• Title: Savage Secrets
  • Author: Cristin Harber
  • ISBN: 9780989776097
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Savage Secrets Caterina Cruz has no home No loyalties No objection to exacting torturous revenge Her life s mission is to destroy the terrorist who murdered her family Then she steps into an elaborate game of charad
    Caterina Cruz has no home No loyalties No objection to exacting torturous revenge Her life s mission is to destroy the terrorist who murdered her family Then she steps into an elaborate game of charades alongside a Titan Group operative posing as an arms dealer and her newlywed husband The sexy distraction may be than she can handle Attacked with a psychedelic dCaterina Cruz has no home No loyalties No objection to exacting torturous revenge Her life s mission is to destroy the terrorist who murdered her family Then she steps into an elaborate game of charades alongside a Titan Group operative posing as an arms dealer and her newlywed husband The sexy distraction may be than she can handle Attacked with a psychedelic drug weeks before, Rocco Savage is plagued with hallucinations that threaten his new rank as Titan s second in command No one knows and he wants to keep it that way Throwing him further off his game, he now has a wife with her own secrets he can t crack and an agenda he can t control Their mission an elaborate deception of heated glances and passionate kisses spins out of control With Rocco s mind already compromised, can he keep his secret and his distance And with Caterina s tragic past controlling her every move, can she keep the con up long enough to secure her revenge Or will both go down in flames Adult audiences book includes violent scenes.

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    1. WowShit got real in this book! Harber pulled no punches. I LOVED Rocco. Absolutely! His inner thoughts were so funny at times. I liked Cat but thought she should have been a little better "trained". The events that took place in the book were gut wrenching. Just when you thought the hero would save the dayhe did not. And the endingyikes! Talk about rip your heart out! Luckily the epilogue was awesome. Safety gang HUGE (view spoiler)[Graphic real time rape of heroine. And just to make things wors [...]

    2. Original Review5 Stars Right from the start of this series Rocco has been a favourite of mine (well they are all favourites but Rocco has that extra little bit of twinkle if you know what I mean *waggles eyebrows*) and his story funnily enough turned out to be the hardest one to read, not because it wasn’t good or it was badly written because that is definitely not the case. Savage Secrets tells a story that brings out a variety of emotions including anger, rage and uneasiness and at times my [...]

    3. Rocco wanted justiceShe wanted vengeance4.25+ RATING- I consider Cristin Harber my number one author find of 2013! Everything she has written, just completely works for me. She’s knows what I want from a story and delivers each and every time. That’s why I’m a little pissed at myself for picking up Savage Secrets months ago, putting it down, and not coming back to read it until now. I should have known better. I definitely should have known better!I’m not sure why I had a hard time getti [...]

    4. Dear Cristin Harber.My gracious woman, you can write a book! This is another fantastic addition to the Titan group. Another one bites the dust, as Roman would say! Caterina Cruz is on a mission to exact revenge on a man that murdered her entire family. Rocco Savage is the newly appointed second in command at Titan. He was injured in a previous mission and is now plagued with hallucinations that could threaten his position at Titan. While on a mission, Caterina and the Titan group cross paths. Ca [...]

    5. Rocco and Cat! I loved this book, I think this one is my favorite one so far. Rocco had some issue from the previous mission they tackled on so his head is not in the game 100 percent. Cat bless her heart trying to get revenge on the man who killed her family and left her an orphan. The first half of the book it was great they were barley testing out the waters, I liked them together in there "fake marriage". Then BAM! the tragedy struck and it just broke my heart I was in tears. Cat is strong a [...]

    6. Reviewed on behalf of Give Me BooksIf there were more stars to give I would! Cat with her angry outburst in Spanish and Rocco stole my heart with his humor and loyalty and Alfa side!"Oh for Christ sakes. Ay carrumba, chimichanga. I have no idea what you're saying, but shut your pretty pie-hole." ~Rocco Savage~This one completely and totally blew me away! Cristin just keep's finding new ways to blow shit up, this time she blew up my emotions! Rocco and Cat's story is so different from the others. [...]

    7. Cristin Harber, you crafty author you. I've read all of your books and enjoyed them but this one is my favorite so far. Everything clicked for me with this story. I loved all the characters, old and new alike. Loved the story and the pacing of it. I was never bored or felt like I had to force myself to read. Action packed from beginning to end.Caterina is a woman with a terrible past. Her family was murdered in front of her at her birthday party by an up and coming mobsterish type. She's dedicat [...]

    8. 5 Stars - only second behind Cash and Nic's story!Catarina Cruz is on a life’s mission to avenge the murders of her parents and brothers. She is so close and then one part of her plan falls apart. She must act quickly and call in a favor; never realizing the man who will help her avenge their deaths will be the one to complete her life.Rocco is one Titan character I have loved since day one. His conviction to doing the right thing is admirable and his focus to make it happen incredible. Like a [...]

    9. 4 1/2* Love the Titan guys and this book was no exception. While it was darker than the other books in the series, it still had some great LOL moments. Rocco and Cat were great together and perfect for each other. The only reason that this isn't getting 5* is because of the editing mistakes. Unfortunately there were a few missing words in sentences and spelling/grammar mistakes such as "where's" was used instead of "wears", "the" instead of "that" and "damn" instead of "dammed". Small things and [...]

    10. Closer to 3.5 stars. I love this series but Savage Secrets felt kinda disjointed to me, and there were a TON of editing errors. The story was good though, action packed, sexy, devastating & healing. Warning: Graphic & horrifying rape scene. It was tough to read but I appreciated the seriousness that Ms. Harber took in dealing with the aftermath.

    11. “Te adoro. Te amo. Mi Galán.” - Caterina CruzWhat what did I just read?! Oh, God, Cristin Harber, can your writing be any more perfect?!Rocco Savage, now acting as the new second-in-command for the Titan group, accepts a solo mission after being specifically requested by Caterina Cruz, to take out one of the world's most famous terrorists. The funny guy of the group seems to have finally found his match in the fiery Spaniard - pretending to be her husband for the mission seems to be even ea [...]

    12. Reviewed at Lost In A BookIt shouldn't be a big surprise that I've read all the books in the Titan Series and each one gets better than the last. This was no exception. Just like the other books in this series, you have your bad-ass alpha male hero and you have your bad-ass heroine. That is what sets this series apart from the rest and I love it. The second my eyes hit the prologue, it had me. I was in tears before I even got to Chapter 1. Seriously, what kind of book does that? An awesome one!. [...]

    13. Ever since I started the Titan series, I have been blown away with Cristin Harber and her ability to write an amazing romance series that his action and suspense. All of the books have had their own twists and turns filled with emotion and action that will have you hooked all the way until the end. I am now ready to give up all this greatness quite yet. I will have to reread these all with a glass of wine and some good chocolate before winter is over because it packs just the right amount of hea [...]

    14. This is an ARC Review.This one threw me for a loop. I had expectations for this book - uber alpha character (most of the male characters in this series have been a smidge over the top), good action, a bit of drama, with a dash of emotion. The story starts that way. Rocco Savage is the new second-in-command at Titan. He is working with a world-class interrogator to bring down a terrorist group. They are posing as an arms dealing couple. Things heat up, buildings go boom, and then our couple goes [...]

    15. Gut wrenching, exciting, sexy.Not going to lie, this was probably the hardest book in the series for me to get into but once I started going I was hooked until the end.I was a little put off because I thought both Rocco and Jared acted out of character a couple of times. Rocco's decision to not share his physical condition put his entire team and op in danger and was very unprofessional.No spoilers here but Jared did something that I thought was simultaneously good and horrible. Those two things [...]

    16. Let me just start with: this book is worth more than the 4 stars that I have clicked, the writing is as good as ever,the story line is fantastic- it's Cristin at her absolute best (I love these 2 characters almost as much as I love Jared - almost ;) ) However the epilogue.For that reason alone I reduced this books rating from the 5 star I was pitching it at all the way through to a 4 star when I arrived at the end of the last chapter and turned to Page one of the Epilogue.Two things happened to [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the fourth book that I've read from Cristin Harber and they stay just as good as the first book! The storyline is exciting and pulls you in with the action from the very first page.There is tension, both from the action, and sexual from the two main characters towards one another. This helps fuel the storyline further and faster. When I read Cristin Harber's stuff, I know there will be plenty of explosions, both in bed and [...]

    18. I love this series and know that amongst the action and suspense, I'm going find a man to love, a feisty lady that can bring him to his knees and plenty of explosions, both in the bedroom and when fighting the bad guys.Savage Secrets is all that. Rocco Savage is no stranger and after what happened to him in Chased I couldn't wait to see how his story evolved. As is the case with all the Titan men, he's alpha, but just the right amount and whilst he's not without his secrets, he is a protective g [...]

    19. Savage Secrets is an intense read between a strong, resilient heroine and a hot, badass, Alpha hero who were thrown in situations no one could have foreseen.Caterina lost her family while celebrating her 10th birthday. But she also gained a family when a young dark-eyed soldier made her a promise that she can have her vengeance when she’s ready.Rocco is Titan’s second in command. He was injected with a hallucinogenic drug while rescuing the heroine of the previous story. He and Caterina meet [...]

    20. This book was provided by Mill Creek Press for an honest review4-4.5 starsAnother great read in Titan Series! Rocco Savage is 2nd in command in the Titan Group. He's sent on a mission to "play husband" to the beautiful Caterina Cruz. She seems familiar to him, but he can't quite figure out why. To take down a terrorist, who also is the man that murdered Cat's family, they pose as this arms-dealing couple. Their relationship builds from there, Rocco puts the pieces together on the familiarity pie [...]

    21. WOW!! What can I say! This author does not disappoint! For some reason this book seemed off to me in the beginning & I couldn't get into it. I got kind of bored with Rocco's acid like trips from his previous exposureBUT!! When it took off, I couldn't put it down! I love Cristin Harber's descriptions! They are very detailed, but not over the top bringing boredom. This author can write! I think the best part of her writing is that she spares no one. If it happens & it is a major part of th [...]

    22. Great addition to the Titan series. This one is a little darker than the others with what transpires. It's got drama and lots of surprises. Epilogue is the best of the series!! Catarina is seeking revenge for a crime that took place twenty years ago. Her entire family was murderer and she watched. Her life has been dedicated to find him and Titan is there to help. Rocco is the man on the job. Their connection is muy caliente! It takes another meaning to their roles. Rocco is now the guy that is [...]

    23. 4.25 stars!!Cristin Harber never fails to kick ass. I was pleasantly excited for Rocco. Ms. Harber KICKED MY ASS with this book. Total book hangover. Came out of nowhere, kicked my ass up and down, I tell you. In fact, I ended up messaging Ms. Harber and informing her of my intention to drink some alcohol. True story.This is how I felt:For the rest of my review: Straight Shootin' Book Reviews

    24. Received ARC from NetGalley for review.Another great Titan book. I stayed up way to late reading. I do so love me some Titan boys, oh my. And Cat would make a great addition to the team just like Nic. Man, the bad guy in this book was one sick dude, just creepy.Now enough hints and sneaks, how long to we have to wait for Roman and Beth's story. Just the teaser of the title is not enough.

    25. Cristin Harber is another great suspense writer. She touches it all, romance, suspense and more. If you enjoy D.D. Ayres you will probably love Cristin.

    26. Title: Savage SecretsSeries: Titan Book #4Stand Alone Title: yesAuthor: Cristin HarberGenre: Romantic SuspenseBlurb: Caterina Cruz has no home. No loyalties. No objection to exacting torturous revenge. Her life’s mission is to destroy the terrorist who murdered her family. Then she steps into an elaborate game of charades alongside a Titan Group operative posing as an arms dealer—and her newlywed husband. The sexy distraction may be more than she can handle. Attacked with a psychedelic drug [...]

    27. 4.5 🌟🌟🌟🌟 surprising stars! I really loved both Rocco and Cat as MCs. I usually really love the 'hero-who's-a-bit-of-an-ass' types, but Rocco was a good guy without losing an ounce of badass ;). Cat was STRONG, but not a bitch - and her vulnerable moments were definitely earned. And I LOVED her tendency to curse fluently in Spanish whenever she lost her temper! I hate lumping this book's bad-guy in the same paragraph as Rocco and Cat, so this is a paragraph on him. A comment on this d [...]

    28. Rough love, but trueCaterine is driven by her horrendous, violent past to seek revenge. Rocco is Titan's new second in command, fighting to keep his job while hiding a secret weakness. Coincidence brings them together, but Cat's initial attraction to Rocco insures they will not only meet, but actually work together. This story is intense, violent and torn from today's headlines. Gripping, gut wrenching yet rewarding Rocco & Cat face vicious obstacles that they aren't sure their love can over [...]

    29. Great readThis book was a page turner. I didn’t want to put it down as soon as I started reading it. I wasn’t sure that going into the 7th book, it could get better, but it did. This book went beyond what I could imagine. I can’t wait to start the next book.

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