• Title: Trick or Treat Countdown
  • Author: Patricia Hubbard Michael Letzig
  • ISBN: 9780823413676
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trick or Treat Countdown Twelve scary sights on Halloween teach how to count forward and backward
    Twelve scary sights on Halloween teach how to count forward and backward.

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    1. Plot summary and personal response:'Trick or Treat Countdown' advances from number one to number twelve with the help of a variety of "creepy" Halloween-related objects and characters, including: a haunted house, two tombstones, three witches, four dead leaves, five jack o'lanterns, six skeletons, seven ghosts, eight goblins, nine monsters, ten werewolves, eleven bats, and twelve creeping cats. As the book progresses, the "counted characters" are revealed to be children-in-costume, trick-or-trea [...]

    2. Read this story in the fall during a math lesson to get students started on math with a fun book. More on the k-2 level, students can use the pictures to keep track of the halloween inspired characters. Upper elem. students can read along and even multiply instead of adding. Make a bingo game with the characters.

    3. Trick or Treat Countdown is a great Halloween tale that not only displays Halloween in a colorful rhyming tale but also helps young children learn to count to 12.This book promotes phonological awareness and vocabulary.

    4. Cute fun book. Counts both up and down. Repeatedly mentions that all the "scary" Halloween stuff is all pretend, so would be helpful to prepare kids who might be scared. The pictures and cute and non-frightening.

    5. Trick or Treat Countdown counts from one to twelve and then from twelve back down to one. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the refrain "All make-believe on Halloween" reinforces that despite having bats, monsters, and witches, this is a non-scary Halloween book.

    6. Halloween counting book 1-12 and backwards; bold, bright yet ugly illustrationsthemes: Halloween, numbers

    7. Great for storytime interaction through sound and movement. Pictures are not my favorite, but great for counting.

    8. A cute book that takes Halloween things and counts them a sound they make till 12 and then goes down again but are they really Halloween things or costumes? Toddler and up.

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