• Title: Ski Weekend
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780671724801
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ski Weekend Welcome to Fear Street Don t listen to the stories they tell you about Fear Street Wouldn t you rather explore it yourself and see if its dark terrors and unexplained mysteries are true You re not afr
    Welcome to Fear Street.Don t listen to the stories they tell you about Fear Street Wouldn t you rather explore it yourself and see if its dark terrors and unexplained mysteries are true You re not afraid, are you Snowbound Red Porter was a stranger they d met on their ski weekend But Ariel Munroe, Doug Mahr and his girlfriend Shannon Harper were grateful he was thereWelcome to Fear Street.Don t listen to the stories they tell you about Fear Street Wouldn t you rather explore it yourself and see if its dark terrors and unexplained mysteries are true You re not afraid, are you Snowbound Red Porter was a stranger they d met on their ski weekend But Ariel Munroe, Doug Mahr and his girlfriend Shannon Harper were grateful he was there when they set out for home on the icy roads Thank heaven for Red He spotted the hilltop lodge when they were stranded by the blizzard He took charge when they stumbled into strange surroundings, scared, tired and looking for refuge But can he save them when their refuge becomes a trap Suddenly their hosts are acting very sinisterly Doug s car is gone The phones are dead And the house is full of guns If they steal one, maybe they can escape Until a shot is fired and the real terror begins

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    1. Oh my! Ariel honey, your one paranoid girl! These poor kids get stuck in a snow storm, Doug is being a complete ass and could get them killed because he feels he's gotta be so macho (I say waving your penis around so everyone knows you got one). They take advice from a guy they just met and go down a country road because "it will get cleared before the state road" lolololol ok! Deciding they can't get any further, they again listen to Red and head over to the Frankenstein place- I mean a cabin i [...]

    2. Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookRed to the rescue! The near-stranger Red was the one who spotted the lodge when Ariel and her friends Doug and Shannon thought they were going to be stranded in the blizzard. It’s too bad the owners are f*cking insane!Overall, Ski Weekend was pretty good. I found that the plot twists weren’t that effective on me because I figured everything out way ahead of time. I mean, it was so glaringly obvious from the start! How did they not see it?! Seriously peopleI mea [...]

    3. This was actually one of the better Fear Street books I've read recently. It's the story of three friends who go on a ski trip and get stranded at a stranger's house during a blizzard.The set up was fairly realistic. Of course these teens wouldn't think twice about leaving a ski lodge in the middle of winter and not realize how dumb that decision was until they were in the middle of nowhere. That would be Ariel (our narrator) and her couple best friends Shannon and Doug. Luckily, our group of du [...]

    4. Okay, this one DOESN'T EVEN TAKE PLACE ON FEAR STREET! It's not even in Shadyside at all! Why this one isn't just a standalone like THE BABYSITTER or THE SNOWMAN is beyond me. It's pretty standard FEAR STREET fare, not great, not terrible. I remember reading this one when I was little and being totally blown away by the big surprise at the end. I like Ariel, the protagonist, as she has a good STEM-y head on her shoulders, which is refreshing for a 90s teen genre book.

    5. 3.5 A group of friends get stranded in a lodge during a snow storm with a possible killer. This was more thriller then horror. And the main character, Ariel, was more intelligent and rational then typical Stine characters. She questioned situations and behaviors, and made logical conclusions. The jokes were horrible and made me roll my eyes. (view spoiler)[The killer is who you think it is and Red turns out to be a traitor. The motivation is lame and simple. (hide spoiler)]

    6. Not the best of the Fear Street books.The ending was predictable The A-hole of the book was DougThe storyline? Pretty interesting, it hits home with me, because I live in Wisconsin. We have awful winters and if you get stuck out in the middle of the country in a snowstorm it can turn really badly really quickly.I have people in the city I live in die every year from falling asleep in snowbanks drunk, I kid you not. Weather like that, is not something to mess withSo they chose the lesser of two e [...]

    7. ***As I say in all of my RL Stine reviews, I can't fairly rate these as an adult; I simply give an automatic 5 stars to all of my old childhood favorites***This was a fun, snowy little book, and a quick read. However, as an adult I'm finding that it's difficult to truly immerse myself in some of these Stine books. Which is a bit disappointing, because I was a HUGE fan in my teenage years. I felt distracted while reading Ski Weekend, either because it's just not challenging due to the reading lev [...]

    8. VERY MYSTERICAL, BUT AMAZING. LOT OF MYSTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    9. loved these books when I was younger!! I found this at a second hand stores, bought it on a whim I'm pretty excited to read it lol

    10. In this book, Stine has reverted to his first person format. As I’ve said in other reviews, it’s not good. The problem (as it is for most writers who attempt it) is that he cannot stay in the present tense. So this makes the narration very erratic. Here we have a tale of “which is more dumb?” Like Jess and Liz, Ariel, Doug, and Shannon pick up Red at a ski lodge as they are about to head home from their ski weekend. So yeah, it seems a solid plan to let a guy you don’t know hitch a rid [...]

    11. I loved the fear street books when I was younger I hope a whole new generation falls in love with them now :)

    12. I still love these books, even if they're super cheesy and a bit predictable. The only thing wrong with it? No actual skiing was done throughout this book!

    13. HmmI thought this was an okay Fear Street book. There definitely have been way better ones, but it was by no means the worst one I've read. The plot is kind of the set-up of a horror flick. A group of friends are driving home from a ski weekend, when a huge snowstorm hits and they must stop at an old ski lodge until the roads clear up. This isn't really a scary book. I didn't find myself terrified to sleep and hiding under my covers. It was more in the vein of creepy. From the first time Ariel a [...]

    14. I've been a fan of RL Stine for a number of years now, ever since I read Goosebumps as a kid. I wound up deciding to read Ski Weekend several years back because it looked like an interesting way to get points for my AR goal. I found myself loving it, and it remains as one of my favorite books. The premise is simple. A group of friends go on a ski weekend and on the way back, have to stop at an isolated house for the night because the car's heater is broken. Their hosts appear to be nice people, [...]

    15. I thought this book was one of the worst books I ever read. The book takes place on a road. Four friends are coming back from a ski trip when a blizzard is coming. The friends crash and they are stranded. Suddenly Red ( one of the four people) says they can stay over at a house up a hillI can make a text to self connection to Red. Red always tries to help people, and make sure they are o.k and he will never leave anyone behind.I would rate this book 2 stars. I think this book had a really bad st [...]

    16. I only sort of remembered how this book ended, which made it a really fun re-read. (view spoiler)[ However, I am pretty confused about a few things. First off, Red's plan could have instantly failed from the get-go. What if Doug refused to turn off onto the country road, for starters? What if his car didn't break down? It seems like just happy accidents, yet they were part of Red's "plans" apparently. Also, they mentioned several times that there was a man AND a woman in the photographs. So if t [...]

    17. Really disappointing. A group of friends from Shadyside go on a ski trip and have to find lodgings while trying to drive home in a snow storm. They had met this guy Red at the Lodge and he tags along, convincing them to drive down an unplowed country road. They get stuck and are lucky to find a small cottage with an older couple allowing them accommodations for the night. Lou ends up being a lunatic and the kids want to leave. Of course, the phones are dead and the Jeep won't start, then they fi [...]

    18. Although I never got into his more popular Goosebump series, I did enjoy reading the Fear Street books in middle school. I decided to pick one up again all these years later for some nostalgia. This books is the typical horror movie set up. A group of friends get stranded at a creepy house on their way home from a ski resort and their host is creepy and mysterious things start happening. I appreciated that the narrator was actually smart though, she wasn't completely oblivious. It was fun to go [...]

    19. Once again this is another Fear Street book that doesn't take place on Fear street. It doesn't even take place in Shadyside. Fear street is only mentioned once when one of the characters says she wishes she were home on Fear Street. As for the story itself, it could have been great, but the twist ruined it. (view spoiler)[I just think it's farfetched to think that Red "picked" the kids. (hide spoiler)]

    20. A group of friends get stuck in a snowstorm out in a ski house. They let a stranger stay with them after he helps them find the house. Now things are happening. People are getting hurt and the house isnt safe anymore. Is it the stranger? or someone else killing them off? Like all of Rl Stines fear street books, I read this back in the 90's so my review might not be as accurate. I am trying to remember them all. So bear with me. :)

    21. I had all the Fear Street books when I was about 13 and loved them. They ended up accidently being given away during a donation, the bag that contained them from cleaning being placd in the wrong spot) and 8 years later, I still complained about it.So I found this one lone book yesterday at a book sale and I had to grab it. Read it again today for old time's sake.

    22. Ini adalah contoh dimana suatu novel tidak perlu penjelasan rumit2 dan konflik yang menciptakan kisahnya pun tidak rumit2. Novel ini memang bisa dinikmati dengan sedikit rasa penasaran dan tidak perlu banyak berpikir, hanya sedikit tegang saja ketika ingin kebenaran nya terungkap. Apa semua seri fear street seperti ini?

    23. When i read this book i was in middle school and as a younger reader it really kept me waiting in who the actual killer was. it always kept me guessing and kept throwing hints at people who didn't do it.

    24. Ugh. I took 2 pictures of 2 different parts of the book to show why this book, which I know is cheesy and stupid but I'm only ready for nostalgia purposes, but apparently I can't add pictures to a review from my phone. Too bad. :)

    25. Though I adore the fear street series, and this is my favorite book of the series, I felt it was easy to guess who the "bad guy" was.

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