• Title: Prisoner of the Mountain Watch
  • Author: Kay Berrisford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • Prisoner of the Mountain Watch Once a great warrior Ivenhal now leads a lonely existence banished by his people because he s lain with other men When he captures an enemy elf his life takes an unexpected turn This book is curren
    Once a great warrior, Ivenhal now leads a lonely existence, banished by his people because he s lain with other men When he captures an enemy elf, his life takes an unexpected turn.This book is currently free on All Romance and US but not other sites yet sorry I m busy pestering them to get the price cut, tho

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    1. Nicely done fantasy story of war between the humans and elves. One those sweet stories where one finds love and hope in the most unexpected of places; you know, like on a desolate mountain top and with an enemy elf. I wish I could relate to that one, but alas I can't. But sex is sex and this little short is a cracker. There's a nice build up of tension and denial which leads to a very satisfying conclusion. It's great for a freebie, go get it.

    2. 2,5* upgrade because it was free. I don't think this story is a standalone, more like a Prequel to a much longer book!?

    3. Short and not very interesting unfortunately. It was a very fast insta-love piece with non real story.

    4. KB probably just wanted to get this story out of her head. Understandable. But it reads like a teaser with no actual book in the foreseeable future :(

    5. Who is an ally and who is the enemy isn’t always as clear as it seems. As shown in this story, sometimes there is more to a man, or, in this case, an elf, than meets the eye. The truth that seemed so clear before can, when questioned, suddenly reveal a different kind of reality. And even though this is a story in the fantasy genre, including elves and magic, the underlying message is just as important and valuable in our reality. Ivenhal knows who the bad guys are, has experienced the cruelty [...]

    6. Short stories demand an extreme focus for the author to be able to deliver a tight plot and poignant characterization.Fantasy short stories are even worse because fantasy is hardly ever associated with conciseness as it is a genre which usually needs a relevant world-building effort.This very short M/M erotic fantasy entirely lacks this kind of brevity. It reads like the summary of a much longer story, plot, characterization and tension build-up sacrificed to the need of containing it within a l [...]

    7. This was a good story, but it felt like the prequel to what I hope will be a longer novel. At least, I hope that is the case. I enjoyed the story of Ivanhal being secluded in the mountain because of his tastes, and the ongoing battle between the ghoultang, their allies, and humans. Jem was interesting because of who he is and where he seems to come from. I want to know more about this world and how Jem and his kind could help turn the tide against the ghoultang. As a free read, definitely worth [...]

    8. Enjoyable but very short in length. There was not much the author can do with characterization or world building since it's too short. But still it was likeable.cially the smex. Here's a pic of what I was imagining with the rope tying scene: WARNING NSFW!(view spoiler)[(hide spoiler)]Is there a sequel or a full book of this coming up? I would definitely read it! +1 Star because it's free ~~["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    9. This was a fairly innocuous story, but it definitely feels like the set-up of a longer work more than anything. I felt the prose was trying a little too hard to be some kind of "high" English to reflect the setting of the story which didn't really work for me. I also thought the set-up was a little odd as the pass sounded like an important location, being the only way through the mountains, but having only one man (a man in disgrace) to guard it. The sex was mildly hot, but nothing stellar. If y [...]

    10. 3.5 Once a great warrior, Ivenhal now leads a lonely existence, banished by his people because he’s lain with other men. When he captures an enemy elf, his life takes an unexpected turn.I wish this could be longer story, or a prequel to something. A forlorn warrior who thought Jem was an enemy scout, the other a seemingly powerful and beautiful Oak elf who's attracted to his captor. Need I to say more? ;)

    11. A short and easy read for those who like a touch of kink and elves ;)A quickie with a hot sex scene. It could've been a good opening for a great fantasy story.My Jem :)

    12. Elves and mankind, once having been allies are now at war and Ivenhal is keeper of the mountain watch, shunned because of his sexual preference he's alone and celibate until one day he notices the body of an elf lying stunned outside the magic barrier that protects his watch.Wow for a short freebie I thought this was excellent. I don't know whether Kay is setting this up as a taster of a story to come but it certainly leaves it open for one, and id love to read more about these two engaging char [...]

    13. WoW, this was short and quick passed. The title pretty much sums it up. So, our MC is in seclusion. He is in charge of keeping watch of a tower. He is a human and humans have been at war with the elves for a long time. One day a very handsome elf runs into his tower and he is taken hostage/prisoner.But is he really being held against his will. Sparks fly and cloths go flying off.Though the end is sad. Because our elf ventures off but vows to come back to himI'd like to see a sequel to see what h [...]

    14. I quite enjoyed this, but like many of the previous reviewers I think it would be best described as a teaser for something longer. Certainly it ends with the promise of more to come. It definitely isn't anything standalone. There is no denying the baseless insta-lust/insta-love between the two main characters. I liked them both though. The single sex scene was plenty steamy and it's well written. I'd happily read more of the story if there ever is one.

    15. Bland and soulless, this short story did nothing at all for me. It began to flounder on the first page, and by the third it was clinging to the threads of its plot with all the dignity of an aging film star addicted to botox. For one of the first times I did something I hate to do.I put the book down and let it die a natural and peaceful death, without finishing it.

    16. A young man has been banished from his home because of his love of men. He is sent to guard the border between his home and another. One day he captures a prisoner, or so he thinks. Before long, dormant feelings erupt between the two. I enjoyed this short read hope the author has a series coming up.

    17. Would love to see this as a full length novel; the author hints at so much going on in this book behind-the-scenes (conflicts between the men and elves, border disputes, etc.), that seeing the characters fully developed and woven into a more complex story would be great.However, I really did enjoy this book, despite the short length.Would recommend it.

    18. I really wish there was more of this! I'd love a continuation from the end or really anything more about the world shown within the story. It's a good, light and steamy short, but the world-building on the fringes makes it even better.

    19. As someone else mentioned, the pass seemed like it would be fairly important, yet it was guarded by only one person? That didn't make a lot of sense to me. The story was nice enough but, again as others have said, it seemed more like an excerpt or teaser. I'd love to read more about these two.

    20. Prisoner of the mountain watchPrisoner of the mountain watchPrisoner of the mountain watch is a good read it is really hot going in the mountain with prisoner like that

    21. Mountain Watch was a quite nice read. It's a short story in a longer series but can be read as a standalone. I liked the world building is this one very much and am tempted to read more of the novel length books. I can't wait to explore this world more!

    22. My main problem with this story is that it is far too short. It cries out to be either a fill length novel or even an epic. I loved the character of Ivenhal and I wanted to see the story go into much greater detail. A missed opportunity to develop a very intriguing and also well-written plot.

    23. 2.5*If enemies to lovers is your thing with a helping of fantasy in the way of an elf and you don't mind an abrupt ending? You may want to check it out, it's free over at ARe at the moment.

    24. I only wish it was longer. Would be really happy if it's the Prequel to another story with thise two MC.

    25. Free on UK 30.4.13very short story leaving an open ending that hints it could become a longer story

    26. Could do with there having been more. Either to the story or the series. I want to know what happens in the war! damat

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