• Title: Better Off Dead:
  • Author: TomWood
  • ISBN: 9780751549195
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Victor Number 4th. Published as No Tomorrow in the USA.A hitman must be anonymous, amorald alone Victor is the face in the crowd you don't see, a perfect assassin with nothing to live for. But when an old friend turns to him for help, he finds he can't refuse. For once his objective isn't to kill, but to protect. Hunted through the streets of London by ruthless enemies, Victor needs to be more than just a bodyguardbut his every move leads danger closer to the very person he's vowed to defend. I [...]

    2. Victor is at it again (so to speak). This time he's involved in something that has roots in his pasta past we still know very little about. Tom Wood has created a protagonist here who manages to be the best at what he does yet doesn't come off in the least as a "Gary Stu" type character. We are always (for some reason) rooting for him. When it looks as though he's dead and can't ever survive the situation (even though we know he must unless all the books after this one are prequels) we are glad [...]

    3. I very much like Tom Wood as an author. And I also very much like his primary character, Victor. In fact, this is the fourth book in the series and I had greatly enjoyed the first three before this one. Perhaps I am a bit peculiar, but I enjoy Victor's thought process far more than the violent episodes. I mean, I enjoy a good killing or maiming as well as the next guy, but I love the cleverness that underlies the inevitable death and destruction. Better Off Dead contained fights that went on pag [...]

    4. Blurb that Thing!There’s nothing worse than not being able to say no to someone or something. Hold on. Maybe there is. Realizing you want to and don’t want to say no at the same time; knowing full well things will get messy and any prior worst –case scenarios will surely seem like a walk in the park. Oh joy! Victor’s answer is yes nonetheless. Fortunately, he isn’t one to dwell on decisions made and instead, focuses all his considerable talent and skills on completing his latest…obli [...]

    5. Tom Woods Victor has been one of my favourite indulgences and I was so excited for this book. Unfortunately this book is a disappointment. The thing about Victor that I liked was that he was cold, not overtly dramatic and the way Wood portrayed his thought process while dealing with problems made him unique and standout from the rest of the run of the mill thrillers. This work though turns him into a superhuman soldier, he gets through impossible situations with ease, and is overtly confident, w [...]

    6. Another very good read from Tom Wood. The only downside to this book was the woman he was protecting, I thought she was very annoying. I agree with others, being a bodyguard isnt for Victor. Hes better when he works alone.Great start, and a great final chapter. Victor does what comes natural to him, and kicks ass and outwits his opponents. All whilst staying cool calm and collected. It would have been good if Tom explained why Victor held Giseles mother in such high regard.

    7. An action packed thriller. Totally captivating. I'm sure that it would be a Hollywood hit if it made it to the silver screen.

    8. Victor, the Russian Assassin, switches roles and becomes bodyguard for the daughter of a Russian gangster, hunted by people unknown. Don't worry, Victor still has to kill a whole bunch of people to keep his charge safe.Very good, with all the twists and turns one could expect.

    9. Oh I do love a bit of Victor. My favourite fictional anti-hero in a lot of ways, I never fail to enjoy these, this series is probably the most satisfying thriller series out there at the moment.Anyway we are onto book 4 already, in this instalment Victor turns from death to life in an attempt to protect the daughter of an old “friend” – not really Victor’s thing but hey, needs must and all that and he does have his own peculiarly ingrained sense of honour and rather eclectic loyalties [...]

    10. This is the fourth book in the series that I have read, and had taken a break after the first three books.Was good to come back to Victor and his latest escapades. I liked the premise of the story and liked the ultimate adversary that he needed to go up against.Am also continually impressed with how Tom Wood refuses to have his main protagonist sell out to any sentimental clap trap (ie. he is an assassin first and foremost and doesn't let anything get in the way of a mission/assignment).Will def [...]

    11. This is the fourth book about the mysterious Victor, a killing machine and survivalist – and the first that I've read.I thoroughly enjoyed this remorseless chase story. It's a blunt instrument of violence and suspense, with little nuance of character, but if you're after a highly charged blast of pulp fiction, it's bang on the money.For those who haven't encountered him yet, Victor is a hired hit man, a terminator who resembles Arnie's robot Terminator. He buries his emotions, he's terribly ef [...]

    12. Loved it. Victor is developing as a character. There are chinks in his armour. I love the detail on life as a killer. The fight/action scenes are very good. Forget the fact that Victor survives against the odds. He has to - I want another book!

    13. Amazing read! Victor's eerie but admirable coolness still has a magnetic, almost seductive attraction that reels the reader into this book, which has got me at many times at the edge of my seat.

    14. Victor is being followed by a 4 man hit team that he is not aware of. The bounty on his head is $1 million. But for a man who practically invented the book on staying alive, this is a child's play. Victor lays waste to the hit squad and as a reader you are wondering what next for our antihero.Taking a break from his CIA handlers, Victor is offered a new gig this time from a former foe turned friend.Surprise, surprise the assignment is not go bump off somebody but instead to find and protect some [...]

    15. Victor is an assassin at the top of his game. He's clinical, calculating, aloof. This is the fourth book in the series about him and they are very, very good - but this is the weakest in the series to date. I was quite disappointed by it.The plot has Victor travelling to London to find and protect the step-daughter of a former friend. When he does find her, he discovers that some very powerful people want her dead. They are reporting to a woman who is every bit as cool and cunning as Victor is a [...]

    16. Victor the Assassin reminds me of Barry Eisler’s John Rain sans the silly romantic entanglements. Victor’s primary virtue is that he stays focused, no matter what the assignment and no matter what distractions Wood gives him.In this case, the major distraction is a Russian mob boss’ strong-minded daughter who Victor is “asked” to find and protect. Not kill, which becomes a fascinating turn-about for us, and a frustrating mission for him because the young lady isn’t always willing to [...]

    17. No Tomorrow (or "Better Off Dead") is a fast paced, novel filled with lots of gun fights, fist fights, and car chases. A great read with twists and turns and an abundant of methods on how Victor manages to stay alive when everyone is out to kill him.Victor is asked to do a favor for an old associate (Norimov) who had actually betrayed him in a previous book and that really doesn't sit well with Victor. While Victor would rather kill this guy, he does the favor only because of his affection (whic [...]

    18. My first Victor the Assassin book (after a recommendation) and it had my hooked from the 1st page; will definitely re-tracing to read the first 3 books. The writing is so crisp and pulls you along at break-neck pace in a gritty contemporary race-against-time thriller that makes the current Bond films look pedestrian. The central protagonist, Victor, is an assassin whose whole life is built on surviving in a dog-eat-dog criminal underbelly in which ever city he finds himself in. The plot here cen [...]

    19. Victor is a great character, an anti-hero by nature of the fact he is an assassin, but he only seems to kill bad guys, so that’s okay then. This one was not quite up to the standards of the previous novels but was still a page turner. Victor feels obliged to protect a woman in London as a debt so is a fish out of water as he normally is the hunter, not the protector. We see lots of tradecraft (borderline OCD!) and then Victor outside of his comfort zone as he strives to protect while finding o [...]

    20. Victor is asked to meet with someone and what he thought was going to be an ambushis actually a plea for help. The man is a Russian gangster named Norimov and now anunknown enemy wants more than his life. They want to kill everyone that he cares aboutincluding his daughter Gisele. Victors job this time is not to kill but to protect unfortunatelylocating Gisele is his first mistake because someone is watching his every move. Before she went into hiding Gisele uncovered a secret worth killing for [...]

    21. To be honest I was disappointed. I am a massive Tom Wood and Victor fan but I found this to be a scenario not fitting of Victor's character.Nor could I believe that the character from the previous books would take up such an offer as bodyguard of a daughter of a former boss/enemy.The first few chapters with the hit squad out against him was great, that part was very interesting but for me as soon as he took on the role of nice guy protector it went a bit downhill. I found the storyline labored o [...]

    22. This book is an enjoyable read and I definitely recommend it. I would have rated it higher except for a few times in the story where the author messed up. I'm surprised by them because the author has always explained logically why things happen the way they do or why decisions are made the way they are. The mess ups just seemed like conveniences to move the story along or the editor just missed pointing them out. It didn't happen in the first three books and I hope it doesn't happen in any other [...]

    23. I will keep this review short. I loved all the previous 3 books of Tom Wood, but still his new one caught me out of guard, by taking the action, suspense and level of adrenaline in new hights. Couldn't put it down! Victor is as edgy and fascinating as ever and the Story performes many unexpected twists and turns: Tom wood delivers his best work so far and so proved once again to be my favourite author by right, easily outrunning the big names. Keep up your amazing work Tom!

    24. A little ponderous at times but an enjoyable read nonetheless. A solid 3.5 not quite the 4.0's I've given Victors 1-3.Later review: On second thoughts, I realised that I have rather over-indulged on Victor over the past several months and I was perhaps a little jaded when I read Better Off Dead, so I have revised from 3.5 to 4 stars.

    25. Good read! I really like the Victor the Assassin stories! Gripping from the start.My only criticism is that he's better as the hunter, alone, having someone else to look after slightly detracts from the usual menace he brings!

    26. meh. i really wasn't feeling this book. part of my appeal with victor is that he doesn't have anything holding him back from being awesome. this book introduced that. did not really like this one.

    27. A NASTY DAY IN LONDON TOWN=[4.4 STARS ROUNDED DOWN TO FOUR]= Comfort zone. Such a thing only exists for casualties and failures in the world of Victor The Assassin. But even he struggles when thrown into a situation where the deck has been stacked against him and the players are just as savvy as he is. After how he so utterly screwed over the opposition in book 3, Tom Wood, the author has decided to make Victor work hard for his survival. From a nightmarish tactical environment to the most compe [...]

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