• Title: Broken Dreams
  • Author: Rissa Blakeley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
  • Broken Dreams Elaina Cooper s world was turned upside down on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life She was about to marry Henry Daniels the man of her dreams or so she thought Just as she was to wa
    Elaina Cooper s world was turned upside down on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life She was about to marry Henry Daniels, the man of her dreams or so she thought Just as she was to walk down the aisle, screams pierced the air.In the days that followed, questions lingered in Elaina s mind Why did Henry seem to know so much about what was happening AnElaina Cooper s world was turned upside down on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life She was about to marry Henry Daniels, the man of her dreams or so she thought Just as she was to walk down the aisle, screams pierced the air.In the days that followed, questions lingered in Elaina s mind Why did Henry seem to know so much about what was happening And why did she feel like he was keeping secrets from her Henry knew that his haunted past would eventually catch up to him in ways than one Through all of this, he must face his demons, and Elaina must decide whether she can accept who he is Henry is determined to fight to the very end to make their sexy, mercurial relationship work no matter what staggers in their path.Along with their ragtag band of survivors, they must travel south to face Henry s fears There will be joys and loss but, in the end, is love enough to hold them together

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    1. Title: Shattered Lives: Broken Dreams (Book 1)Author: Rissa BlakeleyPublisher: Rissa Blakeley, 2014Genre: NA Science Fiction, NA Paranormal**I received a copy of this book free from the Author in exchange for an honest review**This review can also be found @ my  page or TeacherofYa's TumblrMy Review:Ummm. How do I start this? Let me just say that the book was 634 pages. 634!!! I am just thrilled to be done. Whew! This has nothing to do with the content of the book, but let me just say that I [...]

    2. 556 Book Chicks was not expecting to like this oneIt's like that sometimes when Authors send you a request to read and review their book. It immediately puts pressure on you to like the book. Then there are times you discover a book that you wouldn't have necessarily 1-clicked on . And the Book Gods are screaming you were handed a gem of a book darling. LOL! My Book Gods often speak with a Southern twang. LOL!I don't know if I would even classify this book as paranormal. It is, but it is so mode [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. I should say upfront this book is not my usual genre but I was interested enough in the synopsis and the chance to read a long (more than 600 page) book so I decided to give it a go. I'm glad a did because it is an enjoyable story.I like that events in the book followed different characters at different times. It didn't take too long for the apocalyptic event to occur and for our characters to be fighting to survive. The fi [...]

    4. I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review.This was an interesting read. I think what made me want to review this book was that it was a paranormal dystopian. The characters were okay. I really liked Henry out of all of the characters. I thought he was the best character. He was attractive, and there was just something about him. I hope to see what happens to his character and the other characters. The story was very interesting. However, it was slow paced and it was bor [...]

    5. 4 StarsThis book was good. It was slow in the beginning but picked up about halfway through. The emotional rollercoaster ride that the author takes you on with one of the main characters, Henry, is well, emotionally dark. It's a journey though that you have to take. I gave only 4 stars because to me there were to many flash backs.

    6. Broken Dreams is unlike any other book I have read. I don’t want to give away anything that isn’t in the blurb, so forgive me if I am evasive, but I hate it when reviews give away things that I didn’t know from what the author shared when telling us about their book.This is an excellent debut from Rissa Blakely. I am one of those people who believe that the longer the book is, the better it is for me. 675 pages made me extremely happy. I read this in two day, I was completely pulled into t [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here it is. After reading the synopsis, I was not expecting this story line. Liam's past broke my heart. He was being trained for a job and then beaten on a regular basis because he questioned those in charge. When he was sent to the United States to do the job, he began to have second thoughts. And after meeting and falling in love with Elaina, he changed his mind completely. But on their wedding day all hell broke loose. Pe [...]

    8. Freaking awesome. It sucks you in and eats at your brain, not letting go until you are emotionally spent and brain dead.I was blown away at how much I enjoyed it. I'm working on book 2 now. Don't be turned away by the post-apocalyptic or zombie tags, this is more about the romance and the survival story. Henry is so attractive. You feel for him because of the torture that he goes through. His decision to leave the organization is what is the catalyst for the virus being released, but his love fo [...]

    9. ** I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. **I didn't know what to expect when I read the blurb, I was pleasantly surprised. 600 pages is a big commitment of time in a book, Broken Dreams did not disappoint! Broken Dreams is the story about love and friendship but above all else survival. This story is action packed and well worth the time to read. I have stepped away from the paranormal reads, this was a great book to jump back into that genre with. Can't wait t [...]

    10. I’m not sure where to start other than to say, hold on to your socks because they are going to be rocked with this new series! Broken Dreams is the first book in a new trilogy by Rissa Blakeley and takes you on a journey with Henry, Elaina, Sophie, Nick, Claire and Thomas as they fight to survive what can only be described as the end of the world for them. The book is primarily told in Elaina’s point of view, but you will also see things in the third-person as well. Ms. Blakeley also gives t [...]

    11. This trilogy is written by the daughter of a couple in my yoga class. Their daughter has chosen the pen name Rissa Blakeley and the trilogy is called Shattered Lives (Volume 1, Broken Dreams; Volume 2, Awakened Desires; Volume 3 which is not yet available but it almost due out, Fractured Hearts.These books are “fun fiction” although they also may strike a more serious chord if you are in the midst of a tempestuous relationship, which means that these books probably have the greatest appeal f [...]

    12. Henry Daniels went through Hell growing up, but it made him strong and he survived. Nothing could break him. Until he met Elaina. The black haired beauty held his heart and soul in the palm of her hand and held the power to bring him to his knees. And she loved him just as greatly.Their wedding day should have been perfect, and it would have been.until the zombie apocalypse began.Yep, you read that right. The zombie-freaking-apocalypse. What starts out as a typical boy meets girl, they fall in l [...]

    13. Broken Dreams begins by introducing us Liam (Henry) at a training area in London. Henry is given an assignment to be completed in the United States. Henry is adamant about denying the assignment because he doesn’t want to leave Sophie behind.He is not given choice and is sent to the US to complete his assignment. After arriving in the US and scouting his location as directed he meets Elaina in a neighborhood bookstore and immediately drawn to her. Henry and Elaina’s wedding day arrives and w [...]

    14. I was given a copy Exchange for my honest review. This is normally not a book I would pick up and read. But I'm so glad I did. This is a lot more than just just zombies, this book is about Love, and forgiveness, and family.Henry who comes from a program where he was raised and basically molded to be what they want he live through hell until one day The program sends Henry and out into the real world to do his job.Well Henry's out recruiting that's where he meets his black beauty Elaina. And for [...]

    15. *I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads*This book was an interesting mix of Romance and Zombie Apocalypse! The story starts at the wedding of Elaina Cooper and Henry Daniels - and quickly the Zombie Apocalypse is upon them. We get to know the characters, we learn their back-stories, and see who they really are. I can't give anything away, this story was rather intense at times and laid back at others. This story was FULL of action, adventure, general & erotic romance. I [...]

    16. I hate cliffhangers then having to wait for subsequent books but I will just have to.I was trying to figure out where this book was headed when I arrived at the wedding from hell - literally. I was initially annoyed as this is not my preferred genre, however I was already invested in the characters and it had been recommended by a friend; also I liked Rissa Blakeley's writing style.I knew there had to be more to the story so wasn't surprised when it unfolded. Shocked and horrified yes, but not s [...]

    17. I'm not sure how to review this without giving anything away, so I'll just say this: If someone had told me what "genre" this book was, I wouldn't have picked it up. And that would have been a HUGE mistake. HUGE. There is nothing cheesy about this book. The writing is witty, modern and sharp. I immediately fell in love with Henry, and instantly related to Elaina's sarcasm and childish mood swings. (You have them too and you know it!) Rissa Blakeley obviously writes from her heart and each charac [...]

    18. I just finished reading Broken Dreams and all I can say is my mind is still reeling. This book is dangerous, sexy, emotionally charged, and just all around lip biting good! The characters are so well writing that they practically jump off the page and read their story to you. Henry, in particular, is now a favorite character of mine! One that I can’t wait to read more about in the next installment in this series! Broken Dreams is such an fantastic debut novel and I cannot applaud Rissa Blakele [...]

    19. Not your typical paranormal romance, for sure. What begins as a tale of pain and misery, for our reluctant hero, Henry, morphs into a beautiful romance when he meets Elaina. Their love is what ultimately carries them through the coming apocalypse (well that, and the booze, and (oh yeah) the blood). This is a pretty high-intensity story, which is (thankfully) broken up some, by more peaceful retrospectives, and some surprising humor. The characters are very well described, and the plot is phenome [...]

    20. For a first novel, this book was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I felt like she had been writing for years. This book has everything I am looking for:sex, suspense, intrigue, sex, drama and sex. I couldn't put it down. It only took me a week to read it but I would have been done sooner if I didn't have to sleep, eat, work and take care of my kids. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next book.If you are looking for a good book that will take you away from your crazy life for a little while then yo [...]

    21. I absolutely loved this book!!! I must say when I started to read this book I thought it was a romance book. I guess because I had been reading a lot in that genre and was in romance moded it is a romance but SO MUCH MORE! Ok so hot steamy scenes? Check. Violence and conflicts? Check. Hot Brit that my imagination runs wild as he switches from American to Brit lingo? Check. More steamy scenes in between rockin action scenes? Check. Oh did I mention undead Zombies?!? Double exponential check!! I'm [...]

    22. k I received this book for free for a honest reviewOk where do I begin?I honestly thought this book is not for me yes I like paranormal but zombies uh no kinda freaks me out but I was pursuaded :) and I'm so glad I wasIt starts of a bit slow (first chapter or 2) so I kept reading and wow it just got better and better it's got so many twists and turns that you don't expect you can't put this book down believe me between hunky Liam and all the different scenes wow it's definitely a must read I jus [...]

    23. Just finished reading Broken Dreams! It took me a little while because this is not a short story or even a normal size novel. The book is a great addition to the paranormal / erotica genre but it come with a vast uniqueness that I have not seen other authors attempt. After reading a few chapters in you will figure out that the female characters are the backbone of the relationships and to be honest, the whole storyis was a great read that kept me engaged with all of the twisters and turns and ye [...]

    24. Rissa Blakeley definitely knows how to pull your strings. She has created a story that will have you wanting to jump into the book and strangle certain characters. I know I did. This story has the perfect blend of action, drama and zombies. At times, I found it a little slow, but those parts were few, and the story is so well developed and satisfying that it really didn’t matter. I can’t imagine how any of the issues between the characters will be resolved, but I will be following along to f [...]

    25. This was the first ever Rissa Blakeley book, I've ever read. She has earned a fan. This book is effing amazing and I cannot wait to read the sequel. From start to finish, you had me hooked. The characters were well written and the plot was simply amazing.

    26. This book was amazing! Her description of each scene and character were so surreal I felt like I was watching a movie! This is not only a paranormal book but also contains romance! If you love zombies and the apocolypse this book is for you, great job Rissa!!

    27. Broken Dreams had a very powerful beginning that pulled me right into the story and kept me hooked. When the story flipped to Elaina's point of view and the events connected with the virus started to happen, I had just as many questions and fears as she did. The odds were very much against them in this new reality and I needed to know what would happen next. Each time they went outside, my pulse was racing wondering if everyone would make it back alright. As more and more of Henry's secrets unfo [...]

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