• Title: Wild Years: The Music and Myth of Tom Waits
  • Author: Jay S. Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9781550227161
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wild Years The Music and Myth of Tom Waits Newly updated to include his critically acclaimed post millennial work this look at Tom Waits both the reality and the myriad myths reveals how a self taught drunken hipster in roach killers and a d
    Newly updated to include his critically acclaimed post millennial work, this look at Tom Waits both the reality and the myriad myths reveals how a self taught, drunken hipster in roach killers and a dirty beret has influenced a generation of musicians with his sound, warmth, and willingness to take chances.

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    1. "I'll tell you all my secrets, but I lie about my past."from "Tango Till You're Sore" I don't know what the Tom Waits biography of my dreams would be. If I could sing back to the little birds who tell people things they need to know How do you change the wires that hook your ears up to your eyes and loop up to the noodly parts that trick you into thinking (no, into believing) that the filth isn't there to dirty up the clean? Alphabet soup spells rhymes out of this world of Dr. Seuss and Sesame S [...]

    2. Vrlo lepo odrađen hronološki prikaz lika i dela Toma Vejtsa, koji je, kako znamo, poslat na ovu Zemlju (koja se nekim čudom i dalje okreće) da bi nam doneo poeziju jutara provedenih u memljivim hotelskim sobama, raštimovanih klavira, slomljenih srca smekšanih alkoholom, suza, neuhvatljivih žena koje plešu bosonoge u senci topola tokom toplih letnjih večeri, propalica, prosjaka, prostitutki, cirkuzanata, lutalica i noćnih vozova. Ako ima Boga - to je onda Tom Vejts. Glavom pokrivenom is [...]

    3. I was very excited to read this and was very disappointed when I got started. Even more disappointed by the end. It seems to me, in 2008, after fifty plus years of "rock journalism," that these sorts of puff piece, simpleton music bio writers would have been weeded out. Sent packing. Given their walking papers. The only thing that made this book enjoyable was Waits; his character, his stories, his points of view. If this had been a book about someone crap, like Oasis, I would have burned it. No, [...]

    4. Appassionata cavalcata attraverso la bio-discografia di Tom Waits, dagli esordi al 2004. Si tratta di un volume molto godibile, con molte citazioni, notizie, fonti, interviste non solo a Waits, che raccontano i retroscena dei suoi pezzi più famosi e di tutti i suoi album, fino alle soglie di "Real Gone" (2004). L'unica pecca è proprio questa: oggi risulta un po' datato (nel senso di non aggiornato), proprio perché, interrompendo la narrazione degli eventi al 2004, non affronta i lavori di Wai [...]

    5. Čitam neke komentare da je ova knjiga poput proširene Wikipedie o Tom Waitsu - valjda su očekivali više detalja iz njegove spavaće sobe. Za mene, velikog fana Waitsa, sasvim zadovoljavajući spoj faktografije, citata, njegove uvrnute mitologije i klasičnog muzičkog novinarstva. Sve novo što sam saznao o Waitsu je samo učvrstilo moje mišljenje o potpuno unikatnoj ličnosti, umetniku kakvih je sve manje.

    6. I once heard a music journalist say that Tom Waits came from nowhere. He went on to explain that if you look at any artist you can usually see who they took their lead from. He then said that with Tom Waits there is only him, it is like he perfected his act in the desert then came to town. I didn't exactly agree with him but I thought that he voiced something that all Tom Waits fans instinctively feel. Whilst I would say that there were people before him there is no-one like him now.I was nervou [...]

    7. A rollicking good read if you're a Waits fan. Unlike the more recent biography 'The Many Lives Of Tom Wait' by Patrick Humphries, Jacobs' tome tends as much towards the mythology that Waits has created around his professional life, ie. the seedy barfly piano-man turned psychedelic farmer, as it does towards his real life. (He is, in reality, neither a complete dipsomaniac nor teetotaller, but rather somewhere in that sane place in-between.)More importantly, while sensation-seeking former NME hac [...]

    8. Found this at the Goodwill Bins and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about Tom Waits. It was published in 2000, so, of course it's not the most up to date. Not a problem. I was looking for history.I learned a lot I didn't know, which is good, because Waits is the kind of artist for whom every additional layer of background knowledge leads to greater appreciation of the work.This book, however, while informative, reads as a compilation of paraphrasings and quotes from transcri [...]

    9. Tom Waits is such a uniquely interesting and elusive figure, and given this, any book about him has appeal. That being said, this could have been done better. I felt that the author spent too much time idolizing the artist, and the album descriptions read like overly-specific journal reviews. This would have worked well for me if I had been listening to the music while reading, but I wasn't. On the plus side, I learned more about one of my favorite artists and personalities and am motivated to l [...]

    10. As someone who has been aware of Tom Waits mostly on the periphery, I really liked this book. The truth is I wanted to learn more about him and his music. I really hoped this book would make me a bigger fan of Waits, and it certainly did. The glimpses into his personal life were fairly limited, but that was fine with me. The book moved through his growth and progression as an artist in a chronological and logical fashion. I ended up buying 7 of his albums as I read this book. My favorite era is [...]

    11. It is easy to write about a man such as Tom Waits and I don't feel like Jay S. Jacobs went about it in a way that grabs the attention of the readers. Some parts drag on and he spends an unnecessarily long time on describing the people involved in his life and not the man himself. However, upon saying this he also gives the reader an excellent timeline of Waits' life and extracts some very in-depth details from his childhood and early days which are very intriguing. Overall the book had the poten [...]

    12. A well-written book with lots of interesting information about Tom Waits' music. Definitely written for serious fans. Jacobs is very respectful of Tom Waits' privacy, which I can appreciate because I revere Tom so much myself. However, to tell you the honest truth, I wouldn't have minded some salacious details.

    13. Ova knjiga je verovatno manje užasna na engleskom, ali u jadnom prevodu je skoro nečitljiva od brojnih netranskribovanih imena i loše prevedenih stihova. Sama knjiga se čini kao prošireno izdanje sabranih tekstova sa Vikipedije

    14. An interesting and respectful look at a notoriously private person. And a very honest appraisal of an artistic genius of stage, studio and screen. great read.

    15. I learned some stuff about the guy, but not nearly enough. Would much rather read an autobiography, but I guess this'll do til Tom Waits writes one

    16. No interview with Tom waites. goes thru each cd and explains events. Interesting, but author idolizes too much.

    17. There's a pretty nice pic I've never seen before of Brennan. The rest is press clipping hamfisted hogtied hogwash

    18. Very disappointing. I listened to Ton Waits in the late 70's. I'm interested in him, so picked up this book. Kept waiting for it to get better. It didn't.

    19. Picked this up on the flight from Long Beach to Philadelphia, I guess in the move I forgot about it. So far, its pretty good.

    20. What a poet this man is. The stories that he tells in his songs are gut-wrenching. And that voice. Love it.

    21. I am a big fan of Senior Waits. This was an entertaining read, only made me love him more. I heart Tom Waits!

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