• Title: Now Zoey's Alone
  • Author: Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780330351195
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
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    Now Zoey s Alone Now Zoey s alone At least that s how it feels to Zoey With Lucas and Nina behaving so strangely how can she help but be suspicious Maybe Lara s the one Zoey should turn to for the truth Or maybe not
    Now Zoey s alone At least, that s how it feels to Zoey With Lucas and Nina behaving so strangely, how can she help but be suspicious Maybe Lara s the one Zoey should turn to for the truth Or maybe not.

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    1. Feeling nostalgic for the books of my youth, I revisited Katherine Applegate and her Islanders omnibus editions (first released as the Making Out series way back in 1993. Yes, I am that old).While I found them to be overly-dramatic and a little bit cheesy on second reading, I think they would be loved by teenagers today. YA has taken a much-welcome step in the sphere of fantasy, science fiction and Dystopia, largely, in recent years so for teenagers looking for the traditional romance novels fil [...]

    2. This is the instalment where most of the gang go off to college. It's nice to read books where time and life progress in a somewhat realistic way, and there's no-one stuck in junior year of high school for decades or becoming halted at 8th grade with babysitting their only money-making option.In the previous book Lara found out about Lucas and Nina's occasional kisses. In this book she's using this knowledge to blackmail them into being nice to her which is the most pathetic blackmail in the his [...]

    3. This one was waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the 4 previous ones. Drama, closure, departures. In a way, I'm already feeling kind of sad that the MO series reaches its end. In an other way, I'm glad because I really want to read other stuff.The plots regarding Aisha are still pretty tedious to read (and Christopher is turning into a bigger a--hole with every page I'm reading), the Zoey one is less tedious (though she really acts like a spoiled brat, and this is getting on my nerves) and I really liked [...]

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