• Title: Infinity
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Nick Spencer Jason Latour Jim Cheung Jerome Opeña Dustin Weaver Mike Deodato Marco Checchetto
  • ISBN: 9780785184225
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Infinity The year s most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event is here as the Marvel Universe marches towards Infinity The mad titan Thanos makes his world shattering return and his armies fire the opening sh
    The year s most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event is here, as the Marvel Universe marches towards Infinity The mad titan Thanos makes his world shattering return, and his armies fire the opening shots of a galactic war that will be fought both on Earth and in deep space with our heroes caught between both battles As Thanos secrets are revealed, the Inhumans city oThe year s most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event is here, as the Marvel Universe marches towards Infinity The mad titan Thanos makes his world shattering return, and his armies fire the opening shots of a galactic war that will be fought both on Earth and in deep space with our heroes caught between both battles As Thanos secrets are revealed, the Inhumans city of Attilan falls, and the Illuminati find themselves on the front line And as every Origin Site on Earth goes active, the Builders enter the Marvel Universe But can the Avengers return to Earth in time to save it, when betrayal in the Galactic Council has left them prisoners of war Galactic empires will fall as Thanos crazed plans come to fruition COLLECTING Infinity 1 6, New Avengers 7 12, Avengers 14 23, Infinity Against the Tide Infinite Comic 1 2

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    1. Infinity is an apt name for this Marvel event since it seemingly goes on forever.Seriously, I know when it comes to these big crossover events that ‘big’ is the key word, but this collection contains the 6 issues of Infinity itself as well as about 18 issues of Avengers and New Avengers. That’s not even including the roughly 30 other tie-in books that are part of it, too. How many comic books must I read to get one story?!?An alien race called the Builders that were supposedly the architec [...]

    2. Umwhat was that? To be fair I should have read the synopsis for Infinity rather than getting hyped about an Inhumans vs. Thanos showdown I heard about in the story. If I had done that I would've been far less disturbed by the other depressing storyline. Anyway Infinity is book of at least two tales. The first being that some ancient aliens are destroying life they created and appear to be headed to Earth. The second storyline invovles The Mad Titan coming to raze the Earth and having a run in wi [...]

    3. I'll be the 500th person to say it, but it really is called Infinity because it really does go on forever. Or at least it feels like it when you're reading page after page and getting no closer to the end of this giant book. In total, we have the six issue Infinity miniseries, six issues of New Avengers (collected elsewhere as New Avengers, Vol. 2: Infinity), twelve issues of Avengers (collected elsewhere as Avengers, Vol. 3: Prelude to Infinity and Avengers, Vol. 4: Infinity), and the two issue [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Although because of this panel, I am actually giving it a 5.I mean really - Thor laying the beat-down on Thanos!? I swear if I wasn't a manly man I would have squealed when I saw that panel.*spoiler*I squealed like a bitch!*spoiler*The big Marvel events scare me. I hate buying into the hype only to be let down on the execution. I hate cash grabs and lackluster storylines. ReallyI just hate water downed, redundant, empty bullshit! Thankfully, Infinity not only delivered a good reading [...]

    5. Holy fuck what in the world was happening in here? That was my mindset the entire time reading this. However, I really had a good time. Also might not be the best idea to read New Avengers/Avengers a year and a half ago and then read thismight confuse youjust a bit. So this story is really like a two parter. There's these aliens, new gods, whatever want to call them who are ready to fuck up the world. Coming after earth. Taking it for themselves but not without destroying all the other planets i [...]

    6. It’s the conclusion to the Infinity series with a lot of answers. If you’re like me you haven’t read the whole spread of graphic novels and therefore have to piece a few things together.All said this is a wonderful series with big artistic presentations by a variety of artists (two pages of credits in the big hardcover). Hickman wields the many stories within and sometimes they get unruly. Arguably there is too much going on and moreover a whole saving of the galaxy/galaxies with the same [...]

    7. I have a new favourite Marvel event, and it's this. There's two story lines happening at the same time: The Builders are attacking the Galaxy and heading for Earth, so the Avengers decide to round up before they make it and while they're off planet, Thanos decides to invade the Earth. So there's cosmic space battles and the usual NYC warfare stuff.This hardcover collects the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins, which you do actually need to read to get the whole story. The Avengers title follows t [...]

    8. I feel like Hickman has been held back here by the amount of produce he has had to get out the door for Marvel. I've read better stories from Hickman, but this is a great event and a good avengers story. However, the pace at which all the avengers stories run and the fact that they are split into different comics which run side my side, but at different times, makes it difficult to enjoy whole-heartedly. There's too much going on and you don't really get a chance to take it all in. Having said t [...]

    9. Welcome to Marvel Event #403: Infinity. Space, multiverses, inter-world wars, and not one crisis but multiple end-times threats to keep us busy. Lorded over by the king of Big Politics, Jonathan Hickman, the three main books were written contiguously by him so I just wrote my effusive review of all three as one.This event in big strokes is cold, masculine, destructive, but also intriguing, political and big-thinking. High concept doesn't begin to describe it - why have one concept and ultimate s [...]

    10. Quite possibly the best Avengers event ever. Hickman has done a masterful job of merging together his story lines from Avengers and New Avengers while also detailing the return of Thanos. The result is a magnificent Space Opera, that's unlike any other Avengers story and wonderful in its scope.This collection is also organized in an intriguing way, with constant chapter divisions hiding the edges of the original issues and instead producing a story that's a coherent whole, as if this mammoth vol [...]

    11. I absolutely cannot believe that Hickman was able to write a Marvel crossover this massive and ridiculously far-reaching without once dropping any of the tension or forward momentum. That in and of itself is a feat worth noting, but in addition to that, this is also GOOD. I can't tell you the last Marvel event I liked this much. Maybe House of M, which was almost 12 years ago.Hickman perfectly uses the three different titles in this crossover (Infinity, Avengers and New Avengers) to tell three s [...]

    12. The trouble with this book? It essentially sets up the inevitable end of *everything* in the Marvel multiverse. It's Hickman writing himself into the biggest damn corner yet, with no apparent vision of just how to get himself back out of itd it suggests that Marvel, overall, has no idea of how the consequences of this set of storylines should work out in their overall continuity -- the epilogue is pretty much "and then we glued all the bits together again and everything went back to normal!" Rea [...]

    13. Ahhhh, no wonder those Avengers books were so vague, and though enjoyable, it felt like we were missing so much of the story. Well here it all is, and it is So much more enjoyable all together!And get this, brace yourself dear reader, there was no Filler Crap!Excellent writing,and absolutely excellent artwork!

    14. I respect Jonathan Hickman and have liked some of his work in the past. What he does with the Avengers just doesn't work for me. Too many attempts at being more epic than anyone else makes this whole story not work for me. I never cared much for anyone in here as it's all plot and no character IMO.

    15. This was another massive read. I was thinking it would take forever to read this. It did. have some great parts but the majority was average scifi/space battle action type stuff. If you like Star Wars you might enjoy this.

    16. 3.5/5Pretty decent read but the ending was kind of a cop out which spoiled the enjoyment of it a bit for me.

    17. I've been waiting to read this once this collection was published and the Infinity Companion collection was published as well. Well, they're both here on hand so now I have to figure out how to collate the 2 books into one event read. Hopefully, I'd like to read them in the correct order for the story. Infinity is published without a Table of Contents. So there's, frustratingly, there's no way to tell where to go for which chapter. Infinity Companion is published with a Table of Contents which i [...]

    18. I just finished the entire Infinity comic book and it's crossover storylines and boy, it's a comic event that is hard to put down. A lot of people claims that it is one of the comic events of last year and I couldn't agree more. Infinity is a 6-part miniseries but expands up to almost 50 issues together with the tie-ins. The primary tie-ins are Avengers and New Avengers which are also written by Infinity writer Jonathan Hickman. Other tie-ins includes Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Thunderbolts, [...]

    19. Defending Johnthan Hickman's InfinityBetween August 14th and November 27th of 2013 in the ongoing series Avengers, New Avengers and the 6 part Infinity event; 16 issues were published comprising the core story supplemented by tie-ins to other ongoing series by other writers. Among these are, for example, Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick (which I hope to read in it's entirety the first chance I get), Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova by Michael Brian Bendis and a bunch of others that I don’ [...]

    20. The Avengers are off in the far reaches of space as part of an intergalactic alliance in the war against The Builders. The Illuminati are searching for ways to halt the inter-dimensional incursions. Atlantis and Wakanda are going to war over the crimes Namor committed while he was under the influence of the Phoenix Force. And Thanos has decided to invade Earth with his army of space pirates in order to murder his last surviving son and/or steal the Time Gem. If all of that sounds like pure nonse [...]

    21. There's so much to love about Hickman, but then also some I dislike.He certainly has some of the most original stories in modern comics, and they often span the entire universe (if not multiple universes). In this volume, two wars are being raged simultaneously. Thanos the mad tyrant attacks Earth while most of the Avengers are off planet joining with a war council of other planets to defend the universe from the Builders.What's fun here?The story is fast paced, and the foe seems unbeatable at f [...]

    22. So I have finally found that it is true. Hickman is better in larger doses. He has usually disappointed me in the past. Almost everything after The Nightly News, with the exception of the fascinating East of West, has been mind-numbingly incomprehensible. Fortunately, this collection is a weighty tome clocking in at over 20 issues of individual comics. Hickman finally has enough time to steer his story in a coherent direction and develop some of his immense ideas. As always, so many things are g [...]

    23. This was satisfyingly epic. It's somewhat rare for an event series that crosses over several titles, being handled by several writers and artists, to be this coherent. It's a bit confusing out of the gate. I haven't been a hardcore Marvel fan for decades, so some of the characters and teams were unfamiliar to me. Perhaps, in addition to the little visual chart at the beginning of the book, we could have had a paragraph or two about each character and team so it's a bit more clear who everyone is [...]

    24. Usually I'll have the time to read what came before, what lead up to this, but I dove right in and found there's not much you need to know. Sure, there's the conflict with Namor and Black Panther, the incursions the new team of avengers, the allies, the enemies Ok ok there's a lot you need to know. There's actually two stories going on in Infinity, the Avengers in space caught in an intergalactic war, that thread leads to the Avengers issues and its a good thing they included them in this colle [...]

    25. Marvel does a good job with this crossover stuff, with three out of four of these omnibus crossover collections resulting in what is basically a pleasurable read. This one just makes the cut.This isn't the strongest story, and maybe is just a bit too derivative (which is a fairly damning statement in a genre where heavy handed rehashing is widely accepted without comment). This story benefits from very strong parallel story lines: one, coming out of the author's own epic run on the fantastic fou [...]

    26. Except for an average ending, O MY GOD!!!!! the buildup, the grand setting, the spectacular art, everything felt perfect. although i hoped the two stories would converge somewhere, (which they didn't) but still, this was an amazing read.

    27. An alien race of the builders breaks worlds and are on track to arrive at the earth and all they want to do is to wipe out the earth and restore order (why do these aliens aim only for this ? ). Anticipating the threat, the Avengers sans Tony launch into space to take the war to the builders. Battle rages across civilizations with the builders defeating one city after the other. Things are truly bleak in outer space when out of the blue arrives Thanos and his black order on earth in search of hi [...]

    28. Superhero event stories work better with these kinds of massive cosmic threats, and I imagine the effect might be improved if you were following all the individual stories. But at the same time, the higher the ostensible stakes, the more you're reminded that nothing can really have much of an impact. Even just a few years later, this might as well not have happened.

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