• Title: Dark Hollow
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780743410229
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Hollow Dark Hollow is a masterful second novel from a young Irish writer whose storytelling skills were established with Every Dead Thing Now his fiery ingenious detective Charlie Bird Parker returns to u
    Dark Hollow is a masterful second novel from a young Irish writer whose storytelling skills were established with Every Dead Thing Now his fiery, ingenious detective, Charlie Bird Parker, returns to uncover a legacy of evil that has haunted Maine citizens for decades.

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    1. I ordered this from the library with ambivalence; though I enjoy Connolly's writing, I didn't find the first book of the Charlie Parker series particularly enjoyable (body count was a little high for me). However, book 8, The Lovers, was engrossing and well done, so I thought it was worth finding out more about Parker's timeline. Also, his Samuel Jackson series is excellent. I found a rather solid mystery-thriller, peppered with the descriptive passages I've come to love.The plot centers around [...]

    2. every book starts out as a three-star book for me. I am hopeful but realistic. I treat books like I treat people. am I prepared to "like" - i.e. 3 stars - a person right off the bat? well yeah, why not. but am I prepared to "really like" - 4 stars - a person, automatically? I don't think so, let's get to know each other first.Dark Hollow is a solid 3 star book. I liked it. haunted former police detective Charlie Parker is embroiled in his second crime mystery, this time involving an array of rep [...]

    3. In Charlie Parker’s debut, Every Dead Thing, John Connolly introduced a protagonist who had already fallen from grace; a New York City police detective, he was getting drunk in a bar as his wife and young daughter were being brutally murdered. With absolutely no progress made on the case in the months that follow, he falls further, as evidenced in part by his resignation. Only in taking on a different case privately do details emerge that lead to the dead-of-night serial killer that took his f [...]

    4. It's hard to describe how much I am enjoying this series. I have had several mediocre to bad reads lately, and these last two books by this author have been a dark, refreshing wind. The main character, Charlie Parker, continues to develop and grow. By beginning with the horror introduced in the first book, the author is able to create psychological parallels and foundations that build both plot platforms interpersonally and through the horrific events that seem to gravitate toward the protagonis [...]

    5. 'There are people whose eyes you must avoid, whose attention you must not draw to yourself.'So the second book in the Charlie Parker series, and my reread mission continues. Hired by a woman to get child support from her ex-husband, Charlie joins a lengthy queue of people searching for Billy Purdue and the alleged funds he's suddenly come into. Pretty soon Rita Purdue and her son are dead, there are mobsters, hitmen and all sorts running round being naughty and Charlie has to wade through it all [...]

    6. I met Charlie Parker for the first time last year, when I read John Connolly’s first book in the Charlie Parker series, Every Dead Thing. To say I fell in love with him is a mere expression of the tip of an iceberg with regard to my feelings for Charlie Parker; they go definitely deeper than mere love for a fictional character. He is not your usual hero, all swashbuckling and saving damsels in distresses while showing he has no fears or that such events are just a part of his life. Oh no, he i [...]

    7. The success of Every Dead Thing appears to have energized John Connolly, because here he writes with a confidence and clarity that other authors take a lifetime to achieve. If ever.A particularly vivid experience, this. You can taste, smell and breathe this book. The opening words, "I dream dark dreams" set the tone of the novel. It is indeed the stuff of dreams. Terrifying dreams.The plot involves the hunt for a serial killer, as with Every Dead Thing's The Traveling Man. You'll have to decide [...]

    8. Alucinante. Para que a nadie se le ocurra denigrar al género policial/novela negra. No es que sea una experta en la materia, pero la fantástica forma en la que Connolly logra espantarte, horrorizarte, hacerte reír en voz alta y obligarte a estrujar tu cerebro, en la misma continuidad argumental es incomparable. Sin cortes abruptos, ni pozos literarios ni agujeros en la historia. Al final, si no lográs dar con el "asesino" es porque su autor claramente es más inteligente que todos nosotros, [...]

    9. Dark.To describe a book entitled Dark Hollow by decidedly dark fiction writer John Connolly and starring the most definitely dark protagonist Charlie “Bird” Parker seems a bit redundant, but that’s the feeling left after having read Dark Hollow that it is dark.Parker is dark because he is still haunted by the brutal slayings of his wife and child, as described in the equally dark first novel in the series, Connolly’s dark 1999 novel Every Dead Thing – which does not contain the word da [...]

    10. The second of Connolly's Charlie Parker books is another superbly written examination of darkness, violence and possible redemption. the hints of a supernatural dimension continue - but the visions of the dead a surely just Bird's overwrought imagination. Aren't they?

    11. ‘Dark Hollow’ is SO exciting I couldn't stop reading it until I literally couldn’t focus on the page when my body demanded I go to sleep NOW! I cursed my physical weakness…After my morning coffee (without which the dementia which may attack me at any moment is once again held off), I finished the novel and now I am sated with satisfaction. John Connolly’s writing style reminds me of John Sanford and James Lee Burke; however, since Connolly includes a strong element of supernatural ghos [...]

    12. Even better than Every Dead Thing. Tighter and more focused in that the story spans the whole volume rather than being two stories and spends most of the time in basically one location with one set of characters. Louis and Angel really come into their own in this one in full comedic foils to Charlie Parker’s straight man. Dark, funny, compelling, heart-breaking, well written, beautiful and savage---sometimes at the same time. I can’t say enough about this writer and the promise that this ser [...]

    13. This is a fast-paced thriller with an over abundance of assailants, a lot of dead bodies, a fair amount of gore and slight supernatural elements. I skimmed over a lot of the ex-girlfriend details. Be warned that children and pets are among the victims. This is the second book in the series and I've read some of the more recent books. It's probably best to read the series in order from the beginning, but that's not what I did. However, it seems that the tone and level of action and violence remai [...]

    14. I believe that good writing can transcend genres and Connolly is such an amazing writer that, even though I'm not a huge fan of mysteries or thrillers, this book was nearly impossible to put down and get 5 stars from me all the way. I seriously can't say enough good things about it. Great story, terrific character development, not too mention great characters, incredible suspense and also spooky and dark enough to please horror fans. Highly recommended.

    15. Alone, alone, about a dreadful wood Of conscious evil runs a lost mankind, Dreading to find its Father lest it find The Goodness it has dreaded is not good: Alone, alone, about our dreadful wood.(Wystan Hugh Auden / “For The Time Being”)—Eres único —dijo Louis—. Podrías caerte y te costaría encontrar el suelo. —El sufrimiento no lo justifica todo, Bird —dijo Ángel en voz baja—. Así que ha sufrido, ya ves tú. Que se ponga a la cola con el resto de la gente, los simples morta [...]

    16. When you cry,I will wipe away your tears.When you hurt,I will take the pain away.When you fall,I will lift you up again.When you need,I will give my everything.When you lay,I will be right by your side.When youI will Nikki (I couldn't feel the book to write a poem specifically for it)I don't know if it was the dreams Charlie was having or what, but this read took a while for me to warm to.There was, as usual, the requisite amount of bloodshed and murder. Maybe a bit too much.To sum up this read: [...]

    17. Dark Hollow is Book 2 of John Connolly's Charlie Parker series. If possible, I enjoyed this one even more so than EVERY DEAD THING. We learn more about Charlie, and watch how he grows from his emotional upstart to a man who just believes that it is his role to protect the innocents around him. This novel seemed to develop in terms of plot even more rapidly that its predecessor, and I loved the return of Charlie's loyal, enigmatic friends Lewis and Angel.Book 3, THE KILLING KIND is rising on my T [...]

    18. There's probably nothing more enjoyable (except for maybe sex, chocolate, and winning the lottery) than discovering a new favorite author. John Connolly is one of my new favorites. His long-running detective series featuring his brooding, anguished private eye Charlie "Bird" Parker (not to be confused with the jazz musician) is one of those series that has quickly gained a following of devoted fans, but his name is still not as recognizable as, say, John Sandford or James Lee Burke. And it shoul [...]

    19. "I dream dark dreams." A suitably fitting opening for the second installment from Charlie Parker's dark and violent life.As the anniversary approaches of his wife and daughter's brutal slaying, Charlie 'Bird' Parker retreats to Maine, where he hopes old memories might begin the healing of his soul.But fate can be a cruel mistress, and Charlie's decision to take on a simplistic case, involving child support and an ex-spouse, leads to his involvement with the untimely and savage murder of another [...]

    20. I have begun working though the entire backlist of John Connolly. I read book 11 of the series and absolutely loved it. Book one was a rambling mess that really should have been two books at a minimum. Here with book two Connolly has narrowed down his plot to tell one story instead of many, but it really is a little too wandering to get there. Essentially this book could have used a lot more tightening to tell the story in much less time. So it is great strides over book one, but nowhere near th [...]

    21. Muy bueno, como el primero, y con ganas de seguir con la serie de Charlie Parker y, sobre todo, con las andanzas de Angel y Louise. Ah, qué genial el puntito de humor que tiene el autor. :D

    22. It has been nearly a year since Charlie Parker's wife and daughter were murdered, a killing he avenged at the end of the first novel in this series, Every Dead Thing. Moving to his ancestral home in Maine, Parker gets a private investigator's license almost as an afterthought, spending most of his time fixing up his grandfather's old house and trying to heal his wounds. When he offers to speak to a husband overdue on child support on behalf of the struggling wife, he unwittingly comes into the c [...]

    23. Oh the only thing I really need to tell you about this book is BEWARE MR PUDD. And if you are, like me, a ninny when it comes to all things arachnid, you MAY need to look away often during the reading of this one. From experience I know that this is not the darkest evil Charlie will face but I DO know it is the one that sticks out firmly in my mindI find it quite hard to review ANY of these novels without spoilers, the ongoing mythology and intrigue surrounding one of my best loved characters is [...]

    24. My second novel written By mr. Connelly in which Louis & Angel play a bigger part and also it seems that organised crime takes a vacation in Maine. And not in the nice touristy part but back into the woods where the answer of a family mystery of Mr. Parker seems to lie.Once more Mr. C seems to be able to balance a thriller with a dark subject matter with the brilliantly funny and well written dialogue/ It actually takes the edge of some of the darkness. This second novel in the Charlie Parke [...]

    25. After several hours of enforced absence from TV and computer, I finished Dark Hollow, and what a finish it was! Those who have yet to finish it have a really beautiful epilogue to look forward to. It makes clear the references I had heard to supernatural aspects of these books. It's like The Sight that characters such as Nora Bonesteel has in Shayrn McCrumb's Ballad series. It plays no role in solving the mystery but does add a mystical air that provides the reader with perspective and really ap [...]

    26. 15 years ago I read Every Dead Thing and rated it two stars.Overall I wasn't that impressed as there were far too many shootouts and the incessant descriptions of pants, shirts and shoes of every character was really grating on me.But throughout the years with every Charlie Parker novel that's released there's a ton of love for the series. So I relented and decided to give the series another try.I will admit that there is a lot to like about Dark Hollow. The plot was very good, and much more lin [...]

    27. Okay, I liked it, so why a '3 stars,' which in my world is equivalent to a C or C+, a good but not outstanding.The setting - fantastic, Maine, the snow, the woods, the cold. I could feel the cold. The characters - wonderful, often outlandish, complete and distinct. Dialogue - if you read it out loud, it seemed right there, the precise way people really talk and not the way writers wished people talked.It's the story and certain elements in it that made me deduct two stars. First off, it's about [...]

    28. Connolly should be ranked at the top of his field. His work with his American crime-fiction franchise and his iconic anti-hero at the center is even more impressive due to the fact that Connolly himself, is an Irishman. His ability to create a chilling atmosphere is only second to his top notch character development. Parker returns alongside friends, Louis and Angel in Connolly's sequel to 2001's Every Dead Thing, Dark Hollow. In Dark Hollow, PI Charlie "Bird" Parker returns to his old stomping [...]

    29. Δεύτερο βιβλίο με ήρωα τον Τσάρλι Πάρκερ. Σίγουρα δεν φτάνει την νοσηρότητα, την πολυπλοκότητα και την δύναμη του πρώτου βιβλίου, όπως και να'χει όμως έχουμε να κάνουμε με μια εξαιρετικά ενδιαφέρουσα και καλογραμμένη αστυνομική ιστορία. Ο Πάρκερ επιστρέφει στον τόπο που με [...]

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