• Title: Power in the Blood
  • Author: Michael Lister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Power in the Blood In a mystery book market saturated with stories of gruesome serial killers devoid of morality and shady investigators whose questionable tactics make them difficult heroes Power in the Blood by Micha
    In a mystery book market saturated with stories of gruesome serial killers devoid of morality and shady investigators whose questionable tactics make them difficult heroes, Power in the Blood by Michael Lister offers a spiritual view of social ills and acknowledges that, behind every despicable act, there is always room for forgiveness and redemption In this debut noIn a mystery book market saturated with stories of gruesome serial killers devoid of morality and shady investigators whose questionable tactics make them difficult heroes, Power in the Blood by Michael Lister offers a spiritual view of social ills and acknowledges that, behind every despicable act, there is always room for forgiveness and redemption In this debut novel Lister, a prison chaplain, introduces John Jordan, chaplain of a prison in the Florida Panhandle, who witnesses the bloody death of Potter Correctional Institution inmate Ike Johnson Jordan discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors no action goes unseen, and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar He soon finds his reputation, his career, and even his life are at stake While writing Power in the Blood , I attempted to present Chaplain Jordan as a person who is in many ways quite ordinary despite being a man of the cloth Like everyone else, Jordan attempts to find romance, deals with the demands of work on a daily basis, and struggles with his faith, said Michael Lister Despite the extraordinary violence that he must face and the misdeeds of fallen souls he endures, Jordan manages to pursue the investigation with honesty and grace I think that makes him an unusual hero in today s mystery market By offering up the sacred as well as the profane, Power in the Blood is sure to please both mystery readers and general fiction enthusiasts Michael Lister was a chaplain with the Florida Department of Corrections from 1993 to 2000 During his tenure at Gulf Correctional, Lister earned these words of praise from his warden, Chaplain Lister s un prejudiced concern for the welfare of staff as well as inmates has brought a spiritual soothing to both populations at this institution He is an exceptionally gifted teacher, truly an angel, a shepherd to all.

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    1. I read this book as part of a 5-book package purchased at deep discount. I liked it enough to keep reading more of the books in the series, although I would rate it at 3.5 stars (not 4) if that option had been available! I liked the protagonist, especially that he is not portrayed as a physical superman who can whip anyone who crosses his path. He does seem to be morally admirable, while admitting that he is weak and sometimes thinks 'unclean' thoughts. I am not religious personally, so I normal [...]

    2. Pretty good read but desperately needs an editor. "Roles of fat" and "we had switched rolls" were amongst my favourites. Several times the exact same paragraph was repeated a page or two later. Factual errors such as having an AIDS test hours after having been exposed to AIDS infected blood.I have another in this series and I'm hoping the author found an editor. The story was interesting enough to keep me reading through the errors but if the next book is the same, it will be the last. *fingers [...]

    3. Good story.Prison Chaplain investigating the murder of one prisoner. This takes many twists and turns and more killings. From VCR tapes and typewriters, I guess it was written sometime in 1990. Just opened three years ago this correctional institution full of AIDs, drugs, gays and transsexuals with corrupt guards running the prison. Parts was confusing and hard to read.

    4. An enjoyable read with a solid murder-mystery at its core, but no hook strong enough to tempt me into reading more in the series. The idea of having a prison chaplain as an investigator is a neat theme, and one I enjoyed, but it seems to rely on too many contrivances to be truly credible.The number of conflicts in the protagonist's personal life (his ex-wife, his alcoholism, his angry ex-father-in-law, his drunkard dying mother, his sibling rivalry) plus the professional coincidences and antagon [...]

    5. I have mixed feelings about this book. I did rate it five stars because the author incorporated all of the important elements needed to write a novel such as good plot and character development. Things I didn't like were some of theology, making all the corrections officers seem like rednecks seems a little unbelievable (although admittedly I don't know much about prison life), and that some parts of the story should've probably been told earlier in the story.

    6. John Jordan is a former cop and the present Potter Correctional Institute chaplain who witnesses first hand the gruesome death of inmate Ike Johnson. When the superintendent asks Jordan to help investigate the death, Jordan discovers not only a network of crime and corruption taking place within the walls of PCI, but also the crime and corruption that is spilling out in the county. With the assistance of his friends Merrill and Anna, Jordan sets out to uncover the truth behind it all. POWER IN T [...]

    7. A flawed but fascinating first novel. Former Florida prison chaplain Michael Lister has created a believable detective hero, Florida prison chaplain Jon "JJ" Jordan, a divorced man and recovering alcoholic who before his call to the ministry was a cop from a family of cops. Jordan has disappointed nearly everyone in his life but now at last feels like he has found his true calling, ministering to the men behind bars at Potter Correctional Institution in Pottersville in the Florida Panhandle. But [...]

    8. I feel bad rating this 1 star, I usually save that for books I truly hate, but this book was not good enough for a 2 star. It started off OK and I thought it would be a decent mystery/thriller. I read it because Michael Connelly, whose books I love, gave kudos to this book. Mid way through I found myself going "what?" and "what just happened?", "seriously?" I found things extremely unrealistic, characters coming out of nowhere, convenient characters just showing up, and every time a female chara [...]

    9. Writer needs an editorEvery woman in this book is beautiful or more beautiful. In a one-horse town, and in a penitentiary. Horny chaplain, super horny writer. Who badly needs an editor to cut down on the lengthy inappropriate metaphors. And extensive descriptions of alcoholism and how it destroys lives. The chaplain is in recovery, the ex-father in law is still in it, etc. Makes for much cumbersome reading. Show, don't tell. A lot of telling, not so much showing.Well, I got this book for free, a [...]

    10. This book started off well, then all of sudden I was going "what happened to the plot?" He started throwing in characters that he didn't develop. There's an ex-brother-in-law, that he has tension with, then somehow, they're getting along. There's a woman he's infatuated with that disappears and then the main antagonist is hardly developed. I see that Lister has more books, and this was a revision.I'm wondering if he shouldn't have rewritten this book completely? His writing is good, his descript [...]

    11. Michael Lister is a chaplain with the Florida Dept. of Corrections. He spins a didquieting story about corruption, sexual activity, drug dealing and violence inside a Florida prison.John Jordan was a former cop who had a calling to the ministry. He's assigned as chaplain at Porter Correctional facility.In the opening scene, Jordan witnesses a prisoner being killed. It appears that the prisoner was hiding in a garbage bag, attempting to escape.Superintendent Edward Stone considers Jordan's law ba [...]

    12. I have mixed feelings about this book. There was good character development but some poor editing. John the prison Chaplin was asked to investigate a murder that occurred in the prison. This is an unlikely scenario at best. There were a lot of twists and turns and John didn't share his findings with the superintendent nor with the chief investigator for the prison system - John's former father-in-law. Several instances of relatives to various players popping unexpectedly during John's investigat [...]

    13. ( Format : audiobook )"You come to cast me out, holy man?"An intelligent and well written thriller, Power in the Blood seems to lose it's way after a good beginning. The plot becomes convoluted, veering away into crazy chaos in an attempt to prevent the reader solving the who-dun-it puzzle before the big reveal. However, the characterisation of the main protagonist, prison chaplain John Jordan, was excellent.The narration of this book was excellent. Jason Betz reads in a slightly downbeat fashio [...]

    14. John Jordan is a prison preacher with a ruff past of alcohaulism and a failed marrige. He is starting his first day as preacher for Potter correctional institution. As he is waiting to be cleard by the gate and enter the prison he watches as a prison guard checks the trash by thrashing it with a metal pole. all is going well until he hits something more than he expected. these events thrust john into an investigation that will test him as he finds the truth. I enjoyed this book alot, it is the f [...]

    15. Written in the first person. John Jordan - ex-cop, ex-husband, ex-drunk, and now a prison chaplain. I was surprised to find Jordan is only 27, which seems a little young for the background he is given. The writing is graphic, portraying very clearly the grim realities of the prison population, and the equally grim life of Jordan. This was one of the problems for me. It is all too grim. There are no individuals that I felt drawn to, or even care greatly about. The other problem was the plethora o [...]

    16. John Jordan is the chaplain at a correction facility but he is drawn into an investigation after an inmate is found murdered. The investigation is headed by his ex father-in-law and there is no love lost between them. Drugs, sex, money, brutality -- it's all there. John is a recovering alcoholic who struggles daily with his sobriety and other personal issues: divorced, alienated from his mother, a strained relationship with his brother and lonely. In his role as chaplain he effectively incorpora [...]

    17. Well this was a VERY different sort of murder mystery novel with a refreshing change from standard fare and it works extremely well.Set in Prison with the protagonist being a former cop turned chaplain, the story held me from the first page to the last, being my quickest read of the year so far.I think one of the greatest positives from the novel, apart from complex characters with an interesting plot, is that it wasn't all that "preachy" considering it's main character had a religious backgrou [...]

    18. I’ve had the 2010 publication of this book sat on my kindle for almost a year but never got around to reading it. I recently downloaded the 20th Anniversary publication and wow, I loved it. I don’t know how different it is to the previous version but may take a read of that too in a couple of months. The action starts on page one and it gripped me right through to the end. A mix of characters, both good and bad. A few murders and some great twists kept me turning the pages. Well done Michael [...]

    19. Interesting and DifferentThis is a quick read. Having the action in a small, northern Florida prison gives the narrative an interesting angle. Making the narrator the prison chaplain is even more unique. There are words in here polite people may not use, but they add to the atmosphere and authenticity of the book. If you are a fan of mysteries and thrillers, as I am, I think you will find something interesting in Power in the Blood.

    20. Michael Lister has written a good story with Power in the Blood. The plotting is tight with excellent description and believable dialogue. I enjoy it but it's not a book I will ever read again. Perhaps if I had known that it was similar to the Father Brown mysteries I would never had started reading it in the first place. I'm really into the fast paced, page turning blood and guts filled mysteries. Still, it's a good read.

    21. I found the main character to be fascinating. This was the first book in the John Jordan Mysteries; and the first book by Michael ListerIt was slightly edited and rewritten for its twentieth anniversary of publishing. Book has a forward by Michael Connelly, and other notes about the author and the editing.

    22. I almost didn't start this series because the titles almost seemed sac religious. I gave it a shot and was almost immediately drawn into the story. The Chaplin is very much human with real problems and issues. There were a few things that I would've changed, but the main character is likable, it has a good story line, and is well written.

    23. Interesting book. After reading numbers 14 and seven in this series, I decided to read them all. I like the main character, like the idea of a prison chaplain and investigator. These are easy to read and have quite interesting story lines. Looking forward to reading more of them. Will not do review of all the books in the series unless something really stands out.

    24. Bizarre and pretty bigoted. First, from the get go, everyone is described by their color except for the white people. I find that strange. I am a white person. Second, all those black people are illiterate. I just don't think I want to read a pastor-related book like this one again.

    25. The main character is complex and interesting at the start and grows from there, pacing the story. Plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. Really kept my interest and I did not want to put it down until I was finished. I have already purchased 11 more of the books in this series.

    26. Better than the first?I didn't read the first edition, the 20th anniversary one was brutal enough in it's realism. Michael is surprisingly adept at evoking raw emotional outbursts from troubled souls. Experience and exposure can a macabre picture (or book) make

    27. Good bookThis is a good book. It starts a little slow. A little different than your normal mystery. John is the Chaplin in a Florida prison. He gets involved in a murder at the prison witch is a tangled sex a drug ring. Good just stay with it will be worth it in the end

    28. Received from author for honest read and review.The premise of this sounded really good,this was why I picked it and I was not at all disappointed in this gem of a book.Ex cop now chaplain helps cons in prison,brilliant.Loved it ,going to start reading more in this now.

    29. New readerI enjoyed reading this book. Just bought the second book. Hope it's as good as the first one! Great idea to mix a priest with investigation skills!

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