• Title: Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Called Fire
  • Author: Katharina Marcus
  • ISBN: 9781490312347
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleanor McGraw a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Called Fire Eleanor McGraw vertically challenged empathic and sharp daughter of folk musician Isabel Payne and a world famous rock guitarist wakes up a few days shy of her th birthday to a life ordinary Afte
    Eleanor McGraw, vertically challenged, empathic and sharp daughter of folk musician Isabel Payne and a world famous rock guitarist, wakes up a few days shy of her 14th birthday to a life ordinary After years of vagabonding around the world alongside a series of chaotic father figures, they are settling down with quiet Kjell, a Swedish dentist, on the outskirts of a sEleanor McGraw, vertically challenged, empathic and sharp daughter of folk musician Isabel Payne and a world famous rock guitarist, wakes up a few days shy of her 14th birthday to a life ordinary After years of vagabonding around the world alongside a series of chaotic father figures, they are settling down with quiet Kjell, a Swedish dentist, on the outskirts of a small town on the South coast of England While exploring her new home s surroundings, Eleanor discovers a solitary pony in a deserted plot of grazing land As she befriends the animal and meets scar faced, foul mouthed, 16 year old Pike she is slowly drawn into another family s tragic past and finds herself at the centre of a decision between life or death, past or future, beginning or end Eleanor McGraw is a contemporary book about people, ponies, patchwork families, friendship and love, suitable for anyone horse rider or not between 14 and 104 Contains some strong language.

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    1. A YA read, possibly for older teens who like/love horses. The story revolves tightly around them. There is a bit of rough language, but it is in character & realistic. The teens sleep together without sex, save for some kissing. That was the least realistic part of the book as far as my 16 year old self would have been concerned. (You're a better man than I, Pike!)I was quite taken with the story on several levels. As I found out by reading her free short story, Boys Don't Ride, Marcus knows [...]

    2. Let me start by saying that I read ebooks on my smart phone. It's not a particularly cosy experience: about 30 words per page, endless bloody swiping and eye strain. So when I say that I couldn't put this ebook down, that I read the whole thing in one day, pulling my phone out any time I had a spare minute, that means the story is more than good. It's up at the top amazing.I was utterly entranced by this story from the first page. You could describe it as a story of awakening, of first love, a p [...]

    3. Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a boy Called Fire by Katharina Marcus . The book felt like familiar family history including members of the equine elements of family. When you have the acreage where horses and youths can be out of sight, some unique drama can unfold. I enjoyed the characters and the issues to be respectfully solved.And, yes, I love horse books.

    4. Wowwhat an amazing little book. Loved every minute of it-GREAT characters, storytelling and of course it had horsesAND takes place in England. The perfect storm! I was a little hesitant going in since the main protag/heroine, Eleanor, is only 14 years old, but it doesn't matter. A perfect book for young and old alike. Eleanor is going down as one of my favorite little heroines of all time. So glad this was recommended to me because I'm sure I never would have stumbled onto it otherwise-thanks An [...]

    5. What a truly wonderful story. I was always a sucker for a horse story when I was officially in the Young Reader category and it looks like I still am. But it was so much more than just a horse story, it is life, problem solving, taking responsibility, respect for others and self-respect. It is just a beautiful read. If my reading time had been my own I would have read straight through in one sitting, but it took just a bit longer with having to grab moments when I could. Loved it and am adding a [...]

    6. oh wow i'm really quite blown away by the writing in the book, i can't quite describe it. it's so unique and different. i love the complexity and depth of the characters and the relationships (not just between the people but with the horses as well) and yet its written with such subtlety and poetry. i was very intrigued by the way the relationship between eleanor and pike was handled (given their age difference).(view spoiler)[but oh what i loved most of all was the sensitivity towards horses po [...]

    7. This is a wonderful, unique and dreamy book about horses, growing up and family.To be honest I know if was in my mid-teens I would have enjoyed it a bit moreever in my mid-twenties I was still entranced. Eleanor is a sharp and amusing heroine and her life before the country side was fascinating. However I especially loved reading about her acclimatising to a quieter life in the sticks. Her relationship with Pike was very well done and I loved him as a character, thoughtful and insightful. His at [...]

    8. Really enjoyed this book and have finished it within one sitting. The writing from this author was astonishing, she captures you into the book by the end of the first chapter, by this time you are totally engrossed. I loved all of the individual characters and think that everyone of them had their importance within the book and within the story itself. I like how the author doesn't just focus majorly on the Blue the pony but also into the intimate relationship that starts out towards Pike and El [...]

    9. 4 starsI love to read books in which the author's passion seeps through. In this case, horses (not so much about rock’n’roll). The book has an intriguing, albeit long, title. It was an easy read, and simply written, the characters well drawn out with a slice of romance. The dialogue feels natural, little tension and conflict keeps the interest.WHAT I LIKED –• Growing up – The book is in Eleanor’s POV. She’s 14, and due to her size, is mistaken for someone much younger. But she’s [...]

    10. A little gem. The concise writing flows smoothly, an intriguing plot and well drawn-out characters. Eleanor faces several problems at fourteen, forced to deal with her mother, a new stepbrother and a lot of angst. She has got quite the wit and the conflict kept my interest up. The horses are in the background and they bring the characters together. What is foremost to me is the heartbreaking sweet romance between Pike and Eleanor. How they learn to trust, rely on and help each other. Pike helps [...]

    11. "Eleanor McGraw, a pony named Mouse and a boy called Fire", by Katharina Marcus, arrived in my mailbox a few months ago, thanks to First Reads. It had to stay on my bookshelf for a while, until I found time to read it with the necessary attention, considering that it's not written in my mother language. But when I finally started it, it was like a stone rolling down the slope of a mountain, and, after the first few chapters, I was opening it in every spare moment, to discover how it was going t [...]

    12. Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse, and a Boy Called Fire, by Katharina Marcus, is a young adult novel set somewhere near a seashore in England (I must have missed the geographic specifics, though I did search a bit for them). The novel recounts the burgeoning romance between fourteen-year-old Elizabeth and sixteen-year-old Peter. Their friendship is triggered by their involvement with the elderly pony Blueberry Mouse, once a mainstay of Peter's riding career and now a retiree temporarily banish [...]

    13. I read this book because a friend recommended it. I have to admit i was a little skeptical because it was about a 13 year old girl so i thought it was more of a preteen book. Definitely not, when i got through the first few chapters i started to get into and enjoy it. the characters had depth which is nice and the author new what she was talking about with horses. i did struggle a little with the terms since I'm Canadian but luckily the amazon app has a dictionary. There are a lot of different c [...]

    14. This is a love story, between a girl and a horse and a girl and a boy. Eleanor McGraw is not your average confused teenager, but all the more likeable because of it. She's a feisty individual who knows her own mind. Her first love is the horse, Mouse, but she is intrigued by Pike(the boy called Fire), who is sullen and bad tempered and reluctantly teaching her to ride. He constantly pushes her away, shunning contact, but she's determined and it soon becomes a clash of wills. At times I held my b [...]

    15. A shout out to first reads and the author for the opportunity to read this book. I highly recommend this book for an horse people. I ride horses and Eleanor's feeling with Mouse the pony were dead on. From time to time my eyes glazed over a bit in the beginning but that quickly went away. *SPOILERS*Now for the spoiler part of my review. I don't really think this book warrants the Parental Advisory on the cover. Yes the book is open about sex but in a way that makes this book more realistic. I li [...]

    16. I probably would have never come across or read this book if I hadn't won it for absolutely free through First Reads. (See what I did there?) I mean I'm not even sure why I entered to win this, but hey free book, why not? I'll tell you why not.First of all, this is one of those books that is about something that every ten- and eleven-year-old girl loves, but it's content is suited for a more mature audience. So, I had to read this book a out horses that taught me nothing about life, except that [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book very much. The story is great and not at all what I expected. I loved Eleanor, Pike, and Mouse. I had problems with my e-book copy from . In chapter three there is a knock on Eleanor's door. The rest of this sentence is finished in chapter 11. I notified and they sent me a repaired book. The rest of the book was much easier to read. I highly recommend this book.

    18. Have to admit i nearly put this book down after reading 15% and it still hadnt caught me. But very grateful I didn't as this was where it all begins! The writter has a way with words. The characters & horses beautifully described. Whether your 50 or 15 you will enjoy the adventure the is Eleanor Mcgraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Called Fire

    19. I read it as an ebook first (because it was a cheap gamble). Loved it so much I immediately bought the paperback as well. Some books you just have to own on paper. This is one of them. A beautiful, well written story for teenagers and those remembering to be teenagers. Highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in horses and people.

    20. Absolutely lovely and wonderful!The characters're stunning and reading this book is the best way to relax!

    21. This book could have been ten times as long, a hundred. I never wanted it to end. I could have gone on reading forever. I will buy anything this woman writes.

    22. this book it the best I have read in a long time cant wait to see if a second one come out was not what I through it would be but was better enjoyed reading every page

    23. A nice coming of age book wrapped up in lots of horse culture, recommended by a nice UK lady, enjoyed immensely!

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