfigurement and desire to stay hidden away at his Devon estate. But then fate intervenes and Gwen’s employer compels her to attend th [...]

    11. My feelings on Silk and Scars are a bit mixed. On one hand, the author's writing becomes far more flowery at times than I would prefer - going on ad nauseum about scenic descriptions, and having the heroine and hero gush to each other on just about everything after writing a few letters back and forth. There's also a great deal of angst for a novella - besides the first conflict of the characters' meeting, it was mostly mountains being made out of molehills for the sake of drama. And there were [...]

    12. Wonderful readI love this book! Very enjoyable romp in the Victorian era! Gwendolyn Parkes is engaging, fun, lively and refreshing in her letters, and somewhat prickly and formal when meeting the duke in person. I enjoyed her voice, her tale of courage and bravery. I like Edward a lot, because he champions her. I enjoyed seeing things from his point of view. I love a man who fights hard, even himself, to win his lady at all cost!There was one abbreviated sex scene, but that or the lack of a full [...]

    13. This is a lovely story and a take on Beauty and the Beast - one of the best I’ve read. I think I smiled the whole way through it.Most charming to me are the letters in the prologue and epilogue. It’s a brilliant move on the author’s part, as they are engaging and allow us to really see the personalities of the two main characters.I highly recommend this book for its wonderful love story and its ability to keep my eager interest throughout.I was gifted a copy of this book by the publisher f [...]

    14. This book wasn't bad, but the author never explained the accident of the hero's injuries also the letter writing at the end was ridiculous. The book had no sex scenes.

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