• Title: Shattered
  • Author: Donna Augustine
  • ISBN: 9780615921457
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shattered I thought I could be a hero That was before I helped destroy the world Now as I stand among the rubble of what used to be I wonder how we re ever going to pick up the pieces Everyday is a struggle
    I thought I could be a hero That was before I helped destroy the world Now, as I stand among the rubble of what used to be, I wonder how we re ever going to pick up the pieces Everyday is a struggle, and people are getting desperate Creatures that never should have existed are picking away at the dwindling numbers of the human race And the knowledge that could be ourI thought I could be a hero That was before I helped destroy the world Now, as I stand among the rubble of what used to be, I wonder how we re ever going to pick up the pieces Everyday is a struggle, and people are getting desperate Creatures that never should have existed are picking away at the dwindling numbers of the human race And the knowledge that could be our salvation lies with the senator who reigns supreme on the other half of the globe.

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    1. I haven't even reviewed the others, I read them back to back and then sat there tap tap taping my foot waiting for this one. I am really in love with everything about this story, the fact I STILL have to wait for more? OMG Donna! I am stalking you, yes that is me when you start noticing the smell of maple syrup, evergreen and bacon? That is me! Keep writing!The story picks up right after the second one, this is it BOOM the world went, and guess whose fault it is? Well she thinks it is her fault! [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI’m not sure how to label this. It’s not UF anymore. It’s turned into a dystopian fantasy with a touch of magically induced scifi. Donna Augustine excels at blending different genres to create something original. After the events of the last book the world is in chaos. People were dying. Everything was changing. Dangerous new creatures were emerging. Magic worked differently. Once again Jo’s special snowflake skills were coming in handy. I get it that Jo is special, but it doesn [...]

    3. Might be spoiler-ish. 2.8I really liked the first book. The second I liked a bit less but this irritated me to no end for the first 200 pages-which you can tell id more than half- up until Jo decided to stop wallowing in a misplaced-and rather annoying- self pity. It got boring to have to constantly be reading the same thing over again. I find myself disliking her more as the series continues which is a far cry from how I feel about Cormac, who just keeps gaining points in my book. I also found [...]

    4. I loved the first book.The second was more fantasy-scifi-ish, I still liked it, but it wasn't 100% my cup of tea.But this one, the third, goes more back to the paranormal with a hint of scifi and almost fairytale like Creatures and me likey! (please note that I might have other definitions of sci fi, fairytale, fantasy etc than others on GR, so if it says "fairytale" and you think "nah, then this book isn't for me, well keep in mind that it's MY definiton and not necessarily how others would cat [...]

    5. This is book three in the Alchemy series. I think there will only be one more. The first two books are more urban fantasy, while Shattered is a dystopian as the characters are thrown into a whole new world. And what a ride it was. Each book has had an ending I didn’t see coming. The action is fast paced and Donna’s tight prose makes for quick reading. The events of each book have you sprinting to the end before slam you into a wall of “oh, crap! I didn’t see that coming”. You grab the [...]

    6. Shattered is the third book in The Alchemy series and this book is just as remarkable and the first two of this truly amazing series.After repairing the giant hole in the place where New York once stood and surviving Senator Core assassination attack, Jo is now struggling with the guilt and burden for destroying and changing the world, the death of so many and causing a mutation reaction in some of the remaining human inhabitants, is too much for one girl who rarely trusted and relied only on he [...]

    7. Jo is on a path to self destruction.I mean, you cause the apocalypse and watch 90% of the human population get destroyed in a matter of weeks and you would probably have a meltdown too but still, Jo has tried to stop caring and it isn't working. So she drinks. To be honest, I would too.Kurt Vonnegut has a list of rules for creative writing and one of them is to create a character that everybody loves and then start doing horrible things to them. Donna Augustine is doing precisely that. Jo was a [...]

    8. Not going to star this as I did not finish it. Something about this book just did not gel with me, I hated everything about it basically. However I enjoyed the other two books and I will therefore go back and read it properly at some point. I just really felt like the kindle version was not edited, there was more than just typos but also awkward conversations and turns of phrases. The plot line was predictable and drawn out as well, but like I said I will give Shattered another chance in the fut [...]

    9. The world is a horrible place, and it's all Jo's fault. The push-pull relationship between Jo and Cormac finally reaches the breaking point. Meanwhile humans are finding themselves no longer human, and nothing is secret anymore.I like the post-apocalypse world better than previous books' secrecy.

    10. OMG what?!What happens next?! This series just keeps getting more and more complex! I love it! It is so much fun never knowing what happens next!

    11. Jo Davids, Keeper of the highest level in a world that’s suffered losses in Shattered, book three of the Alchemist series by Donna Augustine. The humans that are left in the new world are changing, the enemies are stronger than ever, and now they have to worry about flying beasts trying to eat them. At this point the world and the inhabitants are evolving (devolving) rapidly; when you don’t know what your enemies can do, or sometimes who they even are, life is precarious. Jo and Cormac resol [...]

    12. Third book in The Alchemy Series is as intriguing and fun to read as the previous two. I always try to start one of Ms. Augustine book when I know there is plenty of time to devote to it, because sure as heck, once started, that book is not going to leave my hands until I’m absolutely forced into putting it down. Fortunately this series is a very fast read. If you are a fan of urban fantasy with a host of supernatural creatures scattered throughout the books this series is a must read! If you [...]

    13. Slow and Poorly Edited; Negative overall relationship message.In this novel there seems to be one overall objective - rescue friends. Cormac also has the additional goal of getting Jo to have sex with him. The novel moves *slowly* toward the conclusion of each endeavor with extremely poor editing. I'm all for rescuing friends, especially when their own stupid decisions get them into trouble. There's a reason you don't negotiate with terrorists.As far as Cormac and Jo go, I have to say that the m [...]

    14. Whilst I did enjoy this installment I don't think it was quite as good as the previous one. I feel this was partly my own fault for not going back and re-reading the first two before this one, but at the same time things are so very different to where they started that it's almost as if the cast of characters have been transplanted in to an entirely separate story.Jo spends most of this book being driven to exhaustion and crushed under the heavy rock of guilt (view spoiler)[for "destroying" the [...]

    15. Wow!! Ya think you are saving the world and end up making things worse. Still what would you do leave the giant radiation wormholes open? Really bad luck Jo is getting all the blame.This is still all from her POV and in first person, not a favorite style but something I am dealing with. I love her attitude and she is finally getting her stuff together. She is maturing and learning to depend on her friends. Yeah, I am loving the growth.Woohoo, there is some resolution to that hot chemistry with C [...]

    16. This is by far the best book to the Keeper Series. Donna has outdone herself with this book!Very well written and the description in the book of how the world is destroyed , in total ruin, is perfected!Nothing is over described which is a per peve of mine when it comes to reading. I can't read over receipted books. Jo has finally become "one of the boys" so to speak. she is included and not thought about by the others as the whinny weak , tantrum girl she was at the beginning of the series. She [...]

    17. First of all let me say I read / listened to this book via audible. This series is fabulous in audio format! The characters come to life via the narrator with all her voices and emotions! If you haven't tried any audio books, this series is an awesome set to experience the value of an audiobook! This is book 3 of this series. I still love this series. It gets better & better. The author, Donna Augustine has an incredible wit & imagination. It's paranormal at its finest in combination wit [...]

    18. Hi BookLuvrs,Alight! This was a better installment, than the second one. Donna gave us a lot more action pack and romance I think we have all been waiting on… I have to tell you, I almost gave up on the series, but it’s really hard for me to leave a series alone unless I just can’t go through with it. And believe there have been some…In this series we get to see Jo struggle so much with not letting Cormac in. With the destruction of the population, she blames herself for every thing. She [...]

    19. I thought I could be a hero. That was before I helped destroy the world. Now, as I stand among the rubble of what used to be, I wonder how we're ever going to pick up the pieces. Everyday is a struggle, and people are getting desperate. Creatures that never should have existed are picking away at the dwindling numbers of the human race. And the knowledge that could be our salvation lies with the senator who reigns supreme on the other half of the globe. In this series we get to see Jo struggle s [...]

    20. I'm a bit ashamed it has taken me this long to get this review written.The lengthy delay had nothing to do with the book. I loved it! As with every piece of Ms. Augustine's work that I have read, this book had it all. I loved the cumulation of the tensions that had been building throughout the series as well as watching Jo grow that bit more. She is so much more than she was at the beginning of the series.The world that was built at the beginning of the series has undergone such drastic changes [...]

    21. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsShattered begins with Jo feeling a whole lot of guilt after helping destroy the world. She knew it was a bad idea, but she thought it was the best she could do. Not only that, but she and Cormac seem to be getting closer, yet still having problems. Now, it is up to both of them to help protect those that are still alive. This book was really good. It really got into the relationship between Cormac and Jo. And it really showed how strong Jo was, and how s [...]

    22. Damn, this one was apocalyptic :))I didn't expect this series to go this way and I have to admit I now severely dislike the heroine. The hero is just boring, but the story is great.In a changed world, the survivors are trying to get their bearing on the new reality. Cormac becomes a type of dictator, which in my opinion isn't bad, but Jo doesn't like his way of solving things.I think she's an example of people unable to cope, and he's the extreme - the type that thrives in a crisis environment.I [...]

    23. I like this series. maybe because they didn't save the world, they broke it. the male lead is a barbarian, but the female lead has secrets galore and a sordid past- she's no catch either. furrom is adorable in his blackguardiness. it's a good time. not romance novel. but does have some steam. book ends with the door wide open for action and adventure in next book, but felt like a finished book in its own right. overall- a good time.

    24. Wow. Donna is a very good author who has successfully sucked me into Jo's world. I could not put this book down or the books before this. The storyline is unique, and the characters are intriguing. There is so much yet to tell in this series and I look forward to reading all about it. If you are a fan of Karen Moning's Fever series, then you just might like this one. I highly recommend this series and hope you will enjoy it as much as I am!!

    25. I really love this series, but the two main characters are getting on my nerves a bit with their back and forthough it doesn't take away from the story, which is still quite intriguing. I'm torn between getting to the end of the series *yay* and getting the end of the series *awe it's over*.

    26. This series has been nothing like I expected. I normally don't enjoy post-apocalyptic books, but I enjoyed this one. Jo is so stubborn, it's interesting to see what crazy thing she was going to do next. Then, there was her and Cormack. Sexual tension between two stubborn people! Great secondary characters! Five glittery stars!

    27. the 3rd in this series, they were good enough that i had to read 2 and 3 right after no 1, it wasn't till this one that I thought it reminded me of something, its a little like "Fever" series, well a LOT like the fever series, I liked it though, made a change from all the so-so books i@ve been reading lately!

    28. Best book yetTalk about intense. This book kept me reading and I really did not want to put the book down. Cormac tells Jo, fine big give up, and then she complains and wonders why, age says that be must not have ever cared. WHAT?!?! She just needs to grow up. Other than that I loved how the book progressed and I am looking forward to the next and final installment.

    29. Great cast of characters. Fast paced reading. I like that the characters are evolving and growing as the storyline continues. I was getting a little frustrated with Jo's continual rejection of Cormacd was thankful when she finally caved. Overall this is a fun and worthwhile series!

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