• Title: The Ask and the Answer
  • Author: Patrick Ness
  • ISBN: 9780763676179
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ask and the Answer We were in the square in the square where I d run holding her carrying her telling her to stay alive stay alive till we got safe till we got to Haven so I could save her But there weren t no saf
    We were in the square, in the square where I d run, holding her, carrying her, telling her to stay alive, stay alive till we got safe, till we got to Haven so I could save her But there weren t no safety, no safety at all, there was just him and his menFleeing before a relentless army, Todd has carried a desperately wounded Viola right into the hands of their worst enWe were in the square, in the square where I d run, holding her, carrying her, telling her to stay alive, stay alive till we got safe, till we got to Haven so I could save her But there weren t no safety, no safety at all, there was just him and his menFleeing before a relentless army, Todd has carried a desperately wounded Viola right into the hands of their worst enemy, Mayor Prentiss Immediately separated from Viola and imprisoned, Todd is forced to learn the ways of the Mayor s new order But what secrets are hiding just outside of town And where is Viola Is she even still alive And who are the mysterious Answer And then, one day, the bombs begin to explode The Ask and the Answer is a tense, shocking and deeply moving novel of resistance under the most extreme pressure This is the second title in the Chaos Walking trilogy.

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    1. okay, so i loved the knife of never letting go but this one was somehow even better.oh, jeez, i am afraid i am just going to write a gushing fangirl review here. does anyone mind?i will try to avoid saying anything too specific, because this book is such a gem, i want everyone to sort of discover its folds and depths for themselvescause there is a great deal of depth up in heree action of this book takes place after a colossal thing happens which separates viola and todd. and this book is a spli [...]

    2. This was an alright sequel, I didn't love the plot but the ending has left me very curious to see how the trilogy ends! I hope there is lots more action and intensity in the final installment :)

    3. What would you choose if you had the faith of someone you love in your hands? Would you betray your beliefs?I must confess that the only honest answer I can give you is Of course I'd be so proud if I was able to say that I'd do the right thing whatever it takes, and I want to think I'd do it. Really. Of course there are situations where what to do is obvious because one of the possibilities is utterly bad. But sometimes - sometimes there's no such thing as a right choice. The Ask and the Answer [...]

    4. This stunning sequel to The Knife Of Never Letting Go manages to measure up to its predecessor in a way I never thought possible. After reading the first book, I felt sure that Ness would be incapable of delivering something equally brilliant. But he did.This is an even more important book than part one, though admittedly not quite as fast-paced. It deals with very grown up issues like feminism, terrorism, war and genocide; another reason why I have to reiterate my point that this trilogy should [...]

    5. **Some spoilers for those who have not read the first book**I just wrote an exhausting review of this novel, but screwed me and lost the entire thing. Pissed does not even begin to cover what I feel right now. All of that brilliance, now lost to the cyberspace void forever. I didn't so much read the first book in this series, The Knife of Never Letting Go, as inhaled it. Original and disturbing, Ness is not afraid to take some risks as he tells the story of Todd Hewitt, a boy about to become a [...]

    6. Objectively, this whole series so far has been fabulously written. Really, really skilled author.Objectively, the book deserves five stars.But I'm only human, and subjectively I wanted to rip this book apart and then burn the shreds because it both makes me furious and scares me to death. Chaos Walking is the kind of story where every character is evil and corrupted in their own way and you're at a loss for someone to like/support. To make things worse, the main characters are children thrust in [...]

    7. It's 4.5 stars. Not perfect 5 stars because the first part was a little slow and boring for me, but THEN the final chapters were so awesome and full of twists and turns and UGHHH Patrick Ness just loves to kill the characters I like!Anyway, this book was so much better than the first one! I think that's because we get to know (not really, though) mayor Prentiss. He's one of the best villains EVER.Also, I ship Todd and Viola so much.

    8. “So who are you then, Todd Hewitt? What makes you so special?”Where to start, where to start? In that first chapter, I was just so proud of you Todd. I feel like we’ve come a long way and it just never stops for you does it?But seriously, where to start? I thought the last book was good. This one is better. Like, sell your aunt and your soul to the devil kind of good. It's just so full of stuff.First off, despite my many attempts, I could never guess what would happen. When I gave up tryin [...]

    9. I won't lie, I am really disappointed in and exhausted by this novel. "The Ask and the Answer" is very little like the first book in the trilogy "The Knife of Never Letting Go." If the first one is a fast-paced chase kind of story, which keeps you hooked by gradual revelation of the New World's mysteries of Noise, Haven, Viola's origin, etc this book is basically an account of a civil war between Mayor Prentiss's army and the resistance called here the Answer. The book raises various issues of g [...]

    10. Ugh, I just can't do it. This book is contrived and ridiculous. The characters of Todd and Viola have reached a level of stupidity that I didn’t think was possible. I was put off by the first chapter, but continued to read for another 50 pages before I finally chucked it. Enough is enough. I had already ignored my instincts by picking this book up in the first place. Having read and been let down by book one, I was hoping that Ness would redeem himself. But alas, no such luck. Not only has Nes [...]

    11. This series is just turning out to be rather "meh" for me, and that's totally not a bad thing, I just can't describe it better. It's not bad. I really have no problems with the characters or writing or plot, but at the same time, it isn't the absolutely coolest and best thing i've read. It's fast and unique and the writing is cool, but I don't necessarily find myself connected to the story or the people. It's fun to read when you're doing it, but I wouldn't consider this series one of my favorit [...]

    12. Patrick Ness's writing is a thing of magic. He aptly portrayed the horrors of civil war on both sides, and how war has no clear "good guy" and "bad guy". The psychological aspect of this book is intense, being in the minds of both Viola and Todd as they try to pave a path for themselves in the hell that surronds them is both riveting and humbling.

    13. *** 2.75 ***A buddy with my friends at the MacHalos, because we obviously hate ourselves I am not going to write a real review for this one, because if it continues in the same vain, I will have to repeat myself when I finish the third and last book in the series. I am just frustratedUsually, when I read dystopian YA of substance, I am full of emotions which propel me to inspiration, and I have no problems putting them down in a review. Usually most of those feelings are positive. And just as al [...]

    14. I imagine Viola, reluctant healer, the worst in fact, bumbling around; Todd working, slaving away. And I imagine their growing closeness despite everything that’s going on around them; despite the forced physical distance between them. This book is a such a visceral experience. And it's more. I read it and I see everything in my mind’s eye. Not stills; I have a movie playing in my head. I sort of gag when I think of the stench from the Spackles’ corner in the morning. I can almost catch a [...]

    15. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?The Mayor has the upper hand and a stronger mind than anyone. I feel sorry for Tod and Viola for the most part, and the telepathy angle is growing a bit more interesting, but it's really the descent into evil that captures most of my imagination.As it should, I'm sure. This dystopian SF was designed for the YA crowd and while it is very decent for what it is, the plot is not quite as strong as the characterizations and the world building is kinda lacking. If you're loo [...]

    16. Most of the things I had issues with in the first book aren't a factor here, except for one. And it's kind of a big one. I'm going to have to meditate upon this for a time before I can write a proper review. Over all, though, I liked this one much better. Ness does relentlessly horrible like nobody else, and I say that with all the love and respect in the world.*****************AVAST, YE SCURVY DOGS, THAR WILL BE SPOILERS! Yaaarrr! I don't know why I hate the Global Spoiler Warning, I just do. I [...]

    17. 4.5 The writing style is so powerful, something about those half sentences just give me the chills. The ask and the answer is a very complete sequel, with more layers and feelings than its predecessor if that’s possible. It is. Not as fast paced or action packed like The Knife but with way more material and exposition to what is the main plot line in this book; war and sides; society and decisions; love and friendship; good and evil…and everything in between. With excellent character develop [...]

    18. Na prvih nekoliko strana zavrsava se zapoceta akcija iz prvog dela i onda dolazi do blagog zamora u radnji. Neko vreme skoro da se nista i ne desava.Druga polovina je ponovo odlicna. Sve se ponovo zahuhtava, vraca se tempo iz prve knjige.Da imam Buku u njoj bi se samo provlacilo:Ma daj! Ne verujem! O neee! Kako, zasto? SmrcOnaj gubitak na kraju mi je bas tesko pao.Druga polovina knjige je toliko dobra da oduva onaj utisak dosade sa pocetka.Ne mogu ni da pretpostavim sta me ceka u trecem delu. Ne [...]

    19. Seriously. One of THE best series I've readd I'm not even done reading it yet. Why are you so awesome Patrick Ness?First thoughts:1) Love Todd.2) Love Viola.3) Love Todd and Viola.4) The writing style is AMAZING.5) Fully developed characters, plot, and concepts.Check out my full video review here!

    20. Even better than first book but lot darker one with more twists and turns.Ask and answer deals with more mature issues like slavery, terrorism and feminism as line between good and bad side blurs. But this isn't philosophical book and morality questions aren't showed in your face, instead they are knitted organically into story and setting of this incredible YA adventure. Maybe after intense book my brain short circuited but premise reminds me of first Black company book where we know who are go [...]

    21. SOUND THE ALARM: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THIS BOOK AND ALSO 'THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO'. You have been warned. Initial Final Page Thoughts.SPACKLEARGH. High PointE RETURN OF TODD. Seriously, I missed him in like the two days between finished the first one and starting this one. Mayor .President Prentiss. VIOLA! The Answer. Sympathy for the devil. Welcome to the dark side. Mmm, I love the smell of a love triangle in dystopia. The Holy Trinity- Oppression, Betrayal and Friends [...]

    22. So for the entire month of February I have been Patrick Ness crazy! Like, CRAZY!! I had never read any Ness before so I thought I'd pick up one or two of his books as I had heard only good things about his writing. This led to me buying almost everything he has ever written and reading them all back to back, without even pausing to write a review in-between. So, let me begin this review by apologizing to my GR friends for the onslaught of Ness-related reviews coming your way today! Sorry (not so [...]

    23. I read the first book of this series last year. I really liked it (4 stars). My main reason was the imagination of the author to think of something like people hearing another people's thoughts. It found it very fascinating as I never heard of that before. Also, he used this in weaving a very engaging dystopian tale of a small post-apocalyptic town with very memorable characters.There is nothing similar to that fascinating concept in this second book. There are endless violence similar to The Hu [...]

    24. 6 Stars!I can give six stars if I wanna! (shut up) ;) “That’s when I think getting thru it ain’t enough.Staying alive ain’t enough if yer barely living.They’ll play me as long as I let ‘em.”People tend to believe because I pick, crawl, and remain in a book for weeks that I am struggling or not enjoying the story. It’s actually the complete opposite. I don’t want the book to end. I can’t and don’t want to leave the pages. The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness became one of [...]

    25. Also find this review on - My blog Don't Stop Readin'One of the best books I have ever read.I am not the kind of person to throw around the title of ‘best-book-ever’ casually. I’ve read almost 330 books but only 40 of them are my favourites. So when I say this is one of the best books everI mean it.Ask and The Answeris the 2nd book inChaos Walkingtrilogy. It picks up right where the first one,Knife of Never Letting Goleft off. There is a lot of planning, plotting, bombing in this instalmen [...]

    26. Truly amazing. Patrick Ness did a brilliant job writing the characters of this book. 4.5 stars because there were brief moment that I was not that into the plot, to be honest.

    27. This book wasn't as good as the first. It felt as if it was just a filler, and that it was only written to help set up the stage for the last book. The book could be condensed into less than 100 pages. I think it would been just better to add the 100 pages to the last book and make the series into a duology. Todd and viola were simply irritating in the second book. I know the book is suppose to deal with serious issues such as genocide, war and torture, but it seemed more like a facade. These is [...]

    28. Todd and Viola are giving me LIFE right now. I absolutely love this story and the second book was just as good as the first, but in a new and exciting way. I can't imagine the tortuee people went through who read these as they were published because CLIFFHANGER MUCH?? Lol excited to read the final book!!

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