• Title: Midnight Caller
  • Author: N.J. Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Midnight Caller Rebecca Summers enjoys pleasing herself with the curtains open When a mysterious stranger calls to tell her that he is watching fantasy becomes reality as she begins to perform for him Following his
    Rebecca Summers enjoys pleasing herself with the curtains open When a mysterious stranger calls to tell her that he is watching, fantasy becomes reality as she begins to perform for him Following his instructions over the phone while he watches from afar, she finds herself craving .Oliver Durant has always been drawn to humans to exert the dominance and control his kRebecca Summers enjoys pleasing herself with the curtains open When a mysterious stranger calls to tell her that he is watching, fantasy becomes reality as she begins to perform for him Following his instructions over the phone while he watches from afar, she finds herself craving .Oliver Durant has always been drawn to humans to exert the dominance and control his kind needs to feel alive While secretly observing her and calling nightly, he can t seem to get enough of Rebecca, whom he refers to as butterfly His urges with her are stronger than the need to dominate, as he is driven to possess her in every way.Both of their worlds are turned upside down when they finally meet and she agrees to enter into a Dominant submissive relationship with her Midnight Caller.

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    1. 5 Butterfly starsOMG !! This book In a word- H.O.T !! This book is so SIZZILING! But it should come with a warning ! Hard-Core BDSM ahead,watch out !!

    2. LMAO. The very first sentence of the blurb, explaining that the main female character likes to pleasure herself with the curtains drawn wide open, made me immediately think of the oversexed dentist character Jennifer Aniston played in the movie Horrible Bosses. PASS!

    3. This is BDSM done so incredibly right! After reading this book, all I can say is "Christian who??" Fifty Shades and The Crossfire series don't even come close to touching this one. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both series BUT Midnight Caller is the real deal. The synopsis alone screamed SEXY and had me intrigued. I was hooked from the very first page. I loved the otherworldy factor, mostly b/c I'm a huge fan of all things paranormal, but its not done in a way that would turn anybody off b/c its [...]

    4. *ARC Given to Blog for Honest Review*4.5“beautiful, Butterfly”Kisses *Warning* this is an erotica book…therefore my images and jpgs will reflect that – if that offends you, stop now! :-) Well…let me just tell you this little baby took me on a 5 hour adventure ride that kept me up till 4 am based on the sheer fact that I was so close to the end I had to finish it. My brain would not allow me any other options other than to finish. So I did…and as result, I am now writing this review w [...]

    5. **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***Warning, Midnight Caller is mostly M/F, but there is mention about M/M, and anal penetration*OMG! Hot! Hot! Hot! I love reading mostly all genres and I thoroughly enjoy erotica, Midnight Caller was the absolute definition of erotica. It was non stop sex and that is how the connection between Butterfly and Sir grows. I say SciFi influence because I feel as though the story itself is about the relationship between Sir and his Butt [...]

    6. WOW, what can I say about Nj Cole's Midnight Caller???? HOT HOT HOT!!!! It is such an amazing ride, from the very first chapter right through until the end. The chemistry between the two main characters is out of this world and making want more from this talented author. If you read anything this year, make sure you read this sexy story!!!!!

    7. This book has been reviewed by more than one of The Hive's staff so we are adding all our reviews as one!Bee’s review.Wow – where do I start with this incredibly steamy book?The way in which N J Cole describes Rebecca’s performances through Oliver’s eyes are a pure work of art. Although, we do see different points of view throughout the story. You are taken right inside the story, and feel drawn to Oliver and his butterfly instantly.The level of chemistry intensifies when the two leads f [...]

    8. "I don't want to give too much away, but to say Midnight Caller is "hot" would be an extreme understatement. If it were possible, this thing would burst into flames when you touch it."You can read my full review of N.J. Cole's "Midnight Caller" here, just in case that wasn't enough incentive for you to pick it up:authorsajones/2013/06/

    9. I struggled in the beginning, was really rather bored but it did seem to pick up, or at least the sex scenes anyway. I felt the story itself lacked, I feel like there needed to be more character building. Just left me feeling kinda nothing, not an I want more or I loved the characters, it's just over.

    10. Hold on to your bed post and get ready to go on one of the most sensual rides you’ll ever have while reading a book. If you are looking for a steamy hot erotica book, look no further! Midnight Caller is it! You are bound to be thrust into NJ Cole’s world straight from the beginning whether you’re ready for it or not; and what a world it is! Without giving too much away, she has done an amazing job creating a fascinating and exciting affair between Oliver and Bec that will force you to look [...]

    11. Steamy read! At first I was expecting Oliver to be a vampire with the way things started out, glad he wasn't! The Bocaj are an interesting and fresh idea, very sci-fi. Rebecca, or Bec, is a quiet girl with a kinky side. She walks on the wild side by pleasuring herself in front of her open windows. Only doing this at night, and with all the lights off, she feels confident that she is hidden from any prying eyes; but the thought that someone could be watching excites her. Oliver sees her. With the [...]

    12. Ok, so I read the sample and thought "Wow so this will be a hot little BDSM book" Then I get into it further and it has a paranormal aspect to it and I usually don't do that genre, nothing against it I was sad at times that some of those don't call to me. Amazingly, Oliver called to me and I couldn't help but read it. There are several points of view, not just Oliveraka Sir, or Rebeccaaka Butterfly. I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in this and geez what tension and heat! Oliver [...]

    13. I absolutely loved NJ Cole's Midnight Caller. Why? There are several reasons. This book was erotica at its finest and beyond. The love scenes were steamy and very well written, putting the reader right into the scene. I'm not into the BDSM D/s relationship style personally, but there were times I could feel each caress of the flogger and Sir stroked his butterfly.I also loved how Cole brought in an aspect that was completely unexpected but explained so well. When one things paranormal, they don' [...]

    14. 3.5NJ Cole writes a hot book. No doubt. She has a truly unique talent for being able to keep her sexy scenes - sexy - despite their volume. Usually when the sex takes up this high of a percentage of the page count I get bored - and find it difficult to form any real attachment to the characters. I have to say - NJ Cole's imagination is a sexy place to be. I honestly came to like Butterfly and Sir and I was rooting for their HEA. I liked the whole Alien race plot line - and I won't mind some more [...]

    15. The sex and bdsm scenes in this book were extremely hot and written very well! I really liked that this was written in first person and from both MC's and a few supporting characters POV's. I would have liked more character development of both MC's and more back story of Rebecca. This started out great and I couldn't stop reading it, then about halfway through it began to feel repetitive, so I started to get bored. Although it was a HEA, and I adore HEA's, it felt a bit disappointing to me. Over [...]

    16. This It was my first erotic novel, and I must say - I just loved it! I wish there was more of Sir and Butterfly, I hope she's planning a sequel! Very well written, I thought I would get bored with the sex scenes that would so often appear on this type of book (I've read some contemporary romances that in the end I would just skip some), but you the author made me want more! :)can't wait to read more of her work!!TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!

    17. 4.5 stars! LOVED THIS BOOK! Different, yet - so freakin' hot!! More Oliver, please and thank you!!

    18. After reading this book, you will need a very long cold shower,cause it is very , very , very steamy! Check it out ! I give 5/5 stars .

    19. Having read a good chunk of this, it is even worse than it sounds in the summary. Seems like this book jumped on the D/s bandwagon.

    20. Talk about HOT. BDSM paranormal, I think I just died and gone to heaven. Review to be posted soon.

    21. Let´s keep this short and painless.A slight waste of my time. It´s really disappointing because I expected something completely different when I started reading `Midnight Caller` by author N.J. Cole. I expected a BDSM romance. A well written story that would knock me out of my panties. Well, I sure did get knocked out of my underwear- just not in a good way. Some scenes were okay- even sexy as hell. But one tiny, little piece of info was NOT included in the book description and that killed the [...]

    22. When Sci Fi meets romance!This book is the first one of this author that I read and I must tell I am very glad of having discovered NJ Cole!The book is quite long, very well written and edited almost at perfection, a real rarity these days. I liked the story, the encounters of two different worlds, and I liked the characters. There are a few funny parts along with more intense ones. I recommend this book and I can't wait to read the following one!

    23. wow midnight caller can call on me anytime This is the first book i have read by this author and deffo wont be the last, this was a great read with plenty from each character that you will love from the off ,if you like BDSM with a twist then read this cuz things anit what they seem to be. with plenty of hot spicy sex it will leave you wanting more,

    24. I listened to this book on audio and it kept me company as I worked in the house and in the garden. Not that realistic but enough to keep my attention. I don't like books where the main characters, Rain and the FBI agent, fall into bed within days of meeting each other. I also didn't like the cult that enjoyed blood.

    25. Review Midnight Caller by NJ ColeMidnight Caller is a story about Rebecca Summers, a woman whose voyeuristic tendencies take on a whole new level as her fantasies become reality, when she performs for her Midnight Caller, and Oliver Durant, whose natural demand for dominance and control seems to be exactly what his Butterfly needs. Follow them as they embark into a Dominant/submissive relationship. In addition, how will they cope, when their needs become stronger? Midnight Caller fits the genre [...]

    26. I am going to break away from my normal review style. You guys know I like to keep it short and give away as few spoilers as possible so you can love the book all on your own. That's not going to happen today, I can't contain the elation I felt when I discovered NJ Cole.A friend recommended Midnight Caller to me, and for that reason I have yet to not take a recommendation from her. She described a book to me that I thought would be an interesting read, a story that follows the budding relationsh [...]

    27. Super sexy love story with a twistThis is one of my favorite stories. This author has such a talent with words. So easy to read. She grabs you from the first sentence and then makes you hang on for dear life until the end. I have followed behind her since fan fiction days and she only becomes more bold and sexy with each new book release. This has such an unexpected twist in the plot. You'll Love It. heading now to Book 2You'll not find another author who stays in touch with her readers as NJ Co [...]

    28. Midnight Caller is the first in a super erotic new series by N.J. Cole. I am not sure where to even begin with this review. The hotness rating is off the charts. The story line is good, what there is of it. It's almost like you're reading hot sex scenes that are occasionally interrupted by a story. Rebecca Summers pretty much stays to herself - she works hard and then comes home to a good book. Her one "bad girl" vice is she likes to masturbate in front of the windows with the curtains open. Oka [...]

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