• Title: The Killing Kind
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780743456371
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Killing Kind When the discovery of a mass grave in northern Maine reveals the grim truth behind the disappearance of a religious community private detective Charlie Parker is drawn into a violent conflict with a
    When the discovery of a mass grave in northern Maine reveals the grim truth behind the disappearance of a religious community, private detective Charlie Parker is drawn into a violent conflict with a group of zealots intent on tracking down a relic that could link them to the slaughter Haunted by the ghost of a small boy and tormented by the demonic killer known as Mr PuWhen the discovery of a mass grave in northern Maine reveals the grim truth behind the disappearance of a religious community, private detective Charlie Parker is drawn into a violent conflict with a group of zealots intent on tracking down a relic that could link them to the slaughter Haunted by the ghost of a small boy and tormented by the demonic killer known as Mr Pudd, Parker is forced to fight for his lover, his friendsd his very soul.

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    1. Finally Connolly lives up to the promise in The Lovers, book 8 in the Charlie Parker series. It is a mystery series that often borders on horror, a genre I prefer not to linger in, however, something about Connolly's writing is so evocative, so full of humanity that I keep returning to his writing. I think it might almost be the mirror-image of much I enjoy, perhaps because it centers around some of the most basic--but darkest--of emotions.'There is a dark resource within all of us, a reservoir [...]

    2. I think [he] saw certain acts of violence and cruelty and wondered if there were some deeds that were beyond even the potential of human beings to commit; if there were creatures both more and less than human who preyed upon us.They were the violent ones, the dark angels.This is the third novel in the Charlie Parker thriller series. And it’s a corker. John Connolly writes beautifully and the dark subject matter appeals to me, so I was always going to like this series, but goodness gracious it [...]

    3. This book was good. I had to take frequent breaks from it, so my experience wasn't as smooth as the other two in the series. The strength of the story is character development. Old characters from the previous stories are brought out and clearly rounded, while new villains take their place on the roster.I am beginning to notice similar thematic elements. There is the use of the kidnap scene and the rescue to ratchet up tension. There is a cleverly developed antagonist with a unique method of kil [...]

    4. How does one describe John Connolly's Writing AMAZING OUTSTANDING PHENOMENAL The Way he writes the Charlie Parker series is fabulous he gets the characters exact where you know where they stand in the story His faithful friends Louis & Angel are not to over the top but know how to take down the bad guys as well as Rachel.For me The Killing Kind is the best so far i really enjoy the way Connolly gets right into detail about the Baptist Church he really looks into the history before he puts it [...]

    5. Dan Rickwood / The Spaces in Between | Escape Into Life - ow/tvYtpExisten personas cuya mirada debe eludirse, cuya atención no debe atraerse. Son criaturas extrañas, parásitos, almas extraviadas que pretenden salvar el abismo y establecer un contacto fatal con el flujo cálido y continuo de la humanidad. Viven en el dolor y su único cometido es infligir ese dolor a los demás. Un vistazo fortuito, la momentánea persistencia de una mirada, basta para darles la excusa que buscan. A veces es m [...]

    6. Once you decide to layer supernatural elements into your hardboiled detective novels, there comes a point where there’s no going back. When we first met Charlie Parker in 1999’s Every Dead Thing, a more hardcore introduction seemed impossible. Drinking himself blind in a bar after the latest argument with his wife, he stumbles home to find her and their young daughter brutally tortured and murdered. Due to the resulting grief, guilt, and frustration (he was a NYPD detective and there’s abs [...]

    7. Oooooh. I am feeling it more and more that the character Charlie Parker is a bit, well, angelic. Just saying. In American pop culture, angels have been undergoing a rewrite. I am no expert, having been raised during the purification era of the 1950’s, when American politicians and the religious right were determined to cleanse America of everything involving sex or communism/socialism or free speech or books for adults or anyone non-white or anything unwashed, but I remember angels at that sam [...]

    8. Το φονικό είδος είναι η τρίτη περιπέτεια του ιδιωτικού ντετέκτιβ Τσάρλι “Μπερντ” Πάρκερ. Για όσους δεν τον γνωρίζουν, είναι ο ήρωας, σήμα κατατεθέν, του Ιρλανδού συγγραφέα Τζον Κόνολι.Αυτή τη φορά ο Πάρκερ θα αποφασίσει να εξιχνιάσει την αυτοκτονία μιας νεαρής κοπέλας, τη [...]

    9. How do you review a book this astoundingly good? There wasn't anything here that I could say I didn't honestly love about this book. John Connolly has it all from characterization, emotional turmoil, physical trauma, and electrifying atmosphere. I've already purchased the next book in this series, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.A MUST-READ--HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

    10. The disappearance of a religious community in Maine had long since been the subject of controversy. It wasn’t until recently that the discovery of a mass grave containing those that had vanished all those years ago that the state began to get some answers. Shortly after it’s discovery, Detective Charlie Parker reluctantly becomes involved in the search for those responsible for the slaughter. Can Charlie uncover the truth behind the murders or will his connection with the afterlife ultimatel [...]

    11. The one book in the series I had up till now only owned in paperback, and now upgraded to a Hardcover version that fitted well with the whole series in hardcover. Some books will be kept and reread and I prefer them in the best way possible, this is one of those series.An early Charlie Parker novel that sets him on the road for future installments, religion, faith are the strong undertones in this novel. And yet they are not about the faith but the people living their faith and obsessions. The s [...]

    12. I believe that the true definition of courage is being afraid of something and doing it anyway. Charlie Parker feels fear and compassion and anger and remorse and goes forward anyway and it sets him apart and above any other private investigator/detective/etc. I've ever read about. He's more like a superhero, a dark avenger who refuses to stand by and let others suffer, who will do all within his power to right the wrongs and bring the guilty to justice. I love this character and immensely enjoy [...]

    13. Read it, loved it, of course I did.It's creepy, complex, confounding. The characters are richly described and delineated. Set in Maine, which I love, and occasionally in the Boston area, the locales are meticulously portrayed. I'd just read another book set in Maine, a King novel, and both writers know the area. Trees, bushes, wind, the salt water, the sounds, the smells, etc. etc and can you tell I'm NOT a Mainer, but a Cape Codder? But we're practically the same. Maybe.(view spoiler)[Anyhow, t [...]

    14. Dark, dark, and darkwith a side of cruelty and multiple orders of creepy, deadly spiders. Mr. Connolly has some serious issues with religion on full display here. A small religious community disappears in the early '60's and a girl researching the cult is found dead present day, apparently a suicide. Charlie "Bird" Parker is hired to find out what happened. Charlie sees and talks to dead people, which is unusual but is not a distraction to the flow. Always amazing writing and enjoyable repartee [...]

    15. These books just keep getting better. Nastiest villain so far. And I do mean naaasty and his hit man is the stuff of nightmares. If you find spiders to be unsettling, you are really in for a treat. I found myself brushing imaginary webs off my arms during this one several times. Parker and his friends Angel and Louis may be over their heads in this one as they go up against a well connected ostensibly religious cult that uses murder as one of its main ways of keeping its power base in line.I fou [...]

    16. I started The Killing Kind almost immediately after finishing Dark Hollow. I had intended to read a different book but had to see what Charlie Parker would encounter next.

    17. Segundo libro del detective Parker Bird que leo, aunque cronológicamente sea el tercero. Le voy a poner 4 estrellas porque es adictivo y porque, durante una semana, me ha abstraido de los problemas cotidianos de un día para otro. Es un libro más breve que el anterior, la trama está más definida y al protagonista se le ve más suelto, más mordaz. Reconozco de todos modos que la conclusion tiene menos chicha de la que esperaba y algunos puntos empiezan a irritarme:- Que haya que rescatar a a [...]

    18. Истинското лице на ужаса. Ханибъл Лектър наистина изглежда, като цензуриран второстепенен герой, сравнение с извергите, срещу които се изправя Чарли Паркър.Най-бруталната книга до тук.

    19. Original Review: Well, John Connolly managed to more than reclaim the magic. This third book of the Charlie Parker series is just fantastic! I loved this one as much as the first two of his books that I have read. In fact, certain scenes were even more powerful in this book than in any of the others. I'm very glad that this one turned out to be an autographed copy. Of course, the use of spiders managed to particularly frighten me. It was a very horrifying book, that may be a little much for some [...]

    20. John Connolly should be congratulated. He managed to create a phobia where previously there was none. Never again will I look at a spider in quite the same light. Powerful writing Mr Connolly. To be fair it was more the people behind the spiders than the poor spiders but still, I might not be the first to volunteer to take them outside.Another great book the Charlie Parker series. Feel like I missed out a little though. There is almost a two year gap between the events of this and the previous n [...]

    21. Another good thriller featuring Charlie "Bird" Parker, Connolly's former NYPD officer turned private detective. Forty years after they disappeared, members of a fringe religious cult are discovered, buried in a river bank in back woods Maine. At the same time Parker is hired to investigate the supposed suicide of a graduate student who was investigating the same group. Are these events related? (Of course!)I'm a sucker for books involving religious cults so I found this one particularly entertai [...]

    22. Another good entry into the "Bird" Parker series. This one centering on a once defunct religious movement and its involvement in the death of a graduate student. You are plunged into more of Parker's backstory pertaining to his dad and grandfather and a little more revealing story of the Traveling Man and how it ties into this new case. All the same characters that you've been exposed to in past novels are here. And a little more exploration into Parker's visions that haunt him.Really enjoyed th [...]

    23. Άλλος ένας Τσάρλυ Πάρκερ και πάλι πέρασα καλά, το ίδιο καλά με το Δέντρο του Θανάτου. Και πάλι έχουμε έναν σχεδόν καρτουνιστικά κακό δολοφόνο, που όμως δουλεύει. Αυτό νομίζω είναι που κάνει τον Connolly να ξεχωρίζει, οι κακοί του δεν είναι κακοί όπως στα κοινά αστυνομικά βιβλία, [...]

    24. Friends do their best to convince me that Connolly's Charlie Parker books are the best, but there is something in these that does not fit me all the way. Good thrillers, but I tend to lose focus and at times interest. Maybe don't take my word for it

    25. You take the Travelling Man (Charlie Parker #1) and I'll take Mr. Pudd-oh you creepy, disturbed man!

    26. Once upon a time the Northern woods of Maine USA"In April, 1963, a group of four families left their homes on the eastern seaboard and journeyed northr two hundred miles to an area of land close by the town of Eagle Lake, twenty miles south of the border between New Brunswick and Maine. The Aroostock Baptists arrived in Eagle Lake on April 15, 1963. By January 1964, the settlement had been abandoned. No trace of the founding familieswas ever found again."So writes Grace Peltier in her postgradua [...]

    27. Αυτό είναι το τρίτο βιβλίο της σειράς με ήρωα τον Τσάρλι Πάρκερ και γι'ακόμη μια φορά απόλαυσα μαυρίλα, βία, δράση και πλοκή γεμάτη με μυστήριο και τρομακτικές αποκαλύψεις. Όπως κάνω και με άλλες σειρές βιβλίων που μου αρέσουν πολύ, έτσι και μ'αυτή το πηγαίνω κάπως λάου-λάου, [...]

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