• Title: Happy Marriage?!, Vol. 1
  • Author: Maki Enjoji
  • ISBN: 9781421559346
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
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    Happy Marriage Vol In order to help her father Chiwa Takanashi agrees to an arranged marriage with the company president Hokuto Mamiya a man she doesn t know at the request of Hokuto s grandfather Maki Chiwa believes
    In order to help her father, Chiwa Takanashi agrees to an arranged marriage with the company president, Hokuto Mamiya a man she doesn t know at the request of Hokuto s grandfather Maki Chiwa believes the arrangement isn t binding, but her new partner seems to think otherwise Can two strangers living together find their way to a happy marriage

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    1. ~"Do you want me to save you?"~Am I the only one thinking, that if this was a TV drama it would be awesome?

    2. 1. Do you like rich guys?2. Do you like girls who are forced to marry the rich guy kind of stories?3. Do you like romances that start out with the two hating each other but then they slowly begin to like each other?4. Do you not care that there are tons of stories like this out there?IF YOU SAY YES TO ANY OF THESE THINGS, THIS STORY IS MOST DEFINITELY FOR YOU!(*wears cheery, gigantic smile)

    3. This series was recommended to me by someone on MangaUpdates, I think, when I asked for "classic" Josei.I'll copypaste the following part to all my reviews of this manga, because my main point of critic remains the same: It's annoyingly sexist, to the point where the male MC tells the heroine to shut up or else he rapes her. It was said jokingly, while they were both lying in bed, but seriously, while there are most certainly a lot of words to express what I think of it, I decide to just keep it [...]

    4. I've been really into confident, strong, take charge female lead characters recently, so perhaps my review reflects that preference. I was looking forward to reading this series because reviews praised it for being realistic. I didn't find it as realistic as I had hoped, though I'll admit that I've never been married. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a manga focusing on the relationship of marriage. I like the art but am bothered by how the husband treats his wife and how often the wife allows her [...]

    5. Great josei series filled with gorgeous artwork, humour and lots of sexiness! I didn't want to put it down while reading.One a related topic the live action drama is just as awesome and hilarious, plus it has Dean Fujioka as the lead.

    6. This made my inner feminist weep salty tears. I had such high expectations but the H was an insufferable douche knuckle who made me want to bitchslap him six ways to Sunday and the h was a spineless twit the whole time, ugh.

    7. Whew, it took two days but I read all 10 volumes! I was in the mood for some josei manga and this hit the spot! Rather enjoyed this despite the usual misunderstandings and various plot devices. Fun, energetic dramedy! Great HEA.

    8. This was a very cute and amusing introduction manga for a new series! Maki Enjouji started has this set up to be a great story, from what I can tell so far by this first book.Chiwa is our main character for the story. A young woman, struggling to keep herself and her father from being utterly destitute. She is working two jobs just to try and manage things. Her co-workers tease her for lack of boyfriend and social life. So right away I was able to feel for her and wanted to jump in and tell the [...]

    9. Private Prince mangasını sevince mangakanın diğer mangalarına bakayım dedim ve içlerinde Hapi Mari'yi görünce başlayım bu mangaya da dedim.Öylelikle başladım. :DMangakanın okuduğum ikinci mangası ama erkek karekterlerin lafı dolndırmadan seni seviyorum demesini sevdim.Ya da bu josei türüne ait bir özellik mi bilmiyorum ama benim hoşuma gitti.Hokuto ve Chiwa'ya bazen kızdığım şeyler olsa da genel olarak severek okuduğum bir manga oldu.

    10. When your best friend hands you a stack of manga, say no. Please. Don't end up reading it at 2 in the morning while the minion movie plays in the background. Love yourselves.

    11. While the story is familiar, the art is good, the characters you can tell where they'll go later on in the story. But I still want to give the series a chance. And it does have its moments.

    12. Super sweet (and steamy) manga. Gave me warm fuzzy feelings for the characters. The only thing I did not like has a slight trigger warning: (view spoiler)[ he hits her TWICE and there are NO CONSEQUENCES??? She's not even mad??? I guess one of them you could argue he hit to to snap her out of hysteria, but wow rude. Did NOT like that at all. Both instances showed up in the last two or three books so they had me utterly in love until then(hide spoiler)] and it would have ruined the series for me [...]

    13. ¡Qué protagonista femenina más estúpida!!!¡Que protagonista masculino más desagradable!!!!Continuare solamente porque tiene buenas criticas, espero que se ponga interesante a medida que avanza!!!! *espero.*

    14. VALE POR EL MANGA COMPLETO PORQUE QUÉ FLOJERA AGREGARLOS TODOS.Puro drama entre los protagonistas pero al final la historia iguols es boni <3

    15. uhm la verdad la primera impresión que me dio el protagonista no fue nada agradable, siento que es un tipo egoísta, superficial, con una actitud un tanto confusa

    16. Rather a disappointment. I found an English translation online to read after having been enamored by the Japanese live-action drama based on the Manga (I hope that sentence made sense). I was hoping that the Manga, not constrained by the measly episode count of the drama, would offer me an opportunity to see these characters and plotlines fleshed out. But instead, all I got was Misogyny. Dassit. Straight up, unabashed, blatant misogyny. Shame.

    17. I came across this in my local bookstore and I have to say, it's one of those rare mangas that I'd suggest buying from volume one. Normally I'd suggest waiting until volume two before plunking down the cash for a semi-long running series (this spans 10 volumes), but I was highly impressed by what Happy Marriage had to offer?What does it have to offer? Well, for one thing it brings us both traditional "will they, won't they" dynamics as well as a few fresh twists to the table. Granted, for some t [...]

    18. ~3.5-4/5[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!]I was really excited for this to come out. I’ve read a couple other Enjoji titles and really enjoyed them, although I don’t think I got to this one. I really enjoy Enjoji’s characters and art and humor. This has been compared to Butterflies, Flowers, one of Shojo Beat’s earlier josei titles, and I can see the similarities particularly because they’re both work romances (as is their other josei title currently being released, Midnight Secret [...]

    19. review for entire series v1-10For a josei title, HM is pretty tame IMO, not in a bad way but if you like the more adult themes, "naughtiness" or darker aspects of other josei titles, HM will probably come off as more of a shoujo work to you.One thing that I enjoy about it is that the male main character (Hokuto) isn't shortsighted in various emotions nor is he a total cardboard cutout figure. In the beginning of the story he completely comes off that way and I really started to wonder if he was [...]

    20. Superb ni manga! **bikin review sambil nunggu folder kebuka** Chiwa Takanashi, cewe miskin dan musti kerja keras kr bapaknya punya utang banyak tiba2 ditawarin buat merit sama presdir tempat die bekerja Hokuto Mamiya, sama kakeknya Hakuto. Kakeknya Hakuto ini punya utang budi sama neneknya Chiwa. Dengan banyak pertimbangan, dan karena emang ga ada pilihan laen (bapaknya di kejar2 gangster gt deh) Chiwa mau merit sama Hakuto, tapi merit di atas kertas doang. Hakuto Mamiya, dari kecil selalu di se [...]

    21. This rating and review are for the completed volumes.The plot is pretty much your ordinary "forced/arranged marriage with hate to love couple" trope. The characters are not significant and pretty much stay true to the trope--and drama. Several earlier volumes are boring, but once they finally admitted that they love each other, the plot is getting more interesting, because instead of "misunderstanding drama", the plot moved forward to "how we solve this and that problem as a married couple", whi [...]

    22. I loved this!First it's a josei, so I didn't really want to read it, plus it's about marriage. Even if I'm old enough, I don't exactly want to read about marriage. But I read it anyway, because I was bored, and it sounded good. Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised!This is not just josei, but also a little bit of shoujo as well, dealing with shoujo themes. It's also fun and enjoyable, and I love the scenes where she works out heaps, not for husband but to show off to the ex-boyfriend who'll be a [...]

    23. Okuduğum ilk mangaydı ve çok beğendim. Eğlenceli, akıcı ve güzel bir kurgusu var. Karakterlerin sinirlenince minicik olmaları, utanınca kızarmaları Tüm o çizimler falan harikaydı. Hele Hokuto'nun odası için 'çizilemeyecek kadar dağınık' yazmaları efsaneydi. Merakla manga alemine dalış yapıyorum, fantastikler de güzelmiş diye duydum :) Happy Marriage'yi okumak isteyenlere tavsiye ediyorum.

    24. The drama and emotions and writing and all drew me in, but the guy is a major jerk. MAJOR JERK!!! the main character meets a couple other people who seem so much nicer, and i just wish she would PUNCH her so called husband in the face!!!!! punch!punch!punch!punch! not reading any more of this thing!! sukitte ii na yo and hiyokoi and romance novels and WAY BETTER!

    25. El dibujo está bien pero la historia es re tonta y al extremo ridícula, lo mismo todas las situaciones en las que se encuentran los personajes. Creo que llegué a una edad en mi vida en la que el personaje masculino todopoderoso que se hace el rudo pero en realidad está enamorado de la protagonista (sin razón aparente porque es una boluda) ya no me parece atractiva u.u

    26. Read as digital ARC. I straight up love manga, it's like injecting multiple episodes of a drama into your veins all at once. I love the misunderstandings, the feels and the awkward situations that you almost wish would happen to you in real life. I really connected with the main character, what with her boundaries, her crazy friends and her uncertainty about what she should do with her life.

    27. I actually read English translations of this manga series onlined really am enjoying it. I love the awkward yet genuine relationship that develops between the main characters. I wasn't even turned off by how "weepy" Chiwa tends to be. I'll continue following this series for sure

    28. This manga has the one of the best art I've ever seen. The story however is pretty ordinary. Rich guy. A marriage against a person's will. The couples hate each other at the beginning but end up in love at the end. Same old same old. But entertaining and worth the read.

    29. This review is for the entire series I needed to read some fluff.This is the classic definition of FLUFF.

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