• Title: Friends for Life
  • Author: Meg Wolitzer
  • ISBN: 9780517159040
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Friends for Life From the author of This Is Your Life made into a successful film comes a funny human comedy about the lives and loves of three best friends Originally united by a fifth grade project now years l
    From the author of This Is Your Life made into a successful film comes a funny, human comedy about the lives and loves of three best friends Originally united by a fifth grade project, now, 20 years later, the girls still meet for dinner once a month Nora Ephron will direct a film version of Friends for Life.

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    1. Okay, kind of tacky. Three women in NYC are friends. Lisa marries a doctor, Meredith is beautiful, Ann decides to be a lesbian. Tells what its like after one gets married and has a baby. Read this twice.

    2. My least favorite of the Wolitzer books that I read this month, not to say that I didn't enjoy it! But I didn't think it went much deeper than that, either.Meredith, Lisa and Ann are friends from childhood who, in their late twenties, continue to meet monthly (or more than monthly) as their lives take different paths in New York. First it's just career paths, but as their romantic lives become more serious, suddenly the group feels more threatened.Dr. Lisa marries colleague Eric, a bit of a bore [...]

    3. I'm 40 pages in and I'm going to stop reading this book. If you knew me, you'd know this is a huge thing because I never stop reading a book once I've started. I don't like the writing style, I find the conversation contrived and I can't stand any of the predictable, cookie-cutter, insipid characters. I do not care in the least what happens to any of them. So I'm not going to read it

    4. Written in 1994, this novel of three women, friends since the fifth grade, reflects their life as they are about to turn 30. And perhaps even with the passing of twenty years, the concerns and questions and fears of women are still the same as are the challenges of a long friendship that must evolve with the women. Despite different personalities and interests and varied professions, the three women are bonded by all they shared as children, adolescents and 20 something’s; they readily admit t [...]

    5. Not as good as "The Ten Year Nap" by Meg Wolitzer. More of a beach/summer read. (Or when you ought to be doing something else but you do want to know how it ends so you skim to the end read). Three friends in NYC have relationship problems. One is classically beautiful but self-centered, one is the "nice" girl/Dr and the third discovers she is a lesbian (which is good because none of the guys were really cutting it).

    6. The completist in my decided that it would be a good idea to check out Meg Wolitzer's first book, and read through her novels in chronological order, since I enjoyed The Position and The Interestings so much.This book really did nothing for me as a book. However, it was pretty interesting to see where she started in her published writing, and where it got her later. The seeds are definitely here, but this book pales in comparison to the others I've read, and was fairly forgettable.

    7. a bit of a let down. i really liked "the wifeand look forward to reading "the ten year nap." it really bothers me that i can't figure out how to italicizeway, it touches on some interesting issues of friends shifts and such, but more could've happened i guess. maybe more "stuff" would have made this more interesting. though some touched some nerves which is always a good thing.

    8. Having started reading Meg Wolitzer with "The Wife", I guess I was bound to find this earlier book more lightweight. This falls pretty squarely in the chick-lit category, but it is very, very superior chick-lit, thanks to Wolitzer's keen eye for detail and wonderful sense of humor. Even if this isn't the deepest analysis of female friendship ever written, it's a jolly pleasant ride.

    9. Post-modern psycho-drivel followed by an atypical happy ending in this would-be chic lit littered with unrelatable characters that put Seinfeld to shame. But- compelling enough that I actually finished it, which is saying something.

    10. A Really good Wolitzer; three young women, close friends, are living their confusing and hectic lives in Manhattan, growing up: men, career, honesty, love, friendship. I relate to these women in how friends become a solid substitute for family. Great writing, wonderful story.

    11. Another Meg Wolitzer. This one an early one. It's a beach read. Or an airplane read. Nothing to see here. Engaging for what it is but not worth seeking out at all.

    12. Reminded me of my own friendships. Very relatable but not very interesting or exciting. Would recommend if you like your life reflected back at you, which I sometimes do!

    13. I like how Wolitzer flushes out characters and this novel did a good job of communicating the many conflicting emotions of long standing relationships.

    14. Wolitzer writes interesting characters but doesn't really get deep enough with any of them to move them beyond the caricature state. Another book I had high hopes for but was left feeling "meh".

    15. Tacky, cliche, stupid, but I freakin' loved it. Hell, I finished it in a few hours. What's happening to me

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