• Title: Hoofing It
  • Author: Ian M. Pindar
  • ISBN: 9781482533286
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hoofing It In just before university Robert and his best friend Spud hedonistically set off around Europe in their neighbour s stolen car with the they have acquired forged documents no insuranc
    In 1996, just before university, Robert and his best friend Spud hedonistically set off around Europe in their neighbour s stolen car, with the 28,000 they have acquired, forged documents, no insurance and class A s under the bonnet On the way to the ferry in Hull, they save the life of a young suicidal woman, Naomi, who is about to jump off the Humber Bridge All herIn 1996, just before university, Robert and his best friend Spud hedonistically set off around Europe in their neighbour s stolen car, with the 28,000 they have acquired, forged documents, no insurance and class A s under the bonnet On the way to the ferry in Hull, they save the life of a young suicidal woman, Naomi, who is about to jump off the Humber Bridge All her immediate family have tragically died in a car crash one year previous Robert is adamant he can help rehabilitate her but Steven wants nothing of this Captain Freedom talk Along the way they meet a beautiful smack head dance like the rest of the world is watching reach a higher state of consciousness have gratuitous sex perpetrate sweet criminal acts meet madness and genius open the door to hell have perfect moments cry in the Vatican have scary liaisons get mortally challenged blow things up and see hope boil away Robert is not looking for love, moral enlightenment or a sense of being, but he gets them anyway well What could you want from a book Hoofing It is the debut novel by Ian M Pindar, it is a rite of passage coming of age story and the first in a series the second being Hoofed set around the millennium will be out soon As the main character Robert Knight travels through life, we will travel with him hop on board

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    1. Hoofing it was an entertaining read. It follows the adventures of Robert and his best friend Spud as they travel around Europe in the summer before they are due to start university. The book was well enough written but would have benefited from a closer edit. There were too many typos and grammatical errors that distracted me. The characters are likeable enough but I also found it a little too hedonistic and repetitive for my tastes. The lads come across a new city, find girls, have sex, and tak [...]

    2. This is an incredible book. This will be a cult classic when more people discover it. This book has all the big issues and more importantly has real soul. I felt like like I had made a secret discovery with this book. It made me laugh many times, not since Sue Townsend have I laughed as much, and made me cry twice! but at the same time there is real narrative arc to it. I thought it was going to be a series of interesting/amusing non-sequiturs, but there is real rite of passage (bildungsroman) t [...]

    3. I will be honest.When I started to read "Hoofing it" I was about to drop it after 4 chapters.Meh, just another book about teen rebellion.But I never give up and I don't like to start a book and drop it if I don't like it (its challenging for me). I don't know when exactly it happened but the book got me!At the beginning I never believed that I will like it so much! There were moments that made me laugh ,there were moments that shocked or embarrassed me , moments when I was worried for the charac [...]

    4. Although I was very excited to read Hoofing I must say I found it tiresome and lacking character. I think it would have been nice to see the two main characters find themselves in some trouble other than who they were going to sleep with or not sleep with and were they about to OD or not. This reads like a teenage diarydrugsx and alcohol.missing was the rock and roll. The suicide angle was interesting but I was left hanging with an underdeveloped plot. not my favorite read.

    5. Reading this novel is like being in the company of an undergraduate who has decided to cut lectures and spend the day in the Union Bar getting drunk and recounting the story of his mad trip across Europe in the summer holidays. A trip on which he and his friend nicked a car and proceeded to shag their way across the continent and experiment with a variety of drugs, leaving grass verges littered with CDs as they went.The “hoofing” thing was quite impressive – from the title I assumed this w [...]

    6. It’s appropriate that I find myself reviewing this book at the start of the new year. A time when we’re all coming down from our turkey highs and vowing to lose weight. It’s appropriate because, if ever a book needed to lose weight…it would be this one.Here’s my main problem with Hoofing It, once you’ve read through the first quarter of the book, you’ve basically read the whole thing. It feels incredibly padded out, each chapter falling into pretty much the same pattern of events.O [...]

    7. Hello! I guess i should first say that i got this book from a giveaway on . As for the book, i should admit that it is a well-written book that might even be turned into a movie in the near future. I gave it a four star because the topic was a little bit away from my expectations. I was hoping for a thriller kind of novel. Also, i think i was not able to feel empaty for the characters because i come from a different cultural background. However, this does not change the fact that this book is wr [...]

    8. I received this in a First Reads giveaway, this has not influenced my review in any way. This is the story of final year school students, Robert & Spud. This is a hedonistic journey - beginning with stolen funds, a stolen car, an exorbitant amount of "personal use" narcotics, & the doorstep of Europe just a ferry ride away.It is a rip roaring adventure of boyhood dreams.Or so I imagine. It may be due to my normal upbringing, my moral code when it comes to drugs, or just being raised in s [...]

    9. The book was at times fun at times serious.At the beginning one of the main characters gives a speech as to why they need to do some crazy things and the way he presents his point made me want to do some myself, he convinced me. The reader can find a lot of references for example ones to Wonderful Wizard of Oz or Grease, which were well implemented into the text. I really liked the 'interruption' in the story during which characters reflected for example on happiness in life (here in connection [...]

    10. I love reading debut novels and this is one of the better ones I have stumbled across. The concept is amazing but the execution falls somewhat short. I have to say that the story is regrettably somewhat repetitive. I would have liked to see more interesting scenes and characters as the two main guys travel Europe. This novel is hilarious at times and it does raise some good social questions but there was not enough substance in my opinion.The writing style itself is unique and I say this in a go [...]

    11. Well Ian, here is your review as promised if a little belated.This novel had a promising care free start, but after a short while felt a little directionless and the abundance of exclamations points became a little irritating. However, as the narrative develops and we see the main character Robert develop himself, the story takes a whole new direction and concludes rather brilliantly. I don't want to say too much, I don't want to ruin the story for anybody who would actually bother to read my re [...]

    12. I received a copy from a giveaway. Robert and Spud are two friends trying to find their way. A rite of passage? This certainly isn't that poetic, but this is still a good story about the realistic chaos and beauty of teenage rebellion. It was a great read, particularly in the hectic student life I am living, but I will say that there were some mildly narrative and formatting issues. There's that, but this is still a cult classic: it will speak to some and moderately annoy others.

    13. I received this book a giveaway on . I really tried to get into the book but couldn't get more than half way before quitting. I found the format, font and the number of "." and explanation marks really distracted me. I found that I didn't really connect with any of the characters, I wanted to stop reading it and finally did. On another note, possibly another type of reader would enjoy this book. I gave this book two stars because I didn't finish it and I wanted to be fair (I really wanted to giv [...]

    14. Something between Kerouac and Bukowski. Insanely trip with stolen car, drugs, sex, a lot of fun stories and deep emotional accidents. You could find everything here. I must confess that I found some monotony and wanted to stop reading it, but after beginning to carry on reading I didn’t disappointed and was stunned by the ending.

    15. okay, this is a good comedy-travelling book. written with a humorous writing style, fun, with lot of great curses. Hahaha. But the book is interspersed with the morals of life. Like the quote, "She will not thank you for saving her life now, but in a few months time, or a few years, when she realizes that life is worth living, she will Time is a great healer!"

    16. A roller coaster read of a book that paints a picture of an era I've lived myself: young and all over Europe in the nineties. Lots of recognition there.I'm not giving full five stars because the book still needs some thorough editing. There's spelling mistakes on every page, without them the book would read, as we say in Holland, "like a train".

    17. I adored this book, and I devoured it with every free second presented to me. As others have noted, the chapters can get repetitive. But I found the characters and writing well enough to dismiss this and still become easily engrossed in this book.**I was gifted this book for free in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to the author and/or publisher.

    18. I won this book on GoodReads giveaway.I won't get into details , I will keep it short and let the others read it. "Hoofing it" is an easy to read book filled with adventure and funny moments. Well written ,entertaining and easy to get into it.

    19. This is really a good entertaining read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the quotes are really impressive. I really like it.

    20. I loved this book, I howled my head of with laughter. I can't wait for the next one. Mr Pinder is one to look out for.

    21. The description of a entire book in one sentence hint is mind blowing.The only question obsessed in my mind is when will i get this book in my hand.

    22. Very entertaining book, can't wait to read the next 2 to see what happens!! Thoroughly enjoyed.

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