• Title: Flying Over the Fence With Amadou Diallo
  • Author: Julien Poirier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: None
  • Flying Over the Fence With Amadou Diallo Poem by Julien Poirier
    Poem by Julien Poirier.

    One Reply to “Flying Over the Fence With Amadou Diallo”

    1. I like this chapbook, but its language, though often melodic, seems coded, rendering its message inaccessible. It's obviously about the injustice of Amadou Diallo's death at the hands of the NYPD, but I didn't get the owl as justice or the sideways poem with the line, "41 misty whiskers in the milk," which appears to be the centerpiece. The line seems to be in reference to the 41 shots fired, but I don't see the connection between the poem and Diallo. Maybe I expect too much or the poems just go [...]

    2. Bizarre.Every once in a while, I read a book of poetry and just think, 'WHUT?' Alas, this is one of those books. I tried and tried and just didn'tt it. The unusual formatting, strange diction and overall oddity of this one baffled me. I might try to find out more about it before totally condemning it, though. My feeling is there is much more to this one than I was able to discover.

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