• Title: The Kiss of a Viscount
  • Author: Linda Rae Sande
  • ISBN: 9781478710646
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kiss of a Viscount A kiss is just a kiss or is it Having just inherited his uncle s viscountcy George Bennett Jones is informed by his mistress that he must find a bride preferably the daughter of an aristocrat Throug
    A kiss is just a kiss or is it Having just inherited his uncle s viscountcy, George Bennett Jones is informed by his mistress that he must find a bride, preferably the daughter of an aristocrat Through a series of lessons, she instructs George on the finer points of meeting and courting a woman of the ton and she has one in mind for him.It s love at first sight when GA kiss is just a kiss or is it Having just inherited his uncle s viscountcy, George Bennett Jones is informed by his mistress that he must find a bride, preferably the daughter of an aristocrat Through a series of lessons, she instructs George on the finer points of meeting and courting a woman of the ton and she has one in mind for him.It s love at first sight when George spies Lady Elizabeth Carlington dancing with the Earl of Trenton But the auburn haired beauty is quite sure the earl will offer for her hand, and she has every intention of accepting even if his kiss has her feeling as if she were being kissed by her best friend s dog When Elizabeth mentions the unfortunate kiss during the ball s supper, George implies there is an art to kissing, innocently offering to replace her poor first impression with a proper kiss Intrigued, and unaware that George is a viscount and a secret patron of her charity, Elizabeth accepts his offer at the next ball George is than happy to accommodate her His kiss has the daughter of a marquess so stunned, so amazed and so aroused, she requests that he demonstrate the pleasures that can be had in a marriage bed Knowing he has only one night to court the woman who has captured his heart, George sets out to prove himself while promising he will leave her virtue intact.Will the evening of pleasure he has planned for Elizabeth convince her to accept his hand in marriage Or simply leave her with a vivid memory of what she will be missing should she accept the earl s marriage proposal The lessons of a mistress prove invaluable in The Kiss of a Viscount.

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    1. Utterly delightful. I was in need of a solid, decent, palate-cleansing story with good characters and without reams and beams of repetitive (and improbable and boring) sex.This was perfect! I was a tad confused at times with the numerous characters, but I persevered and I am SO glad I did! A lovely story - some careful editing needed in a couple of places to smooth out some confusion between characters - which took it down from 4.5* but I will certainly look for more by this author. (and I loved [...]

    2. This was a very good bookIn most historical romances the woman often is either stuck up or fragile. Elizabeth is not. She is strong and uses her wealth and title to help wounded soldiers secure jobs. George is a viscount and not your normal overbearing man that has normally loved is this era, but a sweet, understanding person. Their a perfect match and I loved watching their romance as it unfolded.

    3. I felt like I was reading a book about threesome. First we read about his mistress who teaches him how to bring pleasure to a woman(why she didn't do it in all those years have no idea), then she tells him who to marry when he wants her. Then he like the Elizabeth and decides to teach her the art of lovemaking while telling all the details to his mistress and then tell Elizabeth about her. Also, then we have the mistress who is super friendly to Beth and asking her permission to stay a friend to [...]

    4. Great story of the times. This was a very good story of marriage and love for all the right reasons. George was in need of a wife and after seeing Elizabeth decided she was the one. Elizabeth had been in no hurry to marry but decided it was time to choose and thought she knew who that would be. That is until she was kissed by George. The author did a great job of telling their story in the time period. I enjoyed the cast of characters and their role in this story. Just goes to show that love can [...]

    5. An original take on historical English romance with various points of view each get a chapter with hilarious chapter titles which makes an good story into a better one.Mr becomes Lord when George Bennett-Jones's uncle dies and leaves a Viscount title and a wealthy estate at the beginning of the year. His wonderfully smart mistress, Miss Josephine teaches George how to woo a worthy lady but also how to keep one for a lifetime. Josie was one cool and understanding woman that made the best of a bad [...]

    6. 6/10If you are just looking for a book with some naughty aristocrats, then this is perfect. If, however, you would like a comprehensible plot, this book may be lacking. There were several parts of this plot that bothered me. First, the whole "love at first sight" thing is always difficult to believe. Lust at first sight, sure. But George is convinced that he is in love with Elizabeth the moment he sees her. I just didn't get it.I am no stickler for historical accuracy in my romances, but I found [...]

    7. Lady Elizabeth is in her 3rd "Season". She has had no one in all this time ask for her hand in marriage. She has started her own charity. She is finding work for disabled soldiers returning from war with the French. She wonders if she ever finds a husband will he allow her to continue her "work". An Earl with curly blonde hair decides that Elizabeth would look good as his wife - attractive, but not more attractive than him. At a Ball he walks her into the garden to steal a kiss. She described hi [...]

    8. A palate cleansing read that provided belly laughs when needed in the midst of the more serious side of finding a suitable life partner in the 1800's where women were expected to be biddable accessories bearing children and counting themselves fortunate to be provided for. It is always a welcome change when you find someone like George who is a kind, courteous, passionate, trustworthy man and chooses to finally marry for love rather than personal gain. Elizabeth comes to realize that money and p [...]

    9. At first I was taken by the handsome lad who did not know how to 'love' a lady but then George was thrown into the picture to compete with the apparent leading lady Elizabeth. However, not to long after I did not like Butter Blond that much, the clad need to know how to treat people with respect. Furthermore, boy oh boy, hats off to the mastermind Josephine. I have one query, how is it so convenient that the heirs of all those titled men seem to drop dead like flies? I also noticed the writing t [...]

    10. I get lost in Linda Rae Sande's writing. The storyline and characters are believable and fun, makes it hard to stop reading. I like that Lady Elizabeth is an enterprising woman especially in a time where women were meant to be ornaments. The men in Linda's books are quite ready to support the women they love. This is an added bonus for me ready her books. If you haven't read her books yet you simply must do so.

    11. OutstandingThe hero and his love in this novel is what makes the telling of this story wonderful. Continue with this series . This is the first novel I have read by Ms Sande and will not be the last. Recommend all to read this.

    12. Slow but sure!When I review I don't like to give details. This book took a little longer to get my curiosity up but it eventually took hold and I was glad I finished

    13. One of the best that I have read this year but because of my faulty recall I forgot I have already read it in fact. I appreciate the way the author presented the contrast between Elizabeth's suitors thru their treatment of mistresses. She made the reality of the practice of having mistresses by gentlemen of the ton very credible both to the wives' feelings and to the mistresses' roles. She showed that though courtesans get paid for their services, they are also smart and intelligent and are comf [...]

    14. The Kiss of a Viscount started off slowly. The Earl of Trenton, Gabriel is looking for a wife and has decided to marry Marquess' daughter, Lady Elizabeth Carlington to gain power in the Parliament. George Bennet-Jones became the Viscount Bostwick upon his uncle's death. George wanted to marry his mistress Josephine but she has refused. Josephine has someone better and suitable for George. Lady Elizabeth Carlington would be perfect for George. Josephine has to teach George the proper etiquette of [...]

    15. In romance novels, we encounter tortured hero after tortured hero, each one more "devilish" than the last (don't worry, they only seem evil - they're each secretly quite kind-hearted). This hero, George, is a breath of fresh air! At no point during the book does he become absorbed in angst over some traumatic event from his past. He's always generous, considerate, honorable, and emotionally present. Granted, he's a little less honorable and a little more devious than everyone believes him to be, [...]

    16. I liked this book, there were some minor things that I didn't like that got too repetitive, but overall good story. Kind of an odd premise, George has inherited a title and his mistress of eight years Josephine decides he needs to marry. He instantly asks her to marry him, she refuses, she is older than him and loves another man. Josephine "tutors" George to be a better lover, kind of odd because you would think she would have taken care of that at some point in the eight years she was his mistr [...]

    17. I was given this book as a gift and the author is new to me. I thought it was a well written story and I enjoyed it. It had multiple characters with their real names and their title names so you had to pay attention to all in order not get confused. Once you got immersed into the story it all flowed well. The author took a scene and truly expanded on it for a few short chapters. I liked that she named each of her chapters as well. Elizabeth and George were very likeable characters and were ready [...]

    18. The pathway to happily ever after is paved with the strangest of stones.The Viscount in question fell head over heels, but was intensely shy. He managed to do all that was expected, but to gain a wife.cially the one he wanted, seemed impossible. On the other hand, he was very good at following the "rules" and knew all he needed was to know the rules. So he asked his mistress, of course. First bit of major ironic humor. Not only does she teach him exactly how to gain the girl, since she is sort o [...]

    19. WASTE OF TIME It seems as a compilation of" Beautiful" characteristicsAn example?? 1 George has a mistress Josephine2 George loves Josephine(he asks her hand 4 times but she always refuses him)3 Josephine decides that George has to marry Elizabeth4 George falls in love with Elizabeth (even if he continues to love his mistress)(??)5 Elizabeth is ok with the fact that George and Josephine remain friends(??)6 Elizabeth wants to be friend with his lover's mistress(?????)7Josephine's sister was the m [...]

    20. This was a good listen. The story premise was a bit unbelievable but the excellent sex scenes and HEA made up for that. The narration was ok, his voice was nice to listen to but there were several points where he paused at the wrong time, throwing off the rhythm of the sentences a bit. I did enjoy the book and look forward to listening to more from this author."This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBl [...]

    21. I downloaded this book from and it had been in my kindle for how long I don’t remember. I just started reading it and got hooked right from the beginning. It’s a historical romance and quite hot at that. It has a number of elements that have been put together to make a delicious story. A subtly handsome hero who’s totally in love with the heroine, a supremely confident heroine who’s a beauty with brains, a bit of mystery thrown in and lots of love scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading th [...]

    22. The Kiss of a Viscount by Linda Rae Sande is an entertaining historical romance. This well-written book is loaded with fantastic characters. Ms Sande has delivered plenty of drama, humor and sizzle to keep readers engaged in Elizabeth and George's story. I enjoyed The Kiss of a Viscount and look forward to reading more from Linda Rae Sande in the future. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    23. Mr. George Bennet-Jones, Linda Rae Sande's main character is a joy. His journey from Mister to accepting the circumstances of being a Viscount is told lovingly and with well crafted detours and roadblocks. Nothing comes easily in the search for a proper wife and that attainment of said lady. You will enjoy this from beginning to end

    24. Keep readingIt starts a little slow. I was going to give up on it but it picked up. George is a sweet, gentle man. Not a rake. In this book, the nice guy won. His mistress, Josephine, has a way about her that even his mother likes her. Elizabeth is a determined woman who understands George very well. I am looking to the next book about Elizabetgh's friend Charlotte's story.

    25. Exquisite Regency RomanceI think this is one of the most beautiful and tender Regency stories I have ever read. Josephine is so honest in her desire o help George find himself a wife. I think she was more in love with him than she would admit. Thank you for a very enjoyable story, Danny Scott.

    26. ExcellentElizabeth is a daughter of rich titled Aristocrats. Her parents are looking for a husband for her. They gave a ball for her and she disliked the one guy because he kissed horrible but George did not. Find out how this one ends.

    27. Readers of this rich tale will enjoy meeting characters that are three-dimensional and likable.Read full review in the 2013 May issue of InD’tale Magazine.

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