• Title: Quinn Checks In
  • Author: L.H. Thomson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Quinn Checks In Warning this novel contains strong language and violence Liam Quinn is back in his hometown Philly after three years in the pen for forgery Now the ex boxer ex art student has been given a chance to
    Warning this novel contains strong language and violence.Liam Quinn is back in his hometown Philly after three years in the pen for forgery Now the ex boxer, ex art student has been given a chance to make amends by working as an insurance investigator, restoring a little of his family s pride and getting another chance at the woman of his dreams But a gallery heist isn Warning this novel contains strong language and violence.Liam Quinn is back in his hometown Philly after three years in the pen for forgery Now the ex boxer, ex art student has been given a chance to make amends by working as an insurance investigator, restoring a little of his family s pride and getting another chance at the woman of his dreams But a gallery heist isn t what it seems, and pretty soon, Quinn is running out of people to trust The biggest mobster in town, a sweetheart named Vin The Shin, is calling him out a steady string of lowlifes want his head, and the local police think he s hiding something But hey, when trouble comes knocking That s when Quinn Checks In.

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    1. There are equal amounts I like and dislike about this book.Likes:- The set-up of an art forger who has served his time and is trying to ‘go straight’ and pay of his debts by working as an insurance investigator.- The local colour and the detail surrounding the city of Philadelphia and its various neighbourhoods.- The large family that surround the the wayward Quinn, who love him but struggle to forgive him for his misdeeds.- Most of all, Quinn himself. He’s a well drawn character with a se [...]

    2. After Liam Quinn was released from prison for art forgery, he was lucky enough to be offered a chance to redeem himself. His father was a cop; his father’s mate offered him the job of insurance investigator, freelance. Quinn worked hard and as an ex-boxer, could handle himself in tight situations. Which of course he found himself in when coming up against the criminals he was trying to catch.When Quinn was given the latest investigation of an art gallery robbery, he knew the commission would p [...]

    3. Main character Liam is from the typical immigrant neighborhood. He's of Irish decent and his mother expects her boys home every Sunday for family dinner. His father is a retired police officer, one brother is a priest, one a businessman, and one of course following in the old man's footsteps. Liam was expected to be the boxer of the family. Much to his father's chagrin he graduates with an Art Degree. He gets caught up in the wrong crowd and ends up using his talents forging paintings. He gets b [...]

    4. It’s not often that I would use movies as a reference but this book reminded me of a more PG version of Boondock Saints, except that it was set in Philadelphia, PA, instead of the Boston Area. The reason to why it reminds me of this movie is because of the fact that you’ve got a tight knit community. Where a bar or pub, whichever you prefer to call it, where your treated like family. And the good guy goes out to catch the bad guy that is messing with someone in his community, differences are [...]

    5. This was a really enjoyable, gritty mystery. Set in Philadelphia, Quinn has recently been released from prison where he was serving a term for art forgery. Now, working as an insurance investigator, he becomes involved in the mystery of a stolen painting. I liked the main character, Quinn. He's a no-nonsense kind of guy who wants to stay on the straight and narrow but isn't afraid to get his hands a little dirty if he needs to. As an ex-boxer, he knows how to use his body to his advantage and gi [...]

    6. Reminiscent of Dennis LeHane’s Kenzie and Gennaro novels, L.H. Thomson’s first Liam Quinn mystery is smoothly written, convincingly voiced, fast-paced, gritty and fun. Ex-forger, ex-boxer, Quinn has betrayed his family’s well-policed heritage, but now he’s trying to make amends with a job investigating insurance frauds.The novel’s set in Philadelphia and moves smoothly between evocatively different zones, from Irish pubs, to rich mansions and everywhere in between. Italian mobsters, sc [...]

    7. This is the second book I have read by L.H.Thomson. They were totally different, but I loved both of them. The author has a great writing style that keeps you quickly turning the pages to see what will happen next. "Quinn Checks In" is about an insurance investigator, Liam Quinn, who solves two cases at the same time. Throw in some fist fights, murders, family problems and a mom who wants him home every Sunday for dinner and you have a really great book. Oh, and I forgot about the girl he has lo [...]

    8. Looking around for some new authors to read for 2016, I stumbled upon L.H. Thomson. He has written a series of nine "Quinn" books. Reading over the reviews for, "Quinn Checks In", the first book in his series I was intrigued. Most of the reviews made me do double takes while reading. ( Think famous actor- Edgar Kennedy). One review called it the Philadelphia "Boonstock Saint's". ( A movie I really hated). Taking place in Philadelphia, and written by a guy born in Africa, and now living many year [...]

    9. Quinn Checks in by L.H. ThomsonMystery series featuring insurance investigator, Liam QuinnKindle $2.99 Link: amazon/Quinn-Checks-InLiam Quinn is a product of Philadelphia's aptly named, Fishtown; a rough, elderly neighborhood out of which he develops a talent for boxing and a love for art. He has a dad and a brother on the police force, and an unfortunate three-year prison tern for art forgery. Now he's on the right side of the law with a nifty license to investigate insurance claims, courtesy o [...]

    10. Had Me Hooked From The StartFrom the opening lines of Quinn Checks In I was hooked. Literally, the opening sequence was so cleverly done that I knew I had see what else L.H. Thomson (new to me, but he has a good-sized list of titles) had to offer in this book. Liam Quinn is an artist gone bad but then turned back to the good. He used to make money making copies of someone else's art and then selling it as the real thing. But, once he was caught and went to prison he straightened out and now work [...]

    11. I had a really good time reading Quinn Checks In. It reminded me a lot of the old black and white investigator tv shows, like Perry Mason and Sam Spade. I might even stretch it to Columbo, but that's a stretch for Quinn. His father wanted him to be a boxer but instead he became an artist. One who uses his talent to forge priceless pieces of art.After doing some time in the pen, he gets a job with his best friends insurance company as an investigator. He's the guy the makes sure that everything i [...]

    12. LH Thomson has hit the jackpot with his main character, Liam Quinn. A major aspect of this book which I greatly enjoyed was the feeling of energy which pulsated through the writing.Liam Quinn is a likeable young man who has made a mistake and is intent on rehabilitating himself through his job as an investigator for an insurance company. In so doing, Liam has to run a fine line between the crooks in the town and doing his job, whether it upsets them or not.What I particularly liked about this ch [...]

    13. Quinn Checks InBy L.H. ThomsonLiam Quinn is a former boxer, and a former art forger. After her spent time in prison he begins a new life as an insurance investigator, little by little earning the money to pay his debt to society equal to a quarter of a million dollars. His most recent case is an art theft taking him back into the world he once left behind to recover the stolen piece and save his firm a hefty sum and in return receive one for his self. Along the way he comes into contact with a m [...]

    14. While reading this book, I kept thinking 'poor man's Robert B. Parker.' Poor because the author obviously couldn't afford a proofreader (whomever when whoever is called for, extra words, wrong words, etc.). Liam, like Spenser, is a very likable guy with an intellectual bent who flirts with the wrong side of the law and, also like Spenser, boxes and loves a beautiful woman somewhat out of his league. Throw in some mob interaction and substitute Philly for Boston. I noticed another reviewer had th [...]

    15. This is the first in the eponymic series about an ex-art forger who know works for an insurance company as an investigatory. His father and brother are cops (the father is actually retired). In this case a Vermeer is stolen along with a copy of a minor work. What’s unclear is why the copy was stolen in the first place as it had virtually no value. That minor mystery soon becomes a much larger one linked to a bank heist and the Philadelphia mob enters the scene with its own agenda. It’s a rea [...]

    16. You ever pick up a paperback at a library sale - one of those sales where you have a bag and you're just tossing in books so you get your $3 worth. And then when you begin reading them you realize why most of them were donated. But then there is one, with an unassuming cover, that turns out to be pretty good? That's "Quinn Checks In."It doesn't do anything particularly new with the genre, and there is plenty that the book doesn't do that it could. But the plot moves along quickly, and the charac [...]

    17. Interesting story, but needs some serious editingThe plot was good and character development was well done. The use of local slang added a bit of spice to the story, however the typos and grammatical errors had me needing to re-read portions to be certain of what I had just read.

    18. Liam Quinn rescues VermeerA quirky Irish American convict/insurance investigator leads the way to the recovery of a valuable painting. Along the way he shows a young man another way. A first rate novel of crime, punishment and redemption.

    19. A well done, light, fun mystery. I enjoyed this one. The author has created an interesting, believable cast of characters that I am looking forward to learning more about in the other books in the series.

    20. Who done it -art theftthis is a quick read. I actually did not know who did it until the author laid it out at the very end and I am pretty good at figuring these things out. I will read more by this author.

    21. Very Entertaining! Quinn is a fun character who gets the job done. This book keeps you reading right on through, you have to know what happens next. Added Bonus: NO STINKY SOCK PUPPET!!! ;0)

    22. Ex con insurance investigator solves the missing Vermeer mystery. Looks to be a good series. Kindle book had a number of typos.

    23. Meet Quinn, an ex-con, son and brother to cops. He is trying to go straight and is employed as an insurance investigator.He is given the case of a gallery heist were only one canvas was stolen. We follow is investigation, meeting lots of "interesting" people along the way including a mob boss.Keeps you guessing who actually stole it to the end.

    24. Action packed thrillerCan't wait to read LH Thomson's next book featuring quirky hero Liam Quinn.Loved everything about this book would make a terrific moviewonderful characters

    25. Fun, interesting crime seriesThompson is a new author to me, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm so glad I picked up this book. Engaging plot. Loveable MC and interesting support cast. I really enjoyed this book. Picking up the next in the series right away.

    26. GREAT story with awesome characters. I like that Liam got injured, got scared, didn't get the girl He's more realistic. And that pretty little be that wrapped everything up nicely? Well, it's not so perfect. And that's rare in a mystery, or any book really! I would definitely recommend it.

    27. I'd definitely read this before. Previous notes either lost in device crash or eaten by . But since it's good and it's been a while, I enjoyed the reread. Good. Decently done, although it hides a few clues from reader. Would read more. Solid 3*

    28. I really like the caricte a bit of a different take on the detective story as Quin is a ex con from a family of cops and a devout catholic family

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