• Title: I Love You!
  • Author: Calee M. Lee Tricia Tharp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I Love You I love you like a skipping stoneI love you like a doggy s bone Celebrating the love between a parent and a child this rhyming book features a host of animals and the things they love about each other
    I love you like a skipping stoneI love you like a doggy s bone Celebrating the love between a parent and a child, this rhyming book features a host of animals and the things they love about each other Perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and as a reminder to the big kids in your life.

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    1. 1. “I Love You” By Calee Lee Ages 2-5 PreK-1• This book had a sweet message that will be easy for children to comprehend. It uses fun examples to express love for a child. 2. I would suggest this book for PreK-1 grade3. This book would be helpful for the first day of school for preK students. I believe it would help create a safe environment for children and would be a great "at home" assignment for families. 4. Individual students will benefit from this book from the language used. It use [...]

    2. I Love You! by Calee M. Lee is a precious story about a mother's incredible love for her child. Unconditional love is expressed through whimsical rhyme, "I love you like a shooting star, For the person that you are," and show children just how special they are, especially in the eyes of their mother. Adorable animals, created by talented illustrator Tricia Tharp, adorn the pages and make this story a treasure.I recommend picking up a copy of I Love You!, which is a perfect Valentine's gift for y [...]

    3. I thought this one would be too basic (or too schmaltzy) for my 2.5 year old, but each time we get to the end, he is so smiley. I can tell it gives him the warm fuzzies, so I will keep reading it until he tells me not to :)

    4. I love this book in all its sweetness.This book is so cute and touching not only for my child but I read it to my husband too

    5. Very cute and quick read. Both my granddaughter and my niece both loved them. Great bedtime story

    6. Calee Lee has written a cute book that shows how much a child is love. This is the perfect book for a parent or grandparent to read to their child while they snuggle with them in their lap.

    7. Simple book that communicates the many ways in which a parent may show their love. The author targets this book for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. While the pictures are expressive yet simple, some of the analogies will be difficult for a younger child to grasp. For example, I love you like a lucky coin hiding under a shoe or I love you like a frosty mug of cold root beer. While a few of the rhymes are off, the illustrations will probably convey the intended message of the parent to the chi [...]

    8. CuteThe illustrations are what prompted me to get this book, they are absolutely adorable. The story is just right for toddlers, and my 12-month old son enjoyed it. My only gripe is the lack of punctuation. I think it's important for the grammar to be flawless in children's books. You know monkey see, monkey do.

    9. I Love You! by Calee M. LeeChildren's colorful illustrated book about how a parent shows their child that they love them.Besides using animals that are familiar they also show the action that is being talked about.Like shooting star the best but they are all good. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

    10. What lovely and unexpected ways to say I love you. The text and illustrations work so well together. Each one has its own story to tell. I will enjoy reading this with my grandchildren.

    11. This is a sweet bedtime story that all young children will enjoy. The whimsical characters in the book will delight the children, the rhyme in the book will make it easy for beginning readers to get through the story independently.

    12. So sweetI got this as a bedtime story for my son. This is a really sweet book. Definitely recommend for any age.

    13. Sweet Book To Read To KidsMy daughter loves me to read this story to her because she's always trying to find new ways to tell me how much she loves me. This book is perfect for us!

    14. cute read I liked that it was loving and tender the pictures were beautiful as well short sweet and entertaining great read

    15. SweetVery cute and adorably illustrated. My little one helped swype the pages and held his attention. Full of warm fuzzy feeling.

    16. Too short of a book wasn't worth readingI wish there was more to the book it was only 2 pages and my daughter was not interested in it

    17. Cute!I adore the illustrations!!! Very sweet book that is quick and easy to read . My toddler loves it too.

    18. it was a tad awkward to read. you would get in a rhyming groove and then there next page was very different. illustrations were cute

    19. Cute story. Beautiful illustrations.This was a cute story with beautiful illustrations. My daughter's enjoyed it very much. Thank you for being a free story.

    20. Very cuteCute pictures and beautiful message. I read this book to my daughter at bedtime. It is also easy enough that she can read it to me.

    21. Cute bookPerfect book for resuming my kids how much I love them. That no matter what they are my child and I will always be here. It's a really cute book.

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