• Title: Dylan's Redemption
  • Author: Jennifer Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780062334787
  • Page: 254
  • Format: ebook
  • Dylan s Redemption There s a new sheriff in Fallbrook Meet Dylan McBride Jessie Thompson had one hell of a week Dylan McBride the boy she loved skipped town without a word Then her drunk of a father tried to kill her
    There s a new sheriff in Fallbrook Meet Dylan McBride.Jessie Thompson had one hell of a week Dylan McBride, the boy she loved, skipped town without a word Then her drunk of a father tried to kill her, and she fled Fallbrook, vowing never to return.Eight years later, her father is dead, and Jessie reluctantly goes home only to come face to face with the man who shattereThere s a new sheriff in Fallbrook Meet Dylan McBride.Jessie Thompson had one hell of a week Dylan McBride, the boy she loved, skipped town without a word Then her drunk of a father tried to kill her, and she fled Fallbrook, vowing never to return.Eight years later, her father is dead, and Jessie reluctantly goes home only to come face to face with the man who shattered her heart A man who, for nearly a decade, believed she was dead.Dylan accepted the position as sheriff of Fallbrook looking for a fresh start and a chance to uncover the truth about Jessie s disappearance He knew he d have to face a few ghosts he just never thought one would be Jessie, all grown up, stunning and alive.The pull between them is instant, but Dylan s heart has already mourned Jessie, and she has secrets she can never share Can they escape the darkness of their past for a chance at a bright future together

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    1. Jessie the long suffering and Dylan.Dylan and Jessie grew up together with her brother. Then on the night of the prom they get it on in the backseat of his car. This was supposed to be a spectacularly amazing night of loving in the backseat of A CAR. I kept wondering if the author had ever tried to get it on in the backseat of a car?? Not terribly romantic and pretty darned cramped, lol.Anyways, the H leaves shortly after to join the Marines and Jessie is left to the mercy of her sadistic father [...]

    2. 3 "BLAH BLAH BLAH" Stars-I was really looking forward to reading Dylan's Redemption in the same way I look forward to watching a good Lifetime Movie. I was expecting a guilty pleasure read and this could definitely qualify. Unfortunately, I just didn't enjoy the book and admit to skimming some. My main problem with this book is the writing. This is the third book I've read by the author and I noticed the same problem in both the first book I read and this one. After the first book, I knew I woul [...]

    3. Its time to meet Dylan McBride.Jessie Thompson was the girl from the wrong side of town and Dylan McBride was the boy she loved. After the dance and a beautiful night together, he skipped town without a word. Then her father tried to kill her. She never expected to come back to Fallbrook. Years later her father was now dead and Dylan McBride was back in town. And she had a secret she wanted to keep.Dylan was now sheriff of Fallbrook. he never thought while looking in to the disappearance of the [...]

    4. Absolutely mind-blowing! I loved this book the most out of the series! Betrayal seems to be a recurring theme through-out the series, but even Dylan didn't expect his own family to betray him like that. Poor Jessie. From age 10, her cruel, drunken father beat her to the ground making her pay for her mother's adultery. And the entire town, including her spineless brother, did nothing about it. What a strong, determined woman she turned out to be. Only good things should happen to this couple afte [...]

    5. Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyDylan's Redemption has to be one of the best second chance romances I have ever read! Powerful, poignant, redeeming, it touches on so many emotions that I was in tears too many times. Jennifer Ryan does a fabulous job sharing the lives of Jessie and Dylan, Book Three of her McBride Series.Jessie Thompson had one thing going for her during her childhood, Dylan McBride. Living with an abusive, alcoholic father was hard. Seriously ha [...]

    6. I read the first book in the series, I didn't rate it even though I had a lot of problems with it. I wrote a review though. This book had a similar trope of the woman putting her life on hold and not dating anybody else but with a better explanation for why. I understood Jess's choice. I also appreciated that she was (view spoiler)[ a successful and rich woman in her own right(hide spoiler)]The problem though it was over the top. *Everything* awful happened to her in her personal life that it te [...]

    7. I had the opportunity to read an ARC of this story. This is the first book in the series that I've read, and I have to say that Jessie made me a bit nuts. I have no idea what it would be like to go through what she did, but I felt sorry for Dylan because he knew there was something really important that he needed to know, but she kept not telling him. It was probably worse because so many other people (including his horrible mother) knew, but he didn't know. Overall it was an enjoyable read, but [...]

    8. AJ’s Review:LOVED IT! Dylan and Jessie’s story simply broke my heart. Ms. Ryan has penned a compelling story about second chances and the obstacles that must be overcome in order to find that Happily Ever After well all desperately seek. The love, the loss, the battle with abuse and addiction will take you through a myriad of emotions that range from weeping, to anger, to pure unadulterated joy. You can’t help but root for Dylan and Jessie given everything they’ve endured and everything [...]

    9. Loved itI really enjoyed reading this series. The characters were interesting. The plots were intriguing. I didn't want to put it down.

    10. A beautiful heartwarming story of a second chance at love written by Jennifer Ryan. This is the third installment of the McBride's trilogy and deals with Brody and Owen's cousin Dylan. Years Dylan and Jesse were two teenagers in love that lost their way. Dylan had thought that Jesse had been dead all these years being killed by her abusive father. Jesse thought that Dylan left her and forgot her existence. Through the death of her father Dylan and Jesse reconnect.This story is about how they fou [...]

    11. I haven't read the first two books in this series but I think I should. The characters referred to in this book that proceed it sound intriguing. I would have like Owen to rescue Jessie from jail but that wasn't to be.I truly despise the hero's parents but I doubt anyone reading this book could find an ounce of sympathy for them! They are completely unredeemable!The actual hero of this book is the heroine! I know it sounds silly but she is the MVP for sure and I am so happy she got her family.I [...]

    12. "Dylan's Redemption" is a beautifully written story of two people, Dylan and Jessie, that will find their way back to each other after years of being apart. I had a hard time wrapping my head around a parent that would go to such extremes to keep two people apart with dire consequences and still try to defend it. The emotion in this story is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. This is a story that you will need to keep the tissues close by, as it is a real tearjerker. It is a must read [...]

    13. Dylan's redemptionIf you want a lot of sex scenes and and who done it, don't read this book. If you enjoy a heartfelt story of love interrupted and then found again, read this book. Life, love, loss, hope and joy abound in this tome. I laughed, cried, smiled and read as fast as I could to reach " what comes next. ". Loved it

    14. Favorite of the seriesJessie is a strong woman and has been from a very young age. Once the truth all comes out, I liked Jessie even more. Dylan has no idea about everything from the past or the betrayal of his mother. There are some funny scenes and some tear jerker moments. Will is a cute little bit with some very sweet lines.

    15. I loved this story. A lot of hurt and pain gong down because of crap parents and the kids rising above it all.

    16. As usual with every inspirational I read, story has been sacrificed in favor of preachiness. This author does not know how to develop characters either. Boring.

    17. Jessie's life was never an easy one, but she was a good kid, and she had a best friend and crush in Dylan McBride. Dylan was everything that high school girls dream of, and while Jessie may have been from the wrong side of town, she's always held a special place in his heart. But it's been years, and no one's seen a trace of Jessie since the last beating she took from her father. Dylan's used all the tools law enforcement has placed at his disposal, but nothing's even pointed toward a body. Unti [...]

    18. I was really excited to read this third installment of the McBrides. The story wasn't at all what I expected and I felt let down at the beginning. The big mystery solved right from the start. There was too much time spent on the characters' feelings that it was like they were whining about it. However, the ending was wonderful and it made everything else all worthwhile.

    19. This was such a fantastic story! A real page turner, this book caused me a hangover and left me hoping there will be another book because I just wasn’t ready to let go of Dylan and Jessie (and Will, too!)Dylan’s Redemption is book 3 in the McBrides series, but it works perfectly as a standalone. I haven’t read the other two books (yet!) but there were no gaps or missing connections, so if you haven’t read book 1 or 2, don’t let this stop you from reading Dylan and Jessie’s story.This [...]

    20. I hate to leave a series unfinished, but in this case, I wish I had.I was intrigued enough about Dylan and Jessie, whose relationship was briefly touched on at the end of Falling for Owen. Jennifer Ryan got me again!I couldn't find it in me to care one way or another about this book. It wasn't bad, it was somewhat entertaining and had enough of a plot to keep me going, but on the other hand it wasn't good and the plotbarelyheld my interest. If it hadn't been the third and last book of the series [...]

    21. ***I received this book in exchange for an honest review*******EASY FOUR STARS for Dylan's Redemption****Another second chance romance from the McBride's. Dylan and Jessie fell hard for each other in high school. Wasn't the perfect situation, but for them - it was real. "I needed a break from all the whispers and snide remarks. They're taking bets on what I have on you. How in the world did the Queen of Geeks get the most popular everything to ask her out?"Eight years passed since the last time [...]

    22. This is the third book in the series. I've previously read and reviewed the first two. there may be spoilers about those books in this review, so reader beware.Return of Brody McBrideFalling for OwenThis is soap opera in novel form, so if that isn't what you are in the mood for, you probably won't enjoy this story. There's over the top plot lines, calamity after calamity, characters monaloguing at each other rather than actual dialogue, and an oblivious hero who can't see that two plus two equal [...]

    23. Jessie has overcome a lot over the years. She survived a father who tried to kill her and the boy who left with her heart. She left at fifteen only to come back home when she hears her father has died. She means to put him to rest and keep going on in her life. Problems arrive when she comes face to face with the boy who broke her heart. Dylan never thought to see Jessie again. After all everyone thought she was dead. He loved her years ago but had already made plans for his future and he was sc [...]

    24. This is the first book I've read from Jennifer Ryan and it sure as heck won't be the last. I will definitely be purchasing book 2 of the McBride series, as soon as payday rolls around. Dylan's Redemption did some serious tugging on my heart and a few times, I will admit to shedding some tears, for the pain Jessie had gone through. This book is filled with love, lies, tragedy, and finally redemption. As soon I started reading this book, I was so engrossed with it, that I couldn't put it down. Dyl [...]

    25. What an amazing series! Dylan’s Redemption is book three in The McBrides by Jennifer Ryan. I have found the third in a series to generally be slow and a repeat of the other two. This one is refreshingly not like that. It is sensational by itself. In fact, it barely mentions the other two books. The characters are realistic and likeable and the plot is twisted enough to keep you interested. Overall, it is a great book. Jessie Thompson has rebuilt her life after leaving Fallbrook at fifteen. She [...]

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