• Title: Wicked Ways
  • Author: Lisa Jackson Nancy Bush
  • ISBN: 9781617734151
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wicked Ways The Greatest TerrorsElizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother That s what she tells herself as she flits between her realtor job yoga class and caring for her daughter Chloe Bu
    The Greatest TerrorsElizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother That s what she tells herself as she flits between her realtor job, yoga class, and caring for her daughter, Chloe But for months now, Elizabeth has worried that she s far from normal that she s somehow the cause of a series of brutal, horrible deaths Are The OnesHer mean spirited boss AThe Greatest TerrorsElizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother That s what she tells herself as she flits between her realtor job, yoga class, and caring for her daughter, Chloe But for months now, Elizabeth has worried that she s far from normal that she s somehow the cause of a series of brutal, horrible deaths Are The OnesHer mean spirited boss A bullying traffic cop Her cheating husband Elizabeth had reason to be angry with them all She didn t mean for them to die No one will take her fears seriously except the private investigator prying into her past Too Close To SeeThe scared and angry Elizabeth becomes, the higher the death toll grows But those who wrong her aren t the only ones in danger Because others have secrets too, and a relentless urge to kill without mercy or remorse

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    1. Oh God give me strength! I got to 38% in this book and had to abandon it before I died of sheer boredom. This book should be a lot better than it is. I really persisted with it but it never grabbed me from the start and got no better. I have noticed other reviewers feel the same. It has a great synopsis so should have been a lot better. I was dying from boredom dear readers, close to expiration. There was just NOTHING happening.Elizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother. That [...]

    2. 1.5 stars I have enjoyed this series tremendously and have given the previous books a 4 star rating. It had everything I like in romance suspense plus a bit of paranormal…d written by one of my favorite romance authors, Lisa Jackson.Blind Spot Wicked Game (Wicked series, #1) Wicked Lies (Wicked Series, #2) Something Wicked (Wicked #3) So, it goes without saying that I was so excited when book #4 Wicked Ways became available. I couldn’t wait to get back to Deception Bay and the Siren Song wom [...]

    3. Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!I'm going to just jump right in here. No reason to draw things out. I have read a couple of other books by Lisa Jackson and I enjoyed them. I gave them 4 stars, I really enjoyed them and I just assumed that since I had enjoyed the others that I would enjoy this one. Well, you know what they say about assuming things. I guess that makes me a donkey. A great big one, too. I was so excited to pick Wicked Ways up that when I started reading it, it w [...]

    4. The fourth book in the Wicked series and sixth book in the Colony series by authors, Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush. People that have angered Elizabeth Gaines Ellis are now dead and Elizabeth wonders if she somehow murdered them with her mind. Elizabeth is a Real Estate agent and mother to Chloe and now a widow when her cheating husband is killed in an auto accident. But the police claim there was a second driver that may have caused the accident and they are looking at her. Meanwhile, an cousin of [...]

    5. 2.5 starsElizabeth Gaines - wife, mother, and real estate agent living in California - seems to have a unique problem. People who infuriate her die soon afterwards, including her overbearing boss, a nasty cop, her cheating husband, a rude driver, and so on. Elizabeth feels anxious and guilty about this, and in the case of her husband, comes under suspicion by the police. Elizabeth, an adoptee, does seem to have some unusual abilities. As a child she predicted a bridge collapse - but this is a fa [...]

    6. Review can be read at It's About The BookI guess you can tell from the 2 Star rating that I wasn’t impressed with this book. I didn’t like Elizabeth. At. All. I understood…. the first chapter….at she thought she had “wished” her husband, her former boss and a policeman, who had given her a ticket, to death. Yeah. She wished they were dead and just days later, they died. It was bad enough that she thought her mind was that omniscient, but I had to read about it over and over again. An [...]

    7. Whenever Elizabeth is crossed or confronted by someone she really abhorred, she thinks ill of them and sometimes wish them to die. And yes, they soon do! People die a few days after Elizabeth wish for them to disappear forever. From the unfriendly police officer, to her bitch of a boss, and then next, her husband and his mistress. Elizabeth is someone you really should steer away from.I think this was a fine book, but I can't help but look for something that seemed off with the pacing. I really [...]

    8. I also picked this up at Walmart along with Play Dead by Harlan Coben, and it just didn't hook me either. The summary on the back sounds very good, but after 40 pages I put it down, too. What I read came across as tedious and I was very bored. I also didn't realize it was the fourth in the Wicked series until after. Sorry, Ms. Jackson, but there are just too many better books out there I could be reading instead.

    9. I tried to read this but in the end had to put it down. The telling of stories backward (first we have her husband being killed in the crash, then goes further back to when the realtor dies, and then back AGAIN to when the cop dies. There's far too much just sitting around and thinking (Ravinnia, specifically comes to mind). There's no action just sitting around"Oh, I couldn't have done this, but what if I did?" stuff.

    10. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by RinouReview Copy from the PublisherWicked Ways is the fourth volume in the Wicked series written by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush, two sisters known for their romantic suspense. Having just read before and with trouble the first volume, Wicked Games, upon its publication in French, I took on reading WW with apprehension. Fortunately for me it’s less boring, even if I wasn’t convinced for all that.In WW we follow Elizabeth, who’s just le [...]

    11. Though this was Book 4 in a series as a stand alone it was fine. Elizabeth is a wife and mother. She adores her daughter Chloe but the marriage is strained and she does realize that everything is not quite right and that her husband is most probably philandering.Elizabeth is however not very ordinary. She also knows that she seems to have psychic powers of some kind and when her husband dies in an accident in the company of the woman who was his mistress and especially when the cops are suspicio [...]

    12. I won an advanced copy through GR and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. Elizabeth is a great character, but a bit wimpy. She always seems to be crying about something or worrying about something. She does redeem herself toward the end of the book though. I really was not to fond of her daughter, Chloe. She acted like a spoiled brat most of the time and it angered me every time Elizabeth gave into her. Elizabeth has many friends from a Mom's Group and they are all fabulous. I kept w [...]

    13. This is my first book by both Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush and I am wondering whose writing style this book falls under. To me it was long and tedious. So many pages with nothing happening!Let's start with the biggest issue in the book. Elizabeth. We spent so much time in her head I really wanted to gouge my eyes out with a dull pencil. #1)This woman apparently spends a lot of time wishing bad things to happen to a lot of people. Not just bad things but death. What kind of person wishes evil thin [...]

    14. Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush is the sixth book in The Colony series. It is a mystery/suspense with a paranormal twist.Elizabeth is an ordinary wife and mother who has the ability to kill people by wishing them dead! This does not seem ordinary to me in any way. But she thinks bad things about her boss, an evil cop and her cheating husband and they have all died. Is she responsible in someway or is it just a coincidence or or is someone setting her up?This book has many characters a [...]

    15. Lisa Jackson's plots have so much potential, but both books I have read have a couple of things in common. First and foremost for me, they move slow. There seems to be a primary and a secondary plot and between both there is a lot of detail that is presented. In this book it seemed like there were a lot of times when the story was revealed by a key character mentally reviewing something that just happened. It leaves the book with the tell versus show type of telling. If a key character just talk [...]

    16. I tried to finish this book but when the author made the highly unnecessary sentence “they got out of the car using opposite doors” really? No, I thought they clambered out of the same door -.- I just couldn’t do it anymore.I honestly think I’m going to give up on this author. So far, I’ve only liked two books and after this one, I just can’t make myself continue. I thought they would get better but it doesn’t seem that way. Lisa Jackson is a popular author but she’s just not for [...]

    17. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/mini-rev I wanted to like this book, considering the authors are well-known and I’ve heard good things about their work. But this…It wasn’t what I expected. The plot moves along painfully slow. There are way too many characters and none of them gets enough screen time so that I didn’t connect to them at all. Dialogue is almost non-existent. The only person we spend a lot of time with is Elizabeth – we spend nearly all the time in her [...]

    18. I've liked this story the least so far but it did pick up towards the end. That said, I'll definitely buy book 5 when it comes out. I'm liking the story line and it's the only series that's kept my interest in quite awhile.

    19. This was more entertaining than I expected because of the supernatural twist mixed into this typical thriller. I also enjoyed the romance, which came at the end when I wasn't expecting it. A pretty solid mindless read.

    20. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Elizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother. That's what she tells herself as she flits between her realtor job, yoga class, and caring for her daughter, Chloe. But for months now, Elizabeth has worried that she's far from normal…that she's somehow the cause of a series of brutal, horrible deaths. Her mean-spirited boss. A bullying traffic cop. Her cheating husband. Elizabeth had reason to [...]

    21. This book sounded promising - Elizabeth's husband Court dies in a car crash when he's with his mistress. Was his death really just an accident? Elizabeth thinks it is somehow her fault because not only is Court dead, but also several other people that she had ties to and didn't like.Unfortunately this book dragged on and on with Elizabeth continuing to think it's her fault, or no, maybe it's her daughter's fault because she keeps saying all these strange things. And then there is this cousin of [...]

    22. The author WAY overused the word "tamp". It's a good word to use sparingly.Chloe was such a bratty kid, I found myself wishing the mother would just slap her instead of patronizing her all the time.No wonder there is no parent respect shown these days.I agree with some of the other reviewers,,,way too many characters being introduced with no real purpose. I guess some to throw you off as to the real killer and nature of the killings.By the way, the real killer? Not buying it. Trying to throw us [...]

    23. Elizabeth Gaines is an ordinary suburban wife who thinks she can wish people dead. First her husband ends dead after leaving her for another woman, then her boss at work is killed in a road accident. A bullying traffic cop who stop her for going 5 miles over the speed limit ends up dead. This book is part mystery and part fantasy as there supernatural elements involve with good vs. evil.

    24. I was so excited when I was offered to read a Lisa Jackson book. I have heard so many wonderful things about her books. Maybe it was just this book but I struggled getting into the book it was slow and nothing seem to happen.The writing was good just the story never seem to take off and I found myself unable to finish the book.Advance Copy from Netgalley

    25. A good book but the description my be a bit deceiving. This story really has two story lines. One for Elizabeth and her daughter and another for the investigator and Ravinia, Elizabeth's cousin. All in all a pretty good book.

    26. Love this author. Enjoying this story line. Many many loose ends, hope for more. Not​ only from evil Declan Jr but all the other dropped lines Officer Dunbar, Elizabeth (& her Dad) & Rex, Ravinia and all the others. so many possibilities.

    27. Stumbled on this audiobook at the library, not realizing it's a middle part of a series (or two). It kept my attention (though got a bit repetitive in the fretting of the main character), but I'm not running out to find the rest of the series. One may be enough.

    28. This is the 2nd book that I've read in this series and I'm not reading chronologically. It was decent and I'd give it a 3.5 if I could. I'll continue to read whatever the library has haha. It was good to read for an escape and not particularly cerebral.

    29. This is a real twister. No one will know the "who dun it" in this book as there is no clue ever given. I really like to be part of a book but this one left me out. A little disappointing.

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