• Title: Ride the River Louis Lamour Collection
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 0553062638
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Imitation Leather
  • Ride the River Louis Lamour Collection In Ride the River Louis L Amour spins the tale of a young woman who has to protect her family fortune from a murderous thief and teach him what it means to be a Sackett Sixteen year old Echo Sackett
    In Ride the River, Louis L Amour spins the tale of a young woman who has to protect her family fortune from a murderous thief and teach him what it means to be a Sackett Sixteen year old Echo Sackett had never been far from her Tennessee home until she made the long trek to Philadelphia to collect an inheritance Echo could take care of herself as well as any Sackett man,In Ride the River, Louis L Amour spins the tale of a young woman who has to protect her family fortune from a murderous thief and teach him what it means to be a Sackett Sixteen year old Echo Sackett had never been far from her Tennessee home until she made the long trek to Philadelphia to collect an inheritance Echo could take care of herself as well as any Sackett man, but James White, a sharp city lawyer, figured that cheating the money from the young girl would be like taking candy from a baby If he couldn t hoodwink Echo out of the cash, he d just steal it from her outright And if she put up a fight There were plenty of accidents that could happen to a country girl on her first trip to the big city.

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    1. "You? You're just a girl. What could you do in a fight?"At five foot two and 100 pounds soaking wet, there's not much that men think slim, pretty Echo Sackett can do. So, when she goes to collect an inheritance crooked lawyers, city slickers, and street toughs try to con her out of her money. And when the con fails they try to steal it. And when the theft fails, they try to kill her. The only problem for them is that Echo isn't your ordinary sixteen year old girl. She's a Sackett. And being a Sa [...]

    2. Holy crap! Why didn't anybody tell me L'Amour wrote a female protagonist?!? And did an incredible job with her PoV as well!! I'm sorry, I just can't get over this. I mean, Echo Sackett is nine kinds of awesome with extra kick-ass on top! L'Amour might not have pioneered the female action hero, but this is an excellent entry and one devotees of the modern YA girl power movement will find comfortably familiar. I'm serious, L'Amour was decades ahead on this; Echo would fit seamlessly in the current [...]

    3. This was a fun little romp, but boy oh boy does L'Amour's style grate on me. And the romance waswell, you could see the girl falling in love, but the guy seemed pretty indifferent right up until he wasn't. Still, very exciting action, and I loved the main character--she was tough but feminine and it really worked.

    4. It's been far too long since I re-read my favorite Louis L'amour books. These were the books I grew up reading in my teens. Perhaps it was books like this one that made me confused when other readers talked about the lack of strong female characters in older books. Because I grew up reading about girls like Echo Sackett who at 16 could out-hunt and out-shoot most men in the hills, travel from Tennessee to Philadelphia and back with a pack of greedy murderers on her trail, and somehow keep the ci [...]

    5. 5 starsMy first western novel. Very good. Still have to get used to the old way of speaking. Liked Echo. Hope they will put the money to good use.Can't wait to read more Sackett novels!!!!!

    6. Somewhere in the Tennessee hills in 1840, there is a young gal named Echo Sackett and she never wastes a bullet. When this fiesty girl aims, she hits what she is aiming for and can ride and hunt as well as any man. One day a traveling peddler happens to come across her family name in a newspaper and upon reading it, Echo must travel to Philledelphia because the newspaper states that there is an inheritance for the youngest living Sackett. Once arriving in Philledelphia, however, Echo discovers t [...]

    7. I'll admit to having put off picking up this one, even though so far the Sackett books have pretty much been a sausage fest (for all that each one of them is about the winning of a wife as awesome as each novel's hero deserves), partly because I wasn't sure how well Louis L'Amour could really do a female voice, mostly because it seemed from the opening paragraphs, that his version of said female voice was in backwoods dialect, and I'm still getting over the wounds dealt to me on that score by on [...]

    8. This is a refreshing adventure that pits a small Sackett female against a bunch of big men a couple of decades before the Civil War. Neither city slickers nor run-of-the-mill woodsmen are going to steal from this mountain girl. Hardest thing about this story is finding a break in the action long enough so that you can put it down! (I've read it 6 times since it was published in 1983.)

    9. Best one so far! I enjoyed reading from Echo Sackett's point of view. She was a tough mountain girl and she held her own. On to the next book!

    10. This is my favorite book of the Sackett series by L'Amour. I suspect that the fact that I was a young girl when I read it had something to do with it I wanted to be as cool as Echo was.

    11. This is one of my favorite Sackett novels. In particular as it has a heroine with Echo. Her journey to receive an inheritance with a corrupt lawyer and her journey home overcoming all obstacles.

    12. It has been awhile since I have read any Louis L'Amour and this reminded me why I love them so much. One of the shorter Sackett books but still a good story.

    13. I’ve listened to quite a few audiobook versions of L’Amour’s stories, and appreciated how they were able to be told so well on audio. I found this one mostly sounded well on audio, but the story seemed to have some issues. When I picked this “Western” up, I wasn’t expecting that half the book would take place in Philadelphia. The rest of the book was an “on the road” book, but it only got as far West as the Eastern edge of Kentucky. Granted, in the time of this book, pre-Civil Wa [...]

    14. Well this is the second book I have read by this author, and if the books were not free gifts I never would have read the first and definitely not the second. However, the author did improve in this second installation in both character development and story line. Ride the river is about a young girl traveling alone across a few states back in the day (late 1800's early 1900's) and complications which can arise in such situations. It deals heavily with commitments people make, how every associat [...]

    15. Echo Sackett has no idea what is waiting for her when she journeys from her beloved mountains to Philadelphia to collect an inheritance. But one thing is certain those who think it will be easy so steal it from her have no idea what they are up against. After all Echo is a Sackett!Echo's youth, slight build and the fact she is from the mountains make her look like any easy target. However, Echo is a strong mountain girl who is smart, adept at tracking, shooting etc proving to be more than a matc [...]

    16. Echo Sackett is a caution. I chuckled at the way L'Amour allows her to slip back and forth between proper English and backwoods slang. It is a rare thing for this author to have a female lead character, but it comes off well. There is the added attraction of the Chantrys getting involved. Finian going to the rougher part of town was a delight. There is lots of action, no real character development, a little philosophy about family and history, a love story, and the appearance of some Clinch Moun [...]

    17. How can you go wrong with Louis L'Amour. I picked this particular book from my complete collection and reread it again for the umpteenth time. Echo Sackett is a Tennessee mountain girl who travels to Philadelphia by herself to collect an inheritance. Shyster lawyers and bad men try to trick her out of her money and eventually steal it for a time. They just don't know who they've tangled with. Intrigue, romance, murder, history and family are packed into this giant novel of a little paperback boo [...]

    18. Found this in a cabin I was staying in over the holiday weekend, a fun escapist read, although certainly old-fashioned. L'Amour crafts vibrant, if somewhat exaggerated, characters and brisk plots.

    19. An easy and enjoyable readThe pace and tempo of the action keeps you reading. As always L. GLamour delivers. There is never a bad read with Louis.

    20. The Sacketts found out that in Philadelphia that there was an inheritance noticed for them. So senses her brother were trapping beaver and her uncle just had a run in with a bear little Echo Sackett had to go get the money herself and bring it back home in the Tennessee mountains. On the journey back to home with the money Echo is followed by a band of outlaws, with the help of a freeman Archie and a young man Dorian Chantry. I found the book and characters that I couldn’t related to them. The [...]

    21. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. If you love a strong female character then Echo Sackett is the one for you. I am not surprised, of course, she is a Sackett and don't think that there is any group tough and meaner when they are riled than a bunch of Sacketts. You hurt one and the are likely to have to fight them all.Echo and her family find a notice about an inheritance in a paper from Philadelphia. Her family lives in the hills of Tennessee and they need the money. Her brothers are in t [...]

    22. Another story about the Sacketts, this time with Echo going to Philadelphia to collect an inheritance and valuable puzzle, a gift that can change her family's life. However, not everyone wants her to have the inheritance.My rating is based upon the accuracy of the details after she started on her riverbank journey. I am a native West Virginian, and we did not become a state until 1863. From 1861 - 1863 we had seceded from VA however. The journey on the Ohio, Big Sandy and Tug Fork were accurate [...]

    23. I am sure my reading tastes have changed. A few years ago I would have really liked this story. It was an average, just OK story. The theme was worn out and repetitive, Girl from the hills of Tennessee, Echo Sackett, goes to the big city of Philadelphia to take home some money, supposedly promised to the last kin of one of the Sackett's. Of course you have to have some villains trying to steal her inheritance money. I got tired of the line, how poor the Sackett's were and how much they needed th [...]

    24. This is the third Louis L'Amour book I have ever read. It is a good tale about Echo Sackett (L'Amour wrote multiple books about this family, from the 1600s through the time of the "Wile West"). I suppose reading the first four books would put you at an advantage, but is not necessary to enjoy this book as a stand-alone novel. The story follows Echo on her journey from the mountains of TN to PA to secure a sizable (for those days) inheritance. Along the way, she is hounded by bad guys and befrien [...]

    25. I adore the Sacketts! This book came with a time line for the whole series! I'm so excited!Echo Sackett goes to Philly to claim the inheritance of Kin Sackett. Little does she know all the trouble that is coming her way.Thankfully the Sacketts have friends everywhere. One such friend send sends his grandson and another friend to help her get safely home.Echo has such spunk. Those guys just don't know what to do with her. She is handy with a gun and when it comes down to it, she's not afraid to u [...]

    26. None can write and describe the Wild West as Louis L'Amour does in his books.I have read and then reread his books .He makes you ride that horse and travel through mesas and mountains and then stopping at hidden waterholes for a rest.

    27. A good frontier tale as a slip of a mountain girl goes to Philadelphia to receive an inheritance. On her way home lots of bad guys try to take it from her. Full of Sacketts and Chandrys, this is a fine adventure tale. The only problem: The usual L'Amour overuse of the word taken. Recommended.

    28. This is one of the better books that he has written. I have been reading the best of the Sacketts novels yet, and very well worth the time to read. While I like Science Fiction and Fantasy novels best, Louis L'Amour's novels are fun reading, and I have enjoyed them so far.

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