• Title: Lethal Treasure
  • Author: Jane K. Cleland
  • ISBN: 9781410460981
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lethal Treasure For antiques dealer Josie Prescott an abandoned storage unit is the perfect place to find some killer treasure but finding a dead body amongst the wares is than she bargained for With Valentine s Da
    For antiques dealer Josie Prescott, an abandoned storage unit is the perfect place to find some killer treasure, but finding a dead body amongst the wares is than she bargained for With Valentine s Day a week away and the sun sparkling on the fresh fallen snow in Rocky Point, New Hampshire, it is the perfect day for antiques dealer Josie Prescott to pursue her newestFor antiques dealer Josie Prescott, an abandoned storage unit is the perfect place to find some killer treasure, but finding a dead body amongst the wares is than she bargained for With Valentine s Day a week away and the sun sparkling on the fresh fallen snow in Rocky Point, New Hampshire, it is the perfect day for antiques dealer Josie Prescott to pursue her newest source of unexpected treasures the contents of abandoned storage units sold at auction A crowd gathers at the storage facility, including the owner of a local interior design store, Henri Dubois, who bids against a man who is new to the local auction scene Josie is thrilled with her win, a small unit filled with Depression era glassware and stunning vintage jewelry The unit won by Henri includes hand painted silent movie posters, which he eagerly hands over to Josie for appraisal The next morning, Josie receives a frantic call from Henri s wife and learns that he never made it home When the police open Henri s storage unit they find him dead amidst a jumble of objects Was he killed over one of the objects Is his wife hiding secrets that led to his death And who was the stranger who bid against Henri The police turn to Josie s antiques expertise and she discovers than provenance she uncovers a murderer Jane K Cleland s Lethal Treasure is a page turning addition to her beloved Josie Prescott mystery series, with the fascinating antiques details and devilishly clever mystery plot that fans adore and newcomers will love.

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    1. Over the course of eight books, Josie Prescott has become one of my favorite amateur sleuths. She's grown from an insecure loner into a confident woman, who, best of all, in my opinion, isn't reckless in the course of an investigation. She's a woman who works closely with the police, even when she's a suspect. And, this time, in Jane K. Cleland's Lethal Treasure, there is more than one clue pointing to Josie as a murderer.Josie has new friends in Rocky Point, New Hampshire, and she and Ty Alvare [...]

    2. Lethal Treasure is the 8th book in Jane Cleland's "Josie Prescott" mystery series. Josie is an antiques dealer living in the fictional town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire. Along with conducting estate appraisals, auctions and tag sales, she finds herself solving a variety of murders. This time, the victim is killed inside a storage locker he had just purchased at auction. Josie works with the police to determine if anything in the locker was valuable enough to kill for. I have to admit, I love th [...]

    3. I enjoy reading this pleasant series featuring Josie Prescott, an antique appraiser, living in Rocky Point, New Hampshire. Josie owns an auction house and each book focuses on different areas of collecting. This book deals with the murder of an interior decorator in Rocky Point who is killed while cleaning out a storage unit he just bought. Henri Dubois has given Josie some old movie posters to appraise as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry, a heart wrapped in wire. The reader finds out intere [...]

    4. What I liked about this was all the interesting information about the early movies posters and the Verdua jewelry. Josie talks to her Maine coon cat and anyone that talks to their pets in okay in my book. While driving along the coast the Josie remarks that the tide is coming in. IMO without a tide table in hand or one hell of a river current tidal changes are so slow that to observed them is difficult. Recently, in reading mystery novels set in current times Google become a sleuth in finding th [...]

    5. I don't usually nitpick with books, but this time I'm making an exception. I have always enjoyed this series, but this one just made me angry. Without spoiling the ending, the motive for the murder was WRONG…the author got her facts wrong and created a motive that is simply not true. As I said, I don't want to add spoilers, so it is difficult to write this, but murders need motives and, in this case, the motive given was totally wrong and, while I knew this from personal experience, one quick [...]

    6. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I was just browsing for a book with a cat on the cover for my 2017 Popsugar challenge and picked up this one. It looked like a basic cozy mystery where the characters and setting are too quaint to be real, while the mystery is a bit weak, but the characters here felt like normal people involved in regular pursuits, even the person eventually revealed to be the murderer. The mystery was cleverly plotted, although the amount of inside information Josie was [...]

    7. The reader learns that silent movie posters were hand-painted and adult friendships can be difficult. Josie's business seems to be doing just fine and her relationship with Ty is loving and strong. As we learn about bidding on abandoned storage units we get a glimpse of interior design and restaurant revival. Josie is friends with Henri and Leigh Ann; their two businesses compliment and slightly compete. When Henri wins the bid on a storage unit Josie is happy for him and focuses on the units sh [...]

    8. One man's trash is another man's treasure. This will keep people guessing and inspire more auctions.

    9. In picturesque Rocky Point, New Hampshire, Josie Prescott rubs her hands together, not just for warmth, but in anticipation of outbidding the competition. In order to secure an abandoned storage locker filled with treasures, she must outsmart the other anxious bidders. In the crowd is Josie’s friend Henri Dubois, the owner of the local interior design store. These two business owners relish the chance to outdo the other despite being social acquaintances. After some spirited bidding, both Josi [...]

    10. Josie has started going to storage locker auctions to get goods for her antique tag sales. Sometimes she finds true gems like jewelry or glass, but other times doesn't cover the cost of the locker. It's all a gamble. In the most recent purchase, she found some nice things, but not as nice as the hand painted movie posters that her friend interior designer Henri found. He brings them in for appraisal and then disappears. Later he's found dead in the storage locker he'd bought. Sadness soon turns [...]

    11. Josie Prescott and her boyfriend, Ty, have become friends with Leigh Ann and her husband, Henri, who are new to Rocky Point, New Hampshire. Leigh Ann and Henri have an interior design business in town and their paths frequently intersect with Josie's. Josie owns an auction house and is always looking for antiques and collectibles to sell, while Leigh Ann and Henry often hunt for items for their jobs. Then Henri disappears and Leigh Ann is frantic with worry, hoping that he's OK. Ultimately, he i [...]

    12. I absolutely love the Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries and this latest addition to the series was not a disappointment! Jane K. Cleland continues to build on the characters while creating mystery and murder along the way. The storage unit auction venue is current and Cleland is masterful at integrating information and facts about appraisals and antiques seamlessly into the story. Her writing technique is fluid and easy to read but hard to put down. One of my favorite series and I highly recomme [...]

    13. Cleland weaves much antique lingo into her story and explains the process of authenticating antiques very well. I enjoyed the story, but felt the ending flat. I waited for the fat lady to sing and that never happened. Cleland tied up the case, but I felt something missing and feel I need to read longer. I can imagine the snow and terrible storm conditions, but most states deal with Old Man Winter. The characters seemed a little undeveloped in this novel, like a writer tired of the same story.

    14. I really enjoy this series, and when this book started slowly, and well, quite boring, I was worried. But it was just a slow starter. Once into the actual crime taking place the story became interesting and intriguing. I did guess the who-done-it fairly early in the book, but it was still an interesting readt too much in-depth involvement from regular characters, which was fine. The perfectness of the main characters life, and romantic ga-ga stuff is mildly annoying.I suspect I will continue to [...]

    15. I feel like I did when i was younger, staying up way past bedtime to finish one of these stories! The series, Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries are just great!I've learned interesting tidbits about various antiques that I actually have never thought about before. They have peeked my interest! And also my admiration since I am finding there is more to Appraising than just personal likes or dislikes.I don't know how many remain in this series but I am enjoying them very much.

    16. Murder and love and money and lies and hidden treasures. Another case of our lead character Josie trying to run her antique business, have a new relationship with a couple she has come to like and not have more death and theft. Nothing works out again and as the small town nosey parker finds herself front and center in murder. The series is part formula and part art / collectible road show type mystery hunt.

    17. This series started well and just gets better and better. The Josie Prescott Antiques series offers intriguing mysteries, interesting and evolving characters and a chance to learn something new each time. This time rare silent film ad posters are involved in the mystery. I always finish each book in the series ready for more.

    18. This is a book I won through the giveaway. This is the first book by this author that I have read. I enjoyed it. It's always interesting to me to learn about different hobbies, careers, etc. and this is no different. I knew nothing about antiques and auctions before reading. I didn't catch on to the murdered until they were revealed at the end.

    19. New Hampshire antiques dealer Josie Prescott likes the new decorators in town. In fact, she both competes with Henri when bidding for closed storage lockers, and shares the treasures they find if his finds are more suitable for her needs, and vice versa. But she doesn't expect to find his dead body in a locker he's supposed to be cleaning out.

    20. This is the first one of this series I have read and I will probably read more. It was a good mystery because of all the side issues that kept popping up. It made it hard to say what pertained to the murder and what didn't. I also liked all the information about the antique business, such as how one establishes provenance.

    21. Antique store owner Josie tracks down the provenance of collectable movie posters and a Verdura brooch and helps to track down a murderer at the same time. Fun, especially the antiques. Made me google Verdura for sure.

    22. Enjoyed the plot, although Hank didn't have much to do with anything, but comfort. Guess that is one of the best things a cat can give. The characters were interesting. This is the first of Cleland's books I have read. I will read others.

    23. I enjoy these books so much, probably more for the things I learn about antiques I learn than the mystery. But the mystery is always good, too. This time Josie is bidding on storage units to stock her antique shop, and the things one can find within.

    24. this storyline zips right alongfast paced; doesn't get bogged down with too much info. Sometimes this series can "be overly wrapped" in antique history but Lethal Treasure wasn't about the "treasure" which is a bit refreshing. A definite--Beach Read!

    25. Could have done without the footnotes to prior novels in the series, it's completely unnecessary. Fans of the series have already read them, and why would new readers want to know what happens in previous ones, if the prior ones don't directly affect the plot of the latest?

    26. This is the eighth book in the Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery series. This time Josie gets involved in a murder investigation because she was a friend of the victim. During the investigation, it appears as if Josie is the murderer. This whole story takes place in February in New Hampshire.

    27. I thought this was book 1, but it was book 8. I think that was a good thing. Loved the characters and setting. The mystery of the murder was a bit mundane, but the mystery of the antiques was pretty awesome. I will definitely be picking up more of these

    28. I like this series This one was really good and kept me guessing for a long time. I also liked how the friendships of Josie and Zoe have developed as well as that of their significant others. Lots of fun antiquing information!

    29. The main character is a bit of a bore and a whiner, but I like reading about the antiques business and the mystery side of it isn't bad either.

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