• Title: Savādā Grāfiene
  • Author: Edgar Wallace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: None
  • Sav d Gr fiene
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    One Reply to “Savādā Grāfiene”

    1. Don’t Countess Your Chickens Before They Are HatchedOkay, this is a most inane pun, maybe it’s not even a pun at all, but just execrable dross. However, after reading Edgar Wallace’s The Strange Countess, I felt this seemed the most natural thing to say on the novel in which an obstreperous stalker turns out to be a detective who protects the interests of a young orphan against the machinations of a sinister countess.As I wrote in one of my other reviews on a Wallace novel, the author usua [...]

    2. Αγκαθιζει τρελά!!!!!!!!Καλυτερο απο οτι το περιμενα 3,5 ευκολα!!!!!!!!!

    3. I like detective novels, so I jump up with joy everytime my eye catches a glimpse of thin - usually yellow - books. This one was a complete failure. The heroine and her friend were a disaster as characters, really weak and without any particular role in the novel, just existing. It is also bothersome that although there is a man stalking the heroine from the beggining of the novel, and then even intruding her house - and her bedrooom - the two girls describe this incident as "inappropriate", not [...]

    4. Nagyon régóta nem olvastam már klasszikus krimit, pedig egy időben faltam például Agatha Christie könyveit. Hercule Poirot pedig, mind a mai napig kedvenc karakterem, filmen is. A nagy krimirajongásom ellenére, mégsem ismertem Edgar Wallace munkásságát. Sőt, azt sem tudtam, hogy Egar Wallace valaha is a világra jött. Ó, micsoda műveletlenség, hiszen Agathával ellentétben, ő 176 darab regényt írt. A színműveket és újságcikkeket most nem számoljuk. Ráadásul ő, csak [...]

    5. This was the most boring mystery novel I 've ever read.The mystery was non-existent and at times I caught myself wondering what the fuss is all about. At the end there is a kind of revelation but the plot unravelling was so weak the characters horrible and the detective so soulless that it doesn't make any difference. Boring, boring,boring.

    6. The only thing that kept this book from being a one-star was the side plot involving two supporting characters. Lizzie and Selwyn were the only interesting people in the book. The rest were totally predictable, boring, and unbelievable.

    7. Ganz netter, klassischer Krimi, die Auflösung war mir jedoch recht an den Haaren herbeigezogen.

    8. Czytałam wersję "Hrabina Moron" z serii z opryszkiem.Dawno nie widziałam tylu literówek i błędów w jednej (w dodatku tak małej) książce.

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