• Title: The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter
  • Author: Evelyn F. Scott Virginia Parsons
  • ISBN: 9780375832796
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter Once upon a time in a summer forest there were fourteen bears so begins a sweet story of a bear family s life throughout the year told in loving and simple detail
    Once upon a time, in a summer forest, there were fourteen bears so begins a sweet story of a bear family s life throughout the year, told in loving and simple detail.

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    1. This was one of my favorites as a child. I could spend hours looking at each bears' house and deciding which house/bed/decoration I liked the best.It's a wonderful book and I'm lucky that my mother saved my copy so that I can read it with my children.My 3 year old loves this book as much as I did/do. It's requested every night at bedtime and one nights where she can't fall asleep I leave her to look at it by herself. When I asked her last night which was her favorite bed she said, "I don't know. [...]

    2. My absolute favorite childhood book! Loved the individual personalities of each sweet little bear and their simple adventures together as a family. It went out of print and then apparently it was re-released in 2005 and unfortunately it seems to be out of stock everywhere I look. I am so sad!

    3. Lo vi por casualidad en el librero y recordé cuánto lo amé de niña, pasé horas viendo las ilustraciones e imaginando cuál sería mi casa favorita, jeje es genial.

    4. This was my absolute favorite book as a child. It's two stories in one about 14 bears -- momma, poppa, 11 girls (Flora, Dora, Ramona,Hanna, Henrietta, etc.) and little Theodore. Each of the bears has a cool tree house with distinctive style and interior decor. They each have hobbies and interests. Although they are individuals, they also are a very cohesive family. In the summer story, they walk paw in paw through the forest to go swimming at a little pond with a water fall. Then they eat flavor [...]

    5. Genre: Picture book Reading Level: Transitional: ages 5-8Topics and Themes: This book focuses on family. The bears go through both summer and winter doing activities they enjoy. Curricular Use: independent readingSocial:This book is written about about the Ameican Dream bear family. It shows an apparently well to do family with a two parent household. The bears all have nice clothing and go on various family outings. Both the Mama and Papa bear are always present too. You may have to discuss tha [...]

    6. This is hands down one of my most favorite childhood books. I just love the illustrations and as a kid loved the difference between each of the bear's homes in the summer and in the winter. This book is still in my family and although it was my book, just recently I picked it up and looked at it again and my name had been crossed out and replaced by my brother with his name, only to be crossed out and replaced by his son's. As you can see, it's a family favorite and will continue to be for many [...]

    7. This was my very favorite book as a child. I loved the pictures of the same settings in different seasons, I loved that they were a big family like my own, I loved the unique beds or bedrooms of each bear, their clothes, and the fun things they did in summer and winter. I loved that the book itself was oversized, gigantic. My older sisters must've read this book to me hundreds of times. I bet not many other kids in my hometown ever got to read it, because I think I checked it out nearly every ti [...]

    8. I had this book when I was young and remember it being magical. (But aren't most books magical when you're young?) When they recently re-released it after being out of print for years I bought it to share with my daughters. It has become an instant favorite.The greatness of this children's book comes from it's simple (yet beautiful) writing and it's rich and whimsical illustrations. The story is easy enough for even small children (under age 3) to understand, but has plenty of hold for older chi [...]

    9. This is one of my favorite books from childhood. It is hard to come by now, but my parents still have a copy. It features a family of bears and shows how each of the girl bears has designed her own style in each tree. I liked looking at the different interior design that reflected the different dress and personalities of the bears (there is only one boy bear, and he still lives in the parents' tree). It shows the family's adventures in summer and winter, and I adore it.

    10. This was my favorite book as a child and have been trying to remember the complete title for about 20 years. To find this book this evening was a stroke of pure luck. I am going to purchase it to give to my daughter as a gift for starting high school.In this book I learned how a family can consist of all different personalities with quirks and oddities. What may appear as a weakness is simply a characteristic waiting to be explored.

    11. The best Christmas present I've ever received was when I was surprised me with a copy of this. I'd long ago lost my childhood copy and had remembered and missed this book for decades. It was without question my favorite book as a child. I vividly remember exploring all of the different bears rooms with my childhood eyes and swear by the tactile memories of wandering though them. I will cherish this book always.

    12. I loved this book as a kid and now read it with mine- The bears Veronica, Virginia, Johanna, Ramona, Emma, Anna, Gloria, Hannah, Henrietta, Flora, Dora and Little Theodore and their tree houses and activities are so fun to see, not to mention all the different flavors of honey my cousins and I as kids would always pick which house we would want. The illustrations and the individual bears and their interests are the real strength of this story.

    13. One of my favorite books. The artwork is just beautiful I used to love looking at the different bear homes and think of which I'd like to live in. V loves it too : when we read "and they go paw and paw thru the forest" she says "and ma and ma!" . I am so glad Mom saved it's going for $150-300 on amazon despite being reprinted in 2005 in smaller form. Guess I should not let the dog use it as a pillow anymore.

    14. My absolute favorite children's book. I can't believe is selling them used $144-$348! Some years ago, I bought a reprint for my niece, but now that I have a baby, I cannot find one for sale. This definitely should have been made into a board book. My favorite part was looking in all the different bears' houses. Such a brilliant illustrator.

    15. This was my absolute favorite book as a little girl. My grandmother who was in her late 70's would read it to me every day. She swore I could read at age 3 because I could read it to her. That wasn't the case, I just had it memorized. My mom still has the 1973 version. I think I will be getting the updated version for my daughter.

    16. One Christmas my older brother and sister each bought me a present, but didn't tell each other what they had bought. When I unwrapped their gifts they were the same, this wonderful book! This was one of my favorite picture books when I was very young. I used to love looking at all the details in the illustrations. A really fun book for young readers and bear lovers.

    17. Love, love, love this book. When I was a child, my sisters read it to me over and over again at my request. I was enchanted by the illustrations of the bears' hollow tree houses, and often dreamt of what coconut flavored honey must taste like. This book was so dear to me that when I had a daughter, I named her after my favorite bear and her mother: Emma Victoria.

    18. This may be my favorite book of all tiime! I would get so lost in the pictures of this book! I waited years for it to come back into print and then I bought a bunch of copies for all my nieces and nephews! I love this book!

    19. I can see why this is so fondly remembered by people who read it as children - the detailed drawings would have captivated me as a kid. But as an adult (reading it to a kid), a lot of it came across as pretty weird (maybe because it's dated).

    20. This is a beloved book from my childhood. My sisters and I loved the illustrations and would each choose which bear we wanted to be, treehouse we wanted to live in, favorite bedroom, tree decorations etc.

    21. I can remember both of my parents reading this to me when I was still small enough to rock in a rocking chair on their lap. It was not in print when I had my son, but my sister discovered it was reprinted in time for my girls to be born. Great illustrations as well.

    22. I LOVED this book when I was little and I actually still have mine (with a few crayon drawing from me in it) and am so glad I get to share it with my kids.

    23. One of my all time favorites. As a little girl I loved to read this. My favorite part was always seeing each bear's home and how it was decorated. :)

    24. This was my favorite book when I was a kid. Now the Richard Scarry-illustrated edition is out of print and goes for over $100 on eBay. Why did my mom throw out our copy??!!! Arrgghh

    25. loved it but why can't I find it for less than $100-$400 these days :( will likely never see it again at those pricesreleased in 2005 my eyeball, guess i missed it again

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