• Title: The Truth about Kadenburg
  • Author: T.E. Ridener
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Truth about Kadenburg year old Presley Goult s life is anything but ordinary Her mother abandoned her as a toddler after her father s death leaving Presley to be raised by the only family she has left her uncle Arnold
    26 year old Presley Goult s life is anything but ordinary Her mother abandoned her as a toddler after her father s death, leaving Presley to be raised by the only family she has left her uncle Arnold After years of being away she returns heartbroken and devastated knowing this is the last place she wants to be Unbeknownst to her, Kadenburg is not your ordinary town The26 year old Presley Goult s life is anything but ordinary Her mother abandoned her as a toddler after her father s death, leaving Presley to be raised by the only family she has left her uncle Arnold After years of being away she returns heartbroken and devastated knowing this is the last place she wants to be Unbeknownst to her, Kadenburg is not your ordinary town There are secrets that have been kept from Presley for her own good Will she find out the truth of who she is and the part she will play in the war that is about to erupt before it is too late to save everyone that she loves 28 year old Lorcan Bamey was Presley s best friend growing up He has always been there for her when she needed a friend and someone to lean on Although he has always wanted from Presley, rules are rules and he was forbidden to express his interest in having a relationship with her You see, his upbringing was very different from most of the boys in town the female must make the choice It is part of Urseth s law laws that Presley will soon discover when her uncle finally decides to be honest about their ancestry Will Presley accept the truth about Kadenburg, and herself, in time to save her people

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    1. platypire/j-hooligan/tI've heard a lot of good things about this author, so I figured it was time to finally check out of her books. Honestly I didn't give much thought to which I picked. I grabbed the one at the top of the list on her page without even reading the synopsis.I can assure you that I do not regret my decision. The main character, Presley Goult, was fantastic. Despite all the bad that has been thrown at her, she's one heck of a person. If this story had just focused on her, I'd hav [...]

    2. ***** book received from the Author for a honest review****Presley seemed to always seemed to into something, she's made some bad choices for herself and the only thing left for her to do is go back home. Home for her is a ever small town of Kadenburg, TN that puts a whole new mean “one horse” town. Everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business. Coming home for Presley was less than bittersweet. Presley has some bones in her closet rattling, her father is dead and her mother abandoned he [...]

    3. When 26 year old Presley Goult has a miscarriage and her boyfriend kicks her out (nice guy, huh?) she returns to Kadenburg-the small town where she grew up. Her uncle who raised her welcomes her back with open arms, but he's got his own secrets and they include Presley's mother who abandon her. Before long she runs into Lorcan, whose older brother was recently killed. The town's secrets include werewolves, ursithropes (half humans, half bear. Yes bear), and laws that dictate no male can approach [...]

    4. 4.5 stars.Presley returns home to Kadenburg after her relationship breaks down. she finds little changed except.Lorcan. that boy did grow up mighty fine!However, things are not as they seem, and Presley has been denied her true heritage. this is corrected, however, when all she loves is threatened amazing tale of shifter bears, the Usithropes and werewolves, the Lycanthropes. there is no love between these breeds, and the leader of the wolves will stop at nothing to wipe the bears out completely [...]

    5. Presley is doing the one thought she would never do return to her home town of Kadenburg. After a painful breakup with the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with its a hard home coming for her. Thankful she has her Uncle Arnold and her childhood friend Lorcan to help here though this time tough time.Little does she know that her uncle has been keeping a secret from her that she has the ability to shape-shift into a bear. There is worse news to come she and the other bears must [...]

    6. I'm giving this one 3.5 starsI can see some potential for this series as I really love shifter books bugt something held me back from totally loving itThis one didn't quite drag me in but I wanted to know what happened and read it until the end. I will give the second one a go and hopefully it will entice me more

    7. What a great read! I spent literally the entire book in anticipation for either what happened in the past or what will happen next! Action, desire, hope, love, fearl great qualities in a book! I fell in love with Lorcan, Presley, and Dimitri instantly and cannot wait to read the next book!!!<3 T.E. Ridener!

    8. I loved this book. The author knows how to include you in her world and keep you there. The characters are one of a kind and once you start you will want more. If you need a good shifter romance this is for you.

    9. WOW. Now that was a nice story. I'm so glad I read this. I entered a competition and won a copy of book 2 Return to Kadenburg. After talking to the amazing author TE Ridener who offered to gift me this as well as the copy I had won (how nice is that) I actually did go and buy it. Authors need to eat too. As I said to Ms Ridener the Ebook is cheaper than a cup of coffee and I get to keep it forever.I haven't really spent much time reading about other types of Were. I mean I have read the Anita Bl [...]

    10. The Truth About Kadenburg is an intriguing story, it draws you in and keeps you there to the very end!Presley is about to do the one thing she never wanted to do, come home to Kadenburg.She's lived life in the city with a man she loved only to have it all fall apart, and now she's returning to her home in smalltown Tennessee.After suffering a mind numbing loss followed by the rejection of her boyfriend she's back in Kadenburg.She comes home to her uncle, and many old friends only to find things [...]

    11. The first book in the Kadenburg Shifters Series introduces you to most of the major players you need to know (the shifters - wolves and bears) and the rules and customs of each group. While Presley and Lorcan are the main couple, you learn about all of the characters in a wildly fascinating manner that is well-written, easy to follow, and SUPER interesting!At first, I was a little leery to read this series, as I thought it may feel a bit like the final fight in the Twilight series. However, I wa [...]

    12. The Truth about Kadenburg - I read this book in a bit less than a day. I loved it, I have a feeling I love most books I can actually make it through because it leaves me wanting more and I just can't put it down. TTAK is about shifters - ursithropes (bear shifters) and lycanthropes (wolf shifters), the war between the two species will soon be seen. Presley has always lived her life as a "normal" girl, until she comes back home to Kadenburg and her life is turned upside down and back up again. Sh [...]

    13. Read this is just over a day as it was so addictive and compelling I genuinly had to know what was happening next.Presley is back home in a small Tennessee town after moving away years ago with her ex-boyfriend. Things didn't turn out how she'd planned so she's back with her Uncle Arnold and expects the slow humdrum life she had before only now she's older and see's her childhood friend Lorcan in a different light.Lorcan is stunned to see Presley again and realises his dream of the two of them e [...]

    14. 5 AMAZING STARSThis is the first book in the series and I am on pins and needles waiting on the next one. I received this book from T.E. Ridener and started reading it at once. I then found myself several hours later (3 a.m.), still reading, entranced in the story of Presley and Lorcan. I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down! If you are a fan of paranormal romance then this is definitely the book for you! But, you can't have Lorcan, he's mine!!! :) There is action and adventur [...]

    15. I have read bits and pieces of this book since Tonya first started writing it. I was so excited when she sent me the completed book. I fell in love with Presley, felt her pain, her joy, her fear in discovering parts of her life, and that of others. The secrets cannot go on forever.Lorcan has been in love with her since he has known her. He recognizes her as his mate. What he goes through to protect Presley, and convince her he is in love with her, is so tender, and loving. Lorcan, I love you!Dim [...]

    16. A friend of mine bought this ebook and gave it to me as a present.I've just read this book and I did like it a lot. If you put together pain, deception, hatred, power, selfishness, and a big dose of love you can have a nice story. However, put all these ingredients in the hands of a hell of a writer as T. E. Ridener and the story is just breathtaking.Ursithropes (bear shifters) against lycanthropes (wolf shifters). Before reading it, I thought it would be difficult to think about a romance with [...]

    17. Title: The Truth About KadenburgAuthor: T. E. RidenerGenre: New Adult, Romance. ParanormalPublication Date: 2014Rating: 3.5 stars.I enjoyed the story, I never read a shifter book that was not centred entirely around wolves so I enjoyed that aspect of the book.Presley, the lead female, in my opinion, was very childlike for a 26 year old woman. She was dealing with a lot in the book, I understand that, but I just didn't connect with her or care for her at all.Lorcan, our leading male, didn't live [...]

    18. 4.5 StarsI won a copy of The Truth About Kadenburg yesterday and I devoured it today. I loved this book!! It has such a cool story line and frickin BEAR shifters!! How awesome is that?! T.E. Ridener was spot on with the speed of the character development. I absolutely loved them and the growth of their relationships. During some of the more emotional scenes I felt like I was right there, feeling their heartbreaks and grief. I feel like I made some new friends today and I'm totally rooting for th [...]

    19. Well folks she has done it again. Ridener has created a world filled with shifters! To say this book is good is an extreme understatement considering I read it in under 2 hours. I could not tear myself away from it to do things like eat or shower and get ready for work. Seriously this was 5 stars hands down. Even the names are hot: Presley, Lorcan, Liam, Dimitri, Breslin Presley is returning to her hometown after having a bad breakup with a super a#$hole. Things aren't ever what they seem and th [...]

    20. 4.5 Star A refreshing addition to the paranormal genre. With all the shifter books available, this one will definitely stand out. T.E. Ridener's in-depth description of the bear shifters was something I have never seen before. Each new character introduced in the book was done in such a way as to make that character seem just as important as the main characters. Then you have one excellent cliff hanger, now I need the next book soon. I hope she doesn't keep us waiting too long for it.

    21. A beautiful change to shifter stories that I loved. Lorcan a bear, wants a mate, return of Presley a former Kadenburg resident, always friends but can Presley fall for Lorcan who as always wanted her? The writing flows smoothly, good & interesting pace, there are lovely believable characters. It's just a beautiful story & I can't wait for the next one .

    22. I absolutely love shifter books so I was completely on board with trying this story out. This isn’t your average shifter read. I loved the unique twists on the shifter lineage as well as mate selection and I found the originality of the plot very refreshing. I want to be an ursithrope (bear shifter) and claim Lorcan for my own :)There’s a lot of backstory that needed to be covered and that slowed down the story for me in some places, but it added much more depth to the plot line. I thought i [...]

    23. ***THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT SITUATIONS, LANGUAGE, AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT ONLY THOSE OVER THE AGE OF 18 READ THIS BOOK.***26 year old Presley Goult's life is anything but ordinary. Her mother abandoned her as a toddler after her father’s death, leaving Presley to be raised by the only family she has left-her uncle Arnold. After years of being away she returns heartbroken and devastated knowing this is the last place she wants to be. Unbeknownst to her, Kadenburg is not yo [...]

    24. Series: Kadenburg Shifters #1Category /Genre: Paranormal RomanceRecommended for: 18+ due to adult language and sexual contentGrammar/editing: C – average writing, probably self-editedReceived from: Tonya Ridener (a gift)This is the first book in the Kadenburg Shifters series. They do need to be read in order.Presley has returned to Kadenburg after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Tim. Once again living with her Uncle Arnold, she is working on rebuilding her life with plans to leave the [...]

    25. Also found on: book-boyfriendsFirst, I wanna give you all a bear - hug! Yeah, I know, joke's on me since this is a bear-shifter-series. I have been waiting to read one for years It's kinda hard to find some that seem good and in the end turn out to be good But boy, I can tell you one thing about Lorcan - It was insta-Love!!Okay, concerning book one, I have a lot to say or maybe not that much besides I am so freakin' in love with Dimitri! I love the whole bear-shifter idea and OMG, how cute is th [...]

    26. Definitely reading the rest.The background and flashbacks endeared me to Presley. There is a lot of action in this book and its well balanced with her internal struggles. The dialoge was impressive with one particluar conversation standing out. It was hot and steamy and funny all at the same time. Presley: She is a bit of a wreck with her woman problems. Her uncle is a bit misguided in his attempt to shield her from her past which only adds to her craziness. Lorcan: He is very considerate and at [...]

    27. This is book one in a new shifter series based in a fictional town called kadenburg, where wolf and bears shifters live among the humans.Preston is returning home after a failed relationship and doesn't expect to bump straight into Lorcan, the boy she crushed on in school!Lorcan has always wanted Preston, but due to different laws he couldn't approach her that way, now she's back maybe he stands a chance at winning get heart Unfortunately she's returned while Lorcan and his family are in mournin [...]

    28. The first in the Kadenburg series, Ridener does an excellent job of creating a mythology without being bogged down. And while the plot is great, the real thing that drew me to the rest of the series was the characters. I love the fact that they aren't perfect, but they're also not "oh, I'm a bad boy with a good heart" either. Despite the fantastical elements, they're realistic. The tension between Presley and Lorcan is amazing.The only drawback I found were a couple grammar things that happen to [...]

    29. Imagine going through 26 years of your life imagining you were human because, honestly, why would you think anything else? But then you find out, at a time when you are at your most vulnerable, that you are something else indeed. And not only that but there are other 'things' out there that don't like you much!This is what Presley has to contend with. She is flawed and knows it. She goes for a drink when she knows that she really shouldn't. But she is warm and likeable all the same. Lorcan isn't [...]

    30. I am new to this author and found myself surprised to really enjoy this book. The friend who recommended the series said 'shifters' and for some reason I just figured wolves. Bears were a lovely surprise. I'm not saying I haven't read other bear shifter books because I have but I just wasn't expecting it with this book.Presley is pretty bad arse even when her world crumbles around her. She could have turned whiney but she doesn't. I love a strong female lead. Girl power and all that.Lorcan, what [...]

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