• Title: The As If Principle: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life
  • Author: Richard Wiseman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The As If Principle The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life Victorian philosopher William James had a theory about emotion and behavior It isn t that our feelings guide our actions feel happy and you will laugh On the contrary it is our actions that guide our
    Victorian philosopher William James had a theory about emotion and behavior It isn t that our feelings guide our actions feel happy and you will laugh On the contrary, it is our actions that guide our emotions laugh and you will feel happy This led James to a remarkable conclusion If you want a quality, act as if you already have it Roused by James s astonishingVictorian philosopher William James had a theory about emotion and behavior It isn t that our feelings guide our actions feel happy and you will laugh On the contrary, it is our actions that guide our emotions laugh and you will feel happy This led James to a remarkable conclusion If you want a quality, act as if you already have it Roused by James s astonishing discovery, renowned psychologist and bestselling author Richard Wiseman confirms James s principle and shows how the self help genre has for too long put the cart before the horse in trying to help us take control of our lives Bringing to the table a dazzling array of firsthand experiments, surprising histories, and psychological case studies, Wiseman illustrates in brilliant detail how we can apply this principle in our daily lives Smile to become measurably happier Wash your hands to drive away guilt Clench your fist to increase your willpower Eat with your non dominant hand to lose weight Nod while speaking to become persuasive Act like a newlywed to rekindle your marriage Lively, engaging, and truly mind changing, The As If Principle is that rare gem that offers real, workable solutions for your day to day goals while helping you to instantly take control of your emotions Whether it s quitting a bad habit, persevering through a difficult task, or achieving your dream self, The As If Principle can help Don t just think about changing your life Do it.

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    1. The 'as if' idea is interesting and somewhat useful, so what's the problem?1. It shouldn't be a book. There is enough substance for a short essay, so reading the whole book is a waste of time.2. As Albert Ellis points out, feeling good is not as valuable as being good (in a good place in your life). It is similar to the difference between empty self-esteem and pride in actual achievement. So I am not even sure that the 'as if' advice and exercises are valuable. And if they are, I haven't seen a [...]

    2. The initial premise of the book was fascinating, but by the time I got halfway through the book I was bored by the many experiments and examples trying (not quite successfully) to prove the thesis.

    3. This book is an odd mix. Some of it worked for me; some of it did not work at all. I especially liked the smile approach (How to Be Happy in an Instant). Doing this exercise actually made me laugh, so I think it is effective in creating a happy state of mind for the moment. I liked this and will probably test it out to see just how effective smiling works to create happiness over time. But this is not a new idea. If a baby smiles at you, aren't you likely to smile back? There are plenty of resea [...]

    4. The idea that by changing your behavior you will influence your emotional state and this is more effective than dealing with the challenges on psychological level. AKA consider positive action instead of positive thinking. I think that this theory has the cause and effect relations a bit mixed up, adjusting your behavioral patterns is a matter of choice and persistence in living with the consequences of this decision, these conscious actions should influence the emotional state as much as the be [...]

    5. Fascinating!Behaviour creates and alters thoughts, emotions, feelings - and in the long run changes the identity, thought patterns and habits for good.After many decades and thousands of experiments, it seems like the As If principle was right there all along, while psychologists and psychiatrists missed it, or used it by accident. Now it seems like the first unifying theory that can be quickly and effectively applied among a wide range of topics such as depression, willpower, anxiety and phobia [...]

    6. Go ahead & treat this book "as if" you read it. Not since Dr. Leo Marvins groundbreaking book "baby steps" has there been such a succinct title rendering the book unnecessary to actually read. ⭐⭐ of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    7. The AS IF Principle is not your typical self-help book. The AS IF Principle presents the idea that if we change our behavior then we can change the way that we feel. Richard Wiseman uses examples from psychological research to show that by changing our behavior we can increase motivation, overcome depression, lose weight, stop smoking, fall in love and even slow aging. He presents the idea that it is actually action that is what controls your emotions, not what you are thinking.Common sense sugg [...]

    8. I feel beaten to death with examples, yet didn't touch any of the subjects I was hoping to hear about. This should have been a presentation or essay.

    9. We would all like to think we could not be easily influenced to bully, let alone harm another group. Science tells us differently. A fascinating read on why we do what we do, and how easy it is to change if you simply understand.

    10. "If you want a quality, act as if you already have it."The premise is simple, yet this book had expanded it to various aspects of live. Stories of social and psychological experiments are interesting, although I am not certain about its statistical significance. Slight difference was reported as the causative effect of As If principle. Other than that, I believe that As If Principle can be applied to our daily life.One of interesting hypothesis I've been thinking is incorporated rule in norms or [...]

    11. Very useful informationA great practical read that can help us take control of our mind and feelings. Read it and apply it now.

    12. I really enjoyed Wiseman's previous works (Luck Factor, Paranormality) which made this book extra disappointing. First of all putting this book in the "self help" section isn't accurate. It's closer to a Malcolm Gladwell "oh isn't that interesting" kind of book where you hear about various quirky experiments and have something to share at dinner parties. I don't think anyone is going to change their lives by reading this book but I'd love it if I were wrong. Wiseman adopts a very simplistic view [...]

    13. This book was ok, as far as self-help goes. It had great stories to give credit to claims. You have to synthesize what is being said to apply to your daily life. There was one grammatical error in my copy. I do not recommend.

    14. When I taught second grade I had a positive action curriculum which was very powerful. The basic premise was that there is a cycle where positive thoughts lead to positive actions which lead to positive feelings which lead to positive thoughts which lead to positive actions which lead to positive feelings and so on. I have been a proponent of positive thinking for years and years. The book that changed my life on positive thinking was "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" by Shad Helmstetter.E [...]

    15. This book is based on the principle first (?) posited by Henry James (brother of William James) that perhaps our inner emotional state is created by our behavior, instead of the other way around. In other words, if you curl your face into a smile you will then become happy because the muscle movement of your face changes the chemistry of your brain. There is research to back up his ideas, but I'm not sure I buy it. Several students used this book as part of the research projects they did to prov [...]

    16. Pop-psych explanation how environment and behaviours affect the self. Contrary to many literature emphasizing focusing on building the self from within or suggesting the self cannot be changed, Wiseman imply one can become a radically different person by changing the external before changes from within can be seen. Hence the old saying "everything biological is psychological and vice versa."Unfortunately, the book is a bit dry with constant citations of experiments and real-world examples. The c [...]

    17. Fascinating, persuasive and sensible! Through intriguing and substantial psychological case studies, Wiseman shows how powerful behavior is, how capable we are of change through action, suggesting that our behavior is key to our emotions, rather than our feelings being key to our behavior, giving credence to the fake it until you make it thought. Though the idea is simple, it is also controversial, as the method encourages the initiating of seemingly ingenuous actions and seems to negate "as a m [...]

    18. It's one of those books with a great fundamental premise, but in the author's over exuberance in trying to prove it, plays it repeatedly to death. In fact, he tries so hard it almost becomes painful to read, despite his awkward attempts to lighten things up midstream. Am at p.100, but caught myself checking how many pages there is to go at around p.90. Not likely to finish, most prob skimming through the rest.

    19. Don't read it unless you are understanding of how important statistically significant research studies are in understanding behavior. I am not from Missouri but you need to show med he did. Lots of heavy information from important studies convinced me (finally) that we can all change our lives by acting "as if" we are already happy campers! The lab experiment where they hooked up a device to force the corners of the mouth into a smile and then reassessed the person was pretty stunning.

    20. The book itself is OK. Clear idea explored throughout the book, with a lot of studies and experiments explained each and every aspect of how the idea could affect our daily lives. Whether it's really useful as a tool to improve my life remains to be seen. I'll try a few techniques, as the benefits presented outweigh cost required from me.

    21. As usual, Wiseman's book supplies food for thought. Although there are elements of it, do not dismiss this as just another self help book. It is more than that. It is mainly about behavioural psychology but written in an entertaining and easy to read manner, with exercises the reader can do to put the 'as if' principal into play.

    22. The book explains how our emotions and thoughts are reactions to our bodily sensations and not the other way around. This simple rule can help you improve many facets of your life – from how you eat to how you feel about yourself to even how your body ages.

    23. Its a good book with tons of information on experimental psychology that points us back to the theory 'as if principle'. After done reading, when I reflect, I wasn't able to pull out much that was outstanding. On the whole, it was quite an interesting reading.

    24. It's not often that I struggle to finish a book, but this is one of them. I should've just read the appendix. I'm not sure I can say I've taken anything significant away from this book.

    25. I am ready to radically change my life, so I have begun living my life. if, and it is changing for the better.

    26. I really don't care for the hokey titles that Dr. Wiseman or his publisher keep using for his books but I do find the results of the research into this area of study rather fascinating.

    27. Not as good as 59 Seconds, but still very insightful regarding how our behavior can affect our thinking. Listened to this as an audiobook, and for what it is worth the narrator is excellent as well.

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