• Title: Ruined by You
  • Author: Kelly Harper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ruined by You Can one summer change your life Maggie Simpson has one summer left before college starts And the last place she wants to spend it is in Green Falls TX with her mother s family She was annoyed when he
    Can one summer change your life Maggie Simpson has one summer left before college starts And the last place she wants to spend it is in Green Falls, TX with her mother s family She was annoyed when her mother announced the change of plans at the last moment, but as she reconnects with her cousin Sarah, she realizes a summer away might be exactly what she needs.Maggie decCan one summer change your life Maggie Simpson has one summer left before college starts And the last place she wants to spend it is in Green Falls, TX with her mother s family She was annoyed when her mother announced the change of plans at the last moment, but as she reconnects with her cousin Sarah, she realizes a summer away might be exactly what she needs.Maggie decides to find a summer job to keep herself occupied, and to help pay for college She is ecstatic when Scottie gives her a job at a local watering hole, The Hill Country Saloon, to find a band to headline the annual Battle of the Bands competition.One night, Maggie meets sexy and mysterious Haden, and he agrees to help her find a band for the competition As Maggie and Haden work side by side, secrets are unleashed that make Maggie question everything she thought she knew about Haden, and the reason for her summer in Green Falls.Secrets, so powerful, that her life may never be the same New Adult Contemporary Mature Content Recommended for ages 17 due to sexual situations and language.Warning Ruined By You is the first book of a two part series It ends on a cliffhanger Book 2 Saved By You is now available.

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    1. Whoop Whoop, my very first ARC. Yea Me! I'm so glad I enjoyed this book. I would hate to give my first ARC a bad rating. :) This was a romantic story with twist and turns I didn't see coming. I'm so glad I don't have to wait for the follow up book. If you like a good YA/NA you definitely want to give this a try.

    2. This story is about Maggie, a shy, broken teenage girl, brought up conservatively by her very cautious mother. She will grow on you along the way. Hayden is hot, I love him and I hate him. The story is definitely different. I hate cliffhangers, and this is big time cliffy and gotta say, it was kinda predictable what would happen with Hayden and Maggie at the end of the book, but the other part of the end, was definitely unexpected. It certainly left me with all sorts of questions can't wait to s [...]

    3. So completely confused and unsure how i actually feel about this book. Be warned, hugeeeeee cliff hanger ending.

    4. This is an AWESOME book!!!!!I don't know where to start!!! Maggie was so cute and innocent but so blind and sheltered!(view spoiler)[Anyone could see that her mom was sick, she disappeared every day, didn't look well and was spotted at the hospital an hour away from where they were staying! When Haden picked up the guitar and started playing at the Warehouse, I thought that she was going to figure it out, but she still had her head in the sand.I believe what Haden said about how he feels about h [...]

    5. .I was contacted by the author and was asked to read Ruined by you and give an honest reviewThe story started out with Maggie and her Mom traveling back home to Texas from Jersey to spend the summer. Maggie is not looking forward to spending the summer in Green Falls Texas and has no idea why her mother is forcing thisThings quickly improve for Maggie as she reconnects with her cousin Sara, is given a great job, and meets HadenHaden has to try hard to get and keep Maggie's attention. Maggie is y [...]

    6. Oh my stars and bars. First I want to thank Kelly Harper for allowing me the opportunity to read this wonderful coming of age story of Maggie and Haden. At first I was excited but apprehensive about ready this story because the main character of Maggie was so young and I thought I'm 45 what could I have to say about young love. But as I began to read I started to remember my youth and that first over whelming love and how it feels as if life is new. I also thought this is a wonderful story for m [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The relationship between Haden and Maggie evolved quickly, but it wasn't unbelievable. The only thing that was somewhat of a stretch was that Maggie didn't find out Haden's last name until right before they slept together. I would have thought that that piece of relevant info, along with their ages, etc would have come up sooner. All of the characters add to the story and make you want to get to know them better. I'm really looking forward to part two, and hope th [...]

    8. OMG! I wish I had known before I started this book what a cliffhanger it ended on!!!! I am currently begging Kelly Harper to give me the next one instead of making me wait the torturous two weeks until it comes out. Lol! This book is SOOOOOO good! You must read all about Haden and Maggie and be dragged around by the heart like I was the last ten pages! Excellent read!

    9. This was a nice read. I get why she was mad but yet I get why he did what he did. I'm hoping in the next book things will work out for them. I will admit that her mom was a bit much in this book. Don't get me wrong I get why but no need to ruin your daughter's life. With the ending like that I will definitely be reading the next book.

    10. First of all I would like to thank the lovely Kelly Harper for approaching me on , and giving me this wonderful opportunity to review her new book.It's such a privilege when an author approaches you and offers you their book for free in exchange for a review, Defiantly made my day!Here we meet Maggie Simpson, a young "Red-head Angel" who lives with her mum.Her mum decided to up and leave their home one day to head to their home roots in Green Falls, Texas, where Maggie's aunt & grandma lives [...]

    11. I liked the idea of Maggie and her mom going back home to visit their family for the summer, it felt like a fresh start so I knew right away that something had happened or something was wrong and that was why they were returning home. When Maggie first meets Haden at the gas station I thought, there he is, that will be her love interest for the summer, and I am a sucker for a man with tattoos. I thought it was strange how her mother reacted and this got my wheels turning trying to figure out wha [...]

    12. WOW WOW WOW.I'm blown away by this book, I had no idea it was going to be as good as it was or that I would love it as much as I did, I will be honest, I almost thought it would be another book like I've read hundreds of times. Boy, was I wrong!!Where to start? I love Maggie from the get go, she is sweet and innocent and needs to liven up a bit, with her help of Sarah, she does just that. She gets the opportunity at one Hell of a job and she takes it! All because the wonderful and sexy Haden Coo [...]

    13. *Copy of book provided by author for an honest review*For additional reviews please visit realitybites-letsgetlosts*Copy of book provided by author for an honest review*It appears I am in the minority here with my rating of Ruined By You. I just did not seem to love it as much as most of the other reviewers. There were a few issues I had with the storyline that just had be feeling disconnected from the characters. I am going to do my best to explain theses without spoiling anything for others.Fi [...]

    14. SPOILER ALERT okay, so I don't want to break the author's hard work down, and this book seems to be getting some good reviews, but it really just wasn't for me. The more I read, the more the heroine, Maggie, was getting on my nerves.As of the beginning of the book, Maggie seems to be carrying a huge secret with her, and when we finally find out, it's 'just' the fact that her dad walked out on both her and her mom, and she overheard the conversation between her mom and dad, and she felt relieved [...]

    15. I knew it!!! I knew there was something about "Haden" that seemed off (although not in a bad way). Where to start; the mom is a bit suffocating when it comes to her daughter, but once you read the story you'll understand why an extent. Maggie is a sweet girl & I felt bad for her living under her moms iron fist so to speak. I get wanting to protect your child, but she's a bit harsh. "Haden" i write that with quotes cause i have a feeling it ISN'T his real name.he seems like a truly good guy & [...]

    16. First of all, thank you to the author for extending a copy of this book to me in exchange for a review. This is the first time I've been asked to do this and I'm honored. Ok, I absolutely loved the fact that the lead female character is a fiery redhead:) YEAH! She was a bit naive but that's totally understandable after you learn more about her mother. I loved the way the author developed her character. I do think Maggie fell in love a little too fast though! Haden.oh Haden ;) I knew it and I LOV [...]

    17. Where to start? This review is about both books. Spoiler alertIn the first book, the relationship of Maggie and Haden really moved quickly. They fall in love within a week. However, I think you know when you know, right?! This story had new beginnings, forever good-byes, heartache, illness, love, family bonds and hard life changing decisions.This book really hit close to home for me, with Maggie's mother. My mom passed away seven years ago from cancer. I connected with her when they found out no [...]

    18. Ok let me just start with WOW what an ending. I'm soooo glad I had the 2nd book all ready and waiting. I didn't jump right into this book at first. It normally doesn't take me time to get into a book but this one did. Not to say that was bad, because I so loved the book. It just started a bit slow for me. Everything that was happening just seemed a bit far fetched AT FIRST but once you get into the book and especially once you finish the series it all makes sense, which just makes it even that m [...]

    19. This was the first time an author sent me an ARC and I was super excited and honored. Then the panic set in. What if I thought it was lame? What if the author can't tell the difference between homonyms? What if I couldn't get past the first few chapters?Luckily I didn't remotely have a problem like this with Ruined By You. The main characters are interesting and flawed. No Mary Sues here. The supporting characters were interesting and added to the story. I thought there was just enough foreshado [...]

    20. I give this book 5 huge freakin' stars!!!I loved loved loved this book! Once I started reading it absolutely killed me to put it down. First there's Haden (who I LOVE) who runs away from his old life when he finds his girlfriend in bed with another man. He ends up in Green Falls where he meets a red-headed beauty named Maggie. Oh Maggieoubled and innocent Maggie.Once it looked as though things were finally starting to go right for Maggie her trust in Haden is completely crushed when she learns a [...]

    21. This was a ARC given to me for my honest opinion.5 ++++++ StarsThis was probably the best book I have read in the past year (considering I have read over 200 in the past 6 months). Maggie is a doll and Haden is the bad boy undercover. I love the fact that the story evolves slowly and we get to see inside the characters. There are several story lines interwoven into one. I loved the entire thing and read it in under 12 hours due to not wanting to miss any part of it. I am so sleep deprived. I wil [...]

    22. I was given the awesome opportunity of an ARC by the author. I am an avid reader and LOVE my Romance books. I finished this book and wanted to take my time to think how to lay out my review for Ruined By You I have so many single words going in in my mind!!!AMAZING, FABULOUS, HOT, AWESOME, . Just to name a few!!! I was Blown Away by this book, at every turn of the page it had you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what was next, Haden and Maggie are Awesome characters and you truly gr [...]


    24. I am hooked and cannot wait to see what happens to all of the characters next. There were some editing issues that made for some stumbles in the reading, I did find that a bit distracting. Aside from that, the plot was interesting. She really developed the characters, and made you care about all of them, not just the leads. It was very difficult to put down and my jaw was dropped by the time I got to the end. I would recommend for those that like a bit of a love story, but it was more about a yo [...]

    25. ".I was asked to read Ruined by you and give an honest review "Wow. This book left me speechless. Ruined by You Ruined me! I'm floored, really. In an effort to avoid spoiling the book for everyone and giving a play by play. Maggie's had a tough life. She's been leading a sheltered life, but she longs to live a normal life. From the moment we meet Haden we know he's running from something but we don't know what Together Maggie and Haden make each others worlds whole Apart devastating. Cannot wai [...]

    26. I loved this book. Everything about it. the way it flowed to the story line. it doesn't really reveal a lot but it reveals enough that you'll want to read the next one. The story does leave with a cliffhanger, and i wasn't ready for it to end but super excited for the next one. Wan't a sappy romance, i didn't tear up, but i did read until my eyes glazed over. i just couldn't force myself to put it down. The story flows well however, i wish more secrets were revealed. Looks like we'll have to wai [...]

    27. Wow - I am still wrapping my mind around this book - I loved it. Ruined by you is the story of Maggie and Haden who meet in small town Texas during the summer before Maggie is to head off to college. I was extremely impressed with the story and the relationship between the two. While their relationship did develop quickly (that always happens in books:), it was strong and communicative. The book was a beautiful story of trust and love, heartache and honesty, with a rock star twist:) I was overwh [...]

    28. A most defiantly must read!!! I was asked by Kelly Harper if I would read & give a honest review. This was a privilege I greatly appreciate. I absolutely loved this book. I could not put it down because I wanted to know what I'd find out about each character. Although I didn't find out everything I was hoping to, I'm sure will be in the next book Saved by You. I can't wait till it comes out. Loved the characters and the whole story around them. This was my first time I've read something of K [...]

    29. Omg!!! What an awesome book!!! The author game me an arc copy to review and to give an honest review. We 5 stars the book had me wishing for the next book like now!!! I love the characters and I am reeling from all these emotions!!! Why why do I have to wait for the next book need to find out what happens next! I read this book in one sitting and could not believe the intensity loved it!!! Truely must read !!!

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