• Title: Elephant In The room
  • Author: Diana J. Febry
  • ISBN: 9781613098844
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Elephant In The room Penny Jackson is slowly re building her life after the abrupt end of her marriage when she falls in love with the charismatic hotelier Robert Carver When dark unspoken family secrets start to surfac
    Penny Jackson is slowly re building her life after the abrupt end of her marriage, when she falls in love with the charismatic hotelier, Robert Carver When dark unspoken family secrets start to surface, Penny has to re evaluate everything and rely on her own wits to stay alive.

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    1. Penny needed a purpose and she found love after a devastating divorce and a period of total confusion and depression, but Robert was dying and Penny would do anything to make his final moments happy. Penny has been through the worst times of her life, betrayed, cheated on and finding she had given years of her life to her family only to realize that personally, she was like a blank sheet of paper.Her friends worried that Penny was falling too hard, too fast and that losing Robert would send her [...]

    2. I've been a fan of Diana J. Febry's work for quite some time, and was happy to find this book in her backlist. A gripping psychological thriller, Elephant in the Room is one of those books you can't stop thinking about even after the last page is read. Penny is a middle-aged divorcee who meets Robert, a wealthy, charismatic businessman. Robert is dying, and Penny falls instantly in love. Robert asks Penny to help him reunite with his estranged step-daughter, Sophie, before he dies. Eager to help [...]

    3. Elephant in the Room is something of a departure for author Febry, whose other three books are police procedural murder mysteries. This one is a psychological thriller, and very well done.Our protagonist, Penny, is a divorced woman, embittered and somewhat in denial as to her role in the marital breakup. She was something of a micromanager type, and thought her long term marriage was secure and stable, when in actuality, her husband had been having an affair with another woman for the last seven [...]

    4. This was definitely a unique story. Febry tackled some very, very difficult topics with tact and grace. She wound them together into a conclusion that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams, and she got us there in a fairly natural manner.I found that Febry used some very long winded descriptions, almost to excess. Don’t get me wrong. They were brilliant, and you can picture exactly what Febry is seeing. Unfortunately they seemed to take over the story. Overall, the story did still ha [...]

    5. “Elephant In The Room” by Diana J. Febry is a cleverly plotted thriller with great characterisation.Our heroine Penny is a divorced woman in her forties and still recovering from the hurt when she falls for Robert Carver. He is a handsome but dying man whose last wish is to see his step daughter Sophie again to make things right. Infatuated and sure she is the right person for the job Penny agrees without fully knowing what occurred.The story changes perspective a few times, to let us see So [...]

    6. This was a good book. A little scattered at first, but if you stick it out, it is worth the read! Takes some re-reading of a passage so so to understand where you are at!

    7. This was an interesting psychological thriller, which became more exciting as the story progressed. Characters were particularly well developed, and the plot leaves you guessing until close to the end. I enjoyed the read very much.

    8. What I have discovered in reading Febry’s books is that she excels at people watching, and asking the questions, or providing answers about their motivation. Each character has a complete set of flaws and insecurities that provide an insight into their motivations and actions. Refreshingly unapologetic, those who behave badly are given solid background that explains their reasoning, if not a clear empathy, for those acts.In this story the narration is mostly provided by Penny, a woman in the m [...]

    9. What I have discovered in reading Febry’s books is that she excels at developing characters. She delves into motivations, character reasoning, emotions and problems like few authors out there. Each character seems so human and relatable because of the flaws and insecurities.These characters are brash and unrepentant at times, but it works because that's how people behave in real life.This story is told mostly from the POV of Penny, a woman who is suffering from an emotional breakdown after lea [...]

    10. So this book follows the main character of Penny who after the demise of her previous marriage has found love again.The man she has falling for is Robert, who already has children of his own including a step daughter who Robert doesn’t have contact with.Penny offers to track down this step daughter in the hope she can convince her to reconcile with Robert.As you can guess there is more to this situation than Penny is aware of and an interesting tale unfolds. Telling you anything would take awa [...]

    11. Reviewer: TyeeshaRating: 3 out of 5 FairiesPenny is a fortyish year old divorcee who is overcoming heartache and mental breakdown after her husband's infidelity. At a retreat to find herself, she becomes involved with Robert Carver, a successful business man. Robert is dying and has a final wish of seeing his estranged step-daughter Sophie, before he dies. He enlists Penny to find Sophie, although he has hidden many dark secrets as to why Sophie left in the first place. Robert's two sons Josh an [...]

    12. Penny is a fortyish year old divorcee who is overcoming heartache and mental breakdown of her husband's infidelity. At a retreat to find herself, she becomes involved with Robert Carver, a successful business man. Robert is dying, and has a final wish of seeing his estranged step-daughter Sophie, before he dies. He enlists Penny to find Sophie, although he has hidden many dark secrets as to why Sophie left in the first place. Robert's two sons Josh and Harry are completely against bringing Sophi [...]

    13. Elephant In The Room is a heartfelt story with many unexpected twist,turns, secrets and lies. There are so many life-like emotions that made me feel like I was reading a reality based story. I was pulled in and didn’t want to walk away from this saga. This well-written story was filled with mystery and intrigue and with a plot line that was unpredictable and at the same time relatable. I loved all the details and layers that kept me enthralled all the way through. I like that the characters ar [...]

    14. This is indeed a dark, psychological thriller at its best. I’m not going to lie, in certain places it was a very disturbing read, but this made it even more of a valuable literary work. I’ve read almost all works by the talented Ms. Febry, and this one is quite different, as it centers not so much on the investigation of a crime, but on psychological portraits of both the perpetrator(s) and the victim, all connected in a tangled knot of dark secrets by a woman, Penny, who still goes through [...]

    15. ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM tells the story of Penny, having found herself falling in love with Robert whilst away learning to deal with the aftermath of her divorce. She finds herself asked to track down Robert's estranged step-daughter because he is dying and wishes to make amends before he passes. Head over heals in love, Penny goes along with it, desperate to reconnect the two before it's two late. Along the way the truths about the proverbial elephant in the room start to become clear and Penny st [...]

    16. Febry is a master when it comes to twisting plots. I've read some of her other books and honestly, I think this one was my favorite. It's really dark, which surprised me. Febry's other books have a lot of mystery, and this one did too, but this one is quite the thriller.This book was put together so well.Febry set the story up and made the characters and settings seem so real, I felt like I was living it through their eyes. At one point, I was so caught up in the story, I had to get up and turn [...]

    17. This book had merits and challenges. Several times I had to put it down and read other books, for various reasons, but I was determined to finish it. I did have trouble with the length of the story, and found myself losing the thread more than once while the character in current POV also got lost in introspection.That said, Febry is wonderful at characterization. The characters were well drawn and I didn't find them stereotypical at all. Yes, the protag (Penny) wasn't always likeable, but that d [...]

    18. I love the very real feel to the characters. These are not perfect people and the flaws show. This is a story about Penny, a middle-aged person trying to get her life back on track after an unexpected betrayal and divorce. She has lived a sheltered life and is not perhaps as streetwise as she ought to be at her age, believing with a sweet nativity what people tell her on face value. When she meets and subsequently falls for Robert, a widower and a man with a terminal illness, she offers to help [...]

    19. I really enjoyed Diana Febry's The Skeletons of Birkbury, so I was more than glad to read another of her books. Elephant in the Room is an interesting, unique tale filled with mystery. The main character, Penny, is getting over a divorce and starting to pick up the pieces. She meets a man named Robert, who she falls head-over-heels in love with. He tells her he is looking for his daughter and that's where the mystery begins. There are plenty of twists and turns that keep the pace of the book mov [...]

    20. By RobertVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Elephant In The Room (Kindle Edition)Review by Robert K. Swisher Jr.ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is true to the core - pain, hurt, depression, hope for love and that love will too be gone through a cruel twist of fate - real people with real problems looking for solutions when all life tosses at them are more troubles - troubles of the murdering kind. Diana Febry writes with a raw talent, telling her stories vividly and emotionally, at times I [...]

    21. Penny is fortyish and a divorcee. She is at a retreat trying to overcome heartache and a mental breakdown after finding out about her Husbands affair. She meets Robert Carver and becomes involved with him . Robert a successful business man is dying. His final wish is to see Sophie his estranged Step Daughter before he dies. He asks Penny to find Sophie, Josh and Harry his two sons are against it they feel Sophie is crazy. And bringing her home will just bring more stress to there father. Penny f [...]

    22. I started to read this story.I was given this book for an honest review by the authorHonesty is what I do. I loved her style of writing, the layout of the book and the characters she had brought to life. However, I couldn't stick them altogether, and in some parts I found it quite tedious to read. I just think the story lacked 'something' but being an author I just can't put my finger on what it is that would capture my interest more and keep me reading more than half the book.I've not read Dian [...]

    23. I read this book because Diana asked for reviews but didn't write one because I didn't want to disppoint her, especially after she was so happy to get someone's five stars. But when she asked again for "honest reviews" I felt I had to respond. It's a pleasant read but I thought there simply weren't enough interesting characters. Penny bored me, Robert seemed indeed too good to be true, and the brothers were awfully stereotyped. And there weren't enough possible villains: we exonerate possible ab [...]

    24. Elephant in the Room by Diana Febry is an enjoyable mystery/thriller that examines the relationships within a dysfunctional and blended family through the eyes of an outsider. Penny, was brought into the situation, by the Father who is dying, to try and locate his estranged step-daughter Sophie. The action goes from there. An action-packed adventure that has plenty of twists and turns. I enjoyed this book a lot. I would definitely recommend this to fans of mystery/thrillers. It has a lovely uniq [...]

    25. This book evokes deep feelings and for me, at least, a emotional resonance that pervaded my dreams. The characterisations are slow and careful, to the point that you feel you actually know the characters, before the story even really gets started. After that it's fast moving and builds to a dramatic conclusion. I can't say much about the story line without spoilers, so I won't. But my dreaming subconscious knew what was going on before my awake self did! Impressive. A great read that I couldn't [...]

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