• Title: Ill Wind
  • Author: Karen Perkins K.A. Perkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ill Wind Gabriella Berryngton is an unhappy and oppressed fourteen year old girl living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in She dreams of escaping her bitter ambitious stepfather and sailing off into the
    Gabriella Berryngton is an unhappy and oppressed fourteen year old girl living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1683 She dreams of escaping her bitter, ambitious stepfather and sailing off into the unknown.Her dreams come true when her stepfather sells her into marriage.Aboard the Freyja, she is hopeful that her new life in the Dutch West Indies will be an improvement Gabriella Berryngton is an unhappy and oppressed fourteen year old girl living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1683 She dreams of escaping her bitter, ambitious stepfather and sailing off into the unknown.Her dreams come true when her stepfather sells her into marriage.Aboard the Freyja, she is hopeful that her new life in the Dutch West Indies will be an improvement a hope that dies when she is given a slave, Klara, and a whip She discovers that her soon to be father in law is a ruthless slave trader in league with pirates, and her fianc is cold, unfriendly and disinterested in Gabriella She is little than a vessel to provide the next generation of van Eckens.Largely ignored and desperately unhappy, she and Klara develop a friendship which makes life bearable at first Once married, Gabriella s life takes a turn for the worse and she descends into a world of horror and abuse until tensions finally explode Life will never be the same and she has no choice but to take fate into her own hands.

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    1. An Ill Wind is a short "novella" that introduces the reader to Gabriella Berrynton,and is a "Prequel" if you will, that continues on to further swashbuckling female pirate adventure books in the future.We first meet Gabriella in the year 1683 in her home town Massachasetts Bay.She and her mother are summond to meet her father at his work at the docks and since he would never do this Gabriella and her mother know something is not right. Little did they know it would change Gabriella's life foreve [...]

    2. I'm a sucker for a pirate story. Back in my bodice ripper reading days, I just loved the pirate themed ones. Well, this story was in no way a romance. In fact, there was almost too much reality in this story. This story takes place in the 1680's , not a good time for women. Gabrielle, a very young girl from America, gets sold by her father to a rich Dutch slave trader and sugar cane farmer. She must travel to the Caribbean to marry this man's son. Needless to say, none of the men in this story t [...]

    3. Imagine you are a 14 year old girl living in late-1600s Massachusetts. Now imagine that you learn your father has brokered a marriage for you, to a man you've never met who lives on a small island in the Caribbean. Not only that, you're leaving that same day. This is the situation confronting Gabriella, narrator of An Ill Wind. She is thrown into circumstances she could never have foreseen, and her only friend is her slave, Klara—although their relationship, due to a misunderstanding, gets off [...]

    4. When I received this book from the First Reads program I was excited to have found a new author that I had never heard of before. K.A Perkins does an excellent job portraying a 17th century Caribbean. An Ill Wind tells the story of a young girl, Gabriella, who is sold off into marriage to a man who, well lets just say, he isn't very nice. She befriends a slave girl who helps her through her tough times, and takes care of her as best she can. This is a novella, the first in the Valkyrie series, s [...]

    5. The authors' intent is to bring you in and let you become one with the character. Which all in all she does quite well. The author also intends to leave you wanting more, needing to read on into the next novel to get some closure as to what is really happening and the author also does this quite well, be prepared to want to read the next novel of this series because all in all it was an excellent read with a hang on ending that will force you to grab the next book and move on. This book was a fr [...]

    6. Wow! This storyis even better than the description. I'm getting ready to buy Dead Reckoning.e continuation of Gabrielle's story. The author begins the story immediately drawing you in to a scene that leaves you wondereing how such things are possible. Then continues to entrance you with the life that befalls this brave young lady. It's amazing how someone so young can adapt to such a grievous. Situation. I can't wait to see what happens next. A must read!

    7. Easily got lost in the story which is full of emotion. A must read. I will be reading the next book for sure.

    8. I receive this book from the author.And I was so happy to read it.It is a wonderful book.I love books like this one.There are so much to say about this book.Many,many things. Probably,you`ve read the description of the book.Most of you don`t want read it,because it is not fantasy,or something like that.But it is more than that.It is about the pain that women have to endure in 1660,in England.To marry a guy that you haven`t see it and most of it to not love you or appreciated you .It is hard.Many [...]

    9. At first glance, this book may appear to merely serve as an introduction to the next book in the series, Dead Reckoning. And, to be honest, since this is a novella, there is little space for complete resolution of the complex story being told here. However, more like an extended short story, Perkins manages to capture the essence of a moment in life in AN ILL WIND. With great confidence she creates an atmosphere of pain and anger and places her main character right in the middle of it. Her choic [...]

    10. I liked the short chapters. They lent pace to this adventure where a 14 yr old girl is shipped off by her cold step-father to face hostility and ill treatment as well as pirates. The heroine is suitably brave and resilient, unlike the mother who had to let her go in order to save herself. The mother feels she has no choice, and therefore at the end when the heroine feels she has no choice - but to a very different dilemma, the structure of the novel is satisfyingly rounded.There is plenty of act [...]

    11. The Valkyrie Series comes highly recommended for those who enjoy historical reading. It is a romance but not erotica. I would rate this series as 5 star.I really enjoyed these stories. One big plus was the period dialogue. The language used is one you can imagine pirates of olden days in the Caribbean might have used. From start to finish, these are stories the reader will find difficult to put down as the story telling is fast paced and leaves the reader wondering what happens next. The love st [...]

    12. Wow – the author has done well to recreate such a stark, frightening time so vividly, and I immediately sympathised with Gabriella as she is sold in to marriage. An Ill Wind is fast-paced, tense and exciting and my only complaint is that it isn’t a full length book – I bought the next in the series straight away to carry on the story! The slave and pirate background to the novel is realistically drawn and obviously well-researched, and the characters are also well-drawn with depth. I lived [...]

    13. The first book in the Valkyrie Series by Karen Perkins, 'Ill Wind' introduces us to one of the main characters in 'Dead Reckoning' - Gabriella Berryngton - as she is forced into marriage in seventeenth century colonial America. Initially relieved to be escaping an unhappy childhood home, her new life quickly descends into horror. Available to download as an ebook from , discover a riveting story exploring the powerlessness of women at that time - even in 'The New World' - where most people emigr [...]

    14. A nice and easy read. The characters are believable. I will be on the look out for the next book to find out what happens to the main characters.

    15. Note: Review is for the entire Valkyrie SeriesWell written historical fiction should cause the reader to wonder what really happened - to ask what in the story is fact and what is not. If the story is well executed it should be told without anachronism or other annoying flaws, accurately depicting the period in question. Ultimately it should be the kind of story that leaves the reader thinking that if things didn't happen exactly this way, perhaps they should have. Karen Perkins has delivered su [...]

    16. The story begins in Massachusetts in 1683. Gabriella Berryngton is a stepdaughter of the chief customs officer of Massachusetts Bay. Her stepfather is heavy-handed, and does not care for Gabriella. So, when the opportunity comes up to arrange a marriage for Gabriella, he takes it, despite the fact she is only 14 and the fiance lives on an island called Sayba in the Caribbean. Gabriella meets her soon-to-be Dutch-speaking father-in-law, Jan van Ecken, and is given only a few hours to pack a say g [...]

    17. Book Talk Reviewsfacebook/VampiresBite2012michelle808205/The first word that pops into my head when I think about this book is OH MY GOODNESS! This was a great story,the story plot was great and and I think the cover of the book was a great fit.The main character is 14 year old Gabriella Berryngton and I have to say,I wish I has half of her strength and courage. Gabriella is forced into a marriage she doesn't want and I don't blame her. I liked and hated a lot of the characters in this book. I t [...]

    18. I really loved the historical details in this book, they made it all the more interesting. I have issues with -- well -- the age of the protagonist and what happens to her, I know such things happened but I don't have to like it and I wish the author had given the poor girl at least a couple more years of age before sending her off to her fate. It's for the sake of my own sensibility I know, and I know that's ridiculous, but there it is. I'm uncomfortable with that whole aspect. The book is enga [...]

    19. Great Novella!Ill Wind is a short novella that serves as an intro to the Valkyrie series. The reader gets introduced to the heroine Gabriella, her back story, and the sad tale of how her father sells her to the Van Ecken family to become Erik’s bride. She is only fourteen and has known nothing other than hardship, but through this short story she finds her courage and learns how to endure abuse while she waits for her chance to escape. This is a story of female friendship, bravery, and strengt [...]

    20. I thought this book was pretty good. It was nicely paced, and I loved how the chapters weren't super long. I flew through it, and the story line kept me interested. It's about a 14 year old girl, Gabriella who gets forced into a marriage with the son of this Dutch family, Erik van Ecken. Hopefully I got that last name right, lolywho, this first book is about her life with them, and they have dealings with pirates. Anywho, I'll def continue on with this series! It had a nice cliffhanger ending th [...]

    21. Good story. I enjoyed it but did skim a lot about halfway through. Liked it enough to get the second one though. The ONLY thing I found that rang untrue is her age. She was 14 when she was given away by her "father" and married a stranger. Seems like even if she lived with her husband 3 years (and it may have been less), she was way too young to act as old as she did. I would have believed it more if she was 22 or 23.

    22. I have no idea how to rate this novella since it was an extremely well-written story that goes nowhere, written as a prequel to the next two or possibly three books in the series. The characters were engaging and the story fascinating, but not worth your time unless you are going on to read Dead Reckoning.

    23. This is a very believable tale. The author has brought to the minds eye a vision of life as a pirate in the Caribbean islands. Ms. Perkins knowledge and demonstrated skills as a sailor show in her scenes with accurate historical descriptions of life as a pirate and a woman in the 17th century. Very enjoyable read.

    24. Pretty goodThis is the backstory to the first book in the series as told by Gabriella. It describes her life and marriage to Erik. It goes into more detail onto the brutality of her life. I am on to book III.

    25. The writing in this is really blunt and events seem to just happen out of no where without any real development. This does however mean the story moves really quickly and makes for easy reading. Finished it without realising I was even near the end.

    26. AN ILL WIND is engaging right from the beginning. The writing is crisp. I couldn't stop reading, chapter after chapter. I was immediately swept back in time, and I loved it.

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