• Title: 48 Hours
  • Author: J. Jackson Bentley
  • ISBN: 9781908042088
  • Page: 191
  • Format: ebook
  • Hours If you don t pay me in the next Hours you will die The text on Josh Hammond s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling Surely it must be a joke but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and
    If you don t pay me 250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die The text on Josh Hammond s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious Can Josh raise the money, can his attractive new bodyguard protect him, who is blackmailin If you don t pay me 250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die The text on Josh Hammond s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious Can Josh raise the money, can his attractive new bodyguard protect him, who is blackmailing him and why He has 48 hours to find out The first novel in the acclaimed City of London Thriller series is a hit which will enthral everyone who knows and loves its London settings.

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    1. I was intrigued by this novel's premise - a sudden demand to pay £250,000 in 48 hours or be killed. It seemed crazy but equally something that could happen to you out of the blue in real life. I imagine, like Josh, I would think it was a hoax, but the baddie's subsequent actions show you just how serious he is and you wonder what you would do in similar circumstances. The main character, Josh, was a bit wet when it came to women, which was actually a refreshing change, but I could feel for him [...]

    2. Published: 28/10/2010Author: J. Jackson BentleyRecommended for: fans of thrillersEdition: KindleI found this book on the Kindle Store for free and so I thought that I would give this a go. This is a pretty good thriller book that keeps you entertained throughout. I have the Kindle version which has a few spelling mistakes and grammer problems. This book works just as well if you read it alone or in the series. The characters were interesting and the storyline kept you reading on to find out what [...]

    3. The author is on to something here, but its desperately executed and awfully written. For example the characters are pretty good, the lead, the body guard, the police are all believable. The villain, despite being almost a poor boy made good stereotype is just awful. The book also flits between perspectives even when dealing with one character, giving it an annoying read. Then we have the show dont tell. Just before something happens, the main character explains it to us or the body guard does o [...]

    4. An interesting thriller that keeps you engaged throughout…The characters are likable enough to keep you reading and you never quite know which twists and turns are going to come up next.However, one thing you do know is that you can have a lot of fun on this ride!

    5. This book is in serious need of an editor, the most glaring mistake being the sentence that claimed that UK time is an hour ahead of European time, when the reality is in fact the opposite Characters' names kept changing, particularly Michael to Martin and Martin to Michael, and there was a Jason/Jonas as well. A few basic typos that could have easily been picked up cropped up.*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD*As usual with these thriller books, the characters were not particularly likeable - in this book I [...]

    6. 48hrs Is actually a really refreshing thriller set in London.J Jackson Bentley has crafted really good book right from the outset where Josh the main protagonist receives a text on his blackberry by an unknown person telling he has to find a quarter of a million pounds in 48hrs or he'll be killed, a just as Josh was convincing himself that it's a prank by one of his few friends who actually know he has that sort of money to his disposal he receives an email that throws a doubt that it is in fact [...]

    7. Been generous giving this a 3 - probably 3 minus. A pacy thriller set around London - blackmail, art theft, kidnapping. But entertaining enough.

    8. The first of the City of London Thrillers series, this tells the back-story of some of the characters who feature in Chameleon. Often, in a series, reading them out of order can be disruptive to the flow of the stories, but not in this case. I did know of some of the events in 48 Hours from later references in Chameleon, but because they were just reference points rather than repeats of what happened it meant that I was able to enjoy 48 Hours and learn what actually happened in the earlier book. [...]

    9. This was a strange one! The first 25% was great and had me gripped, although by the end of this section we already know who the blackmailer is and why they have chosen their subject, so I was wondering what the remaining 75% would hold. It didn't have me hooked as much as the first quarter of the book but was still a good read for a free book. I'm not going to bother with any more in the series though as I have enough on my kindle to get through!

    10. A well-paced thriller3 stars because the plot became a little long-winded and the the main characters were quite stereotyped. Having said that, it must be almost impossible to create totally new fiction in this genre.On the plus side, the detailed geography of London added to the atmosphere the author maintained throughout the story, which would make a good TV mini-series in 4 parts

    11. GrippingThis is one of the best I have read. Superbly written, and although the villain is identified early on the twists and turns as the police struggle to find evidence to prove his guilt is fascinating

    12. Frightening premise, recommended for the ‘scare-me-to-death' basis. i liked the solution, as well which was well done by the author.

    13. I thought this began well but gradually got less likeable, I found the romance fairly ridiculous and honestly would have preferred the book without.

    14. When so minded I can cavil with the best of them, nit-pick and chunter like a grumpy old git. It seems that "48 Hours" has attracted the attention of some who have these predilections.They complain that the proof-reading has not been sufficiently thorough. Surely allowances must be made for the fact that self-publishers are on their own self-editing one's text for the nth time borders on masochism. And so, yes, a scattering of typos must be reckoned with.Then there are reviewers who seem to be s [...]

    15. Review of 48 HoursJ JACKSON BENTLEY (2011) - A CITY OF LONDON THRILLERWhat you will notice straight away (assuming you get the same version as me) is that the colours of the fonts are the reverse from the norm. The background colour is black and the text is white However here are more pressing details to deliver. Not sure where the City of London comes into it though.ReviewThis story didn’t hook me as soon as I hoped it would. It took me a while before that happened.Characters.The main charact [...]

    16. An interesting little thriller, written somewhat unusually (for me anyway) in a mixture of first person and third person. By that I mean, it sometimes is 'I did this', other times it's 'they did that' and the action takes place somewhere the previous 'first person', isn't. If that makes it any clearer. Probably not.A good little book. A thriller, even. Our main character gets, seemingly out of the blue, a note, a threat, to pay up a huge sum of money, inside the 48 hours of the title, or suffer [...]

    17. I really liked the premise to this tale and the short bursts of drama led chapters really carried it along in a measured way: I started to think here's a five star novel, but then The pointless over information based football match and constant author intrusion, I guess you are a football fan in real life, nothing wrong with that but keep it out of your writing. So we were down to four stars then despite the standard disclaimer that all characters are fictitious and any coincidences coincidental [...]

    18. An irritating novel:Don’t be fooled by the title: ’48 Hours’ doesn’t minutely focus on the 48 hours that Josh Hammond suffers after receiving a text message blackmailing him for a quarter of a million pounds, like a series of ’24′. No, the large focus of this book is about trying to capture the villain and links made to other crimes that the blackmailer is committing. I did enjoy this element to the story as I felt this made it more interesting to read, but I did feel that it dragged [...]

    19. The book starts off at a good pace with an immediate demand for £250k which grabs the reader’s interest straight away.I found it refreshing to have a different type of main character in the loss adjuster Josh Hammond, especially as the hard-man hero is in fact a girl called Dee Conrad but Josh could perhaps have more depth in his character. Good descriptions of London Streets. It was interesting to learn more about how insurance works.There to be too many chapters and is it necessary to have [...]

    20. This book was just awesome! A true page turner if I ever read one. I must commend the author for some good quality writing despite the fee flaws. Josh Hammond, a regular loss adjuster, wakes up one day to find his life turned upside down. He gets a ransom text for £250,000 or he faces his death in 48hours. The extortioner goes as far to shoot him in the back w/ a paintball gun to get his attention. From London to Amsterdam, Cyprus & back the extortioner pushes Josh, Dee & the police to [...]

    21. When I first started to read this thriller, I was disappointed that the villain was revealed so early in the book. However, instead of being the end, this was just the beginning of an enjoyable ride. Bringing an evil, prominent government official to justice is not always easy. The main characters Josh, who has been blackmailed, and his " bodyguard" Dee are intelligent and create a nice balance. The other victims are diverse enough to maintain the readers interest. The investigative procedures u [...]

    22. I loved the premise of this book and I loved the cover. I thought the execution didn't live up to those two things which is a shame as there is a lot of good stuff here. I particularly liked the way you thought the book was going in one direction and then it would change gear and go in another. I didn't like that one of the tier two characters was clearly based on a real life celebrity. To me that smacks of lazy writing - the other characters were on the whole well thought out so it would have b [...]

    23. I mostly read negative reviews to this book but I still wanted to read it and build an opinion for myself. It's not as awful as widely discribed. I liked the idea of the 48 hours and the incidences that follow. I also enjoyed the story of Josh and Dee. It wasn't at all complicated and really laid-back. I hate love stories where there are a thousand problems before the two lovers find each other, so this was really positive.Josh and Dee as characters were realistic and easy to identify with, just [...]

    24. It's very rare that I give a book 2 stars, but it was only my unwillingness to leave a book unfinished that meant I got to the end of this one. The final third of the book is worth persevering for, but it is hard going before that. The premise of the story is a good one and it does twist and turn nicely, the main problem is the writing style, which I can only describe as clunky. The book would be half as long if the author hadn't felt the need to over describe everything and drop in the brand na [...]

    25. I took a rare detour into the thriller genre since a few friends seemed to like this Kindle freebie. The story was entertaining, if a little unlikely, and there were some shining moments that made me think this book came really close to being GOOD. Unfortunately, there were numerous small distractions throughout the book, such as typos and consistency errors, which I can forgive. The character problems were more difficult for me, such as: -- The protagonist's juvenile, drooling crush on his body [...]

    26. Not bad for a Kindle Freebie. Some parts dragged a bit but overall pretty good and thankfully not plagued with horrific spelling, grammar and general lack of editing that seems to blight so many of Ebooks.Josh is a high flying insurance adjuster. He receives an anonymous and threatening demand for cash a large but not impossible sum, unsure if the threat is serious he approaches a colleague for help raising the money and protecting himself.A death of a well known figure and a similar threat to a [...]

    27. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to finish this book. After less than half the book, it felt as if the story was virtually drawing to a close, and I really could not face the prospect of having the same amount of book again without any kind of storyline. The premise of the book is interesting, but I feel it could have been worked out so much better.From virtually the first page, i could not escape the idea that Josh could have avoided a lot of hassle (not to mention the loss of a large sum of money) [...]

    28. I enjoy crime stories but unfortunately I struggled through this book. I found the plot started fine but was soon bored & didn't find it believable & unable to connect to anyone at all in the book.The hero Josh was being blackmailed, his boss was calm & let him take time off work to traipse around London, attending police meetings & investigations. Josh was given a female bodyguard who at one point was wearing a tight skirt & heels, which just wouldn't happen. Writing style w [...]

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