• Title: Married in Green
  • Author: Seanan McGuire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • Married in Green After a rocky start and a lot of dangerous adventures the day everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown are going to be married and none too soon since thei
    After a rocky start and a lot of dangerous adventures, the day everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown are going to be married, and none too soon, since their first child is set to arrive at any moment Alexander and Enid couldn t be happier about their son gaining a wife and a child, while giving them a daughter in law The miceAfter a rocky start and a lot of dangerous adventures, the day everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown are going to be married, and none too soon, since their first child is set to arrive at any moment Alexander and Enid couldn t be happier about their son gaining a wife and a child, while giving them a daughter in law The mice have been celebrating for weeks If only Jonathan and Fran were so sureMarriage is a big step, and Fran is terrified of what her future will bring Is this her happily ever after, or just one short term home in a long string of the same Help comes in the form of her old circus friendsbut that just raises questions Will she ever be happy holding still And what does it mean to be married in green You are cordially invited to join the Healys and the members of the Campbell Family Carnival on the joyous event of the marriage of Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown Assuming they go through with it.Everything changes today.

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    1. The most difficult part of reading some of these shorts is that you already know that some of the Healy/Price family had some tragic endings already.Even though this focuses on a pretty happy time, the wedding of Fran and Jonathan just days before their child is about to arrive, by the end there is a turn to the cautionary where you know that this HEA isn't necessarily going to last that long.But Jonathan proves how much he loves Fran by doing something very romantic and sweet for her. I like th [...]

    2. The blurb is more confusing than anything. Every sentence I expected something to happen to cause Frances question her decision to marry Jonathan Healy. That does not happen. Not even once.Her circus family comes too and her best friend gets to see if Frances is in the right place or not. After meeting the Aeslin mice, there was nothing to be said about, well, pretty much anything.As for Jonathan and Frances, the only problem they had was whether the baby would decide to come during the wedding. [...]

    3. It's been about 4 years since Jonathan and Fran met and he's finally going to make an honest woman of her - not a moment too soon considering she's about 8 months pregnant! It's taken him a long time to convince Fran she's ready to settle down and even now she's still feeling a little nervous about the idea but Jonathan has arranged a perfect surprise for her, one that will help her decide once and for all what it is that she really wants.There are no monsters to fight in this short but it's was [...]

    4. Rating 3.5"Married in white, you've chosen all right; Married in blue, your love is true. Married in green, you'll not long be seen"Well, the title is somewhat of a spoiler in this one.Like in No Place Like Home, this short doesn't have any paranormal beings (if we don't count the mice), monsters, adventures, travels or suchJust a wedding (well those can be scary in their own way) It's the day of the wedding, and Jonathan arranges a last minute present for his very pregnant bride.We end this one [...]

    5. I love this little story. There's not much in the way of crytpid type stuff happening, much like No Place Like Home, but there's a lot happening emotionally. I loved what Jonathan did for Fran, even if he thought that they were going to "persuade her not to make a mistake." I loved the moments of Fran and Juniper, even though it had a vaguely ominous air snaking through the entire thing.And, as always, I love the Aeslin mice. I want some for my own. But, and this is a big "but", it ends with a v [...]

    6. Yay. Jonathan and Fran have finally got married. Nice that the carnival came for the wedding. Nice to see the mice again. Hope Jonathan and Fran have more fun adventures.

    7. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Jonathan and Fran are about to get married, and not a moment too soon, considering Fran is 8 months pregnant. While they are about to finally settle down (as we always knew they would) Fran is having some doubts about her future. The mice are back and they are awesome as ever! They're my favorite characters for sure! The story is nice but not very exciting, no monsters or action, but there is some foreshadowing of darker times to come.(You can find th [...]

    8. Oh Seanan, you and your fucking ominous endings. A very pregnant Frances Brown marries Jonathan Healy, everything is going well, and then it's like "NOT ALL STORIES HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS." THANK. I FEEL GRATE NOW.I like that the Healy family believes in rituals. Even if they don't actually practice religion most of the time, they know that rituals have power, both in the cultural sense and also, I assume, in the magic sense.Juniper, Fran's friend from her carnival days (and a routewitch, and a bibl [...]

    9. 3.5 stars.A bittersweet feeling as the wedding is under way for Jonathan and Fran as friends and family reunite. I really adore Jonathan and Fran together, and even more so with their bundle of joy on the way. And of course the mice too!

    10. I really love how McGuire provides (for free, even, because she is generous and kind as well as ruthless and full of authorial body-count!) snippets from the lives of her characters. Normally, readers would have to turn to fanfic to get matters that don't have an overarching Save The X plot, but are a weird little slice of life, emotional exploration, etc. But McGuire provides these tidbits herself, and it is always awesome. It's good to know that an author thinks of their characters in depth, a [...]

    11. Another short story from the Incryptid universe, this one dealing with the marriage of Frances Brown and Jonathan Healy (Verity's great-grandparentsif I've got the genealogy straight). It's a sweet little story with just a touch of the bittersweet, as the last two lines amply demonstrate. And if you've read Midnight Blue-Light Special, then you know how Frances and Jonathan eventually meet their ends - and that's where the bittersweet comes from.

    12. Wedding jitters, ominous portents, Aeslin Mice engaging in fits of religious fervour everything I could ask for in a short story (with the possible exception of mayhem)!

    13. Anther wonderful story set in the InCryptid world. There's no way I wouldn't have loved a story starting with:"I feel like just about every cautionary tale in the book right now,"[]"Don't talk to strange men who hunt monsters, little girl, or you'll wind up pregnant, unmarried and stranded in Michigan."Four years have passed since Jonathan and Fran arrived at the family house and things have finally progressed to the point where those two will get married. Jonathan shows his devotion to his belo [...]

    14. "Gods bring the Heavens to us. Priestesses bring the Gods to Heaven. So we thank you. You have brought about the continuation of our faith."The Aeslin mice worship the Healy family-religiously (no, literally). I haven't gotten to the story that explains why yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it. This is the cute story about Fran and Jonathan's wedding.

    15. The Campbell Family Circus has become the Campbell Family Carnival and a long awaited wedding arrives. The last line of this short story, thoughThere are no monsters to fight in this vignette, only a future to be told, and for Fran's wedding day just before the birth of her first child, that future isn't bright.

    16. Another great, fantastic story! I enjoyed it so much, of the doubts, and the surprises, and yeah, just so awesome!

    17. I'm really enjoying these InCryptid shorts. I'm curious where it will all be when we get to the first actual book.

    18. The Celebration of the Union Between the Patient Priestess and the God of Uncommon SenseDoes what it says on the tin - and it was nice to see Fran and Jonathon happy.

    19. It's a free short story from Seanan McGuire, 0.05 in the InCryptid urban fantasy series, and revolving around a family of renegade "monster hunters". The couple focus is on the wedding between Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown. It's 1932, four years since Fran and Jonathan arrived in Buckley Township.If you're interested, there is a chronological listing of the InCryptid books on my website.My TakeA story that starts out incredibly sweet and keeps Fran's character so true. It takes only a few par [...]

    20. This is the fourth InCryptid short story, available for free on the author's website. (The first is part of the Westward Weird anthology, and therefore unavailable.) The stories cover the courtship of Frances Brown and Jonathan Healy, the great-grandparents of the current generation of Price children, whose story is told in the InCryptid books. (So far, that comprises Discount Armageddon and Midnight Blue-Light Special, but there are more on the way.)This is about Jonathan and Fran's wedding. Fr [...]

    21. I do really enjoy the shorts about the Price family, although…I don’t know? I think I’d be a lot more into them if I read them in a big anthology. Because while I like the little glimpses into Frances’s and Jonathan’s life together, stories like this one are very much breather stories and don’t really grab me as much. Not that they’re bad, they’re really good and sometimes you need a breather story. I just feel like that if I read these all in a row or in one big collection, I’ [...]

    22. On the one hand, I'm loving these shorts from Seanan McGuire. They open up both the Incryptid world a little more and they let you get deeper into the Healy/Price family tree. I love the opportunity to see and read more than we've gotten in the novels so far.On the other hand, they're very like fanfic (and to be clear, I'm pro-fanfic) in that it's very clear that McGuire is intimately acquainted with the universe's canon and is writing from a place of that encyclopedic knowledgebut as there's on [...]

    23. I read 4 free short story InCryptid prequels in a row: One Hell of a Ride, No Place Like Home, Married in Green, and Sweet Poison Wine. All tell the story of the courtship of Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown, Verity Price's great-grandparents (prohibition era). Try to read them in order. You can download all of them for Kindle or other formats for FREE on the author's website. Then go and buy the 2 InCryptid novels - they are VERY good urban fantasy without being overly violent. There's a bit of [...]

    24. Originally read May 31, 2014Oh the foreshadowing Frannie is nine months pregnant, and she and Johnny are getting married before the baby comes. Johnny's big surprise is that he tracked down the Campbell Family Carnival and brought them to town! It's a joyous reunion tinged with shadows. Frannie is betting married in green, and those that do are not long to be seenThe ongoing saga of the Healy-Price family is filled with equal parts excitement and trauma (and mice), so it's nice to take a break t [...]

    25. An Incryptid short story about Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown. Fran is pregnant, not a little pregnant but incredibly pregnant and the wedding is to take place tomorrow but when she comes downstairs, she finds that Jonathan has had a reason to wait, her circus family is there in all their glory. There really can't be a better wedding present than that! But when it comes down to it, will those she love approve of her choices or will they tell her things she would rather not hear?Another wonderf [...]

    26. Awww! Is basically how I sum this up. And also I love aeslin mice. Just a simple story of a wedding.

    27. Another fantastic short in the InCryptid world. I love that Jonathan is so endearing and knows how to make Fran happy. I love that they are FINALLY going to get married. I know it's just been a series of shorts, but it feels like forever waiting for them to realize they like each other. Of course we see the Mice again and we get to revisit Fran's past friends/family as well. I loved it.

    28. This is a continuation of how Jonathan Healy and Frances Brown first met and their life together. It was definitely cute. I prefer a little more action in my stories, so this one didn't blow me away. However, the inclusion of the Aeslin mice makes it worth a look. Fortunately, this story can be downloaded for free on Seanan McGuire's website.

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