• Title: Coming Down
  • Author: Marie Coulson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: None
  • Coming Down Layla s story concludes releasing in You can t run away forever sometimes you have to start over With college coming to an end a promising career in sight and a sexy talented rocker to spend
    Layla s story concludes releasing in 2014 You can t run away forever sometimes, you have to start over With college coming to an end, a promising career in sight, and a sexy, talented rocker to spend eternity with, Layla s life is finally coming together She s living the American dream But dreams can soon become nightmares when the man you love becomes one of the woLayla s story concludes releasing in 2014 You can t run away forever sometimes, you have to start over With college coming to an end, a promising career in sight, and a sexy, talented rocker to spend eternity with, Layla s life is finally coming together She s living the American dream But dreams can soon become nightmares when the man you love becomes one of the world s most lusted after celebrities Battling to find a balance between her hectic profession and the trying demands of the rock and roll lifestyle, Layla soon discovers that the glare of the spotlight is blinding Adding fuel to a fiery situation, old friends turn over new leaves, thereby leaving Layla with a troubling dilemma Will her past ruin her present Is she strong enough to handle coming down Intense passion, deep emotion, sex, drugsd rock and roll.

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    1. SPOILERSI bought this book, went straight to the end to see how it endedOCKER I am not surprised by the ending. Since book 1 this author has been extremely vocal in which guy was her favorite and personally that pissed me off. When I read the first book, I couldn't figure out why everyone was so in love with Ollie. Ollie & Layla had absolutely no chemistry. All her chemistry was with Jared! At the end of Bound Together Amy & Mel told Layla to make a choice. Told her to close her eyes and [...]

    2. Excitedummmmmmmkind of Not really into thelove triangletype of book and the last two Any way hope this is good and concludes the series perfectly.

    3. 4 Rock and Roll Stars!Review by Lisa KaneAt the end of Marie Coulson's Burning Up, Layla had made her decision to be with Ollie Green, the rock star. I have always been #TeamJared so this one really hurt. Coming Down picks up where Burning Up left us and Ollie's band is taking off. The money is pouring in, the groupies are everywhere and the paparazzi can't get enough. Things seem good between Layla and Ollie but she senses something is off. But she has school on her mind, and wants to graduate [...]

    4. I made the decision to look at the ending. I never do that, but really the outcome of this love triangle was too important to me. The bottom line is, it doesn't end how I want it to and for that I can't finish it. I won't rate the book because that would be unfair, but to say I'm disappointed, is an understatement. I was never invested in Layla. She messed around with two guys hearts and whether she redeemed herself by the end or not, for me the damage was done. It is also my belief that the guy [...]

    5. So I loved & hated this book at times & I am beyond happy with the ending of Layla's story. It was full of angst, love, hate, suffering & redemption. Layla was at times annoying but she wouldn't be Layla with out her drama queen ways. Ollie was a total douchbag at times but had his reasons & he does get his s**t together. Jared was amazing. All the supporting characters were at times not cool but all had an important role to play. This book made me so mad at times & so happy [...]

    6. Just finished reading this tonight, what a massive disappointment- loved the first two books found myself skim reading most of this book!!!!! Actually a boring book to be honest

    7. Review posted at: bookcrushbookreviews/2014/Rating: 4.5 starsThis is the final book of Layla's journey. She's found love twice and one is an everlasting love through all the trials and tribulations. My heart ached throughout this novel. I had to take many breaks because Layla's friendship with Jared was producing locusts in my stomach as was Ollie's behavior and hurtful wordsyou heard that right, definitely not butterflies, the type that makes you feel you might get sick! I was baffled beyond wo [...]

    8. It was horrible the first two books were amazing this one was awful i hated it. I found myself just looking over the pages instead of reading, just to see how it ends. The icing on the cake is that it didn't even end the way i wanted it to. If you've been waiting for this book like i have don't get your hopes up.

    9. Spoilers!! Do not read if you do not want to know. I was a little disappointed, I was and will always be team Jared, I actually think they should have ended up together it made more sense and the passion for each other etc.

    10. Marie writes raw and real characters. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I loved Coming Down so much. Her writing is brutally honest. The characters in her stories reflect real people with real problems. Life is not sugarcoated and her writing is true to life. Marie delivers writing that will keep you hooked, make you gasp, smile, cry and in the end, leave you satisfied.Coming Down was an amazing read. Honestly, it consumed me. I became a fan of this series and this book was one of my most [...]

    11. Wow so much to say about this book. Marie took me all over the place with our tumultuous little love triangle, didn't she. So much happened. And she pulled so many emotions out of us as readers, and the characters. My reactions are all over the place. I'm mad. I'm happy. I'm shocked. I'm elated. I'm scared. I'm wowed. I'm nervous. I'm all over. Jared shocked me, his growth, his change. I'm wowed by it at the same time. Layla's strength and change makes me happy. OLLIE. Oh dear OLLIE. He has me n [...]

    12. This has been one of my highly anticipated reads so I kept it aside for my summer holiday reading as a special treat to myself.So in a nutshell, book one was pretty much Layla and Jared’s story and book two was Layla and Ollie’s story. Readers were very divided between either team Jared or team Ollie. Personally, I was undecided, I just wanted Layla to be happy and with the man she loved, completely.This book begins where book two ended, Layla is very much with Ollie as he sets off on his dr [...]

    13. Ollie and Layla really go through a lot of different struggles in this book. Layla was still a self-centered, dysfunctional and bratty person throughout this book. Ollie was trying his best to be a better man for her but wasn't sure he could compete with Jared which just exacerbates a new problem that Ollie is having with his pain medication becoming a crutch for him. Layla knows that Ollie is struggling but ignores the warning signs of addiction until it becomes almost too late to help Ollie. O [...]

    14. Coming Down by Marie CoulsonI Fucking love this series and was so excited to get coming down, but this has got to be the hardest book I have ever had to review. All because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.Ok so in burning up it end with:" I watched as Ollie boarded the bus, and my heart pounded while my stomach churned. The tables had been turned on me, and now I was the one left wondering where I stood. The irony wasn’t lost on me.""This was going to be the longest three months of my life [...]

    15. oh my nerves, this book had me on the edge of my seat!!! This is the conclusion to the love triangle of Layla, Jared and Ollie. In the first book of the series I was gunning for the one character to win, then in book 2 I decided well, they both deserve the girl so I would be happy with who ever got her, but right before I started Coming Down I made my decision and changed teams. This book had me feeling every emotion. I laughed, cried, and many many times wanted to throw my kindle. It's been a w [...]

    16. Well finished at 2am. What a great end of story. Loved all if the characters. She took time to expound on each and this only added to the overall depth of bond and made all of actions more understanding and created yet another level of depth to the entire story.I enjoyed the books level, no unrealistic manic emotional crap for most part, no pushover girls, no rabid haters so when Mel gets a little over that just stood out from the rest of the books, loved her up until then. Loved the lyrics to t [...]

    17. Ollie and Layla fInallyAfter everything they have been throughOllie and Layla are finally together. The only problem is that their pasts are never that far behind either. Learning to trust again is hard but when you add in a rock star lifestyle, your best friend being your ex and addiction's hard to learn to trust again.I was so happy to see Ollie and Layla together. And the heartache they had to endure to reach their HEA was tough to read at times. Loved this Series!!

    18. SHE DID IT! I didn't give up on Coulson because I knew that this story had some grit and angst that would be addictive. There were still some moments that were dragged out, the protagonist was unrealistically naive in some areas and the ending felt like a cop out. However, all that negativity aside, there were some real moments of heartache and there was moments within the story when Coulson proved that they have a knack for this genre. Have a read of this book, get lost in their stories and enj [...]

    19. OMG, is this book for real?? The first two were ok (not great) but this oneLayla is a slut that gets hot for everybody and with anything, including ther husband female band mate, She doesn't know what the hell she wants, she is married to Ollie but still have the hots for Jared, her husband has all the signs of a drug addict and she doesn't notice, the girl that's been dripping all over her husband becomes a savior at the end, she gets pregnant (that's new -sarcasm tone-) and they all become a h [...]

    20. I'm still in shock over this book. I still thought that maybe she would end up with Jared, but I had a feeling she would stay with Ollie. I can't believe he was doing drugs. You had an idea all along when you found out he was on pain pills. But I felt like we didn't really get a HEA with this book at all. He detoxes with the group, then they go back to going on tour, then the baby is delivered, but nothing much more than that. No real emotion or re connection is discussed. I did really enjoy thi [...]

    21. Ok so this is not a "meh" 3 stars. It's not a "just ok" 3 stars. It's an "is this 1 star or 5 stars" type of situation. Ugh!!! I am probably one if the least judgemental readers out there but this was just too much. I mean, I get that things happen, and life isn't perfect, and characters have their journey, butI don't know. I just can't wrap my head around this one. I enjoyed it because I love the characters and am invested in the characters and how their story turns out butahat's about all I've [...]

    22. Loved the conclusion of this story. You made me even like LaylaLOLI was on the edge the whole time reading this because I had no idea how it would end up. I had changed teams and i was on the fence this time. It could of gone either way and i would would of been happy. One softend up and the other got dark. The entire book was a roller coaster ride. Thank you Marie for a brillant series :)Sad to see it go !!!

    23. I don't know what's more stupid - this book, or me for reading it. But I had to see the series through. Things I liked:Layla and Ollie- her and Jared apart from "raw,hot sex" always seemed wooden. He was also a controlling butthead. Things I didn't like:Everything else It really read like something a high schooler would write. I don't even want to go on because I've wasted enough time already reading it.

    24. Oh dear goodness Who do you choose between a rock god and a business hottie?? When you are trapped between two people having to decide on friendship or a relation ship can be hard Who do you choose where does your heart belong This story follows Ollie, Jared and layla through the ups and downs of their relationships that are all over the place I love the twists and turns of this book :)!

    25. First of all i loved the book, i did have mix feelings fro Layla and the way Ollie acted, there was a point in the book that i hated him, but after taking a deep breath and analyze everything i understood him. He went thru a lot in this book and man my per Ollie. I am happy with the way the book ended, i just hope that Marie writes Ollie's struggles from his POV.

    26. Great Ending for a series!I didn't care if this book had typos! I absolutely loved it! The way the characters, especially Jared grew and changed was so raw and emotional. You felt the pain they felt and laughed at their jokes. Even was ok with the fact there was a little F/f. So this book deserves the 5 stars i gave it. It's one of my favorite series!

    27. I absolutely loved the way this story ended. There was so much ups and downs. And to see this side of Ollie. How low they went and hard they worked to get back and keep that love. I really wanted Layla to always end up with jared, but I gotta say the way this story played out I'm glad she didn't. That friend ship she and jared learned to have was best result for them.

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