• Title: Back in Service
  • Author: Isabel Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9781460321126
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
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    Back in Service Subject Lieutenant Jameson CartwrightCurrent Status Out of commissiond totally in lust It was the cat s fault Otherwise Jameson Cartwright wouldn t have tripped and ruined not only his knee but also
    Subject Lieutenant Jameson CartwrightCurrent Status Out of commissiond totally in lust It was the cat s fault Otherwise Jameson Cartwright wouldn t have tripped and ruined not only his knee, but also his newly minted air force career and the Cartwright family pride Now he s lying low and miserable until the girl he tormented as a kid comes breezing through his doSubject Lieutenant Jameson CartwrightCurrent Status Out of commissiond totally in lust It was the cat s fault Otherwise Jameson Cartwright wouldn t have tripped and ruined not only his knee, but also his newly minted air force career and the Cartwright family pride Now he s lying low and miserable until the girl he tormented as a kid comes breezing through his door, looking fresh and sexy This time, it s his turn to be exquisitely and thoroughly tortured.Grief counselor Kendra Lonergan isn t sure she wants to help the mouthwateringly hot guy who once put worms in her sandwich Still he needs her badly But it s not long before professional turns into provocative, and the sexual tension is off the charts And there is only one way to get this scrumptious airman back in service.

    One Reply to “Back in Service”

    1. Meh, it was ok.I thought the concept was cute, age old story of enemies turned lovers. but turned out they had feelings for each other the whole time.Jameson tripped over a cat and tore his ACL thus putting his plans in the Air force on hold. He sits and sulks and falls into a depression.Kendra is a grief counselor, this is what she does. When she receives a call from Matty, Jameson's sister begging to help him. She can't resist but wanting to see what her old bully was up to. Instant attraction [...]

    2. I enjoyed this one a lot. The hero tormented the heroine during high-school but she never let it get to her. Then, the hero is injured and the heroine a grief therapist is sent by his sister to help him. I loved how kick-ass the heroine was and she was still dealing with her grief after losing her parents two years back. I loved how they fell so quickly for each other and it was the hero who was so open to taking a chance while the heroine was so afraid of another loss. I loved the subplot of th [...]

    3. 3 Stars – Back in Service is an adult contemporary/military romance by Isabel Sharpe, and part of the Harlequin Blaze Uniformly Hot! series. The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell!Lieutenant Jameson Cartwright had done everything right. He’d majored in computer engineering at Chicago University—a career field in good demand in the Air Force. He’d excelled in his ROTC training and breezed through basic officer training, in both cases earning the friendship and respect of his fellow officers [...]

    4. Back in Service is by Isabel Sharpe. It is a good book which keeps your interest. Kendra Lonergan is a unique gift counselor who uses a “different approach” to counseling. She brings in the personal touch with varying the talking venue. Sometimes she finds herself outside and sometimes inside. It depends on what each person needs. She wants to get them out and about as long as possible. She knows from experience how to deal with death. Out of the blue, Matty Cartwright from high school calls [...]

    5. Blaze books are wonderful, short bites of steamy romance goodness and Back In Service is an excellent example. I adore the premise of this alpha male's reason for being on the disable list - he tripped over a cat. Quite ignominious but the repercussions are far more serious. He may never be physically able to return to active duty. And it's got him down - so far down that his sister is convinced he needs help. Enter Grief Counselor Kendra Lonergan. But whether or not she'll be interested in help [...]

    6. Back in Service is the story of Jameson and Kendra. Jameson always bullied Kendra as a kid and through high school, so she doesn't like him much, but as a counselor, she takes him on as a client.I thought this was a very enjoyable storyline, and I was glad that the characters seemed to have actual personalities and motivations beyond the obvious. (view spoiler)[In a lot of romance novels, the heroine realizes she's in love with the hero and immediately accepts his marriage proposal, ignoring the [...]

    7. Lt. Jameson Cartwright, depressed and troubled over the possible loss of his Air Force career before it has even really begun, opens the door of his borrowed apartment and gets the shock of his life. Pushing her way into the apartment and his life is Kendra Loner an unconventional grief counselor there to aid in his surgical recovery, who also happens to be the girl he tormented from kindergarten through high school.See the rest of my review at nightowlreviews/v5/Rev

    8. In some ways this was a good story. The characters were ok, nothing spectacular about them. Jameson was charming and cute to read about but that's about all. Matty's point of view was unneeded and irritating. For such a short read I barely had time to experience Jameson and Kendra story. I didn't like that sometimes you would read from Matty's perspective because she wasn't that interesting to me. The book would have been better without knowing so much about her story. 3 stars because it was an [...]

    9. "In this edition of the Uniformly Hot! series, Sharpe crafts a truly genuine love story between these two characters. A subplot involving sister Matty rekindling a former relationship is also pretty satisfying and doesn't steer too much attention away from the main plot. The sizzling sex comes later than readers might expect, but it is well worth the wait." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 starsMiniseries: Uniformly Hot!

    10. Oh My Yes!!Oh My Yes!!I'm a sucker for a slightly tortured man, and Jamison is for me :) Story moves quickly - boy and girl grew up and went to school together, he picked on her - she did not react true to form - he was intrigued- now they are adults. and what will happen? Can they move past their shared past? Read and see!

    11. Erotic Romance Well I can say that Jameson and Kendra have such a intense sexual passionate relationship for each other that you will be asking yourself can I have sexual passion like theirs.

    12. Loved the premise but then the author introduced the POV of the hero's sister. I found this incredibly distracting and really slowed the pace of the story so this ended up being a DNF for me.

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