• Title: An Unforgivable Secret
  • Author: J.E.B. Spredemann
  • ISBN: 9781940492018
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Unforgivable Secret Hannah has a good life A beautiful home a loving husband and a wonderful Amish community are only a few of her daily blessings But she has carried a heavy burden for years a secret that no one must
    Hannah has a good life A beautiful home, a loving husband, and a wonderful Amish community are only a few of her daily blessings But she has carried a heavy burden for years a secret that no one must know When tragedy strikes, her secret threatens to be revealed, jeopardizing everything she s ever loved Will Hannah be able to face her greatest fear and find God s purpHannah has a good life A beautiful home, a loving husband, and a wonderful Amish community are only a few of her daily blessings But she has carried a heavy burden for years a secret that no one must know When tragedy strikes, her secret threatens to be revealed, jeopardizing everything she s ever loved Will Hannah be able to face her greatest fear and find God s purpose for her life Inspirational Christian Fiction

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    1. An Unforgivable Secret by J.E.B. Spredemann is a Christian book about the Amish. This story is about Hanna Stolzfus and Christian Flick. He asks Hannah to marry him and the very next night Hannah spies Christian dressed as an Englisher holding and kissing an Englisher girl with Blondel curly hair. She is heartbroken. Christian's best friend Samuel also like Hannah. He defers to his friend Christian but he is angry at him for cheating on Hannah. Samuel writes to Carolanne in Ohio. The next day th [...]

    2. There is a secret weighing heavily on Hannah Glick's conscience. This secret defines her life and the guilt she feels affects the way she sees everything. At the beginning of the book we meet three main characters: Hannah, Christian and Samuel. These three friends have grown up together. Hannah and Christian eventually fall in love and begin courting. Samuel also loves Hannah, however, he has a girl far away that he has been courting through letters.Behavior decisions that Christian makes direct [...]

    3. Its hard to write a review without spoiling the story line. So I will try to dance around the plot with care.The story deals with the deep pain and damaged relationships that unconfessed sin can have in our lives. When we bury past sins in the deep crevices of our lives and try to carry that burden alone we impact everyone around us. Living with the fear of rejection by God, friends, and family colors every aspect of our existence. Forgiveness is freeing and redeeming.J.E.B. Spredemann draws us [...]

    4. This book is like no other Amish book that I have read. The way God turned a bad situation into victory for not only Hannah's life, but for many others for years to come. Thank you for stepping up and writing on this subject that I hope will stop another life lost and hurt.This book is like no other Amish book that I have ever read. The way God turned a bad situation into victory, for not only Hannah's life,but for many others for years to come. Thank you for stepping up and writing on this subj [...]

    5. J.E.B. Spredemann had me on the edge of my seat while I was reading An Unforgivable Secret. J.E.B. Spredemann's word descriptions are really good and making the story come to life, as if you are apart of the story too. I love books like that. This was my first time reading anything written by J.E.B. Spredemann AND am I very glad that I finally read one of her books; I plan on reading more of her work. Have you ever had a secret that you had kept someone(s)? Did that secret come to the surface? W [...]

    6. This was the first book I've read (listened to) by this author. I plan to read many more because I enjoyed this one so much. Hannah lives with a secret that she has shared with no one. It's amazing how one secret can affect so many people but this story illustrates just how that can happen.Hannah grows up with Samuel and Christian who are best friends. Samuel leaves their Amish community without warning but leaves a note behind saying goodbye. Hannah and Christian get married and attempt to star [...]

    7. "An Unforgivable Secret" by J. E. B. Spredemann is a five star story. It is the first book in the "Amish Secrets" series . It deals with a subject, most people don't want to hear about or think about , abortion but it is a subject that is very much real in the English world and even in the Amish world,( just not as much in the Amish world)This book was a very emotional read for me, but I couldn't put it down until I had finished reading the last page.I have to be honest and say I probably wouldn [...]

    8. Powerful Story of Forgiveness (4 Stars)An Unforgivable Secret (Amish Secrets #1) by J.E.B. SpredemannThis is a powerful story of one woman’s past that has effected her whole life. Hannah Stolzfus is a sweet Amish young woman and her beau, Christian Glick, are going to get married. But before that, Christian has something important to take care of. When Hannah finds out that Christian was seeing someone else, she is heart broken and she makes a huge mistake. One that follows her for years. She [...]

    9. This book was abhorrent when it came to views on abortion. Yes, I understand - it is an Amish book and they are very against the subject. They are also the most forgiving group of people I have ever had the pleasure of living amongst. To have the reactions of more than one person be utter and complete disgust when this poor woman was going through the worst times of her life was flat-out wrong. She had already hated herself for years, believing she was unworthy of her god's love no matter what s [...]

    10. Absolutely wonderful book. I haven't read this author before, but definitely plan to do so again. I'm not sure exactly what to say in this review. Why? It's certainly not because I didn't like it. On the contrary, I loved it.No, it's because I don't want to ruin it for future readers by leaving spoilers.I don't know what I thought the secret would be, but it wasn't what I was I expected (careful not to leave spoilers, here). You'll have to read the book to find out what the secret is.The charact [...]

    11. This was a very engaging work of Amish fiction but I was surprised that several main characters had great difficulty in forgiving since the Amish faith is very outspoken about their forgiveness. It does show the Amish in this book, though, to be very human and struggling with many of the same issues as Englisch. I appreciated the way that the Bishop and elders handled the difficult issues in the book, as well. I won't spoil the book by revealing what those issues were. I finished this book in on [...]

    12. A great readA great readThis is very good story about three people and how they suffered so much by not trusting enough in the families are God to help them.A secret that was kept for so many years and the terrible price for it. This is all I am going to say for I do not want to spoil it for you. We will also have this in our next book discussion . Be sure to get it if you have not already.

    13. Wow. This books really make you think about forgiveness. The characters and plot are great. Highly recommended. Cannot wait for the next one in the series.

    14. I’ve had this on my kindle for almost a year, and I have wanted to get to it earlier. It really speaks to the reader with quotes like: “if he’d only known the outcome of his actions.” And, “Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever & affect everyone in their path one way or another.” I cannot give my favorite quote without revealing too much of the book, but this was another favorite: “there is NOTHING unforgivable & there are no secrets before an all-knowing me [...]

    15. Wow! powerfully written story that addresses thelife as she grows older. The guilt weighs heavily on her as she knows if she were to "come clean and confess her sin", that in the Amish community her sin is considered unforgivable and she would be shunned (horrible dorm of punishment as it basically leaves the shunned person with no allies to talk to and to help deal with the guilt and other issues related to the occurrence (I'm intentionally being ambiguous in wording as don't want to spoil the [...]

    16. This is a beautiful story of the redeeming grace of Jesus. Although it deals with a very sad and difficult topic, it is a great reminder that no matter what we have done, Christ forgives. The subject matter is one you don’t often hear about, particularly within the Amish community, but it is real, it is emotionally painful, and it is redeemable. Being a part of a strong religious community, Hannah feels she must keep her secret hidden. If others found out, it would likely bring great shame to [...]

    17. I liked how this author used the Biblical injunction that our sin will always be found out to set the premise for his story. The main character battles guilt and shame, but eventually must come clean in order to move forward, both in her marriage and in her spiritual life. ***SPOILER ALERT The best part of this author's work is that it is a moral ending -- where many books leave you wishing the girl will get the new guy, this one reverts to honoring the marriage vows and allows things to work ou [...]

    18. Hannah has a secret, a secret that she thinks is unforgivable.This secret could ruin her marriage and have her shunned. How can she go on with life as this secret affects not only herself, her husband and her family and close friends. Will her husband forgive her and more importantly can God forgive her.I listened to this book on Audible and I cried as I listened to the breaking heart of Hannah as her secret is revealed. This book touched me in so many ways and the forgiveness of God and how it [...]

    19. Not your average Amish book! This book dealt with issues of life that not all Amish books have. I stayed interested throughout the story. There were a few moments when the narrator seemed to have a difficult time making sentences flow smoothly. A couple times there were small annoyances with how she used her voice, but I don't think it was so bad to not listen.

    20. An Unforgivable Secret by J.E.B. Spredemann is the first of her Amish Secrets series. If you enjoy reading Amish books you’ll enjoy this one. I actually was given the audiobook by the author and even though I love books I enjoyed listening to it even more. For more of my review go to my website rebakaspot Saturday 11/23/13.

    21. I enjoyed this very much. A very powerful story about forgiveness. I can't help but think this book has changed my outlook on so much. Religion, beliefs, forgiveness, trust, and dealing with situations as they arise. Definitely a book to read if you are going through any type if struggle.

    22. Excellentenjoyed so much that I didn't put down until completed. Excellent read that brought tears thru much of it. showed me that I don't give God credit for being with me and forgiving me when I fail.

    23. Amish fictionI will definitely read more of this author. I know I will get the second book, A secret encounter book 2 in the series. This story touched my heart. God can salvage the mess a person makes of life by going our own way.

    24. You know sometimes you can figure out how the book is going to end. I was wrong !! I was in shock. I cried

    25. This is a new author for me covering a subject that I've never seen in "Amish" literature. This is a powerful lesson on how one event can change the entire course of our lives. Well done.

    26. This was a thought provoking story. I know very little of the Amish and their ways, so this story went some way to enlighten me.I think my biggest take away from this book is that no one, even people of faith, is immune from fear. Many of Hannah's actions and the reactions of those in her story, were brought about by fear. Fear of rejection by those she loved and from her community. Their fears for her soul, the condemnation of others and their mourning of loss for the person they thought she wa [...]

    27. So totally unrealistic. Me, who loves fantasy, could not bring myself to suspend my disbelief long enough to get into this book. Terrible writing, unrealistic characters, and frankly, the author is just plain lazy. Would have been better if she wasn't trying to dazzle us so much with her continuous use of Pennsylvania Dutch.which is ok as she provides a key to it but some words are missing?! Almost zero character development and really, not a lot of plot development. She'd just move on to the ne [...]

    28. Poorly WrittenThe only thing that saved this book from a 1-to-0 star review is the very interesting potential of the plot -- which, unfortunately, the dully repetitive writing and preachy tone didn't allow it to live up to. When what was probably meant as a well-intentioned story about forgiveness and moving on started feeling like an overgrown cautionary​ tale for the pro-life movement, I gave this book the distinction of being one of the few titles I have ever begun reading and left unfinish [...]

    29. A Must ReadOur lives are in God's hands. We who believe in Him, trust Him to take care of us. When Hannah's life began to crumble, her life and her two best friends lives took sudden unexpected turns. I read this story in one sitting, simply could not put it down. I felt close to Hannah's and knew her feelings. If you know anyone who has aborted or miscarried, this story might help them heal. Highly recommended!

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