• Title: Life After Death
  • Author: Lillie J. Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781440565571
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life After Death The Afterlife Heaven Paradise Life after death is not just a wish but a promise fulfilled The afterlife is a paradise of angels and loved ones who have gone before us a blissful place When we contemplate the afterlife, we might imagine a paradise of angels and loved ones who have gone before us a blissful place. German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death Berlin A team of psychologists and medical doctors associated with the Technische Universitt of Berlin, have announced this morning that they had proven by clinical experimentation, the existence of some form of life after death. Afterlife Life After Death Revealed What Really Happens in the Proof of Life After Death Hospice Nurse Guideposts From the perspective of the dying, death is a strange and wonderful beginning, a threshold to some new and beautiful world Love must be like this, and it must be good, a Is there life after death GotQuestions Life on earth is a test, a preparation for what is to come For believers, life after death is eternal life in heaven with God For unbelievers, life after death is eternity in the lake of fire How can we receive eternal life after death and avoid an eternity in the lake of fire There is LIFE AFTER DEATH NO HEAVEN just infinite sadness LIFE AFTER DEATH NO HEAVEN just infinite sadness, blackness and the knowledge I m dead MEN and women who DIED after serious accidents before being miraculously resuscitated have given Have Scientists REALLY Proven That Life After Death Exists Editor s note Today several news stories have made the rounds, claiming that a study has proven the idea of life after death. Life After Death In the largest such study ever conducted, researchers have found evidence that consciousness continues even after brain activity has ceased This evidence of life after death came from a study led by researchers from the University of Southampton and published in the journal Resuscitation. Life After Death Life After Death is the second and final studio album by American rapper The Notorious B.I.G released on March , , on Bad Boy Records and Arista Records A double album, it was released posthumously following his death sixteen days earlier.

    Life After Death Chelsea Karmikel has led a pretty uneventful life until she finds herself electrocuted Now she s discovered her family s secret heritage She s a seer of the dead lending her sight to help those in n
    Chelsea Karmikel has led a pretty uneventful life until she finds herself electrocuted Now, she s discovered her family s secret heritage She s a seer of the dead, lending her sight to help those in need Ghosts are her new reality.Her mission is to encourage those who have lost their way to follow the Watchman, the crazed guide for the Inbetween a way station where soulChelsea Karmikel has led a pretty uneventful life until she finds herself electrocuted Now, she s discovered her family s secret heritage She s a seer of the dead, lending her sight to help those in need Ghosts are her new reality.Her mission is to encourage those who have lost their way to follow the Watchman, the crazed guide for the Inbetween a way station where souls move from one existence to the next But, there s something deeper and darker than the ghosts who come to her for help If Chelsea s not careful, those eager to swallow her soul s light may devour her alive if she allows herself be drawn into the Nevernever.When Brad Rearden, a darkly handsome, insufferable private detective and walks into her life, he touches off a wild fire of desire that entraps them both, scorching them with need.Together, they work to solve the mystery of his Aunt Deloris s death, because Chelsea s next on the murderer s list But who will catch whom the murderer or Chelsea

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    1. I confess that I do know the author so I wondered first and hoped it would be good ;) Well it was. Lillie Roberts has a wonderful voice, there was this warmth in the book (even when death and danger was near). There was also an easiness to the book, which was short, but good at getting it's point through.To the book then. Chelsea the heroine sees dead people, well not at first as it has a taken a while for her gift to emerge. And like any sane person she thinks she is loosing it. But she does he [...]

    2. Accident prone, Chelsea Karmikel, electrocutes herself when her hair dryer meets the shower. This is not the first time Chelsea has died. No, it's happened quite a few times. She's worried this might be the last of her many resurrections, when a strange man turns up on her doorstep asking her to contact his wife to let her know he's okay.He is, she does, but it turns out he's dead.Chelsea discovers she has inherited her family's predisposition to, ah, seeing ghosts. Not that she minds, but it ca [...]

    3. I loved how this book started with Chelsea Karmikel electrocuting herself and living to tell about! She’s like a cat with nine lives! Right off the bat you know something is unique about her, and the accident sets a train of electrifying events, paranormal thrills, mystery, and romance in motion. I love ghost stories and I would add LIFE AFTER DEATH to the best of them.Out of the blue, as Chelsea is discovering her strange new ability to see and talk to ghosts, she gets a phone call from priva [...]

    4. How many times do you have to die in one lifetime just to live? Chelsea Karmikel’s accidents have been frequent and severe. When she accidentally drops her hairdryer in the shower, it’s just fate and dedicated doctors that can keep her alive, although the after-effects of electrocution make Chelsea wonder if they really succeeded.Fortunately, Chelsea’s strong and spirited, so when a P. I. she’s never met calls her into his office and attacks her and her grandmother, she’s infuriated. H [...]

    5. Chelsea Karmikel has escaped death several times, the last one, an electrocution leaves her with the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Brad Rearden, a private detective, is at first a skeptic – but even he witnesses things he can’t explain. Together they battle both a seen and unseen foe. If you like thrillers, romance, and The Sixth Sense, this should be on your reading list. Ms. Roberts knows how to keep you turning pages. She builds the tension until you are biting your fingernails to fi [...]

    6. Roberts debut is a thrilling ride you don’t want to end. From Chelsea’s death in the opening scene to her sensual kisses at the end, Life After Death keeps you turning pages. A fast-paced paranormal read, if you like ghosts and twists, you will like this book. Entwined with the plot’s intrigue, the romance between Brad and Chelsea does not disappoint. Can’t wait for Roberts’ next book!Note: I was a provided an ARC for review as a professional courtesy. No monetary or other compensation [...]

    7. A mix of paranormal romance and suspense, this novel's beginning was exciting, but the number of typographical errors detracted from the story and its conclusion.

    8. Looking for More?OK, so yes it was interesting and rather short. Although it was interesting I kept looking for something more of the story

    9. Like earlier stated I was given this by the author/publisher for my honest and unbiased opinion. I will admitI know the author and am pals with her, but I shall be completely honest and unbiased! Poor Chelseal she wanted was a simple life with a simple job. However, she is a klutz and due to this she accidentally electrocuted herself and it awoken a gene in her body that allows her to communicate with ghosts. Not only can she talk to them, but she can see them and feel them when they touch her. [...]

    10. Chelsea Karmikel accidentally electrocutes herself in the shower one day and soon discovers dead people can now talk to her and give her messages for their relatives, an ability she discovers runs in her family. Then she is informed, by a man who clearly dislikes her, that she has inherited his aunt’s farm. It is all too much for Chelsea, who tells the man to keep the property and stalks off. The man, Bradley Reardon, a private detective, realizes he has misjudged Chelsea and calls her to apo [...]

    11. Chelsea's always been accident prone, but her latest near-death experience has left a deeper mark than the others. She develops the ability to talk to spirits, ghosts who come to her for help in resolving the issues that death interrupted. Although it's more than a little disconcerting, she discovers it's a family trait, one she can learn to live with.Brad's a private investigator who's very interested in learning more about the stranger his favorite aunt left her home to. Chelsea is that strang [...]

    12. Life After Death by Lillie J. Roberts was a delight to read. The premise of Life After Death is similar to a wonderful series I enjoyed years ago called Ghost Whispers. Ms. Roberts captured my attention, kept me clued to my seat [with the lights on]in a chilling ghost story while giving me an exciting, sizzling romance. I just loved watching Brad and Chelsea find their way to each other while Chelsea comes to turns with her new,intriguing ability.This is one of those books you will not be able t [...]

    13. Chelsea Karmikel thought she was just a klutz when her latest mishap happened but when she realized she was seeing dead people, she was quite frightened. When she meets Brad Rearden, a PI, it is the beginning of her life turning upside down. She has inherited his aunt's estate, a lady she does not even remember meeting, and therefore, does not want it. Brad's brother thinks it should go to him and he is very insistent about that. Chelsea and Brad are very attracted to each other and Brad must ch [...]

    14. Right from the first line, I loved this book! It's very well written with great characters and a very unusual premise. It starts with Chelsea electrocuting herself in the bath, and discovering a new gift. (I won't say too much because I wouldn't want to spoil the story)But this chilling ghost story, mixed with hot romance, had me turning the pages well after midnight. I definitely recommend this book, it is an excellent paranormal romance with likable and believable characters.

    15. This is great mystery/ romance bookGreat book!!! Very entertaining!!! I just loved reading this book!! I'd really love to read more books about Chelsea and Brad!!

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