• Title: Fashion Beast
  • Author: Alan Moore Antony Johnston Facundo Percio Malcolm McLaren
  • ISBN: 9781592912117
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
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    Fashion Beast A LOST MASTERPIECE FROM THE CREATOR OF WATCHMEN V FOR VENDETTA AND FROM HELLAlan Moore s lost masterpiece comes to life as an incredible comic book series almost three decades later The mid s wer
    A LOST MASTERPIECE FROM THE CREATOR OF WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, AND FROM HELLAlan Moore s lost masterpiece comes to life as an incredible comic book series almost three decades later The mid 80 s were a stunning period of brilliance for Alan Moore, seeing him create true masterpieces including Miracleman, Watchmen and Fashion Beast Working with Malcom McLaren Sex PistA LOST MASTERPIECE FROM THE CREATOR OF WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, AND FROM HELLAlan Moore s lost masterpiece comes to life as an incredible comic book series almost three decades later The mid 80 s were a stunning period of brilliance for Alan Moore, seeing him create true masterpieces including Miracleman, Watchmen and Fashion Beast Working with Malcom McLaren Sex Pistols , Moore turned his attention to a classic re telling of a Beauty and the Beast through his unyielding and imaginative vision.At long last, Fashion Beast is presented in deluxe trade paperback and hardcover collections of the complete ten issue Fashion Beast series Doll was unfulfilled in her life as a coat checker of a trendy club But when she is fired from the job and auditions to become a mannequin for a reclusive designer, the life of glamour she always imagined is opened before her She soon discovers that the house of Celestine is as dysfunctional as the clothing that define the classes of this dystopian world.

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    1. An odd tale with a secret message OWN JOURNEY ABOUT ALAN MOOREI was really excited when I knew about this incoming new comic book series by the master Alan Moore. I am an insanely huge fan of Alan Moore's work.And I've had the wonderful luck of reading many of his work and I think most of his relevant work:V for Vendetta (my personal favorite), Watchmen, Marvelman aka Miracleman, Top 10, Tom Strong, Promethea, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, Swamp Thing, The Killing Joke, Whate [...]

    2. Is it just me, or have we reached a point where it has become cool (perhaps hipster cool?) to hold Alan Moore at arms length and dismiss his work? I don’t think it is just me. It certainly feels like that was the everyreader (if not the critical) reception to Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast.Travelling around to the comic book stores in my region (my decidedly rural Canadian region, it should be stated), I have not found anyone but myself who has actually read this entire series. Two people I know [...]

    3. I was always a fan of comic books and graphic novels, however, I never paid attention to the author of a comic, but to the subject. I would basically read anything involving Harley Quinn, The Joker, X-Men, Deadpool and Thor (and let's not forget Sandman, but that was because of Neil Gaiman). I've never tried to hide this nerdy side of me, and in the last year of Uni I was given the chance to take a course about American Lit and Film, where we were mostly talking about comics and film adaptations [...]

    4. A lost, unproduced, Alan Moore screenplay gets an adaptation. The story of an androgynous boy and an androgynous girl working at a fashion house in a dystopian world that reminded me of Terry Gilliam's Brazil. They work for Celestine, the unseen fashion designer who dazzles the world. It's something of an update on the Beauty and the Beast tale. I found it pretentious with too many monologues and not enough story.

    5. Before I wrote anything I skimmed the reviews and was glad I did because I think Alejandro might be right that this is a story that is essentially about Moore himself, the comic book industry, his having been destroyed by the comics industry, his need for a successor or successors who completely remake the world of comics, which completely makes sense to me on a certain level. If he's right, and I am considering that, this is on a par with his best work, since Moore is always writing levels unde [...]

    6. Creative, inventive and fascinating.The story behind Fashion Beast is almost as fascinating as the TPB; originally conceived as a screen play by Moore at the behest of McLaren in the 80's the story was never used. It is a dark and warped look at a fictitious (but all too believable) fashion house through the eyes of two people caught in the web spun by the fashion house.Loved the description of the two main characters as suggested by McLaren "a girl who looks like a boy who looks like a girl. an [...]

    7. Well this wasting. I wouldn't say this is the best from More, but it worth reading if you enjoy reading his works. At time this read like his 80's stuff and other time I could tell McLaren had some say n the story. There is some humor in the beginning of comic, noting LOL, but just seemed off for Moore. I will say I liked the characters and story in this. At first I wasn't really clear what was going on, but half way it started developing better. Wasn't a fan of the art work. The faces of the ch [...]

    8. An innovative take on the Beauty and the Beast story. Or is it The Phantom of the Opera? Yes, it is dated but that is exactly what makes this a worthwhile read. Voguing, a-la Paris is Burning, fashion, a-la Almodovar--yup, Moore always gives us a devil of a time!

    9. This is a modern take on Beauty and the Beast that has a little of Moore's unique style to it, but not a whole lot. It almost feels sanitized, compared to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or V for Vendetta, or Watchmen. The allegory is much tamer, although it is definitely present. A person goes from coat check to lead 'mannequin' for the premier fashion designer Celestine, and uncovers the truth about themselves and their boss. There's more to it, a major subplot about a designer chafing unde [...]

    10. To the truism ‘One must keep from adapting into a movie an Alan Moore comic book’ here’s an addition: One must keep from adapting into a comic book an Alan Moore screenplay.Sure there are some interesting panels, conversations and insights here, and an eeriness only Moore can bring to this ramp, but if they come they come too late and are far and few between and the eeriness is (Hollywood consciously perhaps) soft-core at best. To attest this screenplay was written around the time of Video [...]

    11. Առաջին անգամ էր Մուրը "նե ֆանտան"։ Էխ, կյանքը ցավ է։ :(

    12. It's hard to review (and particularly to critique) Alan Moore and Malcolm McLaren's Fashion Beast without giving away spoilers, but I'll do my best.The graphic novel is a loose adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, set in the world of couture fashion, within a near-apocalyptic world in the midst of nuclear winter and perpetual war. Using these frames, Moore and McLaren examine celebrity and culture, creating a broad view of humanity, a set of extremely well-drawn (both literally and [...]

    13. Malcolm McLaren wanted to make a film of Beauty and the Beast in the eighties, hired Alan Moore to write the screenplayd then nothing, until now. Adapted for comics by frequent Moore collaborator Antony Johnston, it is very much of its time (nuclear winter!) but still has some interesting takes on fashion, art and the immortality thereof.

    14. Very interesting piece of work by Alan Moore, set in a not-named city in a not-named future, dark and dingy. A fashion house, with a secretive designer and a new model. Detailed artwork, sets the mood wonderfully. I liked the story as well and the ending, leaves open many possibilities.

    15. Sometime in the late 80s, the already legendary Malcolm McLaren, musician, impresario, visual artist, performer, clothes designer and boutique owner, contacted Alan Moore about working on a movie project. After discussing several ideas (including Surf Nazis which featured an aboriginal hero with the ability to summon waves and an Oscar Wilde in the Wild West tale that somehow morphs into the story of a 19th century female performer in the mode of the 20th century Madonna), they settled on Fashio [...]

    16. Not unlike the lead protagonist, Alan Moore's would-be-screenplay-turned-comic book is a tantalizing and mysterious read. "Fashion Beast" sets up a clothing designer, apparently based on Christian Dior, runs this dystopian, waste-land looking clothing factory in which Mr. Celestine, the clothing genius, hides in shadows, for what we have here, as Moore mentioned in the introduction, is a new take on "Beauty and the Beast" and in particular Cocteau's adaptation. It is interesting to note that Nic [...]

    17. A departure from Moore's normal works, 'Fashion Beast' is a dark and macabre trek through Beauty and the Beast with a dystopian setting of haute couture. Fashion Beast cleverly plays with themes of gender, sexuality and vanity. It remains equally dark and squalid, yet still retains a sense of elegance, aided essentially by the stunning art style and execution.The plot, while slightly rushed and ever so slightly underdeveloped in places, was both entertaining and poignant. While the characters we [...]

    18. Originalmente esta obra no fue planeada como cómic, sino como una obra de teatro. La idea original fue desarrollada por Alan Moore y Malcom McLaren (Sex Pistols), el guión fue escrito por Alan Moore a mediados de la década de 1980s; se trata de una reinterpretación muy a la Moore de la fábula de la Bella y la Bestia situado en un futuro distópico. Fue adaptada a cómic por Antony Johnson (Courtyard), cuate de Moore, respetando hasta la última coma del script original e ilustrado por Facun [...]

    19. An interesting experience reading this graphic novel as it has been a good long while since I last did so. The last ones I read were also Alan Moore so I at least had a notion of what to expect from the experience. This is essentially a take on Beauty and the Beast, with aspects of post apocalyptic society and the shallow nature of the fashion industry thrown in. Certainly this was well crafted and an interesting enough story, however I felt it lacked much of the cinemagraphic quality of some of [...]

    20. All the bleak themes, overwritten diatribes, and asshole characters you'd expect from Alan Moore, with very little of the layered nuance in storytelling that (rightfully!) made classics of some of his other GNs. Comparatively speaking, Fashion Beast is downright bland. In all likelihood it would've worked much better as the film it was meant to be than it does as a comic.I did enjoy the treatment of gender — progressive for the time of writing, though nearsighted and sometimes outright offens [...]

    21. Obviously anyone going into this comic knows that it's probably gonna be 'lesser Moore'- and it definitely is that. Nothing groundbreaking or brilliant here. Still, it's a pretty good read! Had the movie ever been made with the right director in charge (I'm thinking Brian DePalma) it very likely could have wound up a cult classic. This adaptation does a great job turning a movie into a comic and the art is absolutely perfect for the story (with some great colors!) I wouldn't recommend buying thi [...]

    22. "La Bella y la Bestia" de Cocteau según los feroces códigos que impone la Alta Costura, revisada por la inusual dupla del célebre guionista Alan Moore y la leyenda punk Malcolm McLaren. Destaca su rápida lectura, bastante desprejuiciada en su premisa y destilando una salvaje elegancia que no da concesiones a esa profundidad mágica que siempre se espera en un guión de Moore. Gran rescate de un truncado proyecto cinematográfico, dando luces sobre lo que pudo ser.

    23. A lost classic from Alan Moore, conceived in the 80s, about a fashion empire set in a very dark future city facing a possible nuclear winter. The main characters share very loose and malleable gender identities bound together by a communal passion for fashion. Sparse and sad, it still managed to say quite a bit about sexuality and spirituality, and hope through creativity.

    24. Fashion Beast is a bit of a strange one. If you read it as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, then it does work with that kind of fairy tale/mythic tone. If you look at it with more of a critical eye for depth of character and setting, then it may well disappoint you. Probably not Alan Moore's best, but the potential is definitely there, and I would love to see an expanded version of this if that's ever considered.

    25. Alan Moore is a unique talent: Watchmen, Killing Joke and now this. An evocative world has been created here, where Delicatessen meets Victorian backstreets meets future noir, all wrapped in a Red Shoes-y drama around the fashion world. Sexuality and heroism are fluid in this gripping ten-parter, which had the unexpected effect of drawing my interest deep into the world of the fashion industry. As a man with next-to-no interest in clothing, that is quite an achievement.

    26. While I can readily acknowledge Alan Moore's creativity and see clearly where he was going with this, the handling of the plotline after the initial run that was shaping up to be extremely interesting cannot be denied. This is by far one of the worst uses of the Beauty and the Beast theme I've seen, and the gods know I've read enough of them to know.

    27. An interesting take on Beauty and the Beast, set in the world of high fashion in what appears to be a post apocalyptic future. Sharp, smart and I enjoyed it.

    28. originally posted at: thebookplank/2013Fashion Beast is the collected works of volume 1 to 10 of the original comic and is published by Titan Book and Avatar Press. Alan Moore is well known for his other comics of which some even have become adapted to the big screen; V for Vendetta, Swap Thing and lets not forget Watchmen. What got me interested in Fashion Beast was the mentioning of the retelling of the story of Beauty and the Best. This is a story that I have seen and read in my younger years [...]

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