• Title: Misconceptions
  • Author: Blu Daniels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Misconceptions After finally ending her year long fling with a man she only refers to as Bad Habit the narcissistic temperamental Alexandria Stone moves back home to New York to start her dream job That is until
    After finally ending her year long fling with a man she only refers to as Bad Habit, the narcissistic, temperamental Alexandria Stone moves back home to New York to start her dream job That is, until she discovers she s pregnant, with quadruplets When a business merger leaves her jobless and penniless, she has no other choice but to move to Atlanta with Bad Habit, a seduAfter finally ending her year long fling with a man she only refers to as Bad Habit, the narcissistic, temperamental Alexandria Stone moves back home to New York to start her dream job That is, until she discovers she s pregnant, with quadruplets When a business merger leaves her jobless and penniless, she has no other choice but to move to Atlanta with Bad Habit, a seductive, callous man she despises due to their rocky past Desperate to have a picture perfect life, Alex is convinced she must make Bad Habit fall in love with her, no matter the cost Misconceptions is a hilarious nine month chronicle of Alexandria s doomed quest for a perfect life.

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    1. Whenever I read a blurb with a plot as far-fetched as the one in 'Misconceptions', I'm always curious. And here's why: is the author in on the joke, I wonder? Or is he/she actually going to try to make us 'believe' this? Here's the deal. A twenty-five year old woman on contraception who has intercourse with a dude wearing a condom gets pregnant. Yeah, okay but here's the kicker-- with QUADRUPLETS, y'all. So I had to see how this would get pulled off, because as a writer myself, I wouldn't have [...]

    2. Alex moves back home to New York to start her career and get her life on track, but soon after arriving, she discovers she is pregnant. Not only is she pregnant, but she is expecting quadruplets. After her career path is derailed and since she's expecting not only one, but four babies, she decides to move to Atlanta, where Bad Habit lives. Bad Habit was a year-long fling that resulted in the unplanned pregnancy.The story was told from Alex's point of view, and covered nine months of her life. An [...]

    3. Misconceptions, Blu Daniels Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsSo, I enjoy humour in my romance and this looked fun. It was, but with real emotional drama too. When we first meet Alex she's having a fling – well a 12 month or so fling – with someone we just get to know as Bad Habit. She's about to move cross country for work, and he's sort of asking her to stay, but only sort of, as he's a bit of a jerk who doesn't commit to more than hot sex with her. They don't date, don't go out in pub [...]

    4. Misconceptions by Blu Daniels4.5 out of 5 StarsMisconceptions starts with Alex saying good bye to her lover, “Bad Habit”, the night before she moves to Washington DC to start her new job. Everything is going great and she is making friends until she becomes ill and her new boss asks her if she’s pregnant. Alex denies being pregnant but then takes a test and is very surprised by the results. When difficulties at work start to arise, Alex contacts Bad Habit who moves her to his new location [...]

    5. Misconceptions is an African American romantic comedy about how just when you think your life is going beautifully, fate kicks your butt and puts you in your place.This book was incredibly funny. I read it late at night and had to sit on the couch so my laughter wouldnt wake my sleeping husband. I 110% liked Alex, and Bad Habit too! They were classically funny, and the stuff she got herself into reminded me of I Love Lucy. A truly funny story that I definitely recommend.

    6. Blu Daniels' "Misconceptions" is super cute, funny and wholly relatable in all the right places (the feeling of finally feeling like a mom, the confusion of dealing with an unemotionally unavailable man). Even when the heroine made me want to scream, I loved her. The author also did a great job peeling back Bad Habit's layers and flaws. Of course, "Misconceptions" is also laugh out loud funny. I chuckled my way through the entire book. All in all, this author's voice is refreshing. Loved it.

    7. Pregnant and CrazyAlex is feisty young woman with goals. In the toughest city in the country she is rarely seen without designer clothes and bags. One wild night with Bad Habit and she is going to be a mother. I'm going to say if you see the number of pregnancy test she took you know how many babies she is going to have. I had a few qualms with the book. Alexandria was a brat! She wanted her way even after Bad Habit said she was pretty much a jump off. Alexandria also took too much crap from him [...]

    8. Five Stars!This was a uniquely funny story! Although it made me angry and sad at some points, Alex's wit kept me entertained and rooting for her happy ending. I'm not quite sure yet if she gets there but I am definitely looking forward to finding out in the next book! Me Daniels is on my list of authors to read!

    9. Bad habitWhat a crazy ride Alex had. 4 babies with your bad habit?? What a disaster that was! Bad habit was cold, calculating and ambitious. Alex was frustrating because I wanted her to beat him up, slap him, leave and never come back, something!!! But bad habits are truly hard to break

    10. Alex and Bad Habit have had a weird non-relationship for over a year. She moves to New York to start her new job and swears off anything that has to do with Bad Habit. Unfortunately, she could never help herself when it came to him, so naturally they had one last goodbye the night before her move. This book is a lesson in percentages and probabilities. Everyone knows that the only form of contraception that is 100% effective when it comes to avoiding pregnancy is abstinence and abstain; they did [...]

    11. AddictiveAlexandria Stone decides to make an upward move when she lands a job in her native New York. She makes the decision to end an on-again, off-again relationship with her uncommitted love interest whom she lovingly refers to as Bad Habit. In order to cut ties with him she will leave D.C. entirely and try to get her life back on track by doing the things that she loves best such as shopping high end regardless of her budget and hanging out with her celebrity chasing friends. She has it all [...]

    12. First, I want to note that I'd rather star-rate this a 2.5 than a 2. It's hard to really "review" chick lit (or it is, for me, at least). My expectations of it differ from my expectations for literary fiction. (The best chick lit I've read converges at the intersection of those genres.)So I'm not entirely sure what-all I want to say about Misconceptions, except that it's compulsively readable. I wanted to know what would happen in the end. It's funny. We're privy to Alex's internal monologue, wh [...]

    13. Alexandria Stone is a young woman who decides to move back home to New York to start her dream job and to also get away from a man who she refers to as “Bad Habit.” Bad Habit, a jerk, is a man that Alexandria had no real commitment with but the sexual chemistry that is shared between the two is extremely passionate and addictive. Just when Alexandria feels like her life is headed in the right direction, she finds out that she is pregnant. As if being pregnant by a jerk who wants no commitmen [...]

    14. Misconceptions by Blu Daniels, is a novel that will either leave the reader gasping for air from all the laughter or shaking their head in frustration. Alexandria Stone made the decision to walk away from her undefined relationship with the love of her life, who’s known throughout the book as Bad Habit. Moving back home to New York is the only way she knows how to get over him.Alex’s journey to new beginnings without Bad Habit was becoming easier than she realized until unexplained weight ga [...]

    15. This book was so funny, almost so funny that it distracted you from the disastrous "relationship" between Alex & Bad Habit. And yes she identified him as Bad Habit for 99% of the book. We didn't actually learn his real name until the very last page.Alex loved Bad Habit even though he was a jerk to her face, he was not reliable, and he often didn't keep his word to her. She wanted this from him so bad:But all she got was this:As much as you wanted to yell at Alex and tell her to run as fast a [...]

    16. So, I wanted to give this book more stars but just couldnt because I hated Bad Habit (Our main male character in the book). Hated the way he treated her, hated the way she acted around him, and just kept expecting something, damn just anything to change. Alex has a friend with benefits, although you couldnt really call him a friend since he is an ass. She decides to see him one last time before she leaves town (D.C.) to go back to NY. She loses her resolve and sleeps with him. In the process she [...]

    17. If you are looking for a traditional romance then this is not it. This is the first book from Author Blu Daniels that I have had the pleasure of reading, and I hope to see more from her very soon. I received this book as a complimentary copy in return for an honest review.Alex is smart, driven, career minded, overachiever who moves back home with her parents to take on her dream job in NYC. She soon finds out that a last fling she had before she moved back home with her "Bad Habit" as she calls [...]

    18. I would have given this book 4.5 stars but I was super frustrated with the two main characters - Alex and Braxton. This story is told from Alex's POV. She is a 25 yr old MBA grad who has her 1st real job. She leaves DC and her ex- friend with benefits. However, she found out she left with four other developing persons as well. She gets home to NYC and things start falling apart. She finds out she is pregnant and her "Bad Habit" is the father. Her bad habit is awful. I want to hang him up by his [...]

    19. 'Misconceptions' is a quick and enjoyable read. Alex could easily be a girlfriend in my circle and Bad Habit is someone most of us women have dealt with at least once in our dating life. I liked Alex, but was irritated by and felt sorry for her through half of the book. The author did a good job at developing her character and I was happy that Alex came to accept her situation and took control of her life. I look forward to the sequel, but I'm already nervous based on the excerpt at the end of t [...]

    20. My new favorite book.I loved this book. I'm a mom on a Kindle. Nobody asked me to write this review. I just honestly loved every single page. What a roller coaster. I laughed, cried, worried, and hoped for Alex and Bad Habit to get it right. I think I've read this book six times. Well done. I can't wait to read the sequel. Please quit your day job Blu Daniels, because you have a way with words, a true gift.

    21. I can't believe I finished this book It started out ok and then quickly turned to sh*t Alex was a doormat and I couldn't connect with her on any level Calling ole boy Bad Habit for the majority of the book was annoying and he was a d*ck The way he treated Alex was terrible!! I don't care what he was doing to set things up for him self or them, b/c the fact that he didn't communicate ANY of it would drive any sane woman crazy!!!I skimmed A LOT of this book

    22. Really good read! It was a fun and light-hearted story. The relationship between Alex and Bad Habit was very well done. I give it 3.5 stars only because of the needed editing, otherwise it would be a definite 4. The change in font style and grammatical errors took away from the story at times.

    23. Great book, very well written, very comical at timesI normally do not write reviews, but this book was worth one. I really liked the build up story line which made this a very good page turner. kudos to the author. I'm looking forward to reading Bad Habit. I went to purchase but the book wasn't available. Looking forward to the release.

    24. I liked it and I hated it! Seeing it from the 'heroines' viewpoint - I was furious at the callousness of her "Bad Habit" and her taking it!! I kept waiting for her backbone to grow.ead of just her temper. At the end of the book, I saw there is a sequeld reading it's preview made me realize I would probably not read it - as it was from "his" point of view and he's an ass!

    25. Bad Habits are hard to break!Alexandria character was really different outspoken ,quirky, hilarious , and she had a great sense of humor, and her own woman who danced to her own beat. Now Braxton aka Bad Habit was a different story I wanted to give him a good old fashion beat down, glad that he was able to right his wrong towards Alexandria. Now I'm ready to read the sequel.

    26. Baby BoomThis was an engaging & funny book. Alex and "Bad Habit" are thrown in a partnership that they had not bargained for when she learned she was pregnant with quadruplets despite both of them using birth control. This books takes us through Alex's pregnancy & lets us feel her struggle throughout. I'm very excited about starting the next book in this series!

    27. Hilarious I can't remember reading a novel in a long time that had me laughing from beginning to end. Alex and Braxton a.k.a. Bad Ha it's story tells their story which started as a casual affair but ended up with being pregnant with quadruplets. This book is told from Alex's pov and is a recommended read.

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