• Title: Good Sex, Great Prayers
  • Author: Brandon Tietz
  • ISBN: 9781780995304
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Good Sex Great Prayers Pratt has fallen upon strange times Father Johnstone who s served at the helm for the past thirty years has begun to lose his flock He dispenses poor marital advice and indulges in the company of lu
    Pratt has fallen upon strange times Father Johnstone, who s served at the helm for the past thirty years, has begun to lose his flock He dispenses poor marital advice and indulges in the company of lusting widows, both of which he can hardly remember doing The pastor has never felt unlike himself, and Madeline Paige the town s newest resident believes she knows thePratt has fallen upon strange times Father Johnstone, who s served at the helm for the past thirty years, has begun to lose his flock He dispenses poor marital advice and indulges in the company of lusting widows, both of which he can hardly remember doing The pastor has never felt unlike himself, and Madeline Paige the town s newest resident believes she knows the reason What she reveals will compromise everything Father Johnstone has ever known Meanwhile, two men beyond Pratt s county lines administer their own brand of faith Billy Burke, the truck stop preacher, tours the Bible Belt advising blue collar workers how to properly assault a meth hooker and the best way to protest gay nightclubs He s destined to meet a man that s been operating out of Las Vegas under many different names, experimenting on a myriad of escorts using Christian lingerie, pious role play, and Biblical paraphernalia Together, they will push the threshold, and the town of Pratt will serve as the battleground for when faiths clash and lives hang in the balance.

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    1. Originally published at DigBoston:digboston/boston-arts-theaBrandon Tietz’s new novel Good Sex, Great Prayers is a dark and dirty delight, a small town horror story in the vein of Stephen King but bolstered with an elegant, vagrant voice all its own.Be warned: This novel will forever change the way you look at the words “chili dog.” Unless you already viewed those two words as completely terrifying, in which case, congratulations, what the hell is wrong with you?This book also explains wha [...]

    2. Knowing the author as I do, I expected an irreverent romp in the vein of Jesus Angel Garcia’s Badbadbad, perhaps lampooning religion while vacuous sluts violated Commandments under the auspices of some misguided preacher. Instead, the story (though not the writing) is closer to Chuck Wendig territory, with supernatural elements that took me by surprise—which isn’t a spoiler. It’s a “rural fantasy” with a high body—er, bodily fluid count, and the mature evolution I’d hoped for Tie [...]

    3. When Brandon Tietz sent me an early copy of this book through Facebook, this is how he signed it:If only I could illustrate how appropriate this was to christen my experience with this book.This book is just a great romp. It's not perfect, but it's almost perfect in its imperfection, much the same way chipped teacups have personality and smelly farts bring happiness. There are some parts where internal monologues repeat themselves often and typos present themselves, sure, but the experience is a [...]

    4. Being a leftist-secular-agnostic-guerilla, I was apprehensive to read something dubbed “Christian erotica.” So I let my girlfriends take the initial plunge - she read the first few pages and said, “Babe, this guy is just as fucked up in the head as you.” And so I read the thing and instantly admired Tietz’s command of the craft. The style is ornate and imaginative, with very nightmarish sexual passages. I’m anti-religion in the most radical and offensive way; for a writer to question [...]

    5. What makes you pick up a book? A cool cover? A recommendation from a trusted friend? A good price?Do you ever decide to read a book that you aren’t quite sure about? Maybe it’s to appease a friend who won’t stop raving about a particular book, but has given you not-so-hot recommendations in the past. Maybe it’s to see what all the fuss is about, or just maybe it’s because you’re expecting an absolute train wreck and want to see how it turns out.I can’t say for sure what drew me to [...]

    6. Brandon Tietz is one of those guys to keep watching. This guy is one of the hardest working writers out there and it shows in his work. One of the few books I waited and looked forward to it's release, mostly because I had no idea what to expect from it. I almost quit reading because the "bad guy" was almost too bad. That alone is a hard enough to pull off these days, so I kept reading. Finished the book and glad I did. It was awesome experience. Then I read Out of Touch and it was pretty good t [...]

    7. This novel was not at all what I expected and I mean that in the best way possible. I was expecting "Fifty Shades of Grey" style filth but what we get is more akin to Stephen King. Gripping, often times surprisingly touching and a climax that you won't see coming (pun intended) make for an extremely satisfying read. Loved every second of this book. There were so many great playoffs in the end. Highly recommended.

    8. All the way through this book I was enjoying a guilty secret, the way I always have with transgressive fiction. Good Sex Great Prayers puts me in mind of something I read in a Brett Easton Ellis interview where he complained that a lot of stories are too caught up in decency. Anyone who agrees with that or feels like they do, or like me enjoys the train wreck effect of finding a book like this and thinking ‘How bad can it be?’ will find Good Sex Great Prayers a more than satisfying antidote [...]

    9. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewThis year has been full of truly original and entertaining horror novels and Brandon Tietz's latest, Good Sex, Great Prayers, definitely falls into that category. Focusing on the small town of Pratt, Tietz's novel tells the story of Father Johnstone, a devout pastor who finds himself losing his congregation after he begins exhibiting strange behavior that is seemingly out of his control. He dispenses vulgar marriage advice, delivers blasphe [...]

    10. A fabulously amazing and all kinds of other fancy words that mean awesome book. Good Sex, Great Prayers is full on religious transgression in every way. From sexual content to questions about the power and efficacy of prayer this book doesn't hold back. It's beautifully descriptive, even in the most horrific scenes you can't escape the authors delicious use of language. And there is horror, violence and gore. And sex, lots of really raw images of transgressive sex. The concept of sex and faith b [...]

    11. This is a wild, fun read with lots of darkness, lots of humor, and lots of action. The fiction/erotica classification on the back puzzles me a bit. I wouldn't call it either. There’s some graphic sexual content, and sex is certainly a theme throughout, but I wouldn't say it’s erotic. I might call the book rural fantasy—where old pagan rites meet midwestern bible-belt ideals in a terrible collision that kind of melts the two together. There are definitely elements of horror—so of course I [...]

    12. I couldn't put this book down. It draws you in, wanting to turn away from the graphic details, but you can't help but keep wanting more. It will question your faith in God and open your eyes to a dark path that no one can see coming. Each page leaves more clues and questions, until finally it all comes together in a climaxing adventure that jumps out on each page in front of you. It's man's battle of good versus evil to bending the rules to remain pure and save himself and his people at the same [...]

    13. It had really good potential, but the number of typos is directly related to my enjoyment of a book. Plus, it was about 50 pages too long, I think

    14. Things are not as they should be atop Daisy Hill in the rural small town of Spratt. Travis Durphy and his wife Heather can't seem to consummate their wedding vows. Mr. and Mrs. Fairfax aren't attracted to each other anymore after many years of marriage. And Father Johnstone -- who has proven woefully ineffective lately in counseling his flock, including Travis and the Fairfaxes -- has suddenly developed the hots for the Widow Wright.Such is the drama that begins the saga of Good Sex, Great Praye [...]

    15. Brandon Tietz es un tipo al que hay que seguirle la pista."Good Sex, Great Prayers" es un bocadillo oscuro, dulce, amargo y sorpresivo que me recordó mucho a Stephen King pero que viene con su propia voz, potente y elegante.Es difícil describir el argumento de la novela sin dar grandes "spoilers", no apto para lectores que ven el mundo en blanco y negro, este libro es gris a más no poder.Tietz revela con esta historia el peligro de creer en cosas que nunca podrás entender. Brujería, prostit [...]

    16. Sacrilegious is one word that comes to mind. Transgressive is another. This novel carries a lot of heat, mixed with epiphanies, regret, and disgust. But it is not without humor—the harsh truth lying just beneath the punch lines that coat the scarred surface. A strong voice that always entertains and never disappoints, GSGP is a wild ride, from start to finish.

    17. Sex and sacrilege.Brandon Tietz's epic rural horror novel about the town of Pratt where a pastor named Father Johnstone has functionally managed his flock smoothly for the past few decades. He notices things are changing and eventually with the help of a new neighbor, who happens to be a witch named Madeline Paige, discovers that he is cursed. While processing the discovery of the curse Madeline break the news to Father Johnstone that a much larger evil is headed to Pratt and seeks to destroy it [...]

    18. GSGP challenges the way you consider the conventional theories about what keeps the planet rotating. It does start off a bit slower than expected but ends in the whiplash pace that one might consider "signature Tietz". Fans of Brandon's work will recognize this novel as an important exhibition in his evolution as an author. Overall, this is a great story that well worth the read!

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