• Title: The Good King
  • Author: Dale R. Long Meg Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780992104
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Good King The Good King an illustrated Christmas story is a retelling of John Mason Neale s Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas It is a story of betrayal and faith of endings and new beginnings and along t
    The Good King, an illustrated Christmas story, is a retelling of John Mason Neale s Christmas carol, Good King Wenceslas It is a story of betrayal and faith, of endings and new beginnings and, along the way, a handful of Christmas miracles and a few surprises This story fills in the blanks left by the carol, as the King s page recounts the last days of King Wenceslas.

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    1. I read this Christmas Day, the perfect time for such a story. Using the Good King Wenceslas song as its backbone, Long writes a melancholy, wistful story of the King's last good deed.The language and voice are perfect and the tone is set early in the book. And Meg Simmons' illustrations only add to the narrative, also helping to set the tone for the piece.The author states he was brought up with the traditions of Christmas readings (Twas The Night Before Christmas) and watching the classics (Ali [...]

    2. This short story should become a new Christmas classic for the whole family. A Christmas miracle tied to a classic carol (Good King Wenceslas) with a delightful twist at the end for the reader who is paying attention. Perfect for reading aloud by fireside on a December evening.

    3. This wonderful story will become a tradition in my house along side Twas The Night Before Christmas, the family curled in front of the fire in our pyjamas. Well written with a very neat realization at the end. Thank you, Dale R. Long for capturing the true meaning of Christmas.

    4. July was the perfect time for me to read this story. My Christmas spirit isn't overwhelmed by continuous marketing and packaging of Christmas like it is from October - December. A lovely story but there wasn't enough of it. I want to hear more. I finished, wishing it were 300+ pages.

    5. This is a new Christmas classic, with well done illustrations. Well researched and presented. Happy to recommend.

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