• Title: The Recluse Storyteller
  • Author: Mark W. Sasse
  • ISBN: 9781492241256
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Recluse Storyteller Red Hat hijacks a yoghurt truck and barrels into the Chester Walz Bank at full speed desperate to open a safety deposit box The twins beckoned by an ominous streak of light across the sky climb Har
    Red Hat hijacks a yoghurt truck and barrels into the Chester Walz Bank at full speed, desperate to open a safety deposit box The twins, beckoned by an ominous streak of light across the sky, climb Harper s Hill to encounter an apparition of their missing father The reverend stands on a muddy ridge, the barrel of the rifle in his neck, looking down on a Vietnamese villageRed Hat hijacks a yoghurt truck and barrels into the Chester Walz Bank at full speed, desperate to open a safety deposit box The twins, beckoned by an ominous streak of light across the sky, climb Harper s Hill to encounter an apparition of their missing father The reverend stands on a muddy ridge, the barrel of the rifle in his neck, looking down on a Vietnamese village, scarred by war and regret The stories come to Margaret at all times, but they are anything but random A fractured view of Michael Cheevers red hat through a discreetly cracked door sends her off on adventure A glimpse of the Johnson twins from apartment 2D takes her to the lonely hill on a Midwestern prairie in 1887 The regular letters from Reverend Davies, who has tried to look after Margaret since the death of her mother, brings her to the brink of exhaustion, staring intensely into the heart of war deep in the jungle of Vietnam Margaret is not insane, at least not in a clinical sense She s like a midnight raccoon, painfully aware of her surroundings, gleaming crumbs of information at every turn eyes peering incessantly in the night, stealing glances of neighbors behind partially opened doors But the tales that she weaves were not meant to merely hold empty court to the receptive dead air of her apartment Her stories were meant to embolden the lives of the inhabitants of that drab apartment block because her story is also their story and everything would be different if they could only hear her stories The Recluse Storyteller weaves five stories into one as the loner Margaret not only searches for meaning from her reclusive life, but also gives meaning in the most unexpected ways to the troubled souls of her apartment complex Part adventure, part tragedy, and part discovery, The Recluse Storyteller bridges genres, bringing hope, life, and redemption to the broken relationships of modern society.

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    1. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I normally break down the book into 10% parts and say what I was feeling at each segment, I am not going to do that with this book, I did try but all I kept writing was “I do not know where this is going but I love the stories and the writing is lovely”, not really much of a review. So I am going to try my best to explain from memory why I loved this book.It was a complicated story that was written so well i [...]

    2. The Recluse Storyteller(by Mark W. Sasse)Margaret is a recluse, she stays in her apartment and keeps to herself. One thing she does enjoy and that is telling stories. She seems to have a gift in story telling. Five peoples lives are changed by her stories. A set of twins lived down the hall, they are eager to hear more of her story. A man in a red hat has secrets to hide. A reverend who is haunted by a horrific event in the Vietnam war,needs to let go of his inner demons. Margaret herself has a [...]

    3. This talented author has done it again. In my opinion, Author Mark Sasse has penned another thought-provoking fictional novel which is sure to grab the attention and stimulate the imagination of many discerning readers with the desire to get to the bottom of complex and oftentimes, perplexing situations.Margaret Pritcher is the reclusive raconteur. She is obviously very intelligent as she writes programs for company manuals and manages to support herself in the simple life she is accustomed to. [...]

    4. " The Recluse Storyteller " by Mark W. Sasse is his second novel . The debut one being " Beauty Rising " which I missed to add to my 'must read' list. ( Will definitely go through it anyway ) Now when I started reading The Recluse Storyteller it was beyond my imagination what this book had in store for me. Frankly speaking , I was not actually sure whether it was a good read as of the first few pages. But as I proceeded , I found myself mesmerized by the story. completely bowled me over ! Now th [...]

    5. njkinny/2014/04/boMark W. Sasse's second book, The Recluse Storyteller tells the story of Margaret, a recluse, who lives alone in her apartment and who is the one with the stories. Stories flow in her mind. Ever since the death of her mother, five years ago, Margaret has confined herself to her apartment where she watches the lives of her neighbors and imagine stories with them as characters. The guy with the "red hat", the two bubbly twins, the talkative and pretentious Mrs. Trumble etc. are th [...]

    6. Review first published on my blog, Pieces of Whimsy.When the author first asked if I'd like to review this book I wasn't entirely sold upon it. The idea sounded really interesting but I wasn't sure if it was my type of book. In all honesty it was only the great rating & reviews that made me say yes to The Recluse Storyteller, and by golly I am glad I did! The story was engaging and the writing had me captivated from beginning to end, I think this book is set to be one of my top reads of the [...]

    7. The Recluse Storyteller is definitely unlike anything I've read before, but I absolutely loved it. It's the kind of book that has you fall deeper and deeper into the story until you're in that world, the kind of book that has you finishing when you should be getting ready so you end up having ten minutes to make yourself somewhat decent. I could not get enough of it.Each of the separate stories were interesting and engaging, leaving me desperate to know what would follow, and the way that they'r [...]

    8. I started this book knowing that it wasn't really my "style". So, taking that into account, I was somewhat bored during the first part of the book. It took about 45-50 pages or so before I started really gaining an interest in this story. It caught my intrigue and I started thinking about the book when I was not reading it. This story is about a recluse named Margaret who lives in a 2nd story apartment. It involves all her neighbors that live on the 2nd floor as well. They think that there is so [...]

    9. Mark Sasse has the gift of storytelling that gives a stunning portrayal of the fragility of human emotions. His writing will engulf and transport you into a story that will capture your imagination and play with your emotions. His first book ‘Beauty Rising’ is a book that I personally found to be intoxicating and ‘The Recluse Storyteller’ is a book that is spellbinding and powerful. This is the story of Margaret Pritcher who lives the life of a recluse living alone in an apartment and wo [...]

    10. *** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ***This is one of those books that I wasn’t so sure of when I started. However as I progressed and the story become more in-depth I realized I was captivated and couldn’t put it down.The primary plot is centered on Margaret who is a self imposed shut in and only leaves the apartment when she is positive she will not run into anyone she knows. Some what voyeuristic she watches those in her apartment building and construc [...]

    11. The first book I read by Mark Sasse was Beauty Rising, a beautiful and well-written story, so I knew I was going to be in good hands when I read this. Sure enough, it was another treat.Margaret Pritcher lives alone…reclusively, in fact, to the point that her neighbours think she’s slightly odd. This doesn’t stop them, however, from knocking on her door for one reason or another. In her solitude, she tells stories, the characters of which are her persistent neighbours. Most of them think he [...]

    12. When I first started reading this book I wasn’t too sure that I would enjoy it however as time progressed I started to enjoy the unique storytelling.The story centers around Margaret who is a recluse living in an apartment building and will onlyleaves her apartment when she knows everyone else around is sleeping (so usually late at night). Margaret may not really know her neighbors personally has she hasn’t talked to any of them but unware to them she watches them and creates stories based o [...]

    13. The Recluse StorytellerMark W SasseThe opening pages of this book had me hooked and needing to read more! The Recluse Storyteller is cleverly written and combines five stories into one. Each story had me riveted and wanting to know what happens next and the author certainly kept me reading. Margaret, The Recluse Storyteller, changes the life of 5 people with her stories that just keep taking over Margaret’s mind. The people in her apartment block keep hearing bits of these stories and start to [...]

    14. My dad used to say that his neighbors watched him. He was legally blind and I wonder what he would see if he watched his neighbors. I was his neighbor for the first year I got married, and he visited and knew when I was sick, etc. I would love to have Margaret tell a story about us, and it would be interesting. As was this book. I loved that Margaret was seen as eccentric and nutty. I want to meet her in real life. What her neighbors don't know is that their lives are intertwined with Margarets. [...]

    15. Margaret is a soul I can relate to--a technical writer by profession, but a person who prefers to live in the midst of the stories she weaves. Each story features characters from her real life, but the boundaries between it and her fictional worlds grow increasingly blurred. As the stories unfold, we not only learn about her neighbors and friends, we discover more about Margaret herself: the storyteller becomes the story.I recently read E L Doctorow's City of God, and the concept initially remin [...]

    16. Margaret keeps to herself, she stays in her apartment, she is a recluse. But she does enjoy telling stories. She has a real gift for that. Five peoples lives are changed by her stories. A set of twins who live down the hall are eager to hear her story. The man in the red hat has secrets to hide. A reverend is haunted by a horrific event in the vietnam war, he needs to let his inner demons go. Margarets story is tragic her mother dies and she is left alone with Reverend Davies to look after her. [...]

    17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! This wonderful, well written book will not disappoint. It has all the elements of a great book. I love the author's style of writing, the stories flow so nicely. In my mind it played out like a movie, so easy to see each character and see their struggles in my mind. I love the main character, Margaret, I felt all the emotion coming through in her stories and how they tie in together to explain her past. The recluse storyteller made me laugh and cry and really left me [...]

    18. Wow Mark has done it again. Another thought provoking novel filled with twists and unexpected turns. I never know what to expect from Mark except to expect the unexpected! Not sure what genre Mark writes in but then again that is to be expected. The main character in this book is either plagued with schizophrenia or Asperger Syndrome. There is even a hint of agoraphobia. Mark is definitely not a recluse but he is a great story teller. Cannot wait to read his next book. Where does he find the tim [...]

    19. This is the second book by Sasse that I've read & I enjoyed it as much as the first. While most writers have a certain genre, or way of writing, Sasse surprises the reader with a very different type of story this time around. The Recluse Storyteller is strong on both characters and storyline. I love a book that keeps me turning pages--and this one did just that. I don't know that I've read any other book that unfolds in quite the same way. Highly recommend!

    20. The idea behind this book is fantastic. It's conceptually brilliant. Unfortunately, the execution is lacking. Lacking to such a degree that I gave up 60 pages in. Ultimately, it comes across disingenuous and awkward leaving me feeling indifferent to the characters within its pages.I received a complimentary copy of this book via a First Reads giveaway. I'm guessing they are regretting that now

    21. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through the First Reads program. I'm not a fan of books with multiple unrelated story lines, and consequently had a hard time following the book, especially at the beginning. It got easier towards the end, when the different story lines became better connected to characters in the book's present. But I continued to feel that there were loose ends.

    22. Margaret is a gifted storyteller. From the very start I was hooked on Margaret's stories about her neighbors. She would listen to them talk in the hall and then lose herself as her stories consumed her. i was swept away by her stories.

    23. This book was really intersting. I got a bit confused at times as it jumped from story to story, but all in all I liked it, and was glad I read it. I got it free on my kindle, and that made it even better!

    24. I loved this book. At first it was a story with in the story but as you get to the end of the book you realize what her stories are really about. I have never read anything by this author but he has another book, so i am definatly going to read that!

    25. Well written and very enjoyable read! It took me awhile to get into it, but once I realized what was happening I it was too lateI was hooked.Well writtenl in all a good read. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening, but once I settled in I was hooked!

    26. The author has a lot of fun creating multiple plots and surprise endings. A quick and catchy read that ended making me want to go back and start all over again.

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