• Title: 180 Proof Vega
  • Author: Santino Hassell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: ebook
  • Proof Vega Emilio Vega is a shit talking eighteen year old gunrunner who is dragged out of the world of crime he grew up in and forced to work for a covert organization that deals in assassination and politica
    Emilio Vega is a shit talking, eighteen year old gunrunner who is dragged out of the world of crime he grew up in, and forced to work for a covert organization that deals in assassination and political intrigue.The full version of Volume 1 is expected to be published in 2015.Note The first three parts of Volume 1 are available for free on the author s GR profile.

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    1. I JUST started reading ICoS but I was perusing the author's profile and stumbled upon the long freebie excerpt of this upcoming series. I cannot WAIT. And apparently it's a prequel so I don't need to finish ICoS to read it. (Because. . .if I want a social life, I have no idea when that will be. >.>)The writing is GUH. And Emilio is hot.Excerpt and reason why I fell in lus. . .I mean LOVE with this guy without even getting halfway through ICoS:(view spoiler)[There was a brief pause, and the [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars!I'm torn! I want to give it a full 5 stars so much but IT'S NOT COMPLETE!!!! Everything Emilio Vega, I'm in paradise.Things ended right when they were starting to get really good. I'm so curious to see how things will go. I mean, I already know the big picture because of ICoS but still Seeing Emilio at 18 is something else. Boy is WILD! He is different from the Emilio I'm used to, but at the same time he's still the same Emilio only more undisciplined and hotheaded. Very hotheaded. Thi [...]

    3. Ooooookayyyyyyyyyyat was intense. I don't have any other words for it. Do I want to read more about Emilio Vega and Cameron, HELL YEAH!! This two men are either going to kill each other or end up in one hellaciously intense relationship. So this was my baby step towards the rabbit hole that leads to the world of ICoS, I decided since it is such a huge undertaking to start slowly with this short story and if I liked it then I was going to continue, if not I was going to take a break read somethin [...]

    4. OMG i just fucking love Emilio!! I'm excited for the continuation!! A 17/18 year old Emilio is a perfect thrill to the bone! ♥Emilio Fucking Vega FTW♥

    5. I really hope to find out more about what happened with Emilio and Zach after Fade! Also it will be soo cool to see things through Emilio's eyes, his feelings for Hsin and Zach from the beginning! Can't wait

    6. Emelio jumps off the pages and sucks you in from the beginning. This well paced, visceral, prequel was a wonderful taste of what is to come in the rest of the series.

    7. So far , so amazing! Only the first three chapters but I was salivating for more. Wonderful to read about the 17 Year old Emilio, running his filthy mouth off and making grown men want to come in their pants at the sight of him and his tirades of dirty talk! Brilliant! I just realised that with Emilio at 17, Sin was only 3 years old stuck in Hong Kong with his Ho mamma, madness! Great to get it all in contextCan't wait for the rest.

    8. Was trying to spare myself the torture of reading this knowing that there's no update yet on the continuation.Emilio. Just. Fucking. Yes.

    9. 10 CHAPTERS ARE NOT enough!! when is this going to be published? :(and I f*****g hate the Agency -_-

    10. Is this finished in Patron or is still in chapter 10.Is this going to be free or i have to pay a subscription in Patron and when (aprox) are going to come out the rest of the vols? are there any new about this series of vols.Thanks.I'm really eager for the rest of the story

    11. I love Emilio Vega! He's amazing and gorgeous and I can't have enough of him's amazing reading about his team, about his recruitment.I was devasted when I read about his sisters and family, about his being emotional. So raw, so pure. I can't wait to read about him and Doug and Zachary!!!!!

    12. ok yeah i'm technically rating this when there's only 8 out of 12 chapters out but this is 100% perfect and there is not a thing that could happen to make me give it less than 5 stars. after i read the first volume of evenfall i decide to read this before moving on to volume 2 because 1) it's a prequel so i can't get spoiled and 2) i had a feeling i was going to love emilio even more than i liked sin and oh boy was i right. what a little asshat, i want ten. ♥_♥

    13. It's interesting getting a view into Emilio's beginnings with the agency. But it's just too little. I'm already looking forward to re-reading ICoS but I'm not sure this little story here will get the same chance.

    14. I've finished reading the 3 chapters available and as usual have rated Santino's work 5 stars. I don't think he can write anything that isn't worthy of 5 stars. In 3 chapters he had me panting for more. It is so good. I absolutely loved young Emilio and Cameron looks like an interesting hard-arse bastard. I definitely want to read more about them. I'm also hoping to see a young Doug. I loved Doug in 1/27.

    15. So far so f**ken good. Damn!!! Emilio is sexy. I just love him. I can't help myself and seriously I don't wanna. Can't wait to completely read this.

    16. First 3 chapters of volume 1. Awesome. Want more. Desire to send SH money to have more. Read the rest when they arrive.

    17. Emilio Fucking Vega!!! I love him so much sjsjsk Cant wait to see Doug and Carhart and their relantionships

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