• Title: Decoding the Obama Health Law: What You Need To Know
  • Author: Betsy McCaughey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Decoding the Obama Health Law What You Need To Know Finding out the ins and outs of what s really inside the ObamaCare bill by Constitutional Scholar Patient Advocate and Former Lieutenant Governor of New York State Betsy McCaughey Ph D
    Finding out the ins and outs of what s really inside the ObamaCare bill by Constitutional Scholar, Patient Advocate and Former Lieutenant Governor of New York State, Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D.

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    1. Please note that this book is about 90% false and 100% partisan spinOut of about 180 assertions made by the writers of this booklet, I found only sixteen that are true: the rest are false to varying degrees, from 100% false to not completely correct. Worse yet, the writers did not address several parts of the Affordable Care Act, completely ignoring them, which I also count as "lies by omission." I will mention a few of the lies here, and a few topics the writers left out.First off I should poin [...]

    2. Devastating. No one in there right mind could believe that this bureaucratic monstrosity will ever work. It is clearly designed to collapse the system so a socialized model can be implemented. There are many Obama mentors and handlers that have already admitted that this is the real motive behind the healthcare bill anyway. The book makes no judgements on the motives of the backers of the plan, it simply states the facts as outlined in the bill. The author does offer some reforms as an alternati [...]

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